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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Ryan Seacrest
Judges Simon Cowell
Ellen DeGeneres
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Creator Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
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Round of 10: R&B Soul
March 30

Gordon: Welcome to another scintilating Idol results show. Are you all feeling scintilated?
Don: Kinda.
Chico: Me too
Jason: This week for the most part was a good week.
Gordon: I was too, after hearing yesterday's performances. So let's get on with it.
Chico: We're on with it.

Gordon: As usual, we have Lee and Grandma Pepper chiming in. And we start with...


Grandma Pepper: Judging from Siobhan's reaction to the judges opinion on her off-night, there will be no more off-nights. SAFE
Lee: Safe
Don: That wasn't good. Still, I think she'll get by. Safe, but barely.
Jason: It wasn't her best performance. Butthis was her one Get out of Jail free card. SAFE.
Chico: I doubt she's going to be in trouble with just that one bit. SAFE.
Gordon: I don't think she will get by. Bad enough to not have people vote for her, but they may think she's safe, so they also won't vote for her. I think we may have a surprise tonight. TROUBLE.


Lee: Safe
Chico: This was his night. SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: Casey's right up there with the powerful ones. Safe
Don: Very well done by Casey. SAFE.
Jason: Loved the vocals, but get rid of the guitar. PLEASE. SAFE.
Gordon: I think it was his best performance. He'll get some more fans. SAFE.


Chico: SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: I'm glad Michael did so well with the judges with that song, because it was not a favorite with me. SAFE
Jason: His most real and honest performance to date. SAFE.
Don: No problem for him. SAFE.
Gordon: Not his best performance, but I think he's going to get a larger fan base, and that's what this is about. SAFE.


Chico: And this is where the show took a strange and dark turn. TROUBLE.
Jason: Boring, yawningly dull. OUT.
Don: I was not impressed at all. Trouble.
Grandma Pepper: Aw. Give Didi a break. She had her reasons. But...OUT
Gordon: Everyone raised their game except for 3 people. Didi was one of them. TROUBLE


Lee: OUT
Grandma Pepper: What con you do but hope Tim makes a better choice next week, if he's here. TROUBLE
Chico: Teflon Tim can't stick around this week. OUT.
Don: The judges' comments may not be dampening his mood, but let's see if elimination will. OUT.
Gordon: No one has ever gone from Bottom 3 to bottom 2 to survive. Tim won't be the first. OUT.
Jason: I am going by the Gordon Pepper Theory here. Tim was SO bad, he is the Sanjaya of 2010. He is in TROUBLE...for now.


Jason: Biggest risk...biggest payoff. SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: Good one tonight, Andrew. Keep the judges on your side. SAFE
Don: Well... He actually improved. Safe.
Chico: No, dude. Here's your Sanjaya. He raised his game. I doubt that he's going to remain in TROUBLE for long, but someone's gotta be there.
Gordon: I think his mom is going to bail him out of the bottom 3. And the fact that he gave a performance that his crowd would enjoy didn't hurt. SAFE.


Grandma Pepper: I really enjoyed that one. I think I had lots of company. SAFE
Jason: This chain has a very weak link. TROUBLE.
Chico: SAFE... but just.
Don: Could've been better, but I think she'll be safe. This time.
Gordon: I think her fanbase, who knew she was in trouble, bails her out. And I think it's why Siobhan is in the bottom. SAFE.


Grandma Pepper: Way to go, Lee!! Just get better. SAFE
Chico: He's up there. SAFE.
Gordon: In my opinion, best performance of the night. SAFE.
Jason: Major props for him tonight. Best performance of the night. SAFE.
Don: Quite an enjoyable performance from Lee. SAFE.


Chico: Again, SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: Crystal is special, and just got more so tonight. But then she told us that was in the plans. SAFE
Don: SAFE.
Gordon: Not the best performance of the night, but the fact is that she finally got out of rock. That's going to be a huge help for her to win the whole thing. SAFE.
Jason: She is SAFE. Liked this a lot.
Gordon: Finally...


