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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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September 3, 2005

Chico:  Show 69!
Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I did something that would classify me as a video game geek.
Chico:  What did you do?
Jason B.:   You placed an order for a PS3?
Chico:  No, Jason... that would be ME..:)
Gordon: I reserved Dragon Quest 8, which wouldn't be geeky in itself.
Jason B.:   Of course not. I reserve games all the time.
Gordon: But what I also did was also order the 'Blue Slime Controller', which gives you a controller the shape of a blue slime that's prevalent in the Dragon Quest games.
Jason B.:   Ok...THAT is geeky.
Chico:  Yes it is. Very geeky. Geekier than the PS3 bit I made. On that note, I'll just say "I'm Chico Alexander, and from Somewhere in America... We Love To Interrupt is on!
Gordon: Welcome to WLTI, where we have Beat the Block's Jason Block and Buzzer's Alex Davis joining us on this Labor Day Weekend.
Jason B.:   I am still mad at Microsoft for the bait and switch they are doing.
Gordon: Nooooo Xbox 360 for me. I'm a Sony guy. What bait and switch?
Jason B.:   They are coming out with two models...a $299 bare bones model with wired controllers and non-backwards compatibility.
Gordon: Ick; What's the other?
Jason B.:   And a $399 model with wireless controllers, backwards compatibility, a 20GB HD and all the goodies, which basically pushes people to spend $400.
Gordon: Actually, if you paid $299 for the first one, you have to pay $700.
Alex:   I'm so lost right now words can't describe it. Hi.
Jason B.:   Thank you. It's always a pleasure to be here.
Chico:  Always a pleasure to have you guys.
Alex:   Any time.  I finally have a day off of concerts, so I'm thrilled to do something I enjoy.  Bashing crappy game shows and other things.
Gordon: Yes - and it's a pleasure to know that Alabama's (and our webmaster's) Jason Elliott is ok, as we talk about the one thing on everyone's mind - Katrina.
Jason B.:   No kidding. This reminds me so much of 4 years ago next week.
Chico:  I can imagine. The storm had an impact on the course of two game properties this week. "Wheel of Fortune" which was taping in New Orleans, evacuated, while "American Idol", who had plans on auditioning in Memphis, has cancelled said auditions.
Jason B.:   A big up to Pat and Lesley Sajak who have donated $100,000 through the Pat Sajak Foundation to the American Red Cross.
Chico:  Indeed. *applause*
Jason B.:   And Wheel is going to put Public Service Announcements in their shows starting either this week or next, when their season premieres.
Gordon: I would hope that Millionaire will also be doing something, as Disney has always been strong on it's charity contributions.
Chico:  Give it time. Meanwhile, if you would like to help out there, you can either go to or call 1-800 HELP NOW. We'll be posting a link from the front page soon.
Jason B.:   Also check your local TV or radio stations webpage. They will probably be doing some sort of auction or donation.
Chico:  Question on my mind, though... do they show the New Orleans shows or not?
Gordon: Since they shoot them in week segments, I don't see why they wouldn't
Chico:  Did they shoot a full week? Anyone know?
Jason B.:   2 weeks worth.
Chico:  There you go, then.
Gordon: Thanks Chico. Leaving reality and going back to...reality. Reality game shows, that it. James Rhine is the latest person to get eliminated from Big Brother. Is this a smart move?
Chico:  Not smarter than the move that followed.
Gordon: Would that be Howie putting up Beau and Ivette?
Chico:  Why yes.... Yes it would. Everyone knows that they're the only team left, and in this move, Howie is saying, "If I can't win a million, no one will."
Gordon: That absolutely has to be done. Beau and Ivette are the last couple in the house. They need to be split up.
Jason B.:   That is a brilliant move.
Gordon: And Howie will be saving CBS $700,000 ($500,000 reduction for first, and the $200,000 reduction for second)
Jason B.:   This is the reality show hand grenade.
Gordon: So we have 3 couples left - Howie and Janelle, Beau and Ivette (who won't be a couple after this week) and Maggie and April. Which group has the best chance to get to the finals?
Chico:  I call Howie & Janelle.
Jason B.: Howie and Janelle. Howie is a strong player.
Gordon: Howie won't be HOH next week. That's going to cost him dearly. I think the final 2 are Maggie and April. Janelle and Howie are going to have to run the table - and I don't see it happening.
Jason B.:   They could.
Chico:  Not gonna happen, at least if any of the houseguests are smart.... Hoo boy.
Gordon: You're assuming a lot right there. Speaking of smart, are celebrities smart enough to spell 5 letter words?
Jason B.:   Maybe. M-A-Y-B-E
Alex:   No. N-O-O-O-O
Jason B.:   Is this the "jump the shark" moment of Lingo?
Chico:  We're going to find out as GSN has slated five celebrity shows ... and to answer your question, J, that would be season 3.
Jason B.:   When Stacy came in?
Chico:  To illustrate, I have recruited the Big Board.
Alex:   They are way past jump the shark.  They are now jumping the blue whale. You know, I could see one or two maybe.  But five?  This one confuses me.  You can't tell me they couldn't have gotten some non-winners from the finals of Word Slam to play it out.
Gordon: Let's have the Big Board, please.

