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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN
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Judges Simon Cowell
Ellen DeGeneres
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Randy Jackson
Creator Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
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Round of 24: The Results
February 25

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and welcome to our first Idol Results show!
Chico: Yay!
Gordon: Joining us is Jason Block, Chico Alexander and Don Harpwood
Don: How's it going?
Jason: Yo.
Gordon: Since this is the preseason, i'll just ask this quick question: Who's out tonight?
Jason: John Park, Lacey Brown, Alex Lambert, and Haeley Vaughn
Chico: It's wide open, but I'm going with Paige Miles, Lacey Brown, Tim Urban, and Jermaine Sellers. But let me tell ya... it can only go "up" from here.
Don: Things were certainly underwhelming this week.
Gordon: I'll say John Park, Tim Urban, Paige Miles and Lacey Brown, but there's been a lot of suck for the past 2 days, so you could make a case for 18 of the 24 to go, including my pre-season favorite, Janell Wheeler.
Don: To be honest, I'm not really sure, but if I had to guess... John, Tim, Paige, and Lacey.
Jason: This was a HORRIBLE first week
Don: Yes, that's an understatement.
Chico: Yeah. Well, you can only go up, and reality check.. they're supposed to be this bad this time around. If they get better next week, they'll stick around. If not, they're in danger of going home.
Gordon: If they don't get better next week, you're in danger of the audience going home.
Jason: Yeah. But we have Kris Allen and Alison Iraheta on tonight.
Chico: That's something worth tuning in for. Speaking of... It's SHOWTIME! From Television City in Hollywood.... this is elimination night... on AMERICAN IDOL!
Gordon: Yay! Over 24 million votes come in, which is pretty low. That's not too good.
Chico: Bad for four of these people.
Gordon: And...hey! Idol gives back news! Isn't that great, Jason?
Jason: Oh joy.
Chico: Simon calls his harshness "helpful" and "giving advice". Ellen... says... things... She thought the players would be nervous.
Chico: Randy says that this part of the year is always a rough spot, but this is make it or break it. Kara's husband is in the front row, watching things. First up... a group number.
Jason: Group Sing
Chico: The song, Estelle's "American Boy".
Gordon: The background tape...I mean singers sound decent.
Chico: I'm non-plussed.
Jason: Me too. This is supposed to be a LIVE show.
Gordon: Just in case you're wondering, this is way too clean for this to be live.
Chico: You THINK?!
Don: I'm not impressed.
Jason: Neither am I.
Chico: With three you get jaded.
Gordon: With 3, you get eggroll. With 4, you get jaded. By the way, the 24 million votes...the LOWEST total ever for Top 24 voting.
Jason: No surprise there.
Gordon: None. This was pretty bad.
Chico: Yup.
Gordon: BUT that also means...could we be seeing a surprise or two?
Chico: Nothing would surprise me tonight.
Gordon: Let's start with the ladies.
Jason: Let's.
Chico: Siobhan played a "wicked game" last night...
Gordon: Sioban is...safe.
Jason: Right.
Chico: Haeley Vaughn wanted to hold our hand...
Gordon: Haeley is....safe. :)
Jason: BOOOOO!
Gordon: Told you so.
Chico: Michelle went with "Fallin'"
Gordon: She is not falling. She is safe.
Chico: Katelyn... I forgot what she was singing, but I don't forget her outfit.
Jason: Katelyn is safe.
Gordon: That leaves us with Katie and Janell, which means the person who I wanted to see the whole thing is probably leaving first.
Chico: Katie and Janell are left. Katie wasn't left "Feelin' Good". Janell went with "What About Love". Thoughts?
Gordon: Bye Janell.
Chico: Bye Janell indeed.
Jason: See you Janell
Chico: The woman with the subious honor of being voted out first is... JANELL. Surprise #1. But at the same time... NO.
Gordon: Unfortunately, not that much of a surprise.
Jason: Not much. She didn't feel it up there.
Chico: And she cops to wrong song choice. Good girl. Learn from her example. Choose the right music. She reprises "What About Love", and it's no better than it was Tuesday.
Gordon: Its the wrong song choice, and a bad one at that.
Chico: Very bad.
Jason: Sorry, see you.
Gordon: Here's what was annoying. These ladies were so good in Hollywood week, and then they laid a giant egg here.
Chico: I blame the lights... and the camera... and the audience. Easy to do that in the live show. More results in a bit, but first, singing her new single "Scars", Allison Iraheta.
Chico: I swear her hair's redder this year!
Gordon: Yes, And that's the drawback about giving everyone equal time this year. You can't afford to have a bad performance.
Jason: Whats up with that dress?
Chico: I don't know. Very "Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2."
Jason: Song is cool, though.
Don: Yep. I'm liking it.
Chico: Eh, it's alright. I'm digging HER though. Back to the ladies.
Gordon: We start with Paige Miles.
Chico: Paige Miles was far from "All Right Now".
Jason: She is safe.
Chico: Lacey Brown went on a "Landslide"
Gordon: Lacey is...safe
Chico: WHA?!
Jason: She sucks.
Gordon: You had a lot of suck on Tuesday. There was a lot to choose from.
