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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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No infringement of copyright is intended by these fan pages; production companies of shows this site covers retain all rights to the sounds, images, and information contained herein. No challenge to copyright is implied. 

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Chico: The BOTTOMLESS Mello-Yello mug.
Ryan: Red Bull here.
Gordon: I prefer a nice Mint Chocofrappucino.
Chico: Preppie. :)
Joe: Pepsi for the ol' Game Show Man, please.
Chico: It's once again time to look forward into the crystal ball... I see a toilet.. Can only mean one thing.
Gordon: We've lost Mr. Klauss, but James Dinan has replaced him. He joins myself, Chico, Ryan, Joe, and SPECIAL guest Eddie Timanus as we are prepping up for Push or Flush. You all know the drill. 12 Shows, You say if it gets pushed...or flushed.
Ryan: Shoot!
Chico: (wow, that fit nicely!)
Gordon: Last time out, we were right in Flushing The Benefactor.
Chico: And wrong in pushing LCS3.
Gordon: That was the only error - LCS 3. We were right in everything else.
Just goes to show you that we don't know about these things before hand... but that doesn't stop us from doing that.
Joe: Let's see if we're right this time.
Chico: Okay, first up, Gordon-dude.
Ryan: I have confidence in the panel.

Show 1 - Who's Your Daddy? (Fox) A woman gets 100,000 dollars if she picks out her real long lost father. Do you have confidence in this show?

Ryan: Flush.
Chico: It's heartwarming reunions... disguised as Fox trash!
James: Flush. If I want to see that, I'll wait every three days for a daytime talk show
Eddie: Flush. You can't make a game out of the Maury Povich Show (And no, I'm not talking about that lame "Twenty-One" revival).
Gordon: I think you could make a game out of it - but I'm not even sure this makes it to air. FLUSH.
Chico: But trash is trash and I ain't feeling this one. Once again, Fox went ... there. (FLUSH)
Joe: Flush, just because no one can stomach the format.
Chico: Shouldn't have gone there.
Gordon: Unanimous FLUSH (6-0)
Chico: Besides, it makes a better WLTI game :)

Show 2 - The Road to Stardom (UPN) Missy Elliott takes 13 Rhythm and Blues wanna be's on the road in this competition to be the next music star.

Chico: Being in the midst of the game, I'd have to say that if this succeeds, then more power to 'em.
Ryan: Flush. It's been done before.
Joe: Ordinarily, I like this kind of music. But if I want a talent competition, I'll watch American Idol, or better yet, The Gong Show.
Chico: And if it goes with the Top Model crowd, then even more so. Reserved Push.
Joe: I'm gonna Flush.
Gordon: One of the things that I like about Next Top Model is that they go through the industry. Missy Elliott's show looks like it will do that too - and I like it. Push
Eddie: Well, as has previously been observed here, shows featuring the phrase "The Next" don't tend to do well. Still this one might work if the talent is there to keep it entertaining. A slight push.
James: I'm going to give this a push -- UPN knows how to tailor to urban audiences, and this may pull said audience in
Chico: Misdemeanor if you're nasty.
Gordon: Everybody pushes except Joe.

Show 3 - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search (NBC) You've seen the Sports Illustrated Model Edition. Do you want to see the women competing to get into the magazine?

Chico: I just want to see the women. Who cares about the show? It's done. NBC is reaching. It's a FLUSH.
Ryan: NBC seems to tailor to these types of things. Push.
James: Flush...It's Top Model with a magazine cover
Gordon: It worked for Next Top Model. Push
Joe: No thanks. I like hot women, but I prefer my competitions to have some semblance of intellectualism, thank you. Unless it's a sporting event, of course. Big FLUSH.
Eddie: Only if they allow me to do hands-on judging. Hey, it's only fair, right? Seriously, though, I think most people would just, ya know, buy the magazine. Flush. (Just kidding about that hands-on part, sweetie.)
Chico: It didn't work with me :)
Gordon: Eddie agrees with the majority. 4-2 Flush.
Chico: We're going to wait for the mag to hit the stands.

Show 4 - Jeopardy post-Jennings (Syn) Ken Jennings is gone. We have a string of one and two time winners. Does the show still interest you?

