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Eviction Night: Rachel vs. Lawon
August 11

It's been a bitter week in the house, as Kalia puts Jeff and Rachel up for eviction. Jeff would veto his nomination, leaving LAwon to hatch a plan to put himself up as a pawn, thinking about "coming back to the house with special powers". But was that really a good idea?

All this, and a battle to return to the house as we enter... DAY 41.

Lawon's on the block... and he loves it. He says that he has a 99 percent chance of coming back with super powers. Kalia thinks that it's not in her best interest to get Rachel out of the house, because then who'll be gunning for her?

Lawon says that he's pissed, but Shelly thinks that something's up, calling him out on his "act". She asks Kalia if Lawon volunteered, because he's downstairs trying too hard. Unfortunately, the numbers are not in his favor.

... That doesn't stop Rachel from trying to get votes to stay in the house, while we're on the subject of trying too hard. All she has to do is keep her mouth shut and she'll be back in the house next week. She will do anything to stay in the game, but if she gets back up on the block, she's outta here. Meanwhile, she continues to play both sides of the fence.


What do Rachel's enemies from last year think? Ragan... LIKES her? Matt... no feeling whatsoever. They compare her to a "killer from a slasher movie". You think she's dead at the end, but then... oops, she's not.


Rachel and Lawon are not going to be able to vote, and HOH Kalia will only vote as a tiebreaker.

The vote to evict is four.

Jordan: LAWON
Porsche: Mr. Handsomefied, LAWON
Daniele: "I have a feeling I'm going to regret this, but ... I vote to evict LAWON."

That's four, that's enough. By a unanimous vote, LAWON EXUM has been evicted. BUT do not leave the Big Brother House just yet, because today's evictee will get a chance to stay in the house in...


Keith, Cassi, Dominic, and Brendon were sequestered with the knowledge that they would have a chance to return to the House. All week America has been voting for who they want to see back in the game. I'll wait for you to process that, Rachel.

The battle will be balls and a cornhole board. All you have to do is get the names of all 14 houseguests of Big Brother 13 in the hole within three minutes. The person who does that first will return to the game. If at the end of three minutes there is a tie in balls played, the player with the most correct balls will return. If there is a tie there, whoever sinks the first shot will win.

And now... the reveal. After 2 million votes... Lawon will battle... BRENDON. Keith, Cassi, and Dominic, please leave the Big Brother House.

As for the battle... It wasn't even close. BRENDON sweeps and will return to the game. Lawon... PLEASE LEAVE THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE.

The HOH Competition next time. Lawon's interview will be posted at CBS.com.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.