Cash Cab: After Dark
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Today is

Episode 5 - September 5

When the sun goes down, Ben goes to work. Time for another trip through the streets of Manhattan... at night.

First up...

Passengers: Teena & Joel
Destination: Chat 'n Chew, 16th West and Union Square
Blocks: 27.

First strike here...

$50: The National Weather Service uses the slogan "Turn around, don't drown" to warn people about what specific type of flood?

They think about "flash flood"... No follow-through, though. "Tsunami" gives them the first strike with $100.

$50: Nicknamed "the Human Horse", what man-powered mode of transportation was banned from the streets of Calcutta in 2007?

"Bicycles?" Strike two! It was a rickshaw. They get $200 with eight to go.

$100: Also called a running knot, what specific type of knot is beloved by Boy Scouts, sailors, and hangmen?

Teena & Joel use their Mobile Shoutout. Calling Will. "A slipknot." Correct for $300 on the successful Shoutout. Next question...

$100: Thanks to poor roads and great distances, what US state has approximately one airplane pilot for every 78 residents?

They go with Wyoming. Sorry, the correct answer, with half a block remaining, is GET OUT OF MY CAB! It was Alaska!

Next, a couple of dudes...

Passengers: Colin & Beezy
Destination: 29th & Second, Paddy O'Reilly's
Blocks: 25

The guy sweep the lower tier. Beezy needs to stop for this...

$100: Putting computer users at the controls of a jet, what Microsoft videogame has flown off shelves since 1982?

Street Shoutout coming in Murray Hill. "Flight Simulator." This coming from a woman who actually was LOOKING for the Cash Cab. But hey, someone wins $100 from it. The guys are up to $300. The guys end up winning $500, but will they take it and run or risk it on a Video Bonus? Beezy wants to drink until he can't feel feelings anymore. He can do that with $500, so off they go.

Next up, a threesome...

Passengers: Anita, Jack & Courtney
Destination: 12 East 12th.
Blocks: 29

The three sweep the first tier for $200. They have $300 at a red light with four blocks to go, which means...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: originating in a remote region of Europe, Spanish is now on the tip of everyone's tongue. Name six of the eight nations with the largest Spanish-speaking populations.

Spain, Argentina, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, and Chile do it for $550. Final question... Gotten! They win $650! But will they put it at risk for double? Nope. They take the money and run.

Starting the second half of the night shift with...

Passenger: Amy & Jazz
Destination: 52nd between Fifth & Sixth; the 21 Club
Blocks: 41.

First three are gotten. The fourth...

$50: Attempting to anger its diminutive leader, the US banned the sale of iPods, Marlboros, and Segways to what country in 2006?

They go with Cuba... Strike one! It was North Korea. "Diminutive" means short, or Kim Jong-Il.

$100: Reemerging every 17 years, what noisy locust-like bugs can serve as a high-protein snack that tastes like asparagus?

Locusts... are wrong. It was "cicada". Strike two. First $200 question...

$200: Named for the gynecologist who invented them, what exercises for the pelvic muscles were originally developed to combat incontinence?

Street Shoutout! "Kegel"... correct for $650! With one block to go, we have a red light...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Used by US military websites, .mil is one of the seven original Internet domains introduced in 1985. Name five of the remaining six.

.gov, .edu, .com, .net, and .org are right for $900! The final one: .int. The ladies get one more question with two strikes...

$200: In the world's darkest children's rhyme, what disturbed daughter gives her mother 40 whacks with an axe?

"Annie ... something..." We're here, so this is for everything. "Annie"... is wrong. It was Lizzy Borden. All together now...

Lizzy Borden had an axe,
Gave her mother 40 whacks.
When she saw what she had done,
She gave her father 41.

It's 20 after 1 on a Saturday morning. Streets are still filled with people. People like this...

Passengers: Monica, Drew & Levi
Destination: 50th & Broadway; Caroline's
Blocks: 27

They sweep the first tier for $200 and the second for another $400. They get one more $200 question for $800 and a perfect game! Will THEY play the Video?

We're playing the Video! Good luck!

VIDEO BONUS: Often formed by dripping water, chasm-like crevasses like this one are known to swallow up houses in a single gulp. Mother Nature's answer to a drainpipe, what is the term for these craggy depressions?

They go with sinkhole... and they're... RIGHT for $1600! A perfect game!

Final fare for 1G12.

Passengers: David & Lee
Destination: 23rd & Seventh; Gotham Comedy Club
Blocks: 26

They get the first three, and with 15 blocks to go...

$50: Held in place by your teeth, what pretend puckers made of paraffin are now produced by the Tootsie Roll company?

No idea... actually, Lee had the idea. "Wax lips." They need a Shoutout on this...

$100: Abbreviated RLS, what medical condition's symptoms include twitching legs and sleepless nights?

Mobile Shoutout! Lee's friend Steve says ... This is for all the marbles... "Restless Leg Syndrome"... is right for $350! But will they put it at risk for double? They're going for it!

VIDEO BONUS: As suggested by a peculiar Top 10 single from 1976, these rodents are in the mood for love. Known for their strong-smelling secretions, what is the name of these romantic relatives of the beaver?

They try otters.... No love. It was the muskrat, and there's no love in the Cash Cab as we end the night.

Don't forget to tip your cabbie. Until next week...


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