Cash Cab: After Dark
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Today is

Episode 6 - September 12

When the sun goes down, Ben goes to work. Time for another trip through the streets of Manhattan... at night.

First up... Ben finds Waldo.

Passengers: Nancy, Ruth, Eunice & Brian
Destination: 34th & Third; Mercury Bar.
Blocks: 36.

First strike here...

$50: French for "little plank", a planchette is a small paranormal pointer used with what talking board from Parker Brothers?

"Operation"... Nope, a time out. It was Ouija.

$100: Acquired by Adidas in 2006, what sneaker company is named for a speedy South African species of gazelle?

"Puma!" Strike two! It was Reebok. But they get the other $100 questions in time to run into a red light...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: In the World Cup of wine-drinking, the US is a clear underdog. Name five of the eight company that consume the most wine per capita.

Italy, France, Spain, Portugal.... and Argentina are good for $700! They need a shoutout with two blocks to go.

$200: A pioneer in the field of special effects makeup, what silent-film actor was known as "the Man of 1000 Faces"?

They stop at Murray Hill. The walkthrough has no idea. They go with Charlie Chaplin.... Strike three! It was Lon Chaney. They'll have to walk the two blocks.

Next, three backpackers.

Passengers: Barry, Maria & Devinicus (Dave).
Destination: Leonard & Church.
Blocks: 28.

They sweep the first tier of questions for $200.

$100: Derived from an Arabic word meaning "tradition", what is the world's largest denomination of Islam?

Muslim... is the name of any practitioner of Islam. The correct answer is Sunni.

$100: Used by escaping slaves to navigate their way to the north, what twinkling astronomical landmark was nicknamed the "Drinking Gourd"?

Little Dipper? Nope. Big Dipper. Strike two! With five to go, they need help.

$100: Featured in Michigan's state nickname, what member of the weasel family has been named the "skunk bear"?

Mobile shoutout to Jeff. This is for all or nothing. "Wolverine?" CORRECT for $400! Will they take it or go for double? Maria doesn't want to do it.

Too bad. We're going for it!

VIDEO BONUS: As you can tell by the length of its barrel, this weapon of war packs plenty of potent firepower. Named after the Czech word for "catapult", what is the name of this piece of heavy artillery?

They go with Howlitzer... It's pronounced Howitzer... Judges? They're going to give it to them! That's $800!

Next up, a family...

Passengers: Tracy, Jim, Justin & Chandler.
Destination: 29th & Eighth; Churrascaria.
Blocks: 35

Family sweeps it. Lower tier, that is.

$100: Featuring metal beams and motors, what iconic toy's deluxe kit once included blueprints for a mysterious giant walking robot?

Five seconds... four... three... "Bionicles." Nope. The Erector set.

$100: Performing a Maori Haka dance before matches, the All Blacks are the national rugby team of what country?

Street Shoutout! The group of fans go with Tonga... Tonga... is wrong. It was New Zealand.

$100: Drawn by Simpsons creator Matt Groening, what comic strip featured alienated rabbits and Fez-wearing lovers named Akbar and Jeff?

Mobile Shoutout! Tommy goes with... nothing. "I used to watch Futurama." Not it. Mutt & Jeff isn't it either. It was "Life in Hell." That's strike three. You must exit the Cash Cab.

Ben gets an ice cream, and starts the second half with...

Passengers: Darrin, Joe & Jasmine
Destination: 50th & Broadway; Caroline's
Blocks: 32.

Four $50 questions asked... Four $50 questions answered correctly. They have $400 as we come to a Red Light... Challenge.

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: On Animal Planet's list of the top 100 movie animals of all time, five of the top 10 were canines. Name four of these five famous top dogs.

Toto.. Benji... Lassie... Time. The other two were Old Yeller and Beethoven.

$100: Recently an industry group called the BWIO defended its use of plastic containers. What does the BW in BWIO stand for?

Street Shoutout... in Times Square! It's another loyal fan and true! And she's from Wisconsin! Just like Darrin! "Bottled Water"... is correct for $500! They get to Caroline's with $800! But will they put it at risk? Nope. That's good money.

Next up... "Oh my god, are we in Cash Cab?"

Passengers: Jocelyn, Jillian & Nancy Goldstein
Destination: 23rd & Seventh; Chelsea Hotel
Blocks: 33

They go two questions before we get this...

$50: What is the alliterative term for a special day of the year that exists mainly for the purpose of selling greeting cards?

They run out of time on "Hallmark holiday". Alliterative.

$100: According to many fans of Pink Floyd, "The Dark Side of the Moon" syncs up perfectly with what classic movie?

They know a person who knows this. Mina, talk to us. "The Wizard of Oz"... CORRECT! They have $350! They end up with $450 for their trip. But is it walking money, or betting money? Walking. They take the money.

Final fare for 1G12.

Passengers: Lauren & Melanie
Destination: 14th & Third; Beauty Bar
Blocks: 38

First Shoutout at $50.

$50: Lending its name to a classic computer game, what type of warship is designed to neutralize underwater explosives?

"Submarine"? Nope, it's minesweeper.

$100: Considered a soul food staples, what Southern dish is made of stewed or boiled pig intestines?

Gizzlings? Nope, it's chitterlings, or, because I'm from the South, "chitlins".

$100: Changing its tune in 2007, what Asian nations has banned karaoke bars in the name of good socialism, not good taste?

China? Nope, it's North Korea. We end this round of CCAD with a loss.

Ben's ready to go home, and so am I. Until next week...


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