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Special Eviction Night
September 7

The events so far... Rachel won HOH, but lost out on a shopping spree after opening Pandora's Box. Meanwhile, Porsche & Kalia are going to fight for their lives for perhaps the first time this year. Who'll win the veto and who'll be evicted? All this and more as we enter...  DAY 68.

Porsche says that she's not done fighting. Kalia sees it as allies fighting against each other. They say that the only way for one of them to stay is that Adam wins the veto.

Adam has to play to win the Veto. If he won and used it, the replacement nominee would be Jordan. That isn't going to happen, says Adam. Jordan doesn't need him to flip.

VETO COMPETITION #10: Otev the Sweet-Toothed Shark

Meet Otev the Shark (voiced by the silky-smooth clog-your-arteries-butter baritone of Clayton Halsey). He's hungry for pie. Each of the pies on the shore are named for a Houseguest. You'll have to bring the correct pie to Otev to stay in the game. Pick the wrong pie... or if you pick a pie last, you're eliminated. Last one standing wins the Power of Veto.

1) I'm hungry for the tasty pie who was no chum of Daniele's, and called her a Judas on the live show.
- BRENDON Berry Pie. Jordan eliminated.

2) I'm craving the sweet pie who chewed his way to the Power of Veto in the Big Brother Candy Store.
- DOMINIC Pudding Pie. Rachel eliminated

3) I wish to dine on the mouth-watering pie who was zinged with a biting remark about his soul patch.
- Peanut Butter & JEFF Pie. Kalia eliminated.

4) I want to feast on the delicious pie who lost all seven team competitions they played in.
- SHELLY Jelly Pie. ADAM wins the Veto!

Let's go to the Jury House, where Shelly is about to meet her ... un... maker. And it goes down... between Jeff and Daniele. THEN it gets between Jeff and Shelly. Whoopie.

Kalia spends the rest of the week crying her eyes out. Meanwhile Jordan notes that she is not in the clear as of yet. Will Adam stay true to his deal? Rachel and Jordan have no other choice but to trust him. Porsche and Kalia... same deal, saying "Newbies to the end." It's finally Adam's moment to play a big move.


Before the vote... Adam decides NOT to use the Power of Veto. The nominations are set. And now...

Houseguests, you are pre-recorded on CBS. PLEASE DO NOT SWEAR. Porsche and Kalia cannot vote, and HOH Rachel will only vote in the case of a tie.


So it will be up to Rachel to decide who will be evicted this week. And by her tiebreaker vote... KALIA BOOKER is heading to the Jury House.

AMERICA'S VOTE: Who deserves $25,000 as America's Favorite Houseguest?

1) Adam Poch
2) Brendon Villegas
3) Cassi Colvin
4) Daniele Donato
5) Dominic Briones
6) Jeff Schroeder
7) Jordan Lloyd
8) Kalia Booker
9) Keith Henderson
10) Lawon Exum
11) Porsche Briggs
12) Rachel Reilly
13) Shelly Moore

Text the number of your vote to 81818 (one dollar per vote, standard text messaging and data rates apply). More information and online free voting at CBS.com/bigbrother. Polls close 11:59p PT September 13.

MEANWHILE, you remember Shelly's little episode with the Big Brother Fortune Teller? Well, she finally broke her silence, and her words could land one houseguest in the final three...

HOH COMPETITION #11: Big Brother Fortune Teller

Answer true/false questions based on the fortunes you heard. Most points wins.

1) The fortune teller predicted Jeff will be "last seen wandering the streets of Chicago muttering the words clown shoes."
- FALSE (clown shoe.). Everyone's in with one.

2) The fortune teller predicted Brendon will discover "the cure for an ailment that has plagued him his entire life... athlete's foot."
- TRUE. Jordan wrong..

3) The fortune teller predicted "Cassi will land a role alongside international megastar David Hasselhoff."
- TRUE. Porsche wrong.

4) The fortune teller predicted that Keith's new dating show will be short-lived once its revealed that he "tried to date all 29 contestants."
- FALSE (all 29 FEMALE contestants). Porsche's wrong again.

5) The fortune teller predicted that Dominic will grace the cover of "Seventeen" magazine with the headline "The Dominator".
- FALSE (total domination). Porsche's out.

6) The fortune teller predicted that Evel Dick will "legally change his name from Evel Dick to Old St. Dick".
- FALSE (didn't say "legally change"). ADAM is the new HOH and is now guaranteed a spot in the final three. But who will he nominate? Find out... TOMORROW.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.