Cash Cab: After Dark
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Today is

Episode 1 - August 8

From the city that never sleeps comes the game show that never sleeps, as the Cash Cab begins its after-hours run. The same rules apply from the daytime version except that the dollar values are now doubled...

- four questions worth $50
- four questions worth $100
- every question thereafter worth $200
- At the first red light after $200 comes a Red Light Challenge. Unfortunately, the going rate doesn't double here; it's still $250.

Upon successfully arriving at your destination, you can either keep the winnings you accrued over the fare OR go for double or nothing on a Video Bonus. And you still have two Shoutouts to use at your disposal: Mobile Shoutout and Street Shoutout. And if course, "in Ben's rig, it's three strikes, and you're out."

That said... "Let's take a ride in the Cash Cab!"

First fare takes us to Park Ave. South & 19th... and Ben is spotted from a mile away. Sorry, dude.

Passengers: Jacqueline, Maureen, Cathy, and Lisa
Destination: 19th & Park Ave. South; Angela Max's
Blocks: 37. 

They successfully navigate the first tier of questions when they come across this gem:

$100: Able to withstand a 10 meter freefall, the G-Shock is a rugged digital watch made by what Japanese electronics company?

They mention Casio... but guess Sony. It WAS Casio. Strike one! Shake it off, it's just one strike with 27 blocks to go. And after all that, it's smooth sailing for a final fare of $900. But will they go for the Video Bonus? They're going for it...

VIDEO BONUS: famously shot by Ansel Adams, this massive chunk of granite is probably the best known geological landmark in California. Known as Cleft Rock in the local native American tongue, what is the name of this photogenic rock formation?

They ... have no clue. They blank out on Half-Dome. "That's half-assed." Well, the good news is that they made it to their destination.

Next up, we're headed to Broadway.. no place we haven't been before...

Passenger: Daniel Lutz
Destination: 48th b/n Eighth & Broadway
Blocks: 31.

First question...

$50: To turn kids against fishing, what nonprofit group distributes a comic book entitled "Your Daddy Kills Animals"?

Daniel tries the WWW, the World Wildlife Fund... Strike one! It was actually PETA. Rocky start, better get help on this...

$50: Inspired by soldiers who let it all hang out, what military term is also a slang word meaning "to not wear underwear"?

Daniel uses his Mobile Shoutout on his friend Mary. She says "going commando"... Right for $50!

He gets another one for $50, and then comes this...

$50: An uphill version of bowling, what popular arcade game requires players to roll a ball into a series of concentric circles?

Brain is malfunctioning. "Billiards..." Strike two! It's Skee-ball.

Next tier is worth $100.

$100: Allowing a cable-free connection to the Internet, Wi-Fi is an abbreviation for what two-word phrase?

Street Shoutout! They try "Wireless Internet"... Wireless Fidelity! Which means that Daniel gets to join his new friends who helped him out with THAT one.

Next up, a foursome heads into the "Party Cab"...

Passengers: Sebastien, Susan, Allegra & Vera
Destination: 49th b/n Eighth & Ninth
Blocks: 45.

The group makes it past the lower tier of questions and the first in the $100 tier before arriving at their first red light, which triggers...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: As reported by, the web's most reputable internet survey, name five of the seven most frequently visited websites in the US as of 2007.

They try Google, eBay, Yahoo!, Amazon... and MSN for $250 more. Other answers: Myspace and Youtube. They're up to $650 with no strikes and 15 blocks to go.

$100: The name of only one continent can be typed using a single row on a standard keyboard. Name this easy to type continent.

They go through all the rows in the keyboard... and watch the time fly by. Strike one! It was Europe. But it's the only strike that they get as they end with a fare of $1350. But will they risk it on the Video Bonus? ... Yep.

VIDEO BONUS: This is the Charles Bridge, which has served as a center of city life since the 15th Century. The site of disastrous flooding in 2002, this enduring example of gothic architecture is located in what European capital?

They go with Prague... CORRECT for $2700! "Yay, go Prague!" Go Prague, indeed, on this Cash Cab journey shocked full of "truthiness."

Next trip takes us to McFadden's...

Passengers: Jeanette, KT & Ata
Destination: 42nd & Second
Blocks: 37

The ladies sweep the first tier of questions, earning $200 total. But they need help on this...

$100: Claiming to be the best for your stick, Mr. Zog's Sex Wax is a product commonly used in what sport?

They call KT's boss Morgan. They're thinking something that uses a stick... They go with hockey... But it was surfing. Strike one! Shake it off, 15 blocks to go.

$100: What controversial conservative pundit has been described as "Rush Limbaugh in a mini-skirt"?

Street Shoutout! In the middle of Murray Hill. They go with Ann Coulter... Which is right for $300! Alright, nine blocks and no more Shoutouts.

$100: In 1988, 10-year-old American Sarah York became the unlikely pen pal of what Panamanian dictator?

They guess Augusto Pinochet. It was Manuel Noriega. Second strike with four blocks to go. Last question:

$100: Not to be confused with Y2K, YKK is best known for what specific type of fastener?

Zipper... is correct for $400! But will they double it or will they be on their way? They want... the Video!

VIDEO BONUS: For over a century, the British museum and the Greek government have played tug-of-war over these antiques from Athens. Named for the nobleman who claimed them for England, what are these centuries-old statues called?

... no guess. They are "Elgin marbles". But they are here and they can do whatever it is British women do at the dead of night.

Next up... a trip to PJ Clark's for burgers.

Passengers: Karen & Brad
Destination: 55th & Third.
Blocks: 44.

First question... gotten. Second question...

$50: Named for the material from which they were made, what retro-chic eyeglasses were favored by Elvis Costello and Rivers Cuomo?

Coke bottles... Not it. They're horned-rims.

$50: Revived by Will Smith in the 1990s, what slang term was used in the 1930s as a synonym for "crazy"?

"Fresh"? Not fresh. It was "jiggy." Two strikes, $100. They're up to $300 as we're stuck at a Red Light...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Gadfly or godsend, Michael Moore has directed a total of five feature-film documentaries. Name four of them.

"Roger & Me", "Bowling for Columbine", "Sicko",... and "Fahrenheit 9/11" are right for $550. Other answer: "The Big One". They end up with a fare of $950. Is that walking money or are we taking another video? That's... walking money.

Final run of the night...

Passengers: Jonathan, Carrie & Geena
Destination: 13th & Ninth.
Blocks: 37

They sweep the first tier of questions for $200 with 20 blocks to go. Another question later, they are stopped for a...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Before humans traveled to space in 1961, a chimp and a monkey were sent into orbit; name four of the other five animals that preceded man into space.

A dog... a rabbit... a rat... and a mouse are good for $550. Other answer: guinea pig.

A perfect game ends with $650. They'll take a video to try and double.

VIDEO BONUS: Known for its large gleaming eyes, this Old World primate gets its name from a Latin word meaning "spirits of the dead". With most species making their home in the forests of Madagascar, what is the name of this animal?

They go with... a lemur. Correct... Lemur! That's $1300...

... and we roll into the station for the night.


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