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You either loved it or hated it growing up, but now in the 21st Century, the scourge of gym class has come back for a brand new season of red balls flying and lame ballers dying!

Follow the road to the championship in our Extreme Dodgeball Skybox!

Recaps by Gordon "Red Hot" Pepper, GSNN

Host: Bil Dwyer, Zach Selwyn, Mary Strong
Creator: Rich Cronin
EP: Mark Cronin, James Rowley
Packager: Mindless Entertainment, GSN Originals
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00pm ET on GSN

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Semifinals - December 30

We wish you all some happy holidays. 2 teams, however, will not be very festive, as they will be eliminated this week. We also get an All-Star game to boot. Whoo-hoo!

Summing this up, the MADsters and Barbell Mafia are both toast. The CPA's and Delta Force will not be toast, because they have first round byes this week. That leaves us with the quarterfinal matches. Armed Response will play the Inksters and Bling will play the Sharks. Here comes the action...

Match #1 - Armed Response (6-4) Vs. Ink Inc (5-5)

You know who they all are by now. At least I'd like to hope so. If you don't, check out the previous recaps. Armed Response swept the Inksters during the regular season. Can they get the 3-sweep? Or can the Inksters get the win at the most important time?

Round #1 - The Inksters would have a better chance if the returning Waltrin didn't return this week. It's Rice, however, who strikes first with a catch off of a Horvartez throw. There's Waltrin, who gets Richardson, but is eliminated by Houser. Rice cooks up Estrada, but Houser gets kill #2 in the form of Rice, and he catches Benedetto's shot. That leaves the women alone against all of the male Inksters, and they get quickly dispatched by way of a Toth throw and a Horvartez catch. (Ink leads, 1-0).

During the break, Response's Waltrin says that he's at 99.9%, and adds that his team isn't going home tonight. I'm glad he's feeling confident about it.

Round #2 - Estrada makes a nice catch attempt, but the ball hits the wall and she's out. Fenderbosch joins her and Waltrin quickly joins her. Benedetto and Toth exchange kills and Houser's shot gets caught by Rice. Horvartez throws a shot at a returning Fenderbosch, but you can't do that until that person is on the floor, so Strati is called out. That leaves the regen clock on...Richardson. That's not the person who you want to be trying to regen the team, and Rice mercilessly ends the regen rally quickly. (Tied 1-1).

Round #3 - The Dead Men Walking are Benedetto and Toth. Waltrin is making his presences known in this round, as he catches a Houser shot and nails Richardson. his missile to Toth...gets caught and a huge force is off the court. Estrada comes back in and they pick off Rice, but Horvartez goes over the line. Horvartez complains, and gets a yellow card for his troubles. Hauser knocks off Zingale and Benedetto is all alone to regen his team. Houser tries a suicide kill, but that doesn't work and it's now Armed Response against Toth and Estrada. Estrada does the Suicide Walk off in hopes that Toth can regen the team. He does and it's a 5 on 5 match-up. Make that 5 on 4, as Estrada is out. Zingale and Richardson leave, too, so it's now 4 on 3. Waltrin knocks out Houser and Horvartez, so it's only Toth left. Toth needs to make a catch or some kills. He kills Fenderbosch, and he was waiting for Waltrin to throw his shot. Waltrin does, and Toth...drops Waltrin's shot. Waltrin makes the match-ending Kill and Armed Response gets to the finals. (Armed Response wins, 2-1).

Waltrin says that he is strong and is awaiting the CPA's. Toth says that the decision to put his ball down and try to go after Waltrin's shot may have been a stupid move. He also adds that they needed to eliminate the Armed Response, because there's been an unguarded car in Chinatown now for the past 9 weeks. Heh.

The first semi-final match for next week has been set. CPA's Vs. Armed Response. Let's see what the other match is going to be...

Match #2 - Bling (5-5) Vs. The Reef Sharks (5-5)

Like the Response, the Blingers have also been 2-0 against their opponents. This would be a bad time to get their loss, so Bling is going to try to avoid it. Can they?

Round #1 - Bullis goes out quickly, thanks to a double-team from Hershey and Frisoli. Though Amy Wiseman gets a kill on Ulberg, we get a Frisoli double kill on Long and Thomas. That gets the Sharks mad. Bye-bye Frisoli, bye-bye Carroll, bye bye Parler and bye-bye Hershey. (Sharks lead, 1-0).

We hear from Frisoli, who says that they aren't concerned. He repeats that they have beaten them twice, and adds that anyone can be lucky enough to win one round. They better not win any more, Frank...

Round #2 - Hershey steps over the line on the opening rush and he's gone. He comes back in due to an Ulberg catch. Frisoli knocks out Wiseman, but Pontius and Long double-team out Carroll, Ulberg and Frisoli, and Carroll needs to regen the team. She does so, and Parler takes out Pontius on the return. We get another double-kill on Bullis and Pontius, and Thomas is the only shark left. Can she regen the team? Yes she does, but the guys are aiming for the returning Sharks to nail. They get Long, but Hershey crosses over the line and Ulberg and Frisoli get double teamed out. With Caroll also tagged out, that leaves Parler to catch something. She can't and a double-team spells the end of her and Bling's chances to win the title. You should keep your mouth shut, Frisoli. (Sharks Win, 2-0).

We do hear from Pontius, who says that they need to win because they hate bald people. Pontius should also keep his mouth shut, because I predict that the Deltas are going to steamroll you guys into oblivion.

With that all said and done, who wants to see an All-Star Game? I know I do...

Match #3 - All-Star Game!!

Coupe DeBil
David Benedetto - Armed Response
Bobby Roe - Delta Force
Tyrone Rush - Barbell Mafia
Strati Horvartez - Ink Inc.
Mia Parler - Bling

Michael Costanza - CPA
Frank Frisoli - Bling
Mark Long - Reef Sharks
Paul Green - Delta Force
Anna Bartsch - M.A.D.

I don't understand why they just couldn't make it Classics Vs. New league. They couldn't find a good female in the Classic Division? Guess not. At stake - a trophy signed by the current Dodgeball Commissioner, Bill Rawley. Oooooh.

Round #1 - Rush catches a Costanza shot and nails Bartsch. Roe catches Frisoli. Horvartez gets a suicide kill on Green. Long, the last remaining player for Prozach, kills Roe, and he regens the clock. The regenerated team eliminates Benedetto and Rush, and Parler is left. Can she continue to do some elite dodging? Yes she can, and the DeBills are no longer debilitated. Roe and Green are gone, to go along with an eliminated Bartsch and only Long is left for Prozach. Benedetto tries to climb off of the back of Horvartez for a suicide-kill, but fails. Parler tries the same, but also fails. Horvartez tries - and doesn't fail. (DeBill leads, 1-0).

Round #2 - After some quick bloodshed, we find a 5 on 1 against Strati Horvartez. Oops, he just got hit. Never mind. (Tied, 1-1).

Round #3 - Costanza and Benedetto are the Dead Men walking. Shades of next week's semi-finals? Green gets tagged by teammate Roe, while Bartsch catches a Horvartez shot. We get a simul-kill on Parler and Rush, and only Benedetto is left. He gets to regen the team, though, and it's back to 5 on 5. Bartsch gets eliminated and Rush catches a Long shot. Horvartez is out and Roe gets double-team out. Green catches a Rush shot. Frisoli and Parler each get Blinged out. Costanza tries the hide behind someone's legs, but Horvartez finally cracks that strategy as he nails Costanza via side-arm. The dead man is out, and so is the team. (DeBill wins, 2-1). Afterwards, Horvartez says that he thought he missed him, Costanza says that he just wanted to keep his good looks and composure, and they both said that they would hang out after the match - with each other, as they are arm-in-arm. Oooh-la-laa. Even Mary Strong is blanching.

The biggest part of this? Zach is now 0-2 against Bill and owes him $70. Oh, the financial agony!

Next week - the GRAND FINALE. Join us in 7 days to see who wins the title and the $25,000 to go along with it.

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