Cash Cab: After Dark
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Catch it: 10p ET Discovery Wednesdays

Today is

Episode 4 - August 29

When the sun goes down, Ben goes to work. Time for another trip through the streets of Manhattan... at night.

First up...

Passengers: David & Helen
Destination: Jeremy's Ale House; Seaport on Pearl St.
Blocks: 29 

The married couple sweeps the $50 tier. Then came this one...

$100: What famed New Mexican artist flatly denied that her paintings of flowers symbolized female anatomy?

They blank out on Georgia O'Keefe. Strike one! But they get a red light, so that's a...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: In April 2007, the first Democratic Presidential Debate featured a crowded field of eight candidate. Name five of these Democratic hopefuls.

Hillary Clinton... Barack Obama... John Edwards... Dodd... and Kuck... Kulic... Kucinich! That's another $250 for $550 total! The other answers: Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, and Mike Gravel.

They need a Street Shoutout on this...

$100: Until 2006, what DC area office building featured a snack bar called "The Ground Zero Cafe"?

We stop off at Tribeca for a shot at it. They can only think of "the Smithsonian"... They go with the Pentagon... and that's right for $100 for $650. Then it's time for the big league questions...

$200: What ruthless three-player variety of pool is also known as elimination or screw-your-buddy?

Mobile Shoutout to Steve Boyer. This will be the final question. "Snooker." ... Strike two! It was cut-throat, but the good news is that Discovery is cutting them a check for $950!

OR... they can take a Video Bonus for double. They take the money and split.

Next, a couple of ladies... and one of New York's Finest knocking on the window. Clearly a fan.

Passengers: Meredith & Melissa
Destination: Mo Pitken's, 2nd & A
Blocks: 43

The ladies sweep the lower tier.

$100: Anchored by the Neonopolis, the Fremont Street Experience is an open-air mall aimed at revitalizing what city's downtown area?

Annapolis... is wrong. It was Las Vegas for strike one.

$100: In a 2006 interview with GQ, what nourishing organ did Tom Cruise vow to eat after the birth of his daughter?

Uterus... is wrong. It was the placenta for strike two.

$100: Derailing is a recently-coined term that refers to the self-destructing practice of doing what while inebriated?

Calling Melissa's boyfriend Cliff... He has no answer. Killing other people... Ouch, strike three. It's e-mailing. Which means... what the hell are you two still doing in my cab?

Next up, a singleton.

Passengers: Dan
Destination: Bowery & 2nd, his domicile
Blocks: 26

Dan sweeps the first tier for $200.

$100: Accused of perpetuating Asian stereotypes, Ming the Merciless is the villainous nemesis of what classic comic book hero?

"Charlie Chan." Try "Flash Gordon". That's strike one. He's got $500 going into the top tier.

$200: Premiering in 1974, what kitschy TV show for kids introduced the words "Sleestak" and "Pakuni" into the American vocabulary?

It wasn't HR Pufnstuf, but it was from the same guys. It was "Land of the Lost". One more question for $700 or nothing...

$200: In gambling, what kind of bet links together two or more individual wagers and requires each of those wagers to be won?

Mobile Shoutout! Calling Dan's brother David... "Parlay"... is right for $700! Now is Dan taking that home or is he sticking around for a Video Bonus? He's... taking the money. Don't blame him.

Next up, "three folks that are in for a surprise."

Passenger: John, Jennifer & Tom
Destination: 46th & 3rd; Sparky's.
Blocks: 33

First tier is nothing. They have $200. And they're stuck at $300, which means...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Yum! Brands is a Fortune 500 company that operates six fast-food franchises in the United States. Name four of the six Yum! brands.

KFC.. Taco Bell... Pizza Hut... and out of time! They were missing Long John Silvers, A&W, and Wing Street. Three gets you nothing. On we go...

$100: Once known as "the Bible of Hip-Hop", what magazine has struggled in the wake of its public feuds with Eminem and 50 Cent?

We're calling up Allison on this. "Vibe"? Strike one! It was Source. Thanks for nothing, Allison. The good news is that they make it to their destination with $500. Will they go for double? They're going for double!

VIDEO BONUS: This traditional Indian stringed instrument has been co-opted by bands including the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Metallica. Often made of teak, deer horns, and pumpkin gourds, what is the name of this influential import from the East?

"Would that be a sitar?" That WOULD be a sitar! That would be $1000!

Next fare...

Passengers: Phillip
Destination: 83rd & Third.
Blocks: 37

Street Shoutout to start!

$50: The bane of any dentist, what brand of Willy Wonka candy is basically just sugar in a straw?

Ben stops at Midtown East. "Pixy Stix"... right for $50! He then goes seven for seven until....

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Skate away with $250 by naming five of the six countries that have won an Olympic gold medal in men's ice hockey.

Russia... Canada... USA... Czech Republic... and Britain makes five for $750 with seven blocks to go!

$100: In a clever play-on-words, what famed American jet manufacturer named his daughter Shanda?

Mobile Shoutout! Jason, speak! This is for the game... Leer... is right for $850! Are we playing the Video? We're playing the Video! Good luck!

VIDEO BONUS: Due to its unusual facade, this LA building has been compared to "supersized fries" and "Medusa on a bad-hair day". Designed by Frank Gehry, what is the name of this recent edition to the Los Angeles skyline?

Is it an opera house? No. It's the Disney Concert Hall. C'est la vie. At least we're here, right?

Final fare for 1G12.

Passengers: Brian & John
Destination: John Street Bar & Grill
Blocks: 31

First question...

$50: Turning amphibians into roadkill since 1981, what arcade game spawned an unofficial spinoff called "Ribbit!"

Something with a frog... "Donkey Kong" had a monkey. It was "Frogger". One strike...

$100: Unrelated to shoe size, what eco-friendly term refers to a person's environmental impact as determined by CO2 output?

Carbon Monoxide... Strike two! It was "carbon output." The good news is that they have $350 and one red light...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: According to a recent study published by the Journal for Adolescent Health, what five body parts are American teens most likely to get pierced?

Ears... nose... tongues... belly button... and eyebrow are good for $600... And they're there! They're winners! But are they big winners? Nope. They're taking the cash.

And watch for the Crazy Pages when in New York. Okay, Ben, get us outta here.


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