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Celebrity Big Brother
September 4

The fight for $500,000 is getting down to the wife, as Shelly kisses her shot at the win goodbye, leaving only Porsche, Adam, Rachel, Kalia, and Jordan to compete in the next HOH competition. The competition continues on... DAY 62.

HOH COMPETITION #10: Rollin' in the Dough

Roll under the rolling pit into the gooey glaze, through the pit of sprinkles, and to the other side, where you will grab a donut, head back, and rack it up. You'll have a baker's dozen worth of minutes - 13 of them - to grab as many as possible. Most donuts will win HOH. And remember, only one donut at a time.

After 13 minutes... RACHEL wins with the most donuts! And the newbies are scrambling... again.

Rachel and Jordan are doing their happy dance. They have to think about who they want to get rid of in this round. Rachel suggests dealing with Adam, who's been floating about in the house for as long as he's been playing. Meanwhile, while he waits to shower all the glaze off of him, Adam gets word that Kalia didn't vote for him. That... means nothing to him. Porsche wants two newbies at the end.

Meanwhile Rachel...

"Who wants to see my HOH Room?" Not me.

Kalia says that she hasn't lied to anyone in this game, saying that she believes in battling it out. Is she going to forget about all of what Kalia's done? She doesn't want to go home, but that's the game. Would she take Jordan to the final? Probably, she says...

Rachel... can't drive. She'll fit right in in LA.

Porsche makes the same deal with Rachel that Kalia did. Does that mean that she can be trusted?

And apparently Adam's a big fan of "Beverly Hills, 90210". Pay attention. This is relevant.

The next day, Rachel enters her room to find...


On the viewscreen... is Tori Spelling. Adam would freak. The freak. Out. Anyway, Tori is pregnant and surrounded by clothes. What's better than a visit from a celebrity? How about a shopping spree with a celebrity! Just remember, with every temptation comes a consequence. She decides initially to not open Pandora's Box...

... then changes her mind. And I'll tell you right now.. Tori Spelling is indeed inside the house... but the OTHER Houseguests are going shopping with her. Rachel's going shopping with...

"Congratulations, Rachel! You've won a celebrity shopping spree with celebrity wrestler... Mr... Pec-Tacular."

... AKA BB All-star Jessie Godderz.

Back to the HOH room with Adam and Jordan. Adam decides to go with his gut again and team with Rachel, like he's been with them all summer. Rachel decides that keeping a non-competitor in the game this week could work well to her advantage. Jordan refuses to let two people who slept on this game all summer be in the final two.


Porsche pretty much is resigned to the block after her move against Rachel last week. Kalia says that she's not the target.

Safe this week... Jordan... and Adam. PORSCHE and KALIA are gunning for them, she has no choice.

But there is a veto to be won... AND someone's going home Wednesday.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.