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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN
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Round of 12 Results: The Rolling Stones
March 17

Chico: Last night, the Idol 12... vs. the Rolling Stones.
Gordon: Did they start you up?
Chico: ... not really.
Jason: For me, I liked most of it.
Don: I enjoyed it for the most part.
Chico: Well, now we have to ask, who's "Hot Stuff" and who's "Out of Time"? We'll find out in a moment, but first... it's time for round one of...

Gordon: Lee DiGeorge & Grandma Pepper'll be joining us with that. Start it up with...


Jason: Not bad. Good start to the show. SAFE.
Chico: "Miss You" was a good start. SAFE.
Don: Nice performance. SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: Michael has the season of to a good start. I like what he's doing and hope he continues. Simon is off to being his usual Simon. SAFE
Gordon: Michael was decent. not the best performance, but pretty good,. SAFE. Next one...


Don: I thought she did good. Safe.
Jason: First performance that she showed emotion and passion. SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: Didi did well, in what had to be a very nerve-racking night. SAFE
Chico: Very nice emotion. SAFE.
Gordon: I'm concerned about her in that #2 slot. I think she could have problems tonight. SAFE, but just barely.


Grandma Pepper: Bravo, Casey! Good job, even though Simon's critique could haunt you. SAFE
Jason: Loved what he sang and how he sang it. Blues rock at it's best. SAFE.
Chico: That was a little too static, but again, nothing to worry about when you consider the others. SAFE.
Gordon: He's good for now, but he needs to develop a personality, SAFE.
Don: It was nice. Not as good as I expected, but Safe nonetheless.


Grandma Pepper: I like what Lacey did, and I hope that she takes the critique very much to heart. TROUBLE.
Chico: Forgettable. Which means "forget about it." OUT.
Jason: Flat, emotionless and boring. TROUBLE.
Don: I wasn't a fan of what she did last night. Trouble.
Gordon: Rotten perfomance + Judges prasing = The fans won't vote because she wasn't good and they won't think she's in danger. That's the perfect formula for expulsion. OUT.


Chico: TROUBLE. I don't like what he did with his song.
Jason: He is a one trick pony. GONE. OUT.
Grandma Pepper: if Andrew does survive another week, he better not get that kind of criticism anytime again soon. OUT.
Don: I hated that one, but I have the feeling that his fan base will bail him out. Trouble.
Gordon: I think the Twitter Fan Base was put on notice and they save him. TROUBLE though.


Chico: Katie... did good?
Grandma Pepper: Even Wild Horses would say that performance was great. SAFE
Chico: SAFE.
Don: Safe.
Gordon: I think she'll be ok only because we had 3 train wrecks. SAFE, but I could see her in the bottom 3.
Jason: That was a great performance. Not Susan Boyle, but in her wheelhouse. SAFE.


Jason: SO bad, but not enough to go out! TROUBLE.
Grandma Pepper: That would be one of said train wrecks. TROUBLE.
Don: I hated his performance as well, and I think that he'll be Out.
Gordon: Too bad Tim decided not to be that cautious tonight. Although I didn't think the performance was that bad, we'll see what the voters think. TROUBLE.


Grandma Pepper: Not a surprise to be singing Siobhan's praises. I got a feeling that we'll have the usual fanfare for Siobhan. SAFE
Jason: A star was born last night. SAFE.
Chico: I think she actually did pretty well with that one. SAFE.
Don: Very nicely done. SAFE.
Gordon: I think she is a dark horse to win the whole thing. SAFE>


Chico: I think his fans liked that one. SAFE.
Jason: A middle of the road, vanilla performance. SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: Lee's good, and if he heeds the judges, he will be better.. SAFE
Gordon: He's improving week by week. he could be a dark horse. SAFE.
Don: I think he'll be safe, but I wasn't really impressed.


Jason: A fun fun performance...SAFE.
Don: Safe.
Grandma Pepper: I loved that, and thought Paige was great. And with laryngitis problems, to boot. SAFE
Chico: SAFE. Sing like that with the crud.
Gordon: I hated it. SAFE, but won't shock me at all if she's sent packing.


Jason: Loved the interpretation. SAFE.
Grandma Pepper: it would be something if Aaron continued that sort of performance. What a treat! SAFE
Chico: SAFE.
Gordon: He's going to do surprisingly well. SAFE.
Don: I liked that one. SAFE.


Grandma Pepper: Not up to par this evening, but I bet it will be as good or better next week as it has been in the beginning weeks. SAFE.
Jason: Not her best performance...but SAFE as well.
Chico: SAFE. But she has to let go of herself.
Don: Safe, and I think she'll do better next week.
Gordon: Oh she'll be fine this week, but if she doesn't step it up, she's the shocker leaving early. SAFE. So to sum up...

Gordon: TROUBLE: Tim, Andrew. OUT: Lacey.
Chico: TROUBLE: Tim, Andrew. OUT: Lacey.
Jason: TROUBLE: Tim, Lacey. OUT: Andrew.
Don: TROUBLE: Lacey, Andrew. OUT: Tim.
Grandma Pepper: TROUBLE: Tim, Lacey. OUT: Andrew.
Lee: TROUBLE: Paige, Andrew. OUT: Lacey.

