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Super Brendon
July 17

Here's a question: what's the quickest way to let everyone know where they stand? Ask the Head of Household to determine the order of the Head of Household competition. That's what Rachel did, and in her judgment, Adam & Dominic are the next targets, and Jordan is the lady in the catbird seat. All this, and Keith's eviction and the repercussions thereof as we enter.... DAY 13.

Dominic feels like someone flipped (two people actually - Kalia and Shelly), and he's not going to rest until he finds out who and why. Well, Keith calling out Kalia didn't help. Adam and Lawon are shocked by the reality of the game... The newbies are a) idiots and b) not united by any means.

Newbie meeting. Lawon is pissed... They "pulled" Adam, but he voted with the newbies. Kalia isn't saying that she was a flipper. Adam now suspects that Dominic is the rat, but Dominic is trying to find the real killer, not trusting anyone.

Happy dance with Rachel and Porsche. Exact opposite with Adam. Can't play with his partner anymore, because he's "the rat". What a coincidence, Dominic thinks the same about him. Now everyone's going to play hard to stay in the house. Someone's going to have to sell out in order to play the game.

Dominic is flirting with Daniele, hoping to strike something. Cassi and Rachel are washing up... in the most awkward washing up session ever.

Jordan: "Who wants to see my HOH Room?" Not me...

This calls for a break. It's a bird... it's a plane... It's Brendon in a onesie and a mask.

Back to business. The alliance that Adam thought he had... done. If he's with the vets, then he has the votes to stay. But Jeff is suspicious, because he already lied once. Dominic talks to Daniele about maybe swaying the vote to HIS side, probably turning into the ultimate slimeball in the process. He's ready to sell his soul to the devil.

Rachel thinks that Cassi is floating. That's not good.


Since Jordan is HOH, Jeff is her partner, and Porsche & Daniele are holding golden keys, they are all haves. All the other teams are fair game in this picnic.

On go, each team will march across the picnic, grab a food item, and carry it back to their anthill. The first team to collect four will be haves and choose two teams to be Haves.

Winner... BRENCHEL. They will choose two duos to be haves. Gee, I wonder who'll she choose.

Meanwhile, Kalia is hurt... How bad is it? We'll have to see the medic for sure... it's more fear than anything, and Kalia is cleared to return to the game.

As for the Have Nots... Dominic & Adam... and Cassi & Shelly. Surprise surprise. And this week, it's not just slop...it's beef jerky and jelly beans.

Thanks, ants.... Thants.

Dominic lays it out for Jordeff... Adam & Dominic are the targets this week. Dominic can't trust anyone, so he's willing to cut a deal. But he has to promise to vote their way. Jordan... doesn't know who she's putting up, although she doesn't trust him. Cassi would have no problem trusting Jeff & Jordan, wanting Shelly to be in the game as long as possible. She is open to putting other newbies in the hot seat.

So it's time to put a plan together... Jeff wants Dominic to go up, and Daniele doesn't trust Cassi. Is there a reason to keep Adam & Dominic?


Jordan, Jeff, Porsche, and Daniele are automatically safe. Joining... Rachel & Brendon... Shelly & Cassi... and Kalia & Lawon. That means that Adam & Dominic are in danger of leaving this week. No one knows where their heads are this week, not even themselves.

Their only plans... claw and hatch their way to the top.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.