Cash Cab: After Dark
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Catch it: 10p ET Discovery Wednesdays

Today is

Episode 2 - August 15

Another after-hours jaunt awaits for Ben and his game-show-on-wheels. Let's take a ride, shall we?

As evening falls, our first trip takes us to dinner...

Passengers: Bruce & Zara
Destination: Bubbie's on Hudson & Moore
Blocks: 35. 

First question:

$50: Applying the same principles as a hovercraft, what popular arcade game features hand-held mallets and floating pucks?

They go with Whack-a-Mole... It's air-hockey for strike one. Not a good start. Two more strikes and no pie.

$50: in Buddhism, a famous riddle asks students to ponder the sound of one hand doing what?

They have no idea... Strike two! It's "clapping".

$50: Often employing both blank and live cartridges, what old-fashioned method of execution was legal in Utah until 2004?

They go with ... shooting... Three up, three down. It was "firing squad". They're not the only ones to go three and out, but they are the first to take it in the night show. Sorry, guys.

Next, a foursome pack Ben's cab. Oh yeah.. They totally knew they were in the Cash Cab.

Passengers: Dave, Caroline, Lauren & Charlie
Destination: 55rd & Third; PJ Clark's
Blocks: 33.

They sweep the first tier of questions for $200. With five blocks to go...

$100: Conan O'Brien is often said to bear an eerie resemblance to Tarja Halonen, the female president of what Scandinavian country?

Sweden... Strike one! It's Finland. One block left... Final ($100) question...

$100: Due to its notoriously incomprehensible lyrics, what 1963 hit by the Kingsmen was the target of an FBI obscenities investigation?

Mobile Shoutout on Charlie's brother Michael. He says ... nothing. Five seconds... gone. Correct: "Louie Louie". But hey, they're here with $400! Will they take the Video Bonus, or is it time to take a walk?

They're taking a walk with $400!

Next up, a singleton is preparing to meet ladies at the South Street Seaport... at 1 in the morning.

Passenger: Ken Stafford
Destination: South Street Seaport
Blocks: 28.

Ken sweeps the first load of questions for $200. He gets $100 more as we roll to a stop on...

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: On a standard computer keyboard, name five of the eight symbols that share their keys with the numbers 1 through 8.

He gets asterisk, number sign, exclamation point... and that's it. Other answers were @ sign, carrot, percent sign, dollar sign, and ampersand.

$100: In the recording of his 1986 album "Graceland", Paul Simon violated a UN cultural boycott of what country?

Ken goes with Africa... which is not a country. It was South Africa. Strike one! Eight blocks to go...

$200: Before four letters were lopped off in 1949, LA's famous Hollywood sign spelled out what longer word?

Ken calls his father Rick. On the final question, he says... nothing. Ken guesses "Hollywoodland". RIGHT for $700! And that's good enough for him. At 1:15a.

Another evening trip takes us where...

Passengers: Michael, Matt & Jane Ambrosia
Destination: Harrison & Hudson
Blocks: 34

Here's the first strike...

$50: Now synonymous with ready-to-wear retail, what term was coined to refer to unstable single-crop countries like Honduras?

They... have no idea. Is it off-the-rack? Nope, it's Banana Republic. Shake it off... First question for $100...

$100: Billed as the world's foremost mentalist, what so-called "amazing" psychic predicted that 2006 was going to be a big year for peanut butter?

It's either Kreskin or Uri Geller... They go with Uri Geller... STRIKE TWO! It was Kreskin. First $200...

$200: In an often-spoofed ad for Chrysler, Ricardo Montalban extolled the virtues of what supposedly upscale variety of leather?

Street Shoutout! They grab a guy in blue... They go with "Corinthian leather"... Right for $650. Five blocks away.... and we're there with $850! Will they go for the video? They'll go for it. Here it is.

VIDEO BONUS: Located off the coast of Sicily, this active volcano has been erupting almost continuously for the last 2000 years. Lending its name to a calzone-like treat, what is the name of this Italian mountain of fire?

... and they try Stromboli... because it's calzone-like.... And they're right for $1700!

Next passengers... two sexy ladies at 1:10a...

Passengers: Monique & Telly
Destination: Uptown, 47th & Ninth.
Blocks: 27.

The ladies sweep the $50s... including a question on booty. Next question...

$100: Developed in 6th Century China, the earliest known matches were sticks treated with what yellow chemical?

"Urine?" Incorrect and not really a chemical. It's sulfur. They make it to the destination... but they have one more question...

$100: Coined by the media, what alliterative term is defined as "an outburst of violent behavior due to overuse of anabolic steroids?"

Shoutout! They're going to the streets for this one, where they promise their Shoutouts drinks if they get it right. "Roid rage." Sounds like a winner to me. The Shouts get drinks, but the ladies get $400. Will they take on a video? They're taking on the video.

VIDEO BONUS: Due to its speed, this fleet-footed relative of the iguana appears to walk on water. Named for a legendary lizard with a lethal gaze, what is this racy reptile?

The ladies want to try dragon something... or Geico... or something out of Harry Potter... They try "dragon gecko"... Not right. It was the basilisk... Which was in Harry Potter. Sorry, girls. No drinks on Discovery's dime.

One more trip and it involves these fine New Yorkers...

Passengers: Michael & Jeff
Destination: Anjelica Kitchen; 10th b/n First and Second
Blocks: 40

First is a sweep for $200. Second is a sweep for $400 more, giving them $600. Third... a red light.

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: This Red Light Challenge tests your knowledge of roadkill recognition. As determined by Animal People, name six of the top seven mammals that become flattened fauna in the US

Deer, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, dogs, and cats are good for $850. Also good: rats.

Last question of the night, and it's for $200...

$200: A play on the word "vegan", what is the term for anti-consumer activists who make dumpster diving a way of life?

Street Shoutout! Be careful. They go with "freegan".... CORRECT for $1850! Are they going to go for broke here? They... walk. Could've had the record, but hey, $1850 is more than anyone else won tonight.

And it's time to take it on home. Until next week, folks...


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