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Taking the Shot
August 7

Brendon is out of the House, and Kalia is in the HOH room, leaving the veterans scrambling for the second consecutive week. How will this affect Kalia's upcoming nominations? Let's listen in as we enter... DAY 34.

As Kalia relishes her position, Porsche, who put Jeff & Shelly up against each other, does damage control. And Rachel... cries. The vets will have to rely on the upcoming twist.

In the HOH room, Kalia has no idea what her next move is. Just listen to everything and see what to do next. Example. Rachel wants to stay safe this week... and if Kalia can make that happen, she will keep her off the block next week. "Humble pie, doesn't it taste good?"

Meanwhile, Kalia and Shelly talk about life in general, with her having been discriminated against such things that a woman of color would go through, and Adam is ready to shed the Ronnie James Dio image... in a private show. And while Kalia sleeps in the hammock, Shelly does something devious... Busted, Shelly.

Back in the HOH room, Kalia has to decide who the target is this week. It isn't Jeff... Putting Rachel on the block would help relations between him and the HOH.


Each team will send one houseguest to blend three ingredients for a martini with milk. You'll then serve it up to your opponents. If you can name the most ingredients after three guesses, you'll get a point. If you are tied after three, you'll have to chug it down to get the point. Best of three wins.

It's Shelly, Jeff, Jordan & Rachel vs. Adam, Porsche, Lawon & Daniele.

Jeff vs. Lawon: goes to a tiebreaker... JEFF wins (Blues up, 1-0)
Shelly vs. Porsche: PORSCHE wins (Tied at 1)
Daniele vs. Jordan: ... going to a tiebreaker. And the winner is... DANIELE! She, Lawon, Porsche & Adam are Haves this week! On the menu this week... Coconuts & catfish.

Jordan goes to have a chunder, if only a mental one.

Kalia and Shelly talk to the game. Shelly throws out the idea of Kalia and Daniele to the end. Shelly has no intention of keeping her word on that, but it's a good game move. Jordan says that if Jeff goes up, then he's going home AND coming back to kick her out. Same with Jordan. She could be digging her own grave.


Will Kalia take a stand and keep her word... or rethink her game and switch it up?

Safe are... "Happy birthday Adam."... Porsche... Daniele... Jordan... Lawon... and Shelly. That means that the original plan to put RACHEL and JEFF on the block holds. The last week has been hell, and in the end, she has made her own decision.

And meanwhile, Rachel is a trainwreck, latching onto Daniele. Why? We'll see...

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.