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Every night, 13,000 cabs troll the streets of Manhattan, but only one of them pays you in the primetime version of the rolling game show.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Ben Bailey
Creator: Adam Wood (based on "Cash Cab")
EP: Anthony Tackaberry, Allison Corn, Tom Cohen
Packager: Lion TV (an All3Media company) for the Discovery Channel
Origin: New York City
Airs: Wednesdays at 11p ET on Discovery


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Episode 9
October 3

When the sun goes down, Ben goes to work. Time for another trip through the streets of Manhattan... at night.

First up, Ben gets some take out. He's going to need it. He's got a long night ahead of him.

Passengers: Molly, Tarik, and Dennis
Destination: Eighth & 46th; the College Bar
Blocks: 32

First question... gotten. Second question... gotten. Third question...

$50: Meaning one over par in golf, what term does the military use to refer to an unidentified aircraft?

Time's up. Strike one. It was a bogey. Time to call some friends...

$50: In 2007, what classic culinary toy did Hasbro recall after a handful of kids suffered severe burns on their fingers?

Regina is the Mobile Shoutout. "Would it be the Easy-Bake Oven?" Correct for $150! They end up with $450. Will they take the money and drink themselves sober, or sober up on a Video Bonus for double? They're... going to be wimps. Their words.

Next, these guys...

Passengers: Anthony & Michael
Destination: 49th & Tenth; home.
Blocks: 55

Long ride home. First question...

$50: Helping to launch the careers of the Ramones and the Talking Heads, what legendary NYC music venue closed its doors in 2006?

Studio 54... is wrong. It was CBGBs. Last question for $50..

$50: In 2007, what airline's CEO posted an apology on YouTube after passengers spent eight hours trapped on the tarmac?

They go with Delta... Strike two on JetBlue.

$100: Introduced in 1993, what popular computer game series was inspired by a Jules Verne novel titled "The Mysterious Island"?

Mobile Shoutout to Don, Anthony's uncle. He's got nothing. Is it "Myst"? It IS Myst! They have $600.

$200: Later revealed to be a hoax, "Big Donor Show" is a 2007 Dutch reality series that promised what donated organ as its prize?

Trying the Street Shoutout. The lady on the street says "pancreas"... Strike three on her... and on you. It was a kidney. Now you two can go make friends.

Next up...

Passengers: Katie & Tim
Destination: John between Nassau & Broadway, John Street Grill.
Blocks: 35

They would've swept the lower tier were it not for this...

$50: In a 2007 interview, pundit Ann Coulter gleefully reminded viewers that Barack Obama has what middle name?

Not "Osama." It was "Hussein." They still have $150, though. (C-Note: And that is why America hates Ann Coulter. Not because of her politics... but because she's hateful). They make another $200 in time to see red...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Almost one-fourth of all Wikipedia articles are written in English. As of July 2007, name seven of the other nine most popular Wikipedia languages.

German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish, and Italian do it for $600! They make it to their destination with $1400! Will they try to double it to become one of the biggest winners in the Cab? (C-Note: still not the biggest... that would be $3000).

Nope. They take the money. It's a lot.

Climbing in for the second half...

Passengers: Joe, Janisse, Jen & Jessica.
Destination: Northmore & West Broadway; the Wobble Lounge
Blocks: 29

They sweep the first tier for $200 and the second for a perfect game with $600! Will they risk it on the Video for double? Might as well!

VIDEO BONUS: Like Mr. Ed and Trigger, the gold colored horse in this footage is prized for its creamy coat and white mane. From a Spanish word meaning "young dove", what is the name of this Southwestern breed of horse?

The passengers go with palomino....

You just won $1200 in the Cash Cab! And here it is!

Couple on the town next... And she has to ask the thousand-dollar question... "Is this the Cash Cab?"

Passengers: Dermot & Evelyn
Destination: Fulton & South; South St. Seaport
Blocks: 29.

The couple sweep the $50 questions. Eight blocks to go with this...

$100: According to a 2007 study, Muslim women who wear birkas often suffer from lack of what sunshine-related vitamin?

Vitamin B... is wrong. It was Vitamin D... as in "Damn!" But it's cool, because they win $700 in the Cab. Will they run with it? Yep.

Final fare for 1G12...

Passengers: Stanley & Omar.
Destination: 15th & Seventh; McSorley's.
Blocks: 45... and 15 minutes until last call. Better hurry.

End of the $50s...

$50: In 2004, Senator John Kerry was accused of elitism when he was photographed in Nantucket engaging in what aquatic activity?

Not scuba diving... It was windsurfing. Going to the street on this one...

$100: What 1970s hit by the Kinks tells the classic story of a man who is seduced by a woman who turns out to be a man?

They only know "You Really Got Me"... Strike two. It was "Lola."

No one knew "L-O-L-A, Lola?"

They arrive at McSorley's when they hear this...

$100: Based in Freeport, ME, what clothing retailer was anointed "the Mecca of prep" in the "Official Preppie Handbook"?

It's either J. Crew or Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy Hilfiger is... not right. J. Crew is not right either. It was LL Bean.

And more bad news... McSorley's is closed.

Okay, friends. That's last call. You don't have to go home, but you gotta get up out of my cab.