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Silence is Golden
July 20

Last time, the newbies were torn apart, with no one talking about who flipped. Partners began to turn on each other, culminating in both Adam & Dominic making separate deals to new HOH Jordan. End result... BOTH of them are nominated as we enter... DAY 14.

Jordan felt like Dominic was the ringleader of the group. She doesn't trust Adam, but she has to work with him right now. Does Dominic have a shot? He can't trust his partner... He can't trust the people he cut a deal with. Time to fight. "Never underestimate the heart of a champion. Stay classy, Cincinnati."

Jordan says for Adam to throw the veto. Porsche tells Rachel that Cassi has to be out, because apparently "she's pretty". That's as good a reason as any. Well, not really. Lawon catches the women talking. And women who talk in secret talk evil. Daniele is trying to push Dominic into making a move against Cassi. They're always goofing off, but will her moves benefit him? What we do know... Daniele doesn't trust Cassi. Rachel doesn't trust Cassi. Their partners may feel differently, but... well, we don't hear much out of them.

Everyone says that they can't trust Cassi... and the thing of it is... we haven't heard hair nor hide from the girl. Jeff doesn't understand it either. He's the last sane person left at CBS, saying that Rachel needs to relax.

It's a scientifically proven fact that women hate each other. Enter Cassi, of whom Rachel is jealous, and that's forming most of her animosity.

Joining Jeff & Jordan and Adam & Dominic in the Veto competition.... Brendon & Rachel. Whoopee. Hosting: Daniele.

Jeff & Jordan are in it for themselves at this point. That's Rachel's thinking. She and Brendon want to try and pull Dominic into the fold to get Cassi out. Imagine the upset if Dominic is still in the house after this episode.

VETO COMPETITION #2: Ready, Set, Gum!

This is a solo competition. The winner will have the sole power of veto. All you have to do is chew enough gumballs to create the Veto symbol on your game board. You have to know how to walk and chew gum at the same time, because you are on a balance beam. If you fall, you are out unless you are willing to accept two weeks on slop to continue. If you fall twice, you are out.

Jordan is down... and she wants to take the slop pass. Jeff convinces her NOT to, and she's out. Rachel decides to take the two weeks... but she's out anyway.

Winner... DOMINIC. He is in control. "HELL YEAH, BOY, GET SOME OF THAT!" ... Okay.

Cassi is scared now that she's being considered as a replacement. Meanwhile, Jeff tells Rachel that she needed to shut her trap with those comments. "No. It's done." Brendon gets her head back in the game. Serious drama in the house, as the veterans alliance is threatening to crumble...

"I don't want to work with them anymore." Could be a possible vote out. Brendon tells her to put a game face on, take a heaping helping of slop, and move on. Meanwhile, Cassi's loving that everyone's starting to see Rachel for the psycho lady that she is.

And Adam? "I kept my word, I'm off the block... Easy week."

Jeff is starting to get sick of Rachel. Jordan thinks that Rachel needs to win every competition or else the world's going to end. She's expecting everyone to like her even though she's incredibly cloying. Jeff would be lying if he didn't think about backdooring Brendon & Rachel.

Rachel admits to Brendon that she made a mistake in opening her mouth. She's willing to tell Jordan that, even though she herself doesn't believe it. "No wonder America hates me." That's the first thing that you said that made any sense. She goes to apologize. Now the repercussions of this shouting match are going to last two weeks, for better or for worse. "Now we can't hate each other." I'd stop while you're "ahead", Rachel.

Alright, let's talk, Jordan. She doesn't want Cassi and Shelly on the block. Has she considered Brendon & Rachel. Cassi tells Jordan to think about the long haul. Think about who really will watch out for her in the end. Will she do what's best for herself or what's best for the alliance?

... Sounds like Jeff has no problem with that plan.


No brainer: Dominic uses the veto to save himself and Adam.

So who will Jordan pick to replace them? With a huge amount of commiseration, she nominates SHELLY & CASSI. One of them will go home tomorrow night.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.