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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN
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Judges Simon Cowell
Ellen DeGeneres
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Creator Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
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Round of 9: The Lennon-McCartney Songbook
April 7

Chico: Last night, the Idol 9 took on the songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Eight of them will go across the universe to the next round. One of them is going to Get Back to where they once belonged. We'll find out who in roughly an hour. Right now, as we wait for the Idol master to show up, Don and I are going to start a round of...

Don: Yay!
Gordon: Gordon Pepper and company here. Joinins u, once again, is Chico, Grandma Pepper, Jason Block and Lee DiGeorge.
Chico: First up...


Jason: Not a good way to start. His voice was way off pitch and this version put me to sleep. Judges were on point here. TROUBLE.
Lee: OUT
Don: I wasn't impressed at all. I think he's in trouble.
Chico: I think he's OUT. That was not a good start to the night.
Gordon: I don't think he's out, but I do think he was wretched. TROUBLE.
Grandma Pepper: Time for Aaron to rethink his song choices and to show what he can really do. TROUBLE

KATIE "Tobor the 8th Woman" STEVENS

Grandma Pepper: Katie did an amobitious job with an ambitious choice. SAFE
Lee: Safe
Don: I think she'll be safe this time.
Chico: I think so too. I mean, she needed a winning performance, she got one.
Jason: Simple, plain arrangement. The only problem was it was a half-octave too HIGH. Otherwise, a much better arrangement than Aaron, which means big trouble for him. SAFE.
Gordon: The big difference this week is that she is going to be getting votes from the departed Didi Benami camp. That's going to make her SAFE.


Grandma Pepper: Didn't think it was his worst performance, but hoping he will top it. OUT
Gordon: I don't think he's out. I do think he'll be hanging out with Ryan Seacrest at 9:55pm in the middle of the stage. TROUBLE
Jason: I loved the swing, Brian Setzer like arrangement to this. This was very very good. Two weeks in a row, his risks paid off. But was it enough for him to stay? Not sure. TROUBLE.
Don: Trouble. It was just... Meh.
Chico: What you said. I mean, it's good for Andrew, but will you vote for it?
Don: I would not.
Chico: Neither would I.

MICHAEL "The Incredible Hulk" LYNCHE

Jason: And the goodness continues. Not as momentous as the David Cook version two years ago, but this is still a very competent version of this song. He is not going home. His voice reminds me of Seal. SAFE.
Don: Not as good as I had hoped, but he'll remain safe.
Grandma Pepper: Michael does a great job with whatever song he takes on. SAFE
Chico: Agreed. I mean, he sings it well, but I wasn't leaping out of my seat for it. SAFE.
Gordon: I hated it. Unfortunately, I think that there's enough fanbase that liked it. SAFE, but yuck.


Don: Now this I liked. SAFE.
Jason: Four in a row. She took this arrangement and made it sound like Melissa Etheridge in tone and feeling. I liked this one too. This is right in her wheelhouse. SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: It's always such a joy to listen to Crystal, and that's what it just was. SAFE
Gordon: The first good performance of the night for me. SAFE.
Chico: This is a believable performance... SAFE

TIM "Smiley" URBAN

Grandma Pepper: To quote you Tim, 'Good fit'. TROUBLE
Don: He did a little better, but I have a feeling that too many of his fans will think he's safe and not bother to vote enough. For that reason, I think he may be OUT.
Jason: Holy crap, I like what Tim Urban did. This was fun. It wasn't as good as the previous four. But I liked it. Will it be enough to get him through to next week? I think so. SAFE
Gordon: I think the fact that he sang well means his fan base won't vote to keep him in. I think that proves costly. OUT
Chico: I don't think so. I mean, he was bad...but his fans will know he's bad and vote accordingly. TROUBLE

CASEY "Goldilocks" JAMES

Don: I expected better, but he'll be safe nonetheless.
Chico: Agreed. This wasn't his best. At the same time, there are women out there with cell phones who were texting like mad. SAFE.
Jason: Ooooh, does this risk pay off? I am not sure. The timbre in his voice was annoying, the song choice was bad and this was a major misstep for Mr. James. This is his bad night. What were the judges listening to? TROUBLE.
Grandma Pepper: Casey picked a good week to outdo himself. SAFE
Gordon: Oooh, I hated this also, but I think his fanbase is going to keep him around. See Lynche, Michael. SAFE

