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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN
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Ellen DeGeneres
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Round of 9 Redux: Elvis
April 14

Gordon: Last night, Elvis left the building. Tonight 2 people will leave the Idol building. But which 2?
Jason: I have an idea.
Chico: So do I.
Gordon: That is why Chico Alexander, Don Harpwood, Jason Block, Lee DiGeorge, Grandma Pepper and myself will try to decipher.
Chico: First, who's up for a round of...

Don: Let's do it.
Jason: I am ready.
Chico: Remember, TWO are going home tonight. So choose accordingly.
Gordon: Give us 2 troubles and 2 outs
Jason: Understood.
Don: Alright.
Gordon: We start with...

Crystal Bowersox

Chico: All together now...
Everyone: SAFE.
Gordon: Next...

Andrew Garcia

Chico: ... all together now...
Everyone: OUT.
Gordon: That was easy.
Chico: Now for the hard bit.

Tim Urban

Grandma Pepper: Congrats, Tim! That was beautiful. SAFE
Lee: Trouble
Jason: Trouble.
Chico: He's slowly but surely crawling up to the middling middle. But still.. TROUBLE.
Gordon: He'll be here until he's out. But I don't think he will be tonight. TROUBLE though.
Don: This one is interesting, since he did improve, but he could still find himself with a problem. I'll say safe, but barely.

Lee DeWyze

Lee: Safe
Don: Safe.
Jason: Safe.
Chico: Nice rebound from Bagpipe-o-rama last week. SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: Yep. Elvis would have approved. SAFE
Gordon: He's the second best performer up there. SAFE.

Aaron Kelly

Grandma Pepper: I didn't think Aaron did a bad job with Blue Suede Shoes, even though it's a big song to take on. TROUBLE
Don: I didn't like what he did. OUT.
Jason: OUT.
Chico: TROUBLE. I didn't buy it for a bit. But Aaron's got a few supporters.
Gordon: I think he's going to get bailed out tonight, but just barely, and only because he was in the bottom last week. TROUBLE

Siobhan Magnus

Grandma Pepper: Our job is not to label her. It is to listen and purr. SAFE
Jason: I liked it a lot. SAFE.
Chico: Good stuff. SAFE.
Don: She did good enough. Safe.
Gordon: I completely disagree with the judges this week. SAFE
Lee: Safe

Katie Stevens

Chico: The bot gets disengaged. OUT.
Grandma Pepper: Didn't like the song, but liked what Katie did with it. I don't think anyone else will though. OUT
Don: I think she's in trouble.
Gordon: Not the worst performer on Tuesday, but I think the Chaos Theory does her in. OUT.
Jason: I think she is SAFE.

Michael Lynche

Lee: OUT
Chico: Ahem... All together now.
Everyone else: SAFE.
Gordon: 5 safes and a Lee.
Chico: And Lee... no offense, but you're crazy.
Gordon: Tell us something we don't know :)
Chico: You're not going to have the judges' saved used just to have him be in trouble this week. His fans saw what happened and will vote accordingly.
Gordon: Finally...

Casey James

Grandma Pepper: Not his best. TROUBLE
Chico: SAFE. He needs to do better, though.
Don: I think Casey is going to be in a bit of trouble this week.
Gordon: The only reason why I have him as safe is that he performed last. SAFE

Jason: Survivor Pick Michael Lynche
Chico: I'm going with Block's Survivor pick.
Gordon: As is me
Grandma Pepper: And me
Don: Same here.
Gordon: So if Michael is out this week...we all lose.
Jason: Yes.
Chico: Yeah, but he's safe.
Gordon: I think so. So to sum it up...

Grandma Pepper: Trouble: Aaron/Casey. OUT: Andrew/Katie. Survivor Pick: Michael
Don: Trouble: Katie, Casey; Out: Andrew, Aaron. Survivor Pick: Michael
Chico: Trouble: Aaron/Tim. OUT: Andrew/Katie. Survivor Pick: Michael
Lee: Trouble: Aaron/Tim Out: Andrew/Michael. Survivor Pick: X
Gordon: Trouble: Aaron/Tim OUT: Andrew/Katie. Survivor Pick: Michael
Jason: Trouble: Casey/Tim. Out: Andrew/Aaron. Survivor Pick: Michael

