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In the world's ultimate talent search - where the eyes of a nation are upon the best undiscovered singers in the country, where the audience has the power to make or break you, and where a million-dollar recording contract is on the line, there is only one rule: If you can sing it, bring it.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Don Harpwood & Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Ryan Seacrest
Judges Simon Cowell
Ellen DeGeneres
Kara DioGuardi
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Creator Simon Fuller (based upon "Pop Idol")
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Round of 7 Results/Idol Gives Back
April 21

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and we sympathize with all of you. We don't want to go through a bloated 2.5 hour special of Idol Gives Back as much as you do.
Chico: Well, Gordon... It's good news. We don't have to.
Gordon: We are going to do something special for you this evening. Call it WLTI Gives Back.
Chico: Yep.
Gordon: but first...

Chico: Okay, we have everyone's picks. Player by player or panelist by panelist?
Gordon: Panelist by Panelist

Grandma Pepper: TROUBLE: Casey, Aaron, OUT: Tim Survivor: Aaron
Jason: TROUBLE: Aaron, Tim. OUT: Casey. Survivor: Aaron
Don: TROUBLE: Aaron, Michael. OUT: Tim. Survivor: Casey
Lee: Trouble: Michael, Casey. OUT: Tim
Chico: TROUBLE: Mike, Casey. OUT: Tim. Survivor: Aaron
Gordon: TROUBLE: Mike, Casey. OUT: Tim Survivor: Aaron

Chico: Now that that's out of the way. Time to begin..."American Idol: Idol Gives Back: The Haterade Chairman Get On With It! Mix."
Gordon: And now, here's the special part.
Chico: That would be the special part. DVR is primed... and... .GO.
Gordon: We're just going to Big Board everything that happened before the final 3?
Chico: Basically. BIG BOARD ME!

Idol Gives Back: The Get On With It! Mix

- President & First Lady
- Lots of singing
- Lots of reports
- Sully
- Lots of "Give Me Your Money"
- And... the bottom 3


Chico: First up... the President and First Lady of the United States. Aren't you glad Block isn't here?
Gordon: Very
Chico: Then Queen Latifah starts hosting... and then a lip suck...
Gordon: Jennifer Garner does a report. Victoria Beckham does a report.
Gordon: Captain Sully' Sullen'Cheese'burger asks for your money.
Chico: Then it looks like Andrew WK and ... some guy.
Gordon: Jonah Hill and Russell Brand show us their phone bank.
Gordon: The Black Eyed Peas sing. Ryan Seacrest shows us a video.
Chico: Very sad.
Gordon: George Lopez, who won a celebrity auction, does a skit with Ryan and the 3 judges. Also very sad.
Chico: Ha.
Gordon: The Ford Video this week 'We've Got a Big Mess on Our Hands'. Self-explanatory here.
Chico: Ha.
Gordon: Jeff Beck and Joss Stone sing. Montage of celebrities who talk about their moms. Un Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon says 'Giiive Me Yoooour Moneeeeeyyyyyy'.
Chico: As does Morgan Freeman.
Gordon: Alicia Keys sings 2 songs.
Chico: Josh Groban wants your money.
Gordon: Carrie Underwood sings.
Chico: Ellen shoots a video. Randy shoots a video. RYAN shoots a video.
Gordon: Bill and Melinda Gates (Bill's wife) want your money.
Chico: Wanda Sykes can't stop talking.
Gordon: David Cook gives us a report. Annie Lennox gives a report. A bunch of people sing 'Stairway to Heaven'
Chico: The Led Zepplin Version?
Gordon: Yes. SImon Cowell gives us a report. Elton John wants your money and sings 'Your Song'. And we see that that Idol gives back, at the end of the episode, has raise around 45 million. Not bad, but the first time we did this, they raised over 70 million.
Chico: And... SHOW
Gordon: Now who wants reaults?
Chico: I do1
Gordon: Your bottom 3 is first between Crystal and Casey.
Chico: One is safe, one's in the bottom. Three guesses who.
Gordon: I bet Casey is in the bottom.
Chico: I bet he is too. Hey look, we'd be right.
Gordon: Next up; either Aaron or Lee is in the bottom.
Chico: I bet Aaron's in the bottom.
Gordon: You'd be right.
Chico: Wee!
Gordon: Finally, Siobhan, Mike and Tim
Chico: .... I'll bet on Tim.
Gordon: Right again! So we have Tim, Aaron and Casey in the bottom.
Chico: Unlike previous Idol Give Backs, one of them IS going home tonight.
Gordon: Not going hom4 is...Aaron, who gets to go back to the happy couch.
Chico: That leaves Tim and Casey.
Gordon: So either Casey is out, which means that Jason is right, or Tim is out and everyone else is right. I'll bet on Tim and everyone else.
Chico: Me too. And leaving after a historic week on American Idol... is....


Chico: TIM.
Gordon: Look Jason's wrong. Again. Surprise.
Chico: So we end the show with Will Young singing... to Tim.
Gordon: That's sort of creepy.
Chico: Eh, not to Will Young. =p
Gordon: True. Let's get to some uncreepy standings.

TROUBLE: Casey/Aaron OUT: Tim

Chico: 23
Gordon: 23
Grandma Pepper: 22
Jason: 21
Don: 19
Lee: 17

Jason: IN
Chico: IN
Gordon: IN
Don: IN
Grandma Pepper: IN
Lee: OUT

Chico: So there you have it. 2.5 hours of show condensed to 15 or so minutes. And we'd be remiss not to include the donation links if you are so inclined. They are 1-877-IDOL AID and AmericanIdol.com
Gordon: Casue as much as we make fun of Idol Gives Back, we do ask you to support the charities they represent.
Chico: Indeed we do. Can we go back to being selfish bastards now?
Gordon: Yes, please. Next week: Country music and Shania Twain.
Chico: Should be fun.
Gordon: Or Painful. Or both.
Chico: Yes and yes. Until then, he's Gordon, I'm Chico. Remember to support your favorite cause... as well as local and independent music. :-)

To see this episode in its entirety, go to www.americanidol.com.