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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Ryan Seacrest
Judges Simon Cowell
Ellen DeGeneres
Kara DioGuardi
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Creator Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
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Round of 6: Shania Twain
April 27

Chico: Shania Twain has one of the sexiest bodies in all of country music, and one fo the sexiest voices. The question now... which of the final six isn't sexy enough to continue?
Gordon: Someone's about to disembark from the Shania Twain.
Chico: Toot toot. This is going to be interesting because you have six fair to middling performances... well, two of them better than can be expected.
Gordon: So let's get this start with...

Chico: Let's start it up with...


Grandma Pepper: Lee, grenerally speaking, holds his own and didn't disappoint tonight. TROUBLE
Don: He didn't do as well as I had hoped. Still, I think he may be safe.
Chico: That ain't going to cut it in the top 6. It's time to raise your game. TROUBLE.
Lee: Trouble
Jason: I am sorry, but the judges were off their rocker. This was a horrible, off pitch, forced performance and his vocals were just way off base. TROUBLE
Gordon: Casey had a very good performance and he was inthe bottom last week. Say hello to backswgin, Lee. TROUBLE


Chico: Run out of second chances. OUT.
Jason: He needed to nail the song, and he did! This was in his wheelhouse, and he connected with the audience big time. His vocals were off the chart as well. SAFE
Grandma Pepper: Enjoyable, but will it give Mike staying power? OUT
Don: I'll say right now that I'm mostly unsure of most of my picks this week, with the way things turned out. But I do have a feeling that Michael is on his way OUT.
Gordon: When everyone does well or sort of well, it goes down to fan base. Michael, as we've seen from earlier performances, doesn't have it. OUT

Casey James

Chico: He had the performance of the night. SAFE
Grandma Pepper: I really loved that. Shania is doing well by them, and vice versa. SAFE
Lee: Safe
Don: The only other one that I'm fairly sure about. Casey did great. SAFE.
Jason: While his vocals are the same quality, he is a one trick pony. He is a guitar playing country singer who bored me this week. TROUBLE
Gordon: Sang himself out of the bottom 3 and put either Lee or Crystal there in his place. SAFE.

Crystal Bowersox

Jason: She can sing the phone book and do it right. She was playful, and her vocals were great and sounded as pure as Jewel's. And to her boyfriend...say yes and make the cash right now! Safe
Don: I don't see Crystal going home, but I think she may find herself in an unfamiliar position which I know she can recover from. Trouble.
Grandma Pepper: Seems like Crystal was only interested in getting through to her boyfriend this week. TROUBLE
Lee: Trouble
Chico: I honestly think that Crystal's going to have a sobering experience tonight. She'll recover next week, but this week, he's in TROUBLE.
Gordon: Only safe because of her fan base. SAFE


Don: Trouble.
Chico: I thikn Aaron also had his best performance. It still isn't "winning", but if he starts to build on it... Right now, he's SAFE.
Gordon: Good performance, but I don't see him bouncing over Crystal, Siobhan or Casey. Hence, he's in trouble.
Lee: OUT
Grandma Pepper: All I can say is that it had all the earmarks of a really super rendition. SAFE
Jason: Yeah...a way to blow out my ear drums. He was off pitch, and his voice was off. He was not in connection with the audience at all. He will be in the bottom three...again. OUT
Chico: And finally..


Don: Her performance was interesting. I think it'll be enough for her to be safe.
Chico: Agreed. It was honestly a tossup between her and Crystal for my final pick. SAFE.
Gordon: She got the last spot and she nailed the high notes. SAFE.
Jason: I didn't like this performance at all. She is NOT THE AUDIENCE JUMPER. She needs to just stand in front of the mike. But that money note at the end will keep her safe.
Lee: Safe
Grandma Pepper: That was fun. SAFE
Chico: So once again...

Gordon: Trouble: Aaron, Lee OUT: Michael
Chico: TROUBLE: Crystal, Lee. OUT: Michael
Don: Trouble: Crystal, Aaron; OUT: Michael
Grandma Pepper: Trouble: Crystal, Lee OUT: Michael
Block: Trouble: Crystal, Lee. OUT: Aaron
Lee: Trouble: Crystal, Lee OUT: Aaron