Chico: Two minutes to showtime. Tonight, Adam Lambert will take the stage on which he lost to some guy last May. Also, Justin Gaston and Brooke White perform. So who'll get trounced tonight? Remember, no more saves... and no more second chances.
Gordon: Which means that if Crystal and Lee get eliminated tonight....you're all (bleep)ed. We have over 34 million votes - highest number this season, but only a fraction of previous seasons. We have a 'dramatic' double elimination. But first...a Lip Suck.
Chico: A medley lip suck.
Jason: Is it Ironic that Adam is #69 this week on the Billboard 200?
Don: lol
Gordon: And the guys are absolutely brutal on the Syncing.
Chico: Camera faux pas. Okay, looks like a Ford music video time. We're going green to the song "Light & Day/Reach for the Sun"
Gordon: That was better than their medley :P
Chico: Like that takes some doing. Now... to business. Casey James is first.
Jason: Alright.
Chico: ... and Aaron Kelly... and Andrew Garcia...
Jason: Uh oh
Gordon: Not looking good for the Block early. And....Andrew is out first.
Jason: Not a surprise.
Gordon: Aaron and Casey...are both safe.
Jason: Ok I got one. That's ok
Gordon: Everyone got one right.
Jason: I will be only getting one.
Chico: And he's going to kill "You Give Me Something" again.
Gordon: Remember back then when Andrew Garcia was a favorite?
Chico: Yeah.
Gordon: And the betters make him a favorite?
Chico: Yep.
Gordon: What happens to the favorites again?
Jason: They. Don't. Win.
Gordon: And Andrew kills the song dead.
Jason: And we see why he shouldn't even be on the tour.
Chico: You're killing me, smalls.
Gordon: We should replace with Cliffhanger theme with this as a funeral dirge.
Chico: And we're not done yet.
Gordon: But first, Jason's favorite part of the season; Idol Gives Back!
Jason: I'm feeling ill.
Gordon: (Hands over the Fear Factor Chuck Bucket to Jason)
Jason: (BARF)
Chico: Auction at IdolGivesBack.org. Trip to Africa with Elliott Yamin and Kara dioGuardi... Did we mention that IGB is next week? I can't look at Kara and not say "Hi, I saw you nekkid. Tastefully nekkid.... Still nekkid."
Jason: I cant look and say that this a self-important circle jerk from guilty rich people.
Gordon: There's some yin and yang for you. We have Black Eyed Peas, Annie Lennox, Carrie Underwood, and more but right now, it's a duet between Brooke White and Justin Gaston as they sing some Elvis.
Chico: She was on season 7. He was in the web series "If I Can Dream". Which... by the way... is the name of the song they're singing.
Gordon: if I can dream about them singing together in tune in tandem, my ears wouldn't be begging to be running to the bathroom and puke.
Jason: She can sing, he can't.
Chico: No, stay at the piano! That's the money ticket!
Gordon: Brooke is doing a good job, but Justin...yuck.
Chico: Why do people insist on abandoning instruments midway?
Gordon: Cause the producers make them, daddy.
Chico: Q just told me "It's because they realize that it isn't working."
Gordon: Now we need the producers to make Justin abandon using his voice. There is zero chemistry between Brooke and Justin.
Chico: You THINK? After all, she's married and he's a media hooooore.
Jason: Pretty much
Chico: Now back to business. The rest of the six join Ryan on stage.
Gordon: We start with Lee.
Chico: Judges enjoyed it. Now to Siobhan Magnus...
Gordon: Siobhan was split. Katie was 'annoying' according to Simon, and Ellen got horny.
Chico: Michael Lynche came back from danger last week.
Gordon: Michael, according to the judges, earned the Save.
Chico: Crystal was good... And finally... Turban. He had a show last night.
Gordon: You know if he was a game bird, He'd be Turbducken
Chico: After 34 million votes... Crystal... is SAFE. Harmonica.
Gordon: Siobhan is...safe. No harmonica.
Chico: Lee... is also safe.
Gordon: Sooo...we have Michael, Tim and Katie. I assume everyone who thought Katie out are staying with Katie out.
Chico: Yeah.
Grandma Pepper: Yes.
Gordon: So let's go to Jason and Donut. Who's out?
Don: Gotta be Katie at this point.
Jason: See you, Katie
Gordon: Anyone found her dad at the bar yet?
Chico: Nope, not yet. But I did find an Adam Lambert.
Gordon: Hey! Who wants some Adam Lambert?
Jason: I do!
Gordon: I don't, but I have no choice here. Next week: Inspirational songs.
Chico: Alicia Keys is the mentor. Right now, though. Here is Glambert singing "Whataya Want From Me". And here is Gordon with a wiseass answer to that question...
Gordon: A visual in the pea green fog so we can see find both his face and his pitch, because this is terrible.
Chico: Someone open a window.
Jason: While I didn't like the lasers. I like him. Always have, always will.
Gordon: Hey Chico!
Chico: Yyyyes Gordon.
Gordon: Did you ever see Dr Who's The Robots of Death?
Chico: Why yes. Yes I did.
Gordon: I think we found the son of Taren Capel.
Chico: I think so too, G.
Gordon: If Taren Capel and Katie Stevens had a robotic love baby, it would be Adam Lambert.


Gordon: Just for your reference. Oh, Robert Englund Sighting on Bones :)
Chico: Nice. Back to business. Going back to the bench... is.....
Gordon: Tim!
Jason: WHOA! Uh oh.
Chico: This could be big.
Gordon: So either Katie is gone, or we just wasted a save and ruined Survivor Idol.
Chico: One person's going....
Gordon: The other person is NOT in the bottom three.
Chico: Leaving tonight... Katie Stevens.
Gordon: Not a shock here, unfortunately.
Chico: She sings "Let It Be" one more time.
Gordon: And we know she's NOT the worst performance on Tuesday. Though this is pretty painful.
Chico: I blame tears.
Gordon: Before the season started, the women were the 'ones to watch'. So far, we've been watching them walk out the door.
Chico: Yep.
Gordon: 7 left. 5 guys, 2 women.
Chico: Next week, songs of hope and inspiration. Right now, though... here's Will Young. =p
Gordon: Any final thoughts before we end the show?
Don: I got nothin'.
Chico: I still think you went chalk, G. :-)
Jason: I still see a Michael/Crystal final.
Gordon: I see standings....

OUT: Katie/Andrew

Chico: 19
Gordon: 19
Jason: 17
Grandma Pepper: 17
Don: 15
Lee: 13

Jason: IN
Chico: IN
Gordon: IN
Don: IN
Grandma Pepper: IN
Lee: OUT

Gordon: Oooh. Did we just jump back into first?
Chico: I believe we did.
Gordon: Funky. So that ends another week in the funhouse. For the clowns and mirrors, this is Gordon pepper, saying Game Over, Spread the love and dont forget to support your local singers.
Chico: S.L.I.M, baby :-)

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