Chico: Lilly Scott went "Fixing a Hole". She plugs a hole for next week. Crystal Bowersox had "Hand in My Pocket"
Gordon: Crystal is safe, of course
Chico: Of course.
Don: Yep.
Chico: Leaving us with Ashley and Didi.
Jason: We could have two favorites out.
Gordon: Bye Ashley.
Chico: Bye Didi.
Jason: Bye Ashley
Chico: And we say goodbye to... ASHLEY. And another one bites the dust.
Jason: Boring, emotionless and vacant.
Chico: Gordon, I think you're going to have to redo your primer.
Chico: Not to mention taking on Simon's protege and underwhelming.
Gordon: (Takes Primer. Puts it in Hamtaro Shredder).
Jason: Listening to Ashley sing...OOOH! That was painful.
Gordon: Unfortunately, I'm not surprised by this. Neither of the favorites sang well enough. They were unmemorable.
Chico: No one was really memorable.
Gordon: Let's go back to the Chaos Theory.
Chico: Right. The hierarchy is good ... bad... forgettable. If you're going to be good... be really good. If you're going to be bad... be really bad. If you're going middle of the road... you're going home. Something like that?
Gordon: Something like that. Haeley was awful.
Chico: Yep.
Gordon: Lacey was bad
Chico: You are correct, sir.
Gordon: That sparked the fans to call and save them. Both Ashley and Jannell were bland. Neither of them were good. Neither of them were bad enough for the audience to call to save them.
Chico: Wow... little early for that, though.
Gordon: Obviously, not.
Jason: Nope. You have to do it EVERY Week.
Chico: Hopefully everyone's shocked back into reality. The guys are in the hot seats, and Tyler's in a spa robe for rehearsal.
Don: Um, okay...
Chico: He says he wanted to be comfortable.
Jason: Ok...then.
Gordon: Now for the guys. I'll say this. You had 8 people you could send home, including bathrobe boy.
Chico: Kieran, dim the lights...Big Mike had "This Love"
Gordon: Mike would not be one of them, and he's safe.
Chico: John Park went with "God Bless the Child".
Gordon: John is...also safe.
Chico: Aaron "The Intimidator" Kelly went with "here Comes Goodbye"
Gordon: Aaron is next and he's safe.
Chico: Todrick "I Want My $50" Hall went with "Since U Been Gone"
Gordon: He is...also safe. That leaves us with Tim and Joe
Chico: Tim "Apologized". Joe Munoz liked "You and I Both". They both sucked.
Jason: Yeah.
Chico: I think Tim sucked worse, though. Tim... is... SAFE. I'm shocked. Tim too is shocked. Joe Munoz goes home tonight.
Gordon: I'm not that shocked. Again, pick your suck.
Chico: That was basically sympathy suck right there.
Jason: Bland and unmemorable.
Gordon: And now, who wants somne Idol Gives Back news?
Chico: I do!
Jason: I don't.
Chico: It's on April 21. We start the giving back with Kris Allen in Haiti.
Gordon: And we get a video montage of Kris Allen in Haiti
Chico: He says that there's a lot of devastation, but a lot of hope as well.
Gordon: And we get some Let It be from Kris.
Chico: Three ways to donate tonight: texting IDOL to 20222 ... going to americanidol.com... and that song.
Chico: Which will be on iTunes.
Gordon: How much do you bet that they'd rather see Adam Lambert up there?
Chico: Well, whataya want from me?
Don: Heh.
Jason: Ha Ha Ha
Jason: Back to Business
Chico: First up, Casey James sent Kara to "Heaven".
Gordon: Casey and Kara get to smolder on for another week.
Chico: Jermaine Sellers "Got Here". He'll be here for another week with his plastic hat. Lee DeWyze "Chased Cars". Insert Ford joke. He sticks around.
Chico: Andrew Garcia said "Sugar, We're Going Down"
Gordon: Andy Garcia also sticks around
Chico: That leaves Tyler and Alex.
Gordon: Tyler and Alex is left.
Chico: Alex wasn't in a "Wonderful World". Tyler was in a bathrobe. Simon thinks Tyler's going home.
Gordon: SImon is...right.
Jason: WHAT?
Chico: The final person going home tonight.... TYLER.
Gordon: And we get muted silence.
Chico: I'm guessing someone said something that wasn't fit to broadcast.
Gordon: Like Jason.
Jason: I dont get it?
Gordon: And Tyler goes the sour grape route, adding that the judges didn't say anything until it's too late. Um, they are judges, not guidance counselors.
Chico: This year's funeral dirge: Will Young's "Leave Right Now".
Jason: I still don't get it.
Gordon: I do. It's not memorable, and it was a pale, bland version of the original. I think that Tyler's end interview with Ryan didn't do him any favors.
Chico: Nope. So once again, Ashley Rodriguez, Janell Wheeler, Tyler Grady, and Joe Munoz going home tonight.
Gordon: And unfortunately, I'm not shocked by any of it. They all stunk.
Chico: Let this be a lesson to the singers: sing well or your going home.... and let this be a lesson to the voters: vote for your favorites... or they're going home.
Chico: Yep.
Gordon: And speaking of going home, it's time to go. So for everyone, this is Gordon Pepper, saying Game Over and Spread the Love.
Chico: And don't forget to support your local talent.

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