SIOBHAN "Robot Fighter" MAGNUS

Grandma Pepper: The unpredictable Siobhan really is special. SAFE
Gordon: Best of the night. SAFE
Lee: Safe
Don: I thought she did good. Safe.
Chico: I also thought she did good. Nice little change up, but control the breathing! SAFE
Jason: This is why we love Siobhan. She takes herself down about 10 notches and shows that she can sing a quiet, introspective song in a clear, expressive way. No longer just the screamer, she is a true vocalist. SAFE.

LEE "Bagpipes" DEWYZE

Don: The bagpipes surprised me. Still, I think he's safe.
Jason: Not the best performance of the night. I didn't like his vocals as much as the others, but he has enough to stay on. And what's up with the bagpipes? SAFE.
Gordon: Bagpipes? Really? He won't be out this week, but he does take a huge step backwards. SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: Bagpipe or no bagpipe, that was good, Lee. SAFE
Chico: It's memorable, but for the right reasons? We'll see. Right now, though, he's safe. So to run it down...

Don: Trouble: Aaron, Andrew; Out: Tim Survivor: Siobhan
Chico: TROUBLE: Andrew, Tim. OUT: Aaron. Survivor: Siobhan
Gordon: TROUBLE: Andrew, Aaron. OUT: Tim. Survivor: Aaron
Grandma Pepper: TROUBLE: Tim, Aaron OUT: Andrew. Survivor: Aaron
Jason: TROUBLE: Andrew, Casey. OUT: Aaron. Survivor: Siobhan
Lee: TROUBLE: Tim, Andrew. OUT: Aaron.