Grandma Pepper: I liked it, but didn't think it was his best week, which I think he too was aware of. SAFE
Don: Oh, boy. Something tells me that he'll be in trouble after that.
Chico: His biggest competition is going to be in big trouble, so Aaron's SAFE.
Jason: Not his best performance. But he will hang in there. SAFE
Gordon: Will not shock me at all to see him in the bottom three. Safe, but just barely.

Gordon: It's now time for your Survivor Pick. You are all still alive.
Don: This week, I'll pick Aaron.
Chico: Going with Katie.
Jason: I will pick Siobhan Magnus
Gordon: I'll pick Andrew Garcia
Lee: Didi
Gordon: Ao, to sum this up...

Chico: TROUBLE: Didi, Andrew. OUT: Tim. Survivor: Katie
Gordon: Trouble: Siobhan, Didi. OUT: Tim. Survivor: Andrew
Lee: Trouble: Andrew and Aaron. OUT: Tim. Survivor: Didi
Don: Trouble: Didi, Aaron; OUT: Tim; Survivor: Aaron
Jason: Trouble: Tim and Katie...Out: DIdi Survivor: Siobhan
Grandma Pepper: Trouble: Andrew, Tim. OUT: Didi. Survivor: Andrew

Chico: Interesting choices all around.
Jason: Very.
Gordon: This is the first time that we hare sort of split here
Chico: Well, this is what happens when you have a clear top and a nebulous bottom.
Jason: Exactly.
Gordon: If you're name isn't Lee, Michael, Casey or Crystal, I think you have reason to be concerned tonight.
Chico: And now, a 2 minute commercial for Clash fo the Titans.
Gordon: And thus tonight, someone is going to get eaten by the Kraken. Yum yum.
Jason: Here. We. Go.
Chico: From Television city in Hollywood... it's Kraken lunch time!
Gordon: Yay! And instead of a group medley, we get Ruben Studdard.
Chico: Praise be.
Don: Nice.
Chico: He looks thinner.
Jason: Much. He looks awesome.
Gordon: Ruben Studdard sings something generic.
Gordon: He sounds...less than awesome.
Chico: The song, by the way, is "Don't Make Them Like You No More"
Gordon: Well then Reuben accomplished his song title mission :P If there's any consolation to take from this, at least this wouldn't be nearly as bad as the insidious group medley.
Chico: True.
Don: Indeed.
Jason: Very much so.
Chico: But seriously... I can't make a baby to this.
Jason: Nope.
Gordon: Ruben turned Vegan, Michael, who is a trainer, has come to check Ruben out.
Chico: The single's out. The Rick Ro$$ remix is out. The tour with Clay Aiken is coming. It's just...a big thing. Time to go to the couch, but first, "Kung Fu Fighting". The Idols play Power Rangers - I believe the Jungle Fury season.
Jason: Um....ok
Gordon: Michael's got purple hair in the back.
Chico: Crystal admits that the guitar is "easier to carry around". And there's Andrew's mommanems in the crowd.
Gordon: Andrew got picked on for his personality. Andrew needs self-=acceptance from the rest of the group. His mom is still here. Katie's dad...isn't.
Chico: He's across the street.
Gordon: Hey, it's another Clash of the Tittan's plug!
Chico: Serious lights! Serious music!
Gordon: It's results time. Lee Dewyze is first. And he's in the bottom three.
Jason: April fool a day early?
Chico: Waaa waaaaaaaa =p
Don: Heh.
Chico: Last night was the night that his life changed forever. Simon can see him in the final. Let's start with next week.
Gordon: Lee is...safe.
Jason: Well Duh
Gordon: Casey James is up next.
Chico: They liked his performance, but he neesd to challenge himself. He'll get a shot at it.. He's SAFE.
Jason: Yup.
Gordon: Next up is Aaron 'Cupcake' Kelly
