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A million dollars can be yours if you have a minute...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

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Last Beauty Standing
August 23

Welcome to the beginning of a three night event. We've searched high and low... We've played every bit of video given us over the past 10 years. We've searched store after store for common household items... and now we can proudly present for the first time ever on GSNN... WOMEN, as you've never seen them before.

Tonight's battle... ten beauty queens, one shot at greatness. Who amongst these ladies will be... the Last Beauty Standing?

- Brook Lee (Miss Universe 1997) (Charity: Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus)
- Chelsea Cooley (Miss USA 2005) (Charity: The Red Dress Project)
- Justine Pasek (Miss Universe 2002) (Charity: Orphaned Starfish Foundation)
- Kristen Dalton (Miss USA 2009) (Charity: USO)
- Rachel Smith (Miss USA 2007) (Charity: Boys & Girls Club of America)
- Riyo Mori (Miss Universe 2007) (Charity: Make a Wish)
- Shandi Finnessey (Miss USA 2004) (Charity: Stray Rescue of St. Louis)
- Shanna Moakler (Miss USA 1995) (Charity: Children's Burn Foundation)
- Wendy Fitzwilliam (Miss Universe 1998) (Charity: Keep a Child Alive)
- Zuleyka Rivera (Miss Universe 2006) (Charity: American Children's Cancer Association)

FUN FACT: At least four of these players are friends of game shows, having participated in some capacity on one.

FUN FACT #2: Six of these charities involve children in some capacity.

This is a Last Man Standing edition of Minute to Win It, so all 10 players will play the first level, with each level eliminating the last player to complete the task until there's one player left.

LEVEL 1: HANKY PANKY. Using only one hand, a contestant must empty an entire box of 160 tissues.

And tonight, "Completing this task last will result in ELIMINATION."


LEVEL 2: TEMPER TANTRUM. Using pedometers attached to both feet, the contestants must count out as many clicks as possible within 60 seconds. Person with the lowest clicks gets eliminated.

ELIMINATED... SHANDI with 322. Altogether now... Awww....

LEVEL 3: FACE THE COOKIE. Contestants must move two cookies from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscles.


LEVEL 4: GO THE DISTANCE. A pedestal is positioned at six feet from the start. On top is a shot glass. Using only a tape measure, a contestant must place a ping-pong ball into each shot glass.


Down to six...

LEVEL 5: SPOON FROG. A contestant must use a teaspoon to launch another teaspoon into a glass. This must be repeated THREE times.


LEVEL 6: STACK ATTACK. Using 21 plastic cups, erect a pyramid structure, then deconstruct it by sliding the cups downward diagonally into one single stack.


LEVEL 7: CD DOMINOES. Contestants must line up 20 jewel cases (presumably copies of "Get Up") around a shot glass in a way that, when one is blown over, all of them fall and the final case in the series falls into a bucket located next to the contestant.


LEVEL 8: BULB BALANCE. Using salt as a means of creating traction, a contestant must balance a light bulb and an egg. She must do this for a three count.

ELIMINATED... WENDY. Now it's Shanna vs. Rachel for $100,000... As it was always meant to be

LEVEL 9 - $100,000: PING TAC TOE. Using white and yellow ping-pong balls as Xs and Os and nine water-filled glasses as a grid, you must get three in a row either across, up and down or diagonally. This will be a head-to-head challenge, with the first person getting tic-tac-toe winning $100,000 and the right to play for $1 million.

ELIMINATED... RACHEL. Shanna is playing for $1 million!

Shanna... this is your level 10 blueprint.

LEVEL 10 - $1,000,000: SUPERCOIN. One quarter could win you $1 million. The contestant must bounce a quarter 15 feet into a water jug 5 gallons in volume with an opening 1.75 inches in length. "Completing this task in 60 seconds will make you a MILLIONAIRE."

Shanna has one and only one chance at it...

Only attempt... FAIL. But the Children's Burn Foundation will get $100,000 in Shanna's name.

More ladies doing it for themselves in the 60 Second Circle TOMORROW!

For more information on the games, and to see this episode in its entirety, go to nbc.com/minutetowinit.