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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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December 8, 2004

Gordon: Depends on who's shooting off the gun, isn't it?
Rob: He could have used that for an Oblivious game.
Ryan: I'm going to act Oblivious.
Chico: He could've used a number of things for Oblivious.
Joe: Like a personality that didn't annoy people?
Gordon: As we celebrate Regan's use of the Milk Gun at the video wall, we have another celebration this week - as we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of GSN!
Ryan: Yay!
Rob: yay
Chico: Three more years until its bar mitzvah :)
Tim: They grow up so fast.
Joe: Word.
Gordon: And so because of this, we dedicate this version of Accuracy or Idiocy to them. Would you like to start it off, Chico?
Chico: Yep. I actually have an idea for this; we start with 1994 and work forward. Got the idea?
Joe: Nice.
Gordon: Let's do it.
Rob: ok
Ryan: Give'r!
Chico: Okay, we begin... at the beginning.

1994: Game Show Network was an idea whose time had come. Accuracy or idiocy?

Gordon: Accuracy - Of Course.
Tim: True!
Joe: Accuracy.
Ryan: Accuracy.
Rob: Accuracy.
Chico: Okay, that was a gimme :-)
Gordon: Next!

1995: Interactive Games like Decades and Trivia Track will bring people to GSN.

Joe: Idiocy.
Chico: Idiocy. Good games will bring people to GSN.
Tim: Idiocy. Time has told.
Ryan: Accuracy - at least they're trying!
Rob: Idiocy, hated it.
Gordon: I liked the idea - hated the execution. Next?

1997: The Dark Period was a time where a crucial decision had to be made: losing money or losing audience. In the end, we decided that audience was more important.

Chico: And for those who don’t know, and I’d imagine that they would be few and far between, the Dark Period saw GSN lose the license to a majority of the Goodson-Todman shows such as Blockbusters, Double Dare 77, Family Feud, etc.
Joe: Accuracy. Audience = money.
Ryan: Are we judging the dark or after dark period?
Chico: After the dark
Ryan: I'll go with Accuracy then.
Rob: Idiocy, but you gotta love the rebirthing of shows like Go, Chain Reaction, Treasure Hunt, among others that are good, short-lived shows - Faux Pause, JEP, Click, etc..
Gordon: All of the period. I think this is the time that GSN started to 'Get It' in terms of their audience. Accuracy.
Tim: Accuracy. Can't do anything without people watching something for the sponsors.
Gordon: Next one?
1998, Part 1: We can drop TPIR and still keep the audience.
Chico: Idiocy.
Rob: Idiocy.
Tim: Idiocy! Must have TPIR!
Ryan: Idiocy. It's fun to see the retro stuff.

1998, Part 2: People would much rather watch our shows like Burt Ludden's Love Buffet and Throut and Neck.

Joe: Idiocy.
Chico: Idiocy. More than just idiocy. It’s Idiocy Plus.
Rob: Utter Idiocy.
Tim: Also idiocy.
Gordon: I liked Throut and Neck.
Chico: Makes you in the minority.
Ryan: Idiocy. And you don't have to have GSN to know that.
Joe: Yeah, but I liked Rebecca Grant.
Gordon: Rebecca Grant is hot.
Joe: Throut and Neck sucked. Rebecca Grant was cool.
Chico: I liked Rebecca Grant on Robot Wars. That had hot chicks AND destruction.
Joe: ROFL.
Rob: Best of both worlds.
Gordon: But no purple animated characters.
Chico: On the other hand...

2002: Our best original programming came this year.

Joe: Accuracy. Russian Roulette rules all.
Rob: Accuracy if you take away Friend or Foe.
Ryan: Total accuracy. RR, Whammy, FoF, Cram, Lingo... Quality stuff.
Rob: On the whole: Accuracy.
Gordon: Accuracy if you take away Russian Roulette.
Joe: ROFL.
Gordon: (Just kidding, Joe)
Joe: I know. Hence ROFL.
Tim: Accuracy. Some good original stuff. It'd be nice to have RR back. They have it in their "thanks for watching commercial".
Joe: I'm still miffed they dumped it.
Gordon: And finally…

2004: Shows like Celeb BJ, Poker Royale, Extreme Dodgeball and Dream Derby will give us our best ratings yet.

Joe: Idiocy.
Rob: Accuracy.
Chico: Accuracy on the BJ, idiocy on the horsies. I just don't see myself as the horse crowd.
Ryan: Idiocy.
Tim: Idiocy.
Gordon: I have to go accuracy - for them to get the demographics that they want, I think it's the right direction.
Joe: I'm not so sure.
Rob: I like Celebrity Blackjack, It's always funny to see someone get hit with a 50+mph fastball to the dome.
Gordon: Lingo is a great show, but it doesn’t bring in the young'uns.
Tim: I just can't appreciate this as spectator sports. I know others like it more, but I want to be able to play along.
Ryan: But isn't Lingo pretty much done.
Rob: Maybe.
Joe: I'll be honest: I like Celeb BJ. But the rest is crap to me. I'll withhold judgment on Poker Royale until I see it.
Gordon: Ratings dictate no, lack of funding this season dictates yes.
Joe: Maybe they'll bring it back next year. Time will tell.
Chico: An interesting factoid: GSN is actually posting 0.1 higher than it was last year. I forgot where I read it, but Alex Davis (our stat-boy in waiting) showed it to me.
Ryan: I'm liking Celeb BJ as well... but I wonder if we really need another poker show?
Rob: With the World Series of poker in constant reruns and Celebrity Poker Showdown in reruns also, we need it
Joe: We do? We can't wait for WPT's new season...btw, did you guys see the American Chopper vs. Trading Spaces special they did last week?
Chico: Yes... and it rocked.
Gordon: Hopefully, we can get the 4 Aces segment on the Video Wall. So there you have it - GSN's major decisions - all in 15 minutes. We'll all be deciding how to act next, as we go into a little Roleplay.
Ryan: Gosh, we do a public service, don't we?

(Brought to you by The Apprentice - Ken Jennings Edition. Someone needs to help Ken spen...I mean manage him money, doesn't he?)

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