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Every night, 13,000 cabs troll the streets of Manhattan, but only one of them pays you in the primetime version of the rolling game show.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Ben Bailey
Creator: Adam Wood (based on "Cash Cab")
EP: Anthony Tackaberry, Allison Corn, Tom Cohen
Packager: Lion TV (an All3Media company) for the Discovery Channel
Origin: New York City
Airs: Wednesdays at 11p ET on Discovery


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Episode 7
September 19

When the sun goes down, Ben goes to work. Time for another trip through the streets of Manhattan... at night.

First up... A threesome... And the Handsome Cash Cab.

Passengers: David, Ben & Daniela
Destination: 81st & Amsterdam; Jake's Dilemma.
Blocks: 40.

Halfway there, and they sweep the $50s. They have $300... and we're at a red light...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: With the 2007 release of "Leopard", Macintosh would have named six of its operating systems after big cats. Name four of the five other feline-inspired names.

Tiger... Panther... Puma... and Cheetah are good for $550. The other: Jaguar. They sweep the $100s for a perfect game and $850. But will they take it or go for double on the Video Bonus?

They're going for it!

VIDEO BONUS: As this ant takes a breather on a wide expanse of leaf, we can examine that its body consists of the head, the abdomen, and the articulated area in between. Meaning "breast-plate" in Greek, what is the middle segment of its body called?

They go with thorax...

CORRECT for $1700!

Next, a couple of dudes...

Passengers: Tommy & Mitchell
Destination: Maritime Hotel.
Blocks: 32.

First question...

$50: What synonym for "ladies' man" originated as a term for a domesticated animal kept exclusively for breeding?

They think about "stallion"... and that's a breed of "STUD".

$100: Founded by Benny Binyon, what Las Vegas casino hosted the World Series of Poker for 30 years?

They go with Golden Nugget... but it was the Golden Nugget. Strike two. The good news is that they have $350 in time for...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Surfing the Internet has become an American addiction. As of 2007, name four of the five web browsers most commonly used in the US to feed this addiction.

Mozilla... IE... Safari... Netscape! Good for $600! They hang on to win $700. And they're outta here with that money.

Next up...

Passengers: Patricia & Dave.
Destination: 16th & Union Square; Union Square Cafe.
Blocks: 36

They sweep the lower tier for $200.

$100: Also known as lapidation, what primitive form of capital punishment is still used under Islamic sharia law?

Water torture? No, it's stoning. Dave needs to call this...

$100: Holding up to 24 ounces, an oversized can of beer is commonly referred to by what two-word name?

Dave's friend Jim says... nothing. Take a guess with "Magnums"... Nope. A "tall boy" is right.

$200: While the larger claw of the lobster is called "the crusher", the punier one shares its name with what carpenter's tool?

Street Shoutout at the destination, so this is all for nothing... Fifteen seconds and they can't come up with nothing. Is it the hammer? NO! Sorry. At least you're here. It was the pincer.

Ben gets dinner, and starts the second half with...

Passengers: Chris & Collin
Destination: 46th between Eighth & Ninth; Don't Tell Mama's
Blocks: 27.

First three gotten, but here's the fourth..

$50: Featuring a neon clown in its marquee, what Las Vegas casino is home to the largest permanent big top in the world?

They go with Caesars... but it was Circus Circus. Strike one with $150.

$100: What is the term for the pint-sized digital images that pop up when a person searches the Internet for images?

Mobile Shoutout to Tito. "Thumbnails"... CORRECT for $250.

$100: Synonymous with living large, what SUV has had the highest rate of insurance rate theft claims four years in a row.

Hummer... strike two! It was the Cadillac Escalade.

$100: A splashy staple of amusement parks, what water ride takes its name from a method of transporting lumber?

Street Shoutout. The ladies stopped guess "log flume"... Got it for $350... and they're at a Red Light...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: As of July 2007, four Disney movies have migrated to the Great White Way and become Broadway musicals. Name these four Disney-fied shows.

Beauty and the Beast, the Lion King, Tarzan, and Mary Poppins are right for the win and $600! Will they take the Bonus or go drinking? They're splitting.

One guy next...

Passenger: John
Destination: 19th & Fifth; the Flatiron Lounge
Blocks: 37

John sweeps the first tier for $200. He needs a Street Shout on this..

$100: Co-opted by a '90s rock band, what flowery expression refers to a rosy nose that results from too much drinking?

Slim pickings around here. The ones they find go with Wallflowers... WRONG. It was Gin Blossoms for strike one.

$100: Also an edgy Nissan SUV, what series of triathlons includes swimming, mountain biking, and trail running?

"Ironman". Try Xterra. Strike two.

$100: Named for their equine appearance, what gender-bending marine animals reproduce through male pregnancy?

Calling Evan Goldstein. "Seahorse". Correct for $400! And that's a win! Will John put of chilling for a bit to risk it on a Video Bonus?

"What the hell, let's go for it."

VIDEO BONUS: When not out for a leisurely stroll, this African variety of antelope is able to leap 30 feet in a single bound. Borrowed from Zulu and co-opted by GM, what is the name of this graceful cousin of the gazelle?

Lots of thinking... and John can't think of a guess...

"Monte Carlo." Incorrect. It was the impala. "I lost! I LOST!" And a leaping Monte Carlo goes across 19th St.

Final fare for 1G12... "Are we in the Cash Cab?"

Passengers: Liz & Laurel
Destination: 16th & Union Square West
Blocks: 30

First tier is swept.

$100: Familiar to fans of Napster or Limewire, the Internet abbreviation P2P is short for what?

"Person to Person?" Strike one. It was "Peer to peer". But they get $300 in time for...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: On Comedy Central's list of the Greatest Stand-Up Comedians of All Time, Lenny Bruce and Chris Rock made the top 10. Name five or the remaining eight kings and queens of comedy.

George Carlin... Eddie Murphy... and that's it. The other six: Richard Pryor, Woody Allen, Steve Martin, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Cosby, and Roseanne Barr. Still have $300. Still have one strike.

$100: Providing a fix for forecast junkies, the Weather Channel offers a regional update every 10 minutes called "Local on the..." what?

Street Shoutout! "8s? 1s? 10s?" They go with 10s... Strike two! It was "Local on the 8s." The good news is that they're here with $400! But will they leave with that or go double or nothing?

They're splitting. And so are we. Until next week...