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Eviction Night #3: Adam vs. Dominic
July 28

Last time, Rachel had a meltdown, while Adam and Dominic made separate deals to guarantee their safety. Dominic agreed to throw the veto, while Daniele played the game too hard. Dominic didn't play hard enough. Shelly played it just right, snitching on the couples and forcing Brendon, the veto holder to forego playing the veto and leaving the nominations as is. All this... and Kalia has a moment (finally) as we enter... DAY 27.

But first, some business to tend to. Tonight's vote will begin the round of 10, rendering all Golden Keys in play null and void. After the eviction, the team concept will be axed and everyone will be playing the game as individuals.

And the wife of the network brass says it best... Daniele is busted, all alliances are in question, and all deals are off. It's all going to Hell.

Jeff wants Dominic out of the house, as he's getting way too close to Daniele, who says that if Dominic goes home... He's going to be pissed. Brendon... can't stop talking, thinking that something was said that actually wasn't. That said, Rachel and Brendon were made for each other.

Kalia and Jordan talk in the have-not room, with Kalia telling Jordan that she didn't know what she knew three days ago. Someone's trying to start beef with everyone in the house. We're just being careful for the moment.

Jeff tells Dominic that he screwed up and that he's going home. Jeff pretty much calls Dominic on his plan to backdoor him and Jordan. It's Daniele's fault that he's in this position, and now everyone's peeved at him. Jordan calls Kalia out to Jeff, who starts to throw everyone under the dust. So what happens now? Dominic plays damage control. Jeff isn't buying it, calling him an accessory to backdooring. They finally start to see that he was lured into a trap.

Kalia made a deal with the vets in week one. She goes around to touch base since she didn't speak to them on the real since. And... obviously this is going nowhere. So she just blows up about apparently being the biggest floater in the house and how everyone is being used by everyone else. Welcome to the game.

And that's when it all comes out. "OKAY, IT WAS MY IDEA." Out of the mouth of... Daniele.


Alrighty. It's GO time. Adam genuinely likes everyone in here, and tells everyone to vote with peace of mind. Dominic genuinely likes everyone, then calls everyone spineless jellyfish that "suck at this game".


Adam & Dominic will not vote, and HOH Rachel will vote only in the case of a tie.

The vote to evict is five.

Jeff: "Terrible speech, I vote to evict DOMINIC."
Daniele: "Because I'm not afraid to go against the king and the queen, I vote to evict ADAM."
Brendon: DOMINIC

That's five... and two more after. By a vote of 7 to 1, DOMINIC BRIONES is evicted. Dominic, please exit the Big Brother House.

A few twists are over... but the summer of spin is far from over.

HOH COMPETITION #4: Big Brother Slalom

Hold onto your ski poles and ride as long as you can. The last one standing wins.

The first five houseguests eliminated must pick one snowball and open it. There could be something good... or bad. One snowball contains... $10,000.

And the mountain is getting a little steep as we leave our houseguests to their little ski trip. And just as we leave... the blizzard starts.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.