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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Ryan Seacrest
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Ellen DeGeneres
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Round of 5: Sinatra
May 5

Gordon: Welcome to another episode of Amrican Idol. Someone is leaving, making a happy Cinco De Mayo a very triste one. This week: 32 million votes, DOWN from 35 million votes. And I'll get to that as we go to..

Don: Yay!
Jason: Alright!
Gordon: Let's start with.,..


Chico: Trouble
Grandma Pepper: I was thinking everything Kara did. I particularly missed the charisma , but then again, Sinatra is a tough one to take on. Trouble
Don: Trouble
Lee: Trouble
Gordon: It wasn't bad. The problem is that we need to get rid of the good. TROUBLE


Chico: OUT
Lee: OUT
Grandma Pepper: Like I said, Sinatra is a tough one to take on, and Casey may have gotten himself into trouble. OUT
Jason: OUT
Don: Bad. Bad. OUT.
Gordon: If it's not him, someone has issues. OUT

Gordon: Aaron Kelly is singing 'When I was 17. Um...isn't he 17 now?
Don: Heh.


Jason: Best performance of the night. SAFE
Gordon: Not for me, but safe.
Chico: Safe
Grandma Pepper: All I can say about that is Crystal will be with us next week, but she has to take Simon's advice very seriously. because I would hate to see a Crystal upset. SAFE
Lee: Safe
Don: Safe


Don: Safe.
Jason Safe.
Grandma Pepper: Michael didn't do a bad rendition of 'The Way You Look Tnoight', certainly not the worst I ever heard. SAFE
Lee: Safe
Gordon: Safe
Chico: Safe


Grandma Pepper: That was REALLY the best one tonight. SAFE
Lee: Safe
Chico: Safe
Don: Gotta be safe.
Gordon: THAT was the best performance of the night. Safe.
Jason: Safe. I hated it.
Gordon: While we get the Round of 5 Lip-Sucking, and since this is pretty easy (since everyone said the same trouble and out), if there was a bottom 3 this week, who's the third?
Chico: Michael
Grandma Pepper: Crystal
Lee: Michael
Don: Michael.
Jason: Lee
Gordon: I'll say Michael. Ryan says hi to the Top 5. Then we see Jamie Foxx, and then the Ford Music Video, which shows us people walking in the street. Then we talk about Tuesdays, with people waking up. We see judge stand-ins while they do their dress-rehearsals (hence Paula getting a little loopy 2 seasons ago). We don't see the I hate Wednesdays video. Michael said that he's not nervous yet. Crystal feels like one of the guys, Casey says that America saw whet he was like without the guitar. Dim the lights.
Jason: Here we go.
Gordon: After the nation-wide votem, Lee...is...SAFE! And now, have some Lady Gaga
Jason: Singing Bad Romance/Alejandro. And she is singing LIVE.
Don: That is, um, some outfit she's wearing...
Jason: She is NOT wearing, you mean.
Don: Yeah.
Gordon: I like Lady gaga's voice. I'm wondering if she's wearing a fishing net to protest the B P oil spill.
Jason: ROFL. Thats a tame costume for her.
Gordon: It is. Now the 5 idolists are singing songs from Connick I like this, though its still lip sucked.
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: especially that last note which got cut off. We talk to Harry Connick Jr and listen to him talk about his wife getting kissed by Frank Sinatra. And after 50 minutes, Lee is safe. Crystal is next. She gets to go by the piano. Michael gets to hang out on the near side.
Jason: If he goes by Crystal we know the bottom 2
Gordon: Aaron Kelly gets to hang out by Michael. Casey gets to hang out by Crystal.
Gordon: Lee is asked to go to the safe group. He's not even bothering to go.
Don (:51:12 PM): Heh.
Jason (:51:16 PM): Smart move
Gordon (:51:50 PM): your bottom 2 are...Michael and Aaron.
Jason: Say what?
Don: Interesting...
Gordon: So who leaves?
Jason: Aaron
Don: Aaron.
Gordon: I'm going to say Aaron, although it's agreeing with Jason. Ugh. So either Aaron's voting base called in to save Casey, or Michael couldn't jump over Aaron. And after 32 million votes, the person eliminated is....Aaron.
Jason: Not that big of a shock
Gordon: Nope. We all had him in trouble. Now the question is - does Aaron's votes go to anybody?
Jason: No. If any...Lee Dewyze
Gordon: Let's go to the standings.

Chico: 26
Gordon: 26
Grandma Pepper: 25
Jason: 23
Don: 22
Lee: 19

Gordon: Final thoughts about this week?
Don: Another drop in the vote total next week wouldn't surprise me at this rate.
Jason: This was another borefest week. Everyone is going through the motions.
Gordon: As we fall asleep, this is Gordon Pepper, saying Game Over, Spread the Love and don't fortget to support your local singers.

To see this episode in its entirety, go to www.americanidol.com.