Chico: I watch it for the sheer competition and the advancement of knowledge. I go push.
James: Push: The show's been pretty entertaining the past two weeks with very competitive games.
Ryan: Pushy. J is J is J.
Joe: Of course it does. It will until the end of time. And sooner or later, someone else will go on a hot streak. Push city.
Gordon: I could have beaten Jason Block on Friday if I knew Final Jeopardy. That alone gives it a PUSH
Ryan: Touche!
Eddie: Push. The show will always interest me. It's always a good mental exercise. I was getting a bit tired of always knowing who was going to win, but I must say the quality of play has suffered a bit since Ken's departure. Still, there might always be another Ken out there. You never know.
Chico: Of course, that's an unbiased position, because we have to note that Eddie was a champion.
Gordon: True - but it's 6-0, Nonetheless, PUSH.
Joe: Indeed. He was a FIVE TIME! FIVE TIME! FIVE TIME! FIVE TIME! FIVE TIME Jeopardy Champion!

Show 5 - Wickedly Perfect (CBS) CBS is looking for the next Martha Stewart. Are you looking with them?

Chico: Uhh... No.
Gordon: This could be fun - and underrated, and in the Thursday Spot at 8pm against an underperforming Joey, it could be a surprise. PUSH.
James: Flush -- I'd rather see the real thing than a wannabe. Also, WP will give Fox a chance to shine with The OC.
Chico: I don't see anything long-term coming of it.
Eddie: Flush. No interest here whatsoever.
Ryan: Push. It looks fun.
Chico: CBS is going to kick itself when this ends, and Survivor begins with a growing OC. Flush for me.
Joe: Wickedly Perfect isn't just a FLUSH, it's Pour the Dran-o down the Pipe after it Because It'll Clog my Pipes.
Gordon: Ok, the final tally is 3 Flush, 2 Push and 1 Dran-o
Chico: Joe... You rock :)

Show 6 - The Will (CBS) ABC tried this idea, which features family members competing against each other for an inheritance, under the title called 'The Family' and it failed miserably. Do you want to see the remake?

Chico: No. Flush. Even more so, I'm invoking Joe's Drano rule.
Joe: The hell I do. Flush.
Gordon: I'll take Joe's Drano after he's done with it. DRANO FLUSH.
Ryan: Flush. Hard. Repetitively.
James: Flush. The show's airing on Saturdays. The last show to succeed on Saturdays was Golden Girls. Superflush.
Eddie: Flush. No way. You can't make a game out of the Jerry Springer show either.
Chico: A unanimous Flush-burger.
Gordon: With Drano toppings.
Chico: And speaking of which...

Show 7 - American Dream Derby (GSN) The Game Show Network believes that the time has come to make a reality series based on horse-racing.

Gordon: Are you saying that burgers are made from horses?
Ryan: Flush. Horse Racing has come and gone with Seabiscuit.
Joe: I'll stick to the Kentucky Derby, thank you. Flush.
Chico: Preakness here. Flush.
James: Flush -- no one has cared about horse racing since Secretariat.
Gordon: I think this will work - you don't need a big audience for this to work. Push.
Eddie: Push. If it's done right, this could be good. There are a lot of passionate and driven people in the racing industry, and there's a lot of triumph and heartbreak.
Chico: I just don't see the audience.
Gordon: I think there are more closet horseracing fans than you think
Chico: I mean, I see how it will work.
Gordon: If there's an audience for Dodgeball, there's one for horses
Chico: But I don't see how it'll be compelling
Joe: Most of the horse crowd is watching TV-G.
Chico: Which i don't have
Gordon: Me and Eddie say push, everyone else wants a horseburger.
James: Dodgeball plays to the young...the Dream Derby plays to the shuffleboard set.

Show 8 - The Bachelorette 3 (ABC) It features the winner of The Bachelor 3 in New York.

Ryan: Flush. This is old.
Chico: Flush .... HARD!!!!
James: Flush -- time to take this show to the woodshed and give it a proper farewell
Gordon: Why, Fleiss, Why? Flush.
Chico: I was waiting to use that.
Joe: DRANO TIME. Lacey Pemberton rules, but The Bachelor blows...never mind.
Eddie: Flush. Didn't watch the first two either.
Chico: Another big flush-o
Gordon: 6-0 Flush. Not as much Dran-o though.

