Cash Cab: After Dark
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Today is

Episode 3 - August 22

When the sun goes down, Ben goes to work. Time for another trip through the streets of Manhattan... at night.

First up... after Ben eats...

Passengers: Carlton, Sandy, Bob and Cabbie
Destination: 46th & Eighth, Don't Tell Mama's
Blocks: 43. 

The foursome sweep the first four for $50 and are five for five when they reach their first red light...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: this Red Light Challenge rewards calorie-conscious carousers. Name four of the top five drinks on Forbes' list of the most fattening cocktails.

Pina coladas... Margaritas... Long Island iced teas... and White Russians are good for $250 more, giving them $550 with 16 blocks to go. They need help with this for $650

$100: With its US headquarters in Redmond, WA, what video game company is majority owner of the Seattle Mariners?

Time to make a call. Mobile Shoutout to... Brandon, Carlton's godson. He goes with... Microsoft... Strike one! It was Nintendo! Final $100 question...

$100: In 2007, an American tourist was arrested for skinny-dipping in the fountain in front of what storied staircase in Rome?

"The Steps..." "The Pope's Ascending Staircase"... is wrong for strike two. It was the Spanish Steps. But they do make it to Don't Tell Mama's with $1050! Give it to the birthday girl. But will they continue the party in the cab, or are they taking the money and running?

"Take the money and run." Happy birthday, indeed, courtesy the Discovery Channel.

Next, a couple...

Passengers: Kevin & Carmen
Destination: 14th & Ninth; Lotus
Blocks: 30.

First question is good. Second...

$50: Also called a formicarium, what toy sold by Uncle Milton Industries has taught kids about insect behavior for 50 years?

Time... runs out on "ant farm." Strike one! Next for $100...

$100: To help them adjust to the altitude, travelers to the Andes frequently chew the leaves of what controversial plant?

They try marijuana... Strike two! Coca plant it was. Two strikes and two blocks to go... They need a Mobile Shout on this...

$100: Meaning make-nine, what Chinese domino game lends its name to a type of poker often found in Las Vegas casinos?

(C-Note: Gordon is screaming at the set right now). Calling Carmen's friend Ellis... Dominoes... Strike three! It's Pai-Gow! At least they've made it to their destination.

Next up, .. "Let's see what these people think..."

Passengers: Pat, Kelly & Chris
Destination: 16th & Fifth, Chat & Chew
Blocks: 38.

They sweep the $50 questions with 26 blocks to go. And add another question and a stoplight and you get a...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: This Red Light Challenge is for the cyber surfer in all of us. As determined by a Nielsen Net ratings survey, name four of the five most widely used search engines in the US.

Google, Yahoo!,, and MSN are all good for $250 more, giving them $550. The other one was AOL. Next...

$100: Usually associated with faux fried chicken, what brand name is also funeral-industry slang for cremation?

No idea all around... Tofu? Strike one! It's Shake-n-Bake. But they do make it to the Chat & Chew with $650. They're... going for one more!

VIDEO BONUS: This traditional dance takes center stage in Rio de Janeiro's annual Carnivale. From a Central African word meaning belly-button-bump, what is the name of this celebratory syncopated dance?

They go with samba... And that... is RIGHT for $1300! Enough to chat and chew to their hearts' content.

Next up, 1G12 picks up...

Passenger: Rick
Destination: Seventh & 17th, a cafeteria
Blocks: 28

He sweeps the first tier for $50 each with ten blocks to do. Rick needs to call his son on this

$100: Consumed in a drinking game known as Edward 40-Hands, what type of lager is too alcoholic to be considered beer in many states?

Is it malt liquor? Got it for $100, putting him at $300 with two blocks remaining.

$100: Designed by John von Bottoms, the slip-on Chuck is an update of what company's classic sneaker?

"Hush puppy?" Nope, it's Converse! One block to go and one strike. Last question is gotten for $400! He's going for double!

VIDEO BONUS: Pictured here, the Pike Place Fish Market is for anyone with a fondness for flinging flounder. One of the oldest farmer's markets in the US, this tuna-tossing tourists' destination can be found in what seaside city

Rick's heard stories about this. He guesses Seattle.... Right for $800! "Holy mackerel!"

Okay, enough fish jokes for one trip. Next fare...

Passengers: Matt, Cassania, Adam, Jessie
Destination: 35th & Third, Jackson Hole
Blocks: 43.

They're five for five when they go with...

$100: Literally meaning single stone in Greek, what is the geologic term for a boulder of epic proportions?

"Meteor." Strike one! It's a monolith... Maybe you should try a Mobile Shoutout...

$200: Often consisting of cognac, brandy, or port, what is the after-dinner equivalent of an aperitif?

Come on, Uncle Ted. He goes with cordial.... Strike two! It's "digestif". Last question...

$200: Referring to its quiet rubber soles, what athletic shoe brand introduced the word "sneakers" in a 1917 ad campaign?

They go with Balcony.... Nope, it's Keds. Third strike in front of their destination.

Final fare of the night... at 1 in the morning for cocktails.

Passengers: Michael & Kyle
Destination: 52nd & Eighth.
Blocks: 40

First is a sweep for $200. Then another $100, which triggers...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: In this Red Light Challenge you can earn dough by knowing about dough. Name four of the six best-selling varieties of donuts sold at Dunkin' Donuts.

Boston Kreme, glazed, chocolate glazed, and old fashioned are good for $250, giving them $550. Other answers: jelly and chocolate frosted. Seventeen blocks to go.

That leads to a perfect game and $1450! Michael and Kyle decide... to take it home. And that's what they do... and that's what we're going to do. I'm ready to go home now, Ben...


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