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Clean Up, Aisle Eight
August 21

Daniele had her sights set of Brendon... who got his walking papers Thursday night. The night ended in a soapy HOH Competition still in progress. There is where we pick up on... DAY 48.


Fill your cup with liquid soap as possible until you can get at a ping-pong ball. First person to grab it grabs the win, BUT be careful, because it's a slippery road to the HOH indeed.

So far, Jeff, Shelly, and Porsche are in the lead. The others are just... slip-slidin' away.

Next up... the rinse cycle. And more foam. Forty-five minutes into the game, and the competition is starting to take its physical toll. Kalia is taking her sweet bleeping time. Jeff leads, followed by Shelly and Rachel.

One hour into the challenge, more chaos. Adam takes a hard shot on the bottom. Jeff continues to kill it.

... and it's dead! JEFF is your new HOH! So by courtesy Jordan wins. Yay. Or something. Meanwhile, Daniele, Porsche, and Kalia look like they want to shoot themselves. Meanwhile, Daniele thinks that she's safe because of her conversation with Jeff, but at the same time, Jeff has to do what's best for him.

I'm looking at the lineup... and Jeff and Adam are the only guys left. Just pointing that out. And Rachel... misses Brendon. Yeah, we know.

Shelly is convinced that she sucks at competitions. She even sucks at being Rachel's friend. Kalia is busy wondering how Jeff's mind is going to work. Daniele can only hope that Jeff continues to hold his word.

"Who wants to see Big Jeff's HOH Room?" Well, given that he's the first guy to get HOH in the summer... no. Rachel... can't hlep but stay up there. It's in her DNA. Meanwhile, Shelly's going back up there to light into her ass. And Rachel... completely misconstrues the request. AGAIN. Jeff basically tells everyone to bite their tongue.

Next day, Jeff wants to cook for Shelly... and Shelly doesn't want to eat that much. Shelly doesn't want to each much.. coconut water, pita chips, hummus, you know the kind of stuff that people eat out in Californ-i-a. Don't know what you're talking about, Shelly, I cook with coconut water all the time.

Meanwhile, the Have Not menu for the week... Hard-boiled eggs and jalapenos. But who's going to be have-nots? Since there are no Have Nots, Jeff must now choose. He picks the two that have not been have-nots... Porsche and Daniele... and her best friend Kalia. Easy decision. At least we know where everyone stands... Ole.

Kalia tries to make peace with Jeff, since she knows that she's on the block. She decides to gun for Rachel as well. Two weeks ago, Jeff told her that she's going to pay for her decision. Well... the hat has been passed.

The Big Brother Table shrinks for the first time this summer.

Back to the plan, Daniele is still good with Jeff, and she hasn't been talking to Kalia or Porsche about the deal. Jeff can't say who he's putting up, but at this point, it's more than obvious. Jeff wants to make Daniele as secure as possible, but you can only trust him to an extent.

Porsche still wants to compete, and tried to talk game for the first time in 49 days. Hilarious.

But what happens if Daniele goes up on the block? Then she knows that the deal is off. On the flipside, he is thinking, maybe he wants to put her up.


Joining Jeff and Jordan doing the safety dance... Rachel... Shelly... Adam... and Daniele. So in a move that comes as a surprise to no one, Porsche and Kalia are on the block this week.

Will the Veto save either of them? Find out Wednesday. And remember, on Thursday... a week's worth of Big Brother in ONE NIGHT.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.