Show 9 - World Series of Blackjack 2 (GSN) The former Game Show Network brings back civilians to play blackjack for a lot of money.

Ryan: Flush - for some reason it's not as good as Celeb Blackjack. Not sure why.
Gordon: I can't say no to Blackjack - Push.
Joe: Nope. Sorry. Have to Flush. Need a third, CBJ, actually.
Eddie: A slight push. At least it's a real game.
James: Push: People come back to casino shows like the swans to Capistrano.
Chico: I have to love the black jack. Push this, please.
Gordon: A 4-2 Edge on the Push. Now what if the Bachelorette did BJ....uh....
Ryan: Bad territory there!

Show 10 - Iron Chef America (Food Network) Iron Chef finally makes it to American shores as a series. Do you want to see chefs from around the United States compete against Masaharu Morimoto, Bobby Flay and Mario Batali?

Chico: Hell yeah, I do!
Joe: WHOO IRON CHEF! And with Alton Brown, even.
Ryan: I'd abstain but I'd be booted... so Push, if only for Chico :)
Chico: And Alton Brown, too? That's the icing right there.. BIG PUSH!
Joe: I am absolutely stoked that this is finally happening. This is one of the niftiest formats ever created. Even though I'd never eat half the stuff they make, this is going to rock. Push it like Salt and Pepa.
Gordon: Push it - Push it good.
James: Push, as long as it's done Japan-style, not UPN-style, if you get my drift.
Chico: They did five shows already on Food Network... Very respectful to the original.
Joe: And yes, James, it's definitely Japan-style.
Eddie: Flush. I admit I'm probably just missing the boat, but I just don't get the Iron Chef thing.
Gordon: Eddie! Noooooooooooooooo.....
Chico: Eddie... we're going to have to talk.
Gordon: 5 Pushes, 1 Person for an un Iron-Chef like Horseburger.

Show 11 - American Idol 4 (FOX) The show lost some luster thanks to the racial controversies that plagued it last year. Will you be watching the next edition of it?

James: Push, but it's running out of gas.
Chico: I have to. I'm a music man. You know, trick ear. I like to watch real talent... I'm actually hoping for some this year.
Joe: I'm gonna try this time. I'm gonna tentatively push it.
Chico: Push..
Ryan: I probably won't watch too much, but let's PUSH it anyway - if nothing else, it'll keep some crap other reality show off of FOX.
Chico: Result!
Gordon: It can't be worse than Idol 3...could it? Push.
Eddie: A slight push. I think what really hurt it was the talent pool, but I'll give it another chance.
Chico: Maybe if we put last year's nasty affairs out of mind.
Joe: Agreed.
Gordon: This is the most tentative 6-0 Push I've ever seen
Chico: I hope it's like the first season. I really do.
Joe: Besides, it's always funny to watch Simon Cowell bag on the losers.
Chico: I need freshness.
Joe: Too late. You're already stale.
Gordon: Last One...

Show 12 - Distraction (Comedy Central) Contestants attempt to answer questions while they are involved in scenes (body tattooing, roller coaster rides, etcetera) that could distract them from answering them.

Joe: They already had that. It was called "The Chamber." DRANO TIME.
Chico: This could be a thinking man's Fear Factor. I'm going to push... with reservation.
James: Flush - interesting plot when they called it The Chamber.
Ryan: Flush - torture shows just don't work. See Chamber, The; and less so Chair, The.
Chico: The chamber was just horrid.
Joe: And I tried out for it. Like a moron.
Gordon: I saw the sneak preview. I have no reservations. FLUSH.
Eddie: Push. Now this is something I could actually see myself doing. I'd love to see what they might come up with to try to distract a blind guy.
Chico: ...That would be interesting.
Gordon: Final Tally - 4-2 flush. Well, there you have it. We'll be back with the BIG FINISH...right after this.

(This break has been sponsored by I'M A GAME SHOW PERSONALITY - CHICO, GET ME OUT OF HERE! Chico Alexander takes his 12 most hated television people and stuffs them on the island. You can expect long appearances by Stone/Stanley, Mike Fleiss and JD Roberto)

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