Chico: And your survivor pick, sir.
Don: Siobhan.
Chico: I'll go with that.
Gordon: We have 9 singers.
Chico: I know.
Gordon: In 60 minutes, we may have 8.
Chico: "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." But who'll be loved, and who'll be lost? Hey Gordon, how'd you feel about last night's show?
Gordon: Praise for Katie, Siobhan, Michael and Crystal... Impressiveness with Tim and Katie... Andrew and Casey was praised.
Chico: Ryan says prepare for a surprise or two. It's always interesting when he says that.
Gordon: Ellen loved Lee. Everyone was praised....except Aaron Kelly.
Chico: "Shocking results coming to you tonight." Also coming to you, Jason DeRulo, Rihanna, and David Archuleta.
Gordon: We have 'Shocking' Results. And first, for a shock to our ears, the Top 9 in a group medley, and Lee immediately shows us that this is lip sucked.
Chico: Who wants to bet they use the three groups layout?
Gordon: I hope so. I like that.
Chico: Me too
Don: That would be cool.
Chico: And Michael's the only one singing. What does that tell you, sir?
Gordon: He's lip sucking better than everyone else.
Chico: That works. =p
Gordon: Who wants to see them in a new Ford Music video?
Chico: Me! The song, "Will It Go Round in Circles" by Billy Preston
Don: That was interesting.
Gordon: And we do some kaleidoscope action
Chico: Lots of kaleidoscope action.
Gordon: Katie is nervous.
Chico: As well she should be. It's results time.
Gordon: Siobhan is first.
Chico: She goes to stage center.
Gordon: She is in the center of the stage.
Chico: Crystal Mama Sox is next.
Gordon: She joins Siobhan.
Gordon: Katie may join the ladies in the middle
Chico: Or she may not. Remember, we're looking for Shock. Katie ought to sing for her grandma more often.
Gordon: The question is - shock who?
Chico: So three ladies... THE three ladies... all center stage.
Gordon: Crystal is...safe.
Chico: ding ding ding.
Gordon: Katie is....safe
Chico: ... and so is Siobhan.
Gordon: Any shocks so far?
Chico: ... No
Don: Nope.
Gordon: Nopers here also. Of course, with Katie not in the bottom 3, that means we'll have 2 newcomers. Maybe 3 newcomers. if Tim can get himself out.
Chico: Maybe... chaotic?
Gordon: I don't know yet.
Chico: What we do know now is that Jason DeRulo is on stage. Performing "In My Head". Yeah, dude, we know your name. We don't have to hear it on every one of your songs.
Gordon: is that a Michael Jackson impersonation?
Chico: I hope not. If it is, it's a bad one.
Gordon: Note to Idol Producers: If you want to add legitimacy to the show, why don't you bring in people who...I don't know...KNOW HOW TO PERFORM LIVE!!!!
Gordon: And what the heck is the black and white still frame garbage?
Chico: Kara says that she saw an incredible performer and songwriter. I say Kara was on something. OPINION! Hey Gordon?
Gordon: Yes Chico?
Chico: You want to make your proclamation now?
Gordon: Worst. Results. Shows. Ever.
Chico: Not the one I was hoping for, but I have half an hour to beat it out of him. Q's going to go ahead and call it. She says this is the WORST results show of the WORST season of American Idol in 10 seasons of American Idol. "Because next season has to be better than this." Next up, the man and his moment. Singing "Imagine" again... David Archuleta.
Gordon: Aaaaaannnnnnd....why are hearing this again?
Chico: Theme week.
Gordon: Great.
Chico: And just like two years ago, he conveniently skips over verse 2. He can imagine no possessions, no heaven, no hell, and a brotherhood of man and all that... but he can't imagine no religion for some reason. Back to business. Two more groups. Lee Dewyze (minus the bagpipes... and the confidence)... is in one group. That's stage right to you and me. Michael Lynche is next... He goes stage LEFT.
Don: Interesting...
Chico: Very. Casey James is next... He joins LEE. I think Michael's in trouble. Aaron Kelly's next. Aaron joins Big Mike. Tim Urban is next.... joining Lee and Casey. Andrew Garcia joins Mike & Aaron. One group is safe. The other is in trouble.
Gordon: Thoughts?
Chico: Mike/Aaron/Andrew is the bottom.
Gordon: I would have to think Mike/Aaron Andrew.
Don: Yeah, that seems more likely.
Chico: And we're right. I hate it when we're right. That means that G's pick of Tim Urban is wrong. WOW. Sending one back to safety.... and it's Aaron Kelly. Which means we're ALL wrong.
Gordon: and everyone else's pick of Aaron is wrong
Don: Wow.
Chico: I told you it's the shock week. I TOLD YOU! =p
Gordon: we could see that judges save being used.
Chico: If Mike is out, the judges will use their save to save him. Mark it right now. Now another performance... With her new single "Rockstar 101", the future Mrs. Gordon Pepper... Rihanna! ... wearing a Green Rangerish chest thing over her clothes.
Gordon: Go go power Rihanna :) I think Michael will be saved. I do NOT see Andrew being saved.
Chico: Agreed. And now the moment you've waited 55 agonizing minutes for... After the nationwide vote...
Gordon: It's a SEASON total of 140 million
Chico: .... ANDREW is safe.
Gordon: Mike Lynche could be going home.
Chico: Big Mike is singing for his life.
Gordon: That's a shock!
Don: Definitely.
Chico: Told ya. He's pulling out "A Woman's Work" by Maxwell.
Gordon: You have to. Now...do the judges save him?
Chico: And it looks like he's giving it all he's got. And I think the judges are going to save him.
Gordon: I'll be very surprised if they don't.
Chico: SAVE HIM!
Don: If they don't, that will definitely be a major shocker.
Chico: The judges' call... "We'll see you next week." SAVED!
Gordon: So....everyone wins. Maybe.
Chico: Now you realize what has to happen now. Right now, he's got to perform EVERY WEEK like it's his last.
Gordon: And 2 people are leaving next week.
Chico: Before we check out, though, let's check out the standings...

TROUBLE: Aaron, Andrew. SAVED: Big Mike.

Jason: 14
Chico: 13
Gordon: 13
Don: 12
Grandma Pepper: 11
Lee: 10

Jason: IN
Chico: IN
Gordon: IN
Don: IN
Grandma Pepper: IN
Lee: OUT

Chico: This week definitely shook up the standings. Next week... who knows? Adam Lambert's the mentor, so... ANYTHING can happen.
Don: It'll be very interesting to see how things will turn out next week.
Chico: We'll see you then. For now, remember, now more than ever, to support support support your local artists!

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