Chico: Survivor picks?
Don: I only have 2 choices this week; I'll go with Lee.
Chico: Going dangerous, Lee.
Gordon: I'll say Siobhan
Grandma Pepper: Siobhan
Jason: Lee
Chico: Okay, 33 million votes last night. What did they do? We'll find out, but first... Shakira... And Lady Antebellum... and Sons of Sylvia....and Rascal Flatts. We start with Rascal Flatts and their hit "Unstoppable".
Gordon: This is good. Me likey.
Chico: Yes. Very good.
Don: Very nice.
Chico: Now picture them with Shakira. Together.
Gordon: That could be funky
Chico: Very funky. Now it's time for a video. Actually, it's a behind-the-scenes video of the video. Who wants to become a vampire?
Gordon: ME! (Raises hand)
Chico: If it means I get to bed Kristen Stewart =p
Gordon: Siobhan looks like a perfect vampire.
Chico: Yup. The song, "Believe".
Gordon: And Michael is all alone in the car. Could he be alone on stage afterwards?
Chico: Could be. Right now, though... We're going to play with Shrek. Ryan's playing a voice in "Shrek 4ever After". So he arranges a little get together with Mike Mitchell, the producer. Then they go to a screening in 3D. And here are two other stars of that movie... chick from movie I hate... and Antonio Deluxe Continental Breakfast. Antonio "Puss in Boots" Banderas calls for the lights. And here. We. Go. Three groups of two. Siobhan Magnus was "back in the competition". She is in Group 1. Aaron Kelly is next. He "embraced the lyrics". He is in Group 2. Big Mike Lynche is next. Simon thought it was "wet" and "girly". He's in group 3. Lee DeWyze had a "perfect song choice.." He joins... Siobhan. Casey James was "exemplified as an artist". Casey joins Big Mike. And finally, Crystal. Judges didn't love it. She's going to join Aaron.
Gordon: If my calculationa are correct, one person in each dyad will be safe and one will be in the bottom 3.
Chico: I can see that happening. Because AI is tricky like that. And the bottom three...Siobhan, Casey, and Big Mike EVERYBODY SUCKS!
Don: No kidding. :-P
Gordon: Well not everyone. 4 of us still have our out in play.
Chico: Now.. PREVIEW OF COMING EVENTS! Next week... Sinatra... by Harry Connick Jr. Next minute, though, Carrie Underwood is touring with these guys... Sons of Sylvia. The song is "Love Left To Lose". Who wants to bet that was pre-taped?
Gordon: I'd bet the farm if I had one.
Don: Wouldn't surprise me.
Chico: So most annoying result show performance: lip-suck or obvious pre-tape?
Gordon: I'd rather see pre-tape, because at least it's a live good performance.
Chico: Next up, Lady Antebellum with "Need You Now".
Gordon: Speaking of which :P
Chico: Live good from Lady Antebellum.
Gordon: You mean pre-taped good.
Chico: Right, pretaped good. Hillary Scott looks better as a blonde. Just sayin'.
Gordon: And it's more pre-taped goodness with Shakira and Rascal Flatts. Shakira has a nice voice but her voice makes this sound like a peanut butter and potato sandwich.
Chico: Starchy.
Gordon: I like peanut butter. I like potatoes. I don't like them in the same sandwich.
Chico: Reminds me of Trigun. And apparently a live performance. Back to business...and Big Mike... is SAFE!
Gordon: That leaves Casey and Siobhan
Gordon: Whoohoo! Let me have a glass.
Don: I'm... kinda surprised.
Gordon: I'm not that surprised. THis past week, you could make a case for any of them going home. You really could.
Chico: Again, everyone was fair to middling. So when everyone is equal, the votes are equal. This could very well come down to inches.
Gordon: It could be.
Gordon: If Casey leaves, it's because he was in the bottom 2 and couldn't get out. If siobhan leaves, it's because the Chaos Theory claimed another victim, despite her singing in the last spot. No more judge's saves.
Chico: And after 33 million votes... it's all over for...
Gordon: Shut up, Seacrest.
Chico: ... SIOBHAN MAGNUS. So we get the weird one's Will Young montage.
Gordon: We do. It also means Don and Chico, with only Crystal left, will tie for co-Survivor Idol champs.
Chico: Word.
Don: Nice.
Chico: She reprises "Think". Let's go to the leaderboard...

Chico: 24
Gordon: 24
Grandma Pepper: 23
Jason: 21
Don: 20
Lee: 17

Gordon: So why did this happen? Easy. Chaos Theory. Not bad enough to get people to call in, and not good enough for people to want to vote her in.
Chico: True.
Don: Makes sense.
Chico: Everyone was... again, fair to middling.
Gordon: So now will the competition be better - or worse?
Chico: It'll definitely be more drag-out, that's for sure.
Chico: Only one more thing to do. To the Leaderboard!
Gordon: Just goes to show you. You think they are safe,,,but they aren't.
Chico: And once again, Don and myself... Survivor co-champs... BELIEVE.
Gordon: What. Ever.
Don: Heh.
Chico: Now I can pull this out...

Gordon: Yes you can. For everyone, this is Gordon Pepper, saying spread the love and support your local artists.

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