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Every night, 13,000 cabs troll the streets of Manhattan, but only one of them pays you in the primetime version of the rolling game show.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Ben Bailey
Creator: Adam Wood (based on "Cash Cab")
EP: Anthony Tackaberry, Allison Corn, Tom Cohen
Packager: Lion TV (an All3Media company) for the Discovery Channel
Origin: New York City
Airs: Wednesdays at 11p ET on Discovery


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Episode 10
October 10

When the sun goes down, Ben goes to work. Time for another trip through the streets of Manhattan... at night.

First up, dinner, fuel, and these guys...

Passengers: Ryan, John & Mike
Destination: 52nd & Seventh
Blocks: 46

They sweep the first tier for $200.

$100: Famous for his portrayal as Frankenstein's Monster, British actor William Henry Pratt is better known by what sinister-sounding stage name?

They think it's Lon Chaney... Strike one. It's Boris Karloff.

$100: Featuring the wisdom of Winnie-the-Pooh, a 1982 bestseller by Benjamin Hoff is credited for popularizing what religion in the Western world?

"Buddhism." ... Strike two! It was Taoism.

$200: Taking center stage in an absurdist play by Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are a bumbling duo in what Shakespeare play?

"Romeo & Juliet." And these three are dead. It's "Hamlet".


Passengers: Jane & Joe
Destination: 46th & Third; Sparks.
Blocks: 40

Street Shouout on the second question...

$50: Though it could also mean "money before all" or "mighty big attitude", "MBA" is an abbreviation for what professional degree?

Choose wisely, folks. "Masters of Business Administration." It was Jane's original idea. Should've gone with it. They're right for $100. Still, they sweep the low tier.

$100: Similar to the board game Pictionary, what sketchy game show modeled its set after Burt Reynolds' living room?

It's not "Delilah's Den," that's for sure. It's "Win, Lose or Draw".

$100: From the Greek words meaning "mind" and "body", what adjective describe physical disorders that derive from mental neuroses?

It's not "neurology". It was "psychosomatic." Five blocks, two strikes.

$100: In 2006, what cable channel launched an "iReport" initiative aimed at encouraging citizen journalism?

Trying the Mobile Shoutout. Pete says...  Discovery Channel. Strike three. It was CNN. And Joe & Jane are no longer on the Discovery Channel.

Next up... an injury in the Cab...

Passengers: Elvis & Alejandra
Destination: Leonard & Broadway; the Knitting Factory
Blocks: 25

They would've swept the lower tier were it not for this...

$50: More lucrative than making burgers, what is the real-estate term for buying and selling a property to make a quick buck?

They... run out of time on "flipping".

$100: The site of a 1969 clash with police, what Greenwich Village bar is synonymous with the gay rights movement?

They have to Shoutout to Soho on this one. "Stonewall?" That is... correct for $250.

$100: Founded by Mary Baker Eddy; what church believes that the body is healed through prayer, not medicine?

Pentecostal... is not right. It is the Christian Science Church for strike two... But they make it to the Knitting Factory for $450. Will they go for the Video Bonus? Nope. That's Elvis' birthday money. Happy birthday, Elvis!

Climbing in for the second half...

Passengers: Nick, John & Yuma
Destination: 55th between Madison & Park; Aquavit
Blocks: 41

First tier... swept. They have $300 at the first Red Light...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: On Forbes' list of the Richest Women in Entertainment, seven have recorded #1 Billboard singles. Name five of these chart-topping ladies.

Madonna.... Janet Jackson... Celine Dion.. Mariah Carey... and Britney Spears are good for $250, giving them $550 at the buzzer. The others: Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez.

$100: According to a recent Australian study, what piece of office equipment emits as much particle pollution as a cigarette?

A copier? Close. A laser printer.

$200: Ceasing operation in 1982, what airline's logo is featured during the closing credits of every episode of "South Park"?

Mobile Shoutout! Going to Madison on this... "Braniff"... is right for $1350! Will they try to double? Yep.

VIDEO BONUS: Situated in the shadows of the Himalayas, this Nepalese capital was the final stop on the fabled Hippie Trail of the '60s and '70s. Immortalized in a song by Bob Seger, what is the name of this free-wheeling Asian city?

"Bob Seger rocks!"

Katmandu.... does it for $2700!

Singleton-with-cell-phone hail from...

Passenger: Sharon
Destination: Byrdland on 44th Street.
Blocks: 40

First question....

$50: In 2004, Londoner Ashley Rubell doubled his net worth by betting it all on red in what casino game?

Baccarat... is wrong. It was roulette.

$50: Allowing couch potatoes to double their pleasure, what multi-tasking TV option is abbreviated PIP?

Sharon...  wigs out. It was Picture-in-Picture.

$100: Represented by a sock-puppet spokesdog, what failed company is synonymous with the bursting dot-com bubble?

Pet... Pet something? Petco? Nope. It was "". And Sharon will have to panic elsewhere.

Final fare for 1G12...

Passengers: Birthday girl Amy & Tessa
Destination: Spring & Hudson; Antarctica Bar
Blocks: 33

End of the $50s...

$50: During the French Revolution, what famous Parisian prison was torn apart and turned into souvenirs?

Logan gets the Shoutout. C'mon Loges... "The Bastille"... is right for $200 and the sweep. They have $300...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Based on 2005 figures, five nations have more than 40 million Internet users. Name these oft-online countries.

US... China... Japan... Germany... and that's all they can think of. They missed out on India... BUT they are at the bar for $300! Are they going for double? Nope. Happy birthday from Discovery, Amy. Here's $300.

Okay, friends. That's last call. You don't have to go home, but you gotta get up out of my cab.