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Eviction Night #1: Keith vs. Porsche
July 14

Eight newbies and six all-stars entered the house one week ago. Since then, it's been twist after twist. First, the team pairings... then the power players... and then Evel Dick leaving on his own accord, leaving Daniele with a Golden Key, and his alliance with five vets with Porsche and Adam. And Keith has already started to overplay his hand. Both he and his partner have decided to throw the veto... leaving their nominations intact.

All this, and Julie Chen's 80s shoulder-pads too... as we enter Day 13. Both nominees are convinced that they have the votes to stay in the game, even as Keith's Regulators started to doubt him. Even so, they decide to take out Porsche. Lawon can pull Kalia. Dominic can pull Adam. All five have to be on board, otherwise this will not work.

The vets have to keep Porsche as a swing... But could they also flip Shelly and Cassi? To that end, and because Rachel thinks that the vets have segregated themselves from the newbs, they decide to having a bit of a coming together. For a while, the 13 seem like one, but in the Big Brother house, nothing is ever certain. Meanwhile, Rachel thinks that she's on "So You Think You Can Dance". Clearly... she can't.

Cornhole tournament between Jeff and "Bookie" Brendon. That comes to an end quickly as he and Rachel try and come to grips with the fact that they are husband-and-wife in practice if not in reality.

Back to more pressing matters. With Dick out of the house, the vets are scrambling to reassure Adam that the plan is still in play. Adam even has a really cool name for the alliance... Adam's Angels. That's lovely.

Cassi tries to stress how nothing is to be gained from keeping Porsche from the house. Kalia doesn't want to rock the boat. Shelly's playing both sides as well.

We'll get to the vote in a moment, but first... ATTENTION, HOUSEGUESTS, YOU ARE LIVE ON CBS. PLEASE DO NOT SWEAR.

Evel Dick has a message for the houseguests... He's alright, his family's okay... He never would've left the house if it weren't for an emergency. He apologizes to Daniele. He wishes the rest of the house luck, and will see everyone at the finale.

Now for our closing arguments. Keith says to have fun, never take things personal, and remember it's only a game. Porsche says that she appreciates playing with the veterans.


The vote to evict is 6. Neither of the nominees will vote. As HOH, Rachel will vote only in the event of a tie.

Dominic: PORSCHE
Brendon: KEITH
Jordan: KEITH
Daniele: KEITH
Kalia: KEITH
Shelly: KEITH

The vote is in, the result is official... By a vote of 6 to 4, KEITH, you have been evicted. So Porsche will be in the top 10 via a golden key.

Shelly predicts that someone's going to get an ass-whuppin' at the end of this.


Mini-golf with one single putt. The closest to the hole-in-"one" wins. Overshoot it, and it's in the water hazard.

Dominic: 6
Adam: 8
Cassi: In the drink
Shelly: In the drink
Lawon: In the drink
Kalia: 6
Jordan: 3, ensuring that the Vets will rule for one more week
Jeff: In the neighbor's yard.
Brendon: Not even close.

So Jordan is the new HOH, and Jeff is safe, meaning another week of scrambling for the newbies.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.