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Every night, 13,000 cabs troll the streets of Manhattan, but only one of them pays you in the primetime version of the rolling game show.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Ben Bailey
Creator: Adam Wood (based on "Cash Cab")
EP: Anthony Tackaberry, Allison Corn, Tom Cohen
Packager: Lion TV (an All3Media company) for the Discovery Channel
Origin: New York City
Airs: Wednesdays at 11p ET on Discovery


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Episode 11
October 17

When the sun goes down, Ben goes to work. Time for another trip through the streets of Manhattan... at night.

First up, Ben spots these two...

Passengers: Joe & Christine
Destination: Second & 92nd; The Big Easy
Blocks: 50

They sweep the first tier for $200.

$100: A pale variety of lager, what beer is named for its Bohemian city of origin?

Amstel is not it. It's pilsner for strike one. Time to call dad...

$100: A blessing for bored PC users, what specific variety of solitaire has come with Microsoft Windows since 1995?

Here's the Mobile to Tom, Christine's dad. "FreeCell." ... is right for $300!

$100: Challenged by reactionaries and reformers, what common Latin phrase means "the existing state of affairs"?

Blanks out on "status quo". BUT...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: The original eight Jelly Belly flavors included tangerine and cream soda. Name four of the other six inaugural flavors.

Licorice... cherry... grape... and lemon are good for $650. The others: root beer and green apple. They end their trip with $850. But will they double it up? Nope. They're taking the money.

Next... a lone passenger.

Passenger: Frank
Destination: 36th between Fifth & Madison; Slattery's
Blocks: 52

He sweeps the $50s for $200.

$100: Found in antidepressants and batteries, what chemical element was an ingredient in 7up until 1950?

Citrine... strike one. It was lithium. Delicious lithium lemon-lime soda.

$200: With a name meaning "lavish party", what symbol-based Microsoft font is at the center of numerous conspiracy theories?

Calling up his friend James. Zapf Dingbats? Close. They're Wingdings.

$200: Believed to regulate the body's natural clock, what hormone is common taken as a supplement to help a person sleep?

Going to the street. He doesn't know. Progesterone... is strike three. It was melatonin, and he gets to join his street shoutout on the street.

$100: In 2006, what cable channel launched an "iReport" initiative aimed at encouraging citizen journalism?

Trying the Mobile Shoutout. Pete says...  Discovery Channel. Strike three. It was CNN. And Joe & Jane are no longer on the Discovery Channel.

Next up...

Passengers: Kate, Craig & Jonathan
Destination: 84th & Second; Dorian's
Blocks: 48

They would've swept the lower tier were it not for this...

$50: Introduced in 1978, what iconic video game featured relentless rows of pixelated aliens advancing down the screen?

Asteroids? Nope. Space Invaders. Kate calls up on this

$100: Useful for playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, what online resource is abbreviated IMDb?

Calling Kate's brother Matt... "Internet Movie Database"... is right for $250!

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Including the Isley Brothers, seven Motown groups have been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Name four of the six other honored groups.

Jackson 5... The Four Tops... The Temptations... and the Supremes are right for $600! Others: Martha & the Vandellas and Gladys Knight & the Pips.

$100: Immortalized by Bruce Springsteen, what rundown resort town was once described as "Beirut by the Jersey Shore"?

Street Shoutout! Going to the 7-Eleven on the Upper West Side. Hey, they're fans! They go with Atlantic City. Should've gone with Asbury Park. The good news is that they win $900. Will they keep it... or go for double? Let's play the Video!

VIDEO BONUS: With the help of the Hoover Dam, this artificial lake of the American Southwest is roughly the size of Chicago. Consisting of melted snow from nearby state, what is the name of this mammoth man-made body of water?

The three consult each other...

Lake Las Vegas.... is not right. It was Lake Mead. The good news, they're here. The bad news, they're still broke.

Second half begins with...

Passengers: Megan, Jenny, and "Jase-Man"
Destination: West Broadway between Thomas & Duane; the Odeon
Blocks: 30

First tier... swept. Let's go to the phones now...

$100: According to CDC data, what Appalachian state boasts the highest percentage of seniors who have lost all of their teeth?

Florida... not right. Not even Appalachian. It's West Virginia. Thanks a LOT, Andrew.

$100: Featuring the mascot Sylvester P. Smythe, what long-running rival of Mad Magazine ceased publication in 2007?

It's not Highlights. It's Cracked.

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: In the classic board game Clue, the murder could take place in any of nine rooms in Tudor Mansion. Name seven of these nine rooms.

Dining room... library... kitchen... study... hall... conservatory... and time. You missed lounge, ball room, and billiard room. The good news is that they're here with $400! Will they go for the Video? YES!

VIDEO BONUS: Since its grand opening in 1999, this Thames River landmark has survived an onslaught of New Year's fireworks, wedding ceremonies, and stunts by David Blaine. Officially called the London Eye, this whirling tourist attraction is commonly known by what other name?

Jason's British. He better get this.

They go with the Millennium Wheel.... and that's $800!

Upper West Side couple...

Passengers: Robert & Julie
Destination: 45th & Tenth; Hallo Berlin
Blocks: 28

First question....

$50: Taking place on all seven continent, what 2007 event billed itself as "the concerts for a climate in crisis"?

Earth Day Concert... is wrong. It was Live Earth.

$50: Brandished during blessings and exorcisms, an aspergillum is a perforated ball used to sprinkle what?

"Incense?" Try holy water. At the destination...

$100: Predating NASCAR, what variety of car racing originated with moonshine runners who outpaced police during prohibition?

This is for the money. Cannonball Run... is wrong. It's stock-car racing. Sorry, but at least you're here.

Final fare for 1G12...

Passengers: Rennan & Junior
Destination: Hudson between Christopher & West 10th; Members Only
Blocks: 46

First tier is swept for $200.

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: According to the Billiard Congress of America, eight different colors are represented on numbered billiard balls. Name seven of the eight colors.

Black, purple, orange, red, yellow, blue, green, $650. The other one... Maroon.

$100: Founded in 1996 by Michael Kinsley, what online magazine shares its name with a variety of metamorphic rock?

Going to the Family Street Shoutout for Slate... Right for $850 and the sweep.

$200: What popular casino card game is based on a 300-year-old French pastime named "vingt-et-un"?

Solitaire... not it. It was blackjack. The good news is that they get the final question for $1250! Will they take the video? Nope.

Ben, I feel like some vingt-et-un. Take us to the nearest casino. See ya next time.