Celebrity Lingo Showdown

1) Celebrity Celebrity Showdown
2) Celebrity Pool Showdown
3) Celebrity Dodgeball Showdown
4)_Celebrity Poker Showdown
5) Celebrity Non-Celebrity Showdown featuring Kenny vs. Spenny


Chico:  First show... George Wendt, George Wallace, Trista Sutter, and Rachel Hunter. On the bright side, George Wendt. On the even brighter side, George Wallace. On the dark side... Ms. We Don't Need To See You On TV Every Bloody Week Trista is back.
Gordon: This will be a collectors item to torture Chico with. I can feel it.
Chico:  Someone hand me an axe so I can chop my eyes out.
Alex:   Hey, we could have the reality stars edition like last season.
Chico:  See, that was at least enjoyable. Those four knew how to play the game... somewhat.
Alex:   The only celebrity game show on GSN that I have seen that worked was Russian Roulette.  Sure, they rushed them to the air, but it was a blast watching those people drop through the floor.
Chico:  Yep...The Ballbreakers show features two champions against Sal Masekela and Ewa "The Striking Viking" Mataya Laurance (probably the busiest game show blonde to come out of Myrtle Beach since Vanna White)
Gordon: They can play with Billiard Balls. Can they play with Lingo Balls?
Alex:   I'll watch this one just based on the fact that Ballbreakers is the best game show GSN has put on since the change.  They have the two champs with the most personality playing also. Replace Shandi for Adrianne or however you spell her name and it'll be even better.
Chico:  Hear here =p. Did I ever tell you my theory about those two, Alex?
Alex:   Nope, what is it?
Chico:  Shandi's the girl you'd go out with, but Adrianne is the girl you'd cheat on Shandi with. =p
Jason B.:   Nice.
Chico:  The third theme is Extreme Dodgeball. You have Zach Selwyn and Dodgy the Extreme Dodgeball Dodgeball vs. Bil Dwyer and Michele Merkin.
Alex:   Why, Dodgy, why?  They couldn't have gotten Rip Torn I guess.
Gordon: They need to do SOMETHING useful with Dodgy, since they haven't done anything with him on Extreme Dodgeball.
Chico:  Other than target practice. Hit the dodgeball, get a t-shirt.
Alex:   I think we do see why Lingo was renewed now, though. Apparently, it's publicity for their other shows.
Chico:  But we're not done yet! The next show is Poker Royale, as you see Kathy Leibert & Kenna James play heads up against Lisa Dergan and John Ahlers.
Alex:   This one could be kind of interesting.  It won't be any worse than Extreme Dodgeball Lingo at least.
Chico:  True. And besides, poker players are interesting to watch when out of their comfort zone... Kinda have to rethink programming here.
Gordon: I think this could be fun - poker players are intelligent. They could actually play a good game.
Chico:  And the last one, are you all ready for a Kenny vs. Spenny freakfest?
Gordon: Wha?
Chico:  One person plays with Kenny, the other person plays with Spenny.
Alex:   Don't even get me started.  It's not worth the headache.
Gordon: Sure it is.
Jason B.:   BOOOOOOO!
Alex:   I would just like to point out one thing, though. Imagine you went to LA with your best friend to go on Lingo. 
Chico:  Right.
Alex:   And you find out you get partnered up with one of those dumbasses.  What a terrible thing.
Gordon: I truly hope that the losing contestant is going to get compensated for having Kenny or Spenny as their partner.
Chico:  All this for a show that's struggling to make a 0.4
Alex:   Anyway, the .4...Yeah, that may seem bad, but a few things.  Their target demographic is in there so they are improving on that level.  Also, and I did talk to GSN about this also, they lost a big chunk of people with the switch.  They would be doing a lot worse if they didn't bust their asses and improve the network to what it is now. IMO, the schedule GSN has right now is the best they've ever had.  They are finally gaining their audience back after a rough transition.
Gordon: What are the ratings like for Ballbreakers, Extreme Dodgeball, Poker Royale, Lingo and Kenny Vs. Spenny?
Alex:   GSN won't release them, but Kenny Vs. Spenny can't be doing better than a .15.
Chico:  I can imagine. After all, and I've pointed it out... it airs at 1 in the morning.
Alex:   Lingo, in all honesty, can't be pulling better than a .3 There was little advertising for the show as far as I could see. If it was doing any better we'd be hearing all about it. Press releases are generally given out if a new season of a show or a new program is doing very well in the ratings for the network.  GSN has been blasted by most of the game show media for the new season, calling it one of the worst.
Gordon: That's the secret of advertising, of course - don't mention things that aren't favorable to you.
Chico:  But we keep hearing about Millionaire, Amazing Race, and the rest of the originals, right?
Alex:   BTW, GSN has some interesting new games going to the website.  OK if I mention them here?
Chico:  They were mentioned in the podcast, so I don't see why not.
Alex:   OK, they are going to be making a free version of BallBreakers.  I think you can gauge my excitement on that one. They are suppose to be adding multiplayer options to the Lingo Cash game also. I think Mr. Andrews said something about an update to Lingo Plus, but I can't tell.
Gordon: So the Lingo cash game is doing well?
Alex:   Cash Game is doing extremely well.  They supposedly got over 800,000 people to play the first week. Think about the money they made that first week.  That's 800,000 real cash games.  You have to deposit $10 at least, I believe.  They made a few million on that game on the first week alone. This idea was genius too, if you think about it.  Read the fine print on the contest rules.  Nothing says you'll be on Lingo.  If they make new episodes before August 1st, 2006, you have a chance at it.  If not, you just get to go to LA.  It's a nice trip, but people are spending money thinking they will be on Lingo and are too stupid to read.  Genius idea by GSN.
Chico:  Heh... You think they'll make new episodes before August 1, 2006?
Alex:   No, I don't at all.  I'm sorry, but beyond the pilots, this series is the worst.  The set is way overdone, the co-host is really bad, and it just doesn't mix. The bonus is too easy still, the main game is too boring still. They are changing everything that they never needed to and leaving everything that should be redone unchanged. They need to add something to it.  If anything, just make the bonus round 6 letters please.  They are just giving away $5,000.
Jason B.:   6 letters works.
Chico:  Some people like a challenge.
Alex:   Ask Gordon, he's done a few runthroughs with 6 letters.  It's not overly tough, but you won't be getting 7 or 8 balls every time.
Gordon: 6 letters is fun - and I agree it does spike up the challenge.
Chico:  You know, Travis and I have been talking about that, especially with the bonus letters.
Alex:   I mean yes, they added a word to each half of the show, so they have 10 words per main game now.  That's not enough to make the game better. Odds are now that if you get 5 words in the bonus, you won no matter what. If you don't, you're the most unlucky person on earth probably. Lingo, besides Wheel, is the easiest game show currently to customize and make more exciting without changing the gameplay.  They could replace points with dollars.  They could add a cash or prize ball to the hopper. They refuse to change anything.  Yes,
Lingo got a .9 in like 2002.  2002 and 2005 are totally different times game show wise, with the exception of the established new shows like Millionaire.
Chico:  Yeah.
Gordon: Thanks a lot Alex for the numbers. Now we need to get into the letters. Jason, the jackets please
Jason B.:   (tosses jackets and fires up the copter) Travis gave me the keys, and he gave me a flying lesson so I am ok.
Gordon: Roll that beautiful Brain Footage!

(Move Closer plays, From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is Brainvision News, with Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Gordon Pepper, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Gordon: We start with problems on the Martha Stewart show - and it hasn't even aired yet.
Jason B.:   Which show?
Chico:  That would be "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart".
Gordon: Yep - and let's talk about inside information...

The Apprentice Martha Stewart, apparently has it's own privilege of power. Apparently, one of the contestants went out with the son of one of the judges. Oops.

Chico:  Uh oh.
Gordon: Isn't inside information and privilege what got Martha in trouble in the first place?
Jason B.:   Worse than Paula/Corey if you ask me.

Meanwhile on the OTHER Apprentice, the Donald says that he was unhappy with the contestants on Season 3, and he hand-picked the people on season 4, calling this his best cast EVER.

Jason B.:   I reserve judgment on that.
Chico:  That's not an over-exaggeration, is it? You know he's an expert on hyperbole and stuff.
Gordon: We'll see in a few weeks if it is. I do like the cast though; on paper, it seems like a fun and diverse group.
Chico:  Both shows air the week of September 19, I believe?
Gordon: That is correct. Next Brainwave?
Chico:  While we talk about Big Brother...

A contestant on the UK's "Big Brother" could be deported because she left her job to appear on the reality show. On the Dutch show.... we have pregnancy. Makosi Musambasi, 24, of Zimbabwe, came to Britain on a visa allowing her to work as a cardiac nurse. Meanwhile, the Dutch show features Tanja, a woman who is seven months pregnant, meaning that if she stays on long enough, we have another player in the game.

Gordon: Can the baby vote?
Chico:  I believe Gordon would say... "Ooh, Baby!"
Gordon: OH, BAAAABEEEEE! Next BrainWave...

Could Miss America be wearing mouse ears? It could be, as they are looking to hold it in Orlando and Disneyworld.

Jason B.:   This still frosts me.
Chico:  You know, the last time I heard this, they were going to air it in Nashville.
Jason B.:   It should still be in Atlantic City still.
Chico:  Turns out the circus behind it is more interesting than the circus before it. Or something...Anyways...Next brainwave is...

Ads for Kept, which began airing in the UK, are getting Jerry Hall in trouble across the pond. The government contends that the ads place men in the position of sex toys.

Jason B.:   There is a rule against any sexuality in certain ads. I would rule against it for being a bad show.
Chico:  I second that. Do you hear Ludacris? Must be time for the Ho Report ("Area Codes" plays)
Gordon: I got hoes!
Chico:  I got different area codes... area codes... Hoes!
Gordon: For the record, it's a MEDIA ho report. We're not saying that any of these people are REAL hoes.
Jason B.:   And can you define Media Ho, please.
Chico:  A Media Ho is defined as one who won't get off out TV... no matter how much we want them to.
Jason B.:   Great minds think alike Chico.
Chico:  Word.

In this weeks Media Ho Report, Kelly Clarkson wins 2 MTV Video Music Awards, George Clooney invests in a Las Vegas Casino, Bravo is holding an All-Star Reality Reunion, and Media Hoes in training can audition for both Top Chef and the Jeopardy college Tournament.

Jason B.:   I wouldn't consider J! Contestants media hoes.
Chico:  Or Kelly Clarkson.
Gordon: You get on a show, you start to be a media ho. No exceptions just because you like the show or the people.
Jason B.:   LOL
Chico:  What does an All Star Reality Reunion consist of? All-star realities? Heh...
Gordon: Everyone on Bravo's Battle of the Reality Network Stars.
Jason B.: Ack.
Chico:  Final wave up, while we're on Jeopardy!...

Alex sells the farm. No, seriously. Alex Trebek has sold his thoroughbred farm for an undisclosed amount.

Chico:  We all know Alex likes horses, right?
Gordon: I didn't know that, or should I say....NEIGH!
Jason B.:   A couple of years ago, he fell asleep while driving a truck on said farm.
Gordon: Was he accused of horsing around?
Jason B.:   That's bad, Gordon.
Gordon: Or was what he was doing a horse of a different color?
Chico:  That's even worse. Anyway, that's Brainvision News, J, shut'er down.
Jason: (BOOOOOooooooop).
Gordon: Did he wake up the next morning complaining of a cold and a hoarse throat?
Chico:  When we come back, we have a fall preview the likes of which you've never seen before... unless you have. We start it with a round of Number Please, and end it with Resolutions. This is the Gordon Pepper Comedy Hour =p
Gordon: Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.

(This break has been brought to you by The Sorcerer's Apprentice. 16 Cartoon Characters apply to be Mickey Mouse's next sidekick. Must include the ability to carry up buckets of water and laugh like Mickey does).

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