Gordon: Oh one more thing. Your SURVIVOR IDOL PICKS, please.
Jason: Katie Stevens.
Chico: I'm going with Aaron.
LEE: Survivor Pick: Aaron Kelly
Gordon: My Survivor Pick is Casey James
Grandma Pepper: Pick: Casey James
Don: Survivor pick... What is that again? I can't remember...
Gordon: Pick someone who is NOT leaving.
Don: Ah.
Gordon: You can only use that person ONCE during the season
Don: Then I'll say Katie.
Jason: And we are LIVE.
Gordon: We see a montage of our Top 12 being selected to be in the Top 24. Of course, not Tim Urban :)P
Chico: In various turns at the auditions, of course. Tonight, the dream turns into a nightmare for one singer.
Gordon: It's St. Patrick's Day, and someone will be getting some green beer early.
Chico: And the ensuing praying to the porcelain god. But first, Ryan and Simon make nice.
Gordon: We have...THE Return of the Judges Save. Again.
Jason: OH NO.
Gordon: Yuck.
Chico: Wonderful.
Don: Meh.
Chico: Here's a guy who didn't need the save - Season 7 champ David Cook singing "Jumpin' Jack Flash". David, by the way, is working on a second album as we speak.
Jason: And he kills :)
Don: Very nice!
Gordon: By the way, just to remind people what happened last year, the judges save was used on Matt Giraud. The next week, Anoop Desai and Lil Rounds left, then Giraud the week after.
Chico: Thanks for the history lesson.
Gordon: Who wants to bet that the save will NOT be used tonight?
Chico: I do not think it will be used tonight.
Jason: I will take that bet.
Don: Sounds like a safe bet to me.
Chico: Remember, the save will only be in play up to the round of 5.
Gordon: Who, in your mind, do you think the judges will save?
Chico: I think the judges MIGHT save Michael. Or Crystal.
Gordon: I'd say Michael, Crystal, Lee, Aaron, Siobhan and Casey.
Chico: Depends on how the votes fall.
Gordon: I think right now, there's a distinct split between the Top 6 and bottom 6.
Jason: That is correct
Chico: True
Gordon: Maybe we'll be lucky and there will be no Top 12 group medley.
Don: One can only hope.
Chico: It's the familiar couch. And the familiar Ford video.
Jason: With the 2011 Ford Fiesta
Gordon: And people throwing paint balloons.
Chico: The song, "Tick Tick Boom" by the Hives.
Gordon: Casey didn't have hives, but he had the flu. So no music video, but he did get to play with the cars and the graphics.
Chico: Nice.
Gordon: Time to start creating your bottom 3.
Chico: Not nice. Starting with Paige...
Gordon: Paige...is...in the bottom 3.
Jason: Interesting.
Chico: Finally... Lee is next. He's improving, but he's lacking personality.
Gordon: Lee...is safe.
Jason: Yup yup
Chico: Siobhan is next.
Gordon: I bet she's safe.
Chico: Judges loved it.
Gordon: She is...safe.
Jason: Duh.
Chico: Aaron Kelly is next.
Gordon: Aaron is up, and I bet he's safe, too.
Chico: I'll take that.
Jason: I do too.
Chico: Aaron... SAFE!
Jason: Duh.
Chico: Andrew and Tim stand up.
Jason: Uh oh.
Chico: Both were in trouble by our counts. Andrew didn't connect with the song. Tim struggled with risk.
Gordon: Andrew...is...Safe. Tim is in the bottom 3. And all the people who said Andrew is out...are wrong. Jason.
Jason: Oh well.
Gordon: Next up: Orianthi with "According to You". Can't we just get rid of her instead?
Jason: Pretty much
Don: Yep.
Gordon: According to me, I'd like to change the channel but I'm stuck watching the rest of this performance.
Jason: Wasn't she the guitar player in Michael Jackson's last band?
Gordon: (shrugs)
Chico: I believe she was. *checks the magic window* This Is It.. Yep, she was.
Gordon: Let's get a third person in the bottom 3, shall we? Didi is up first. She bases her song selection on intuition. She is safe. Crystal is up next and she's safe. Katie Stevens has some Wild Horses. After the judges have some fun, each of them selecting different genred songs for her, Katie is safe. Michael Lynche is up now. The empty stool is not for him, BUT it is for either Casey or Lacey.
Jason: Got to be Lacey
Gordon: Is it All Over Now for Casey? Does Lacey have a shot? It's NOT all over for Casey, as he's safe. The judges are asked if they can use the save. Simon says one of them, and I think he means Paige. One of them is safe, and It's...TIM. So is Paige or Lacey leaving?
Jason: Lacey
Don: I'd expect Lacey to be shown the door.
Gordon: before we have a coronation, we see Ke$ha performing with 'Blah blah blah'. And that couldn't be a more appropriate song.
Don: lol
Gordon: One of the 2 ladies will be singing for their life (ie. sing for no real purpose as they are just going to get cut by the judges). They love Paige's voice, but they thought she was lost. Lacey had issues with her song. The person in peril...is...Lacey.
Jason: Not a surprise.
Don: I can't possibly see Lacey being saved.
Gordon: And certainly not with that performance. She's flat all over the place and the pitch is incredibly off. We get her final songs, and we have the judges.... saying no. Lacey wants to keep singing, because she loves to do this. And we love to do this:

TROUBLE: Tim, Paige. OUT: Lacey

Gordon: 4
Chico: 4
Lee: 4
Jason: 3
Don: 3
Grandma Pepper: 3

Gordon: Final thoughts?
Don: I'd say this was a nice start to this phase of the competition. Can't wait to see what next week has in store.
Jason: Agreed.
Gordon: Guess not. For everyone, this is Gordon Pepper, saying Game Over, Spread the Love, and don't forget to support your local singers.

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