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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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September 3, 2005

Gordon: You know, I'd be more willing to watch that than either Donald Trump or Martha Stewart.
Jason B.:   I would too.
Chico:  (Mickey laugh) Hahaha!(/ML) I Like that :)
Jason B.:   Donald would be too tempermental. Duck, that is.
Chico:  Are you on quack? Welcome quack... back.
Gordon: We hope that we have quacked you up during the break.
Chico:  While both Brian Moore and Jason Hernandez both show up (hello, all), we'll get started with the fall preview with Number Please. Here's how it works... I give out a number, and you figure out what it means.
Gordon: ok
Jason B.:   I am good with numbers.
Chico:  If only Big Joey Numbers were here.
Gordon: Let's start it up
Chico:  First up...


Chico:  What comes to mind with 5.
Jason B.:   Lingo Balls?
Gordon: Number of People left in the Big Brother house after Saturday night.
Jason H.:   Number of seasons 100 Mexicanos Dijeron has been on =)
Brian:  I don't know.
Chico:  Here's what I have: Number of Clue Crew members for the new Jeopardy! season. If you recall, they started with four, then for whatever reason, Sofia Lidskog left, leaving three. Now instead of replacing her with one person... they replaced her with two. One cute-looking lady, and one guy who looks like he should be tending bar in Kingston, Ontario.... God I wish Ryan was here.
Gordon: lol - next number?
Chico:  Our next number...


Jason B.:   The number of the next survivor?
Chico:  Nope. That was the number of the LAST Survivor :)
Gordon: The number of new episodes for Nick Cannon's Second Season of Wild'n'Out?
Chico:  Nope. That would be 13.
Gordon: Actually, it would be 10.
Chico:  Oh... you're right.
Gordon: Hah! Point for me! (ding)
Jason H.:   How about number of shows that the new Kenny vs. Spenny lasts?
Gordon: I like Hernandez's answer better =)
Brian:  The projected number of seasons the current version of Family Feud will be on the air.
Chico:  Brian's pretty close on that one :) We're already on seven. Anyway, I have 10 families competing on the Amazing Race this fall. a) You have 10 families instead of 11 teams of two, and b) the families will be traveling across America. Now Alex brought up a point here... Is this the shark-jumping point?
Jason B.:   No this is not the shark-jumping point.
Brian:  I'm guessing TAR doesn't have enough of a budget for families to go worldwide, so I don't think it's the point of shark-jumping.
Gordon: Not yet. I think this is a cross-roads though, but I do think they get out of this one unscathed - and let people's mouths water for AR #9. I think it's more for safety reasons, and I can't blame them.
Chico:  It should also be noted that GSN will take Tuesdays off for TAR.
Understandably. Okay... number up...


Jason B.:   The number of Survivor Contestants.
Chico:  Jason's got it.
Gordon: Number of people not names Stephanie or Bobby Jon starting Survivor.
Chico:  Gordon's got it, too. We don't know about the casting hook for sure.
Gordon: But will Stephenie and Bobby Jon be contestants also? That's the $64,000 (or million dollar, in this case) question.
Chico:  Next up:


Brian:  Contestants on the next edition of The Biggest Loser.
Jason B.:   Number of Apprentice contestants.
Gordon: Seasons that Wheel of Fortune is on the air.
Jason H.:   Number of reality shows to hit the tank during the summer?
Chico:  JD's closer, but I have "number of shows returning/premiering this fall.
Brian:  Wow!
Gordon: Do tell
Jason H.:   Then replace "summer" with "fall" and I'm right. :-p
Chico:  We have... Ultimate Fighter 2, Word Slam, Feud, J!, Wheel, Millionaire, Trato Hecho, Biggest Loser, Made in the USA, Survivor, TPIR, Top Model, two Apprentices, Amazing Race, Celeb Pop Superstar, Miss Seventeen, and Score.
Chico:  Wait, that's 18.
Gordon: You forgot Mr. Hernandez's Favorites - 100 Mexicanos Dijeron and Megamatch Sensacional.
Jason H.:   Whoo whoo!
Gordon: Actually, Make it 21 - Guerro de los Sexos.
Jason H.:   Whoo whoo!
Chico:  Next number, fellas...


Chico:  Two answers. Go.
Jason B.:   The season number of the Price is Right, and the combined number of contestants on the Apprentice and Survivor: Guatemala.
Chico:  Jason's right again...wait. Jason's wrong.
Gordon: I'll say 34 