Chico: Mmmm.... Cupcake.
Gordon: Ryan tells SImon to do his job. Kara says SImon is in love with himself.
Chico: This is degenerating...
Gordon: Aaron isn't in love...with girls.
Chico: Neither is Ricky Martin, but we weren't going to go into that. =p
Gordon: This stuff writes itself. Aaron is...safe. Siobhan and Katie stand up.
Jason: Oh boy.
Chico: Siobhan was courageous, but weak.
Jason: I see Katie in the bottom three.
Chico: I see Siobhan in the bottom. Katie split the panel.
Gordon: Lets see. Jason says Katie. Gordon says Siobhan.
Chico: I say Siobhan. The first person in the bottom three... is KATIE.
Jason: Told you so.
Chico: Holy crap, Block was right.
Gordon: That is an extroadinarily bad sign for Katie.
Chico: Even if she performs next week, she's in danger.
Gordon: Not that much of a surprise to me.
Chico: No, not really. Another Clash of the Titans commercial... I want to play God of War 3 now.
Gordon: But you have to wonder about Katie's life span on the show if America knew she was in trouble and STILL put her in the bottom 3.
Chico: She's just not getting the votes. I personally think that after nine years, America's finally tired of the joke or something.
Chico: You know what I mean? Next week, it's the Lennon-McCartney songbook.
Jason: Interesting.
Chico: This week, it's Justin Bieber in the audience.
Gordon: Justin 'I did Silent Library. What did you do' Bieber
Chico: Right now, it's Usher, singingg "OMG".
Jason: Justin was signed by the guy who is singing now.
Chico: With fire. And here's Will.I.Am...It's worse than lip-sucked.... it's auto-tuned.
Gordon: Vocoder city! Whoo hoo!
Chico: Don't you love it? Back to business. Didi Benami is next.
Gordon: Didi is...ALSO in the bottom 3.
Chico: Mihcael Lynche.... is safe. No surprise there. Through Ryan tries to milk the moment for what it's worth, and Mike gives him a bear hug for it.
Jason: Duh. :)
Chico: Crystal Bowersox changed it up for "Midnight Train to Georgia", and it pays off. SAFE.
Don: Of course.
Chico: Finally, Tim and Andrew. Tim... is smiley.
Gordon: Could there be an upset brewing?
Chico: Not this week. I mean, they both were pretty bad. Andrew... is SAFE. So once again, your bottom three are TIM, DIDI, AND KATIE. KATIE goes back. Surprised yet?
Gordon: Nope.
Don: Not yet.
Gordon: I had them in my bottom 2, so not at all.
Jason: Nope.
Chico: Didn't think so. Who wants another performance?
Gordon: Sure.
Chico: Here with "Hello Good Morning" is Diddy Dirty Money. I believe that's name change #5. I wish he'd pick a name and stick with it. Heh.
Don: Somehow, I don't see that happening.
Chico: ... No.
Gordon: Someone will be saying good night.
Chico: "Goodbye goodnight." Result time.
Gordon: Safe is....TIM! Didi is now doo doo.
Jason: And thats a sweep.
Chico: Welcome to the upper fringe, J.
Jason: Thank you.
Gordon: And Lee DiGeorge is the first person out of Survivor Idol. Awww.
Chico: Awww.
Jason: Awwwwww
Gordon: Will Didi be saved by the judges?
Chico: NOPE.
Jason: Thought so.
Gordon: And Didi goes away. Bye, Didi.
Chico: Cue the footage.
Gordon: And hello, standings.

TROUBLE: Katie, Tim. OUT: Didi

Jason: 12
Chico: 11
Gordon: 11
Don: 10
Lee: 8
Grandma Pepper: 9

Jason: IN
Chico: IN
Gordon: IN
Don: IN
Grandma Pepper: IN
Lee: OUT

Chico: Next week, Lennon-McCartney. And us, of course. Until then, remember to support your local talent :-)

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