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Every night, 13,000 cabs troll the streets of Manhattan, but only one of them pays you in the primetime version of the rolling game show.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Ben Bailey
Creator: Adam Wood (based on "Cash Cab")
EP: Anthony Tackaberry, Allison Corn, Tom Cohen
Packager: Lion TV (an All3Media company) for the Discovery Channel
Origin: New York City
Airs: Wednesdays at 11p ET on Discovery


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Episode 8

When the sun goes down, Ben goes to work. Time for another trip through the streets of Manhattan... at night.

First up, an interesting couple...

Passengers: Stacey & Jonas
Destination: Fourth St. & Sixth Ave. for some Belgian beer.
Blocks: 26

First question...

$50: Abbreviated HOV, what eco-friendly lanes have inspired passengers to disguise inflatable dolls as passengers?

They try "carpool lanes". Technically correct, but it was "High Occupancy Vehicles". Strike one.

$100: Founders of a famous institute on sexuality, what famous husband-and-wife team hired surrogates to help patients overcome anxiety in the bedroom?

They time out on Masters & Johnson. Block and a half away with $350 and...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Before he won for "The Departed", Martin Scorsese earned Oscar nods for directing five earlier films. Name four of these earlier movies.

"The Aviator"... "Gangs of New York".... "Goodfellas"... and "The Aviator" are right for the win and $600! Other answer: "The Last Temptation of Christ". But is it enough or are they going for the Video Bonus?

They're... taking the money and running... in the HOV.

Another couple, another round.

Passengers: Don & Robin
Destination: 14th & Ninth; SoHo House
Blocks: 40

First question... Gotten. Second one...

$50: A common reaction to nails on a chalkboard, horripilation is a dermatological response better known as what?

Scratching.... is wrong. It was "goose bumps."

$50: One of the most common names for man's best friend, what word means "I trust" in Latin?

They go with ... Mobile Shoutout! Omare, talk to us. "Labrador?" Nope, it was "Fido." Strike two.

$100: The Italian equivalent of "Luther", what synonym for "seducer" was inspired by a cattish character in the play "The Fair Penitent"?

They say Lothario, but their official answer is... Casanova. Should've gone with Lothario.

Next up, absolute pandemonium in Times Square

Passenger: Tony
Destination: 14th & Third, the Beauty Bar
Blocks: 39

Tony sweep the lower tier for $200 and the middle tier for $400 more.

$200: Created by author Patricia Highsmith, what "talented" anti-hero is described as "charming", "literate", and "a monster"?

Tony calls up his friend Sam. "Tom Ripley?" Correct for $800!

$200: A member of the Australian Securities Exchange, what surfwear company takes its name from the Aboriginal words for "dead creek"?

Tony goes with Barramundi... Strike one. Billabong was the correct answer. With five blocks to go... But it's okay, because he just won $1400. Will he go for double? Nope, he's taking the money and leaving.

Ben drives the Great White Way, and starts the second half with...

Passengers: John, Joe, Marge & Millie
Destination: 44th & Ninth; Birdland
Blocks: 35

Last $50 question...

$50: More appetizing than offal, what is the term for the edible innards of a Thanksgiving turkey?

Gizzards... wrong. Giblets. Strike one. They get $350 in their first red light...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Though some prefer a stronger drink, Hawaiian Punch remains an American classic. Name four of the seven fruit flavors in the original formula of Hawaiian Punch.

Orange.. pineapple... apricot and apple do it for $600. Other answers: guava, papaya, and passion fruit. After a question on "Card Sharks", we get...

$100: Co-opted by the rock group the Eagles, what is the name of the doomed chess piece sacrificed for the greater good?

The queen is... not it. The desperado. Two strikes.

$200: In 2005, what Christian televangelist called for the assassination of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez?

They call up Ron. "Pat Robertson." Correct! They end up with $1100 in the Cab. But will they take it or try to double? One, two, three... "KEEP THE MONEY!"

One lady next...

Passenger: Meg
Destination: 9th & 54th; Bar 9 at 1:30a on a Tuesday
Blocks: 26.

One question down.

$50: Meaning "below the threshold" in Latin, what word describes advertisements so subtle, you don't know you're watching them?

Meg is clenching and straining to find the word... which is "subliminal."

$50: Refreshing with a slice of lime, what Mexican beer shares its name with the outer atmosphere of the sun?

Another clench and strain... Pass. It was "Corona." Time to call mom.

$100: Located on Basin St., Lulu White's Mahogany Hall was a classy bordello in what city's famed Storyville district?

Calling Mom... She says it's not Boston... Philadelphia... Strike three! It was New Orleans. Sorry, Meg, you're going to have to walk that half-block.

Final fare for 1G12...

Passengers: Iris & Hillary
Destination: 23rd & Tenth; The Half King
Blocks: 27

$50 questions are supposed to be easy...

$50: Described as the most Internet-hyped film of all time, what 2006 flop co-starred a 16-foot python named Kitty?

"Anaconda 3"... wrong. It was "Motherf'ing Snakes... on a Motherf'ing Plane."

But it's all good, because they win $350! Will they risk the money on the Video Bonus?

"We're choosing fun over money." Sounds like fun, let's see the Video!

VIDEO BONUS: From Julia Child to Chef Boyardee, serious cooks favor the white pleated hat that stands as tall as a soufflé. Taken from French, what is the term for this traditional culinary headgear?

Is it a "toque"?

YES! They win $700! And of all things, they take it from "Ratatouille."

Sounds like a good idea to spend the rest of the night. Take me to see "Ratatouille" cab wench! See you next week.