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Every night, 13,000 cabs troll the streets of Manhattan, but only one of them pays you in the primetime version of the rolling game show.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Ben Bailey
Creator: Adam Wood (based on "Cash Cab")
EP: Anthony Tackaberry, Allison Corn, Tom Cohen
Packager: Lion TV (an All3Media company) for the Discovery Channel
Origin: New York City
Airs: Wednesdays at 11p ET on Discovery


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Episode 12
October 24

When the sun goes down, Ben goes to work. Time for another trip through the streets of Manhattan... at night.

First up, Ben spots these three, one of whom can't control his potty mouth.

Passengers: Rory, Eddie, and Eric
Destination: 44th & Third
Blocks: 45

They sweep the first tier for $200, then get another $100 in time for...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Name five of the original six flavors of Kool-Aid.

Cherry, grape, lemon-lime, strawberry... and orange is right for $550!

$100: What rival of Napster was sued for infringement due to its name's similarity to a brand of hazelnut spread?

They run out of time on Gnutella... Get it, Nutella, Gnutella.

$100: Unhappy with the nickname "Axis of Evil", what South American nation has joined with Iran to join the so-called Axis of Unity?

Rory calls her friend Bill. He's going with Venezuela... and he's right! They're up to $750. Thanks to "Guitar Hero", they win $950 in the Cash Cab. Will they go for double or nothing on the Video Bonus?

It's coming down to "Rock-Paper-Scissors...." And they're going for it!

VIDEO BONUS: This well-equipped crustacean attracts the ladies by waving around its single, oversized claw. Named for its resemblance to a musician at work, what is this well-known species of crab?

It's not a snow crab. Is it a conductor crab?

... It is not. It's a fiddler crab. They leave with nothing but a free cab ride and a nice story to tell.

Next... they look like twins... They're not. But oh well.

Passengers: Meredith & Deb
Destination: Avenue of the Americas & White St.; the Tribeca Grand
Blocks: 44

They too sweep the $50 questions. 

$100: What does the RP in RPTV stand for?

Radial pulse... strike one. It was "rear projection". But it's okay, because they end up with $700 in the Cab o'Cash. Drinks for everybody or one more question with Ben? They're taking the money.

Next up...

Passengers: Sara & birthday boy Sean
Destination: Third & 35th, the Joshua Tree Bar
Blocks: 43

They would've swept the lower tier were it not for this...

$50: Derived from a Latin word meaning "to gulp down", which of the seven Deadly Sins corresponds to the Holy Virtue of self-restraint?

Jewish Sara passes to Gentile Sean guesses avarice... It was gluttony, though. They have one strike and $150. They make up for it by sweeping the $100 questions for $550. And the last question... Gotten for $1350! Will they go for the double at the Joshua Tree?

"We're going to be dull and take the money." Happy birthday, Sean!

Second half begins with...

Passengers: Chris & Jamie
Destination: Sushi Samba on Seventh
Blocks: 43

First question. Good. Second...

$50: Introduced in 1961, what hair coloring for men is manufactured in White Plains, NY... not Athens?

Not Just For Men... It was Grecian Formula. They get the next two, though.

$100: Established by the monk Bodhidharma, what school of Buddhism is synonymous with complete and utter tranquility?

"Bodhisattva?" Wrong. It was Zen for their second strike. Mobile Shoutout on this...

$100: Famous for its sizeable steaks, what Midwestern city is home to an indoor football team named the Beef?

"Omaha"... is right for $350. The Omaha Beef.

Street Shoutout on this...

$100: Now discontinued, what Ben & Jerry's flavor is named for a famous hippie who used the proceeds to fund his Camp Winarainbow?

In the Village... "Gotta be like Wavy Gravy or Cherry Garcia." Wavy Gravy... is RIGHT! They're up to $450.

$200: Also one of LA's most congested freeways, what three digits are code for a ride malfunction at a Disney theme park?

They're at the location. So this is for all or nothing. They go with 235... Nope. It's 101. And they've been 404ed into the street.

Technically, they're almost in Jersey.

Passengers: Carrie, Susan & Deb
Destination: 23rd between Seventh & Eighth, the Chelsea
Blocks: 43

First question is good. Second question...

$50: Known for waitresses in tight tanks, what restaurant chain entertain US troops with a tour called Let Freedom Wing?

They go with the USO.. they had it with Hooters.

$100: In 2007 Barack Obama made headlines by suggesting he would send troops to what country to hunt down terrorists?

"Iran." Not it. It was Pakistan. But they make it to the Chelsea, $250 richer. Will they risk it on a Video Bonus? They're going for it!

VIDEO BONUS: Often performed to the tune of "Havah Nagilah", this dance is a surefire crowd pleaser at bar mitzvahs and Jewish weddings. Also known as the Circle Dance, what is the name of this roof-raising Old World tradition?

They're singing about it. They go with the Horah...

Right for $500! Mazel tov!

Final fare for 1G12...

Passengers: Brian & Shannon
Destination: 44th & Ninth; Rudy's for free hot dogs (Ben: "I'm comin' with ya!")
Blocks: 47

First question... good. Second...

$50: Common in East Asian countries, tetraphobia is the fear of what number?

Maybe 5? How about 4. That's a strike.

$100: Meaning "to stir", what French stew typically contains eggplants and other vegetables... but no vermin?

Cassolai... is not right. Quiche from the Street Shoutout... also not right. It was "ratatouille."

$100: Home of the Tar Heels, what college town joins Raleigh and Durham as one of the three points in North Carolina's Research Triangle?

(C-Note: I swear if you don't get this right...)

They go with Charlotte... Strike three, Dukie. It's Chapel Hill. And Ben's going to get free hot dogs by himself.