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July 7


Fifty-two cameras record your every move. Ninety-five microphones capture your every word. Big Brother is watching.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper & Eric Pierce, GSNN
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Old Versus New
July 10

Here's what happened so far... eight "average" Americans have entered the house and are told to pair up. They will go against three power pairs from seasons past. All are informed that if a team is nominated, the surviving partner will receive a Golden Key, which is basically a free pass for the first month in the house, a twist is designed for floaters. Brendon and Rachel have the same view toward floaters... they don't like'em.

As for the returnees, they have the same view on the game that the fresh meat has... they have to band together. Which for Daniele is rather awkward, because she's banding with her father that she hasn't spoken for three years.

Meanwhile, Keith and Porsche are talking strategy. Their best advantage... hanging out with the veterans. Keith says that it's way too early.

Jeff tells Rachel that he's on the same page... Yeah, and all of Jeff Sutphen's true stories are true.

Dominic thinks that he can trust Keith and Lawon, and they need one more to cement an alliance. That said, they bring Cassi in, but first...

"Who wants to see my HOH ROOM?!" Evel Dick sums up my feelings: "I don't care if it's Rachel or Jesus Christ. I could really give a ..."

Back to the game, as the vets are convinced that one of the new teams has to flip in order to preserve the numbers. Daniele always wants something out of it, while Dick is always looking to strike a deal.

Meanwhile, Rachel spends her time propping up her already absent self-esteem, thinking that Cassi has either botox or a nose job. Nope, that's all her. As for Brendon, he's slowly learning the fundamental truth of an engaged couple: you're wrong, she's right.

Dominic explains the plan to Cassi, saying that one of the new groups are going to go up. They can't tell the partners, though. So no one will know about this. That's the most hackneyed strategy I've ever heard, but let's see how it works. And thus was born... the Regulators.

Mount up.

Did we mention that Kalia was outside hearing the whole damned thing?

Meanwhile, Dick is talking to Porsche about pulling her into the veteran fold. That is on par with Porsche's strategy, and it's in her best interest, because they're going to go the furthest in the house. She tells Keith that they may keep her team because that's votes for them. Good for her, bad for Keith... And guess who he snitches to.


It's Adam, Dominic, Porsche & Keith vs. Kalia, Shelly, Cassi & Lawon vs. Jeff, Jordan, Daniele & Dick.

On Rachel's signal, each cow will get into the milky way and sop up as much of the "milk-like substance" as possible. Then the milkman will squeeze it out into a waiting tank. First two teams to fill six jugs will be the Haves for the week, with all the benefits and privileges therein. The final team will be the have-nots, having experienced "udder" failure.

Rob the Cash Cow: Moo.

First to finish: the blue team of Dick, Daniele, Jeff & Jordan. Second... Adam, Dominic, Porsche & Keith. The others are going to be "udderly" disappointed as the have-nots. Cold showers and slop for everyone!

The have-not room this year... a minimalist dream. Padded room and flat bed. The light in the room cannot be turned off ever.

Vets have to win HOH all the time. Dick thinks he can trust Adam, but can he trust Porsche? They're trying to get numbers on their side. But will Dick's plan work? He asks in return... votes or POV votes and such. Do what they say, and they'll take care of you. Adam'll take it, but he's coming after you at the same time.

Huntin' and killin' goes to the wayside for parentin' and weddin'.

Rachel has to do some serious thinking about who to keep and who to get rid of. Adam is safe, because he idolized Evel Dick. Keith is dangerous, but she's scared of giving Porsche a Golden Key. Dick, though, can trust her.

The moment of truth...


First of all, Brendon, as Rachel's partner, is already safe. Joining them... Daniele & Dick, Jeff & Jordan, Lawon & Kalia, Shelly & Cassi, and Adam & Dominic.

That means that Keith and Porsche are in danger of leaving the house this week. Welcome to Big Brother, indeed.

Will the Regulators mount up to save Keith? And what happens when one houseguest decides that six days is enough?

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.