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Eviction Night: Shelly vs. Brendon
August 18

The week that was... Brendon returned to the house after ousting Lawon in a battle for your life... Daniele got HOH... She nominates Shelly and Adam for eviction... Adam wins the veto and takes himself off... Brendon is back on the block... and Shelly is back against the wall, as Brendon is set to go home this week.

All this, and Jordan in a Humilitard as we enter... DAY 48.

Shelly has been exposed finally as the floater among floaters, and Jeff & Jordan must choose their alliances carefully, because two of their friends are now back on the block. Kalia's HOH was admittedly a disaster, so now up comes the cleanup crew.

Brendon and Rachel head to the kiss-and-cry, aka the Have Not Room.

Shelly and Daniele put their faith in the vote, knowing that they have the numbers to send Brendon packing... again. That doesn't stop Brendon from campaigning to Rachel and Adam. His main arguing point: women win HOH, men win POV, and as long as he's in the house, everyone's a target. The only benefit of keeping Brendon in the house... he's a bigger target. Rachel lobbies to Porsche. Jeff has to choose between a bigger target or a better ally. Jeff's going to have to look at this week as a turning point, so he must choose wisely. Meanwhile... Shelly decides that she needs to pick-a-side. Daniele is willing to beg, borrow, and BS her way into Jeff & Jordan's graces. Jordan is hoping that Rachel will not force a tiebreaker, because then she'd be a bigger target. But it was Jeff, there would be no question. "Worst alliance ever." Yep. And here comes Jeff to defend his woman's honor, you know... something Brendon couldn't do.


During her 24 hours in solitary confinement, Shelly did get a phone call from home from Big Brother. That was originally Jordan's, but she gave it up, and in return, she got.. the Humilitard. Brendon got back into the house because, and this is what he's thinking, he's fighting to stay together with Rachel. She's ready to fight as well.

Meanwhile, we officially enter the third phase of the game. With every eviction, the jury of seven grows by one. Tonight's evictee will be the first.

So what does Shelly's husband and 8-year-old daughter think about her mom playing the game? Shelly was voted homecoming queen. Betcha didn't know that. As for her daughter... well, she misses her. She's wondering what she's doing, because she's going to get herself kicked off. "Be careful, missy. I got my eyes on you." She also says that she needs to stop lying and pick a side. Wow. Eight years old and already she GETS IT.


Shelly and Brendon are not going to be able to vote, and HOH Daniele will only vote as a tiebreaker.

The vote to evict is four.

Rachel: "Unlike the other cowards in this house, I choose to evict SHELLY and go against the house."
Porsche: BRENDON

That's four, that's enough. By a vote of 5-1, BRENDON VILLEGAS has been evicted. AGAIN.


Fill your cup with liquid soap as possible until you can get at a ping-pong ball. First person to grab it grabs the win, BUT be careful, because it's a slippery road to the HOH indeed.

And after Julie does her best Marc Summers impersonation... we get started... by adding some more foam.

See how this HOH competition ends on Showtime 2 tonight, on CBS Sunday.

... and next Thursday... a week's worth of Big Brother in ONE NIGHT.

To watch this episode in its entirety, or for more information on the live feeds, go to www.cbs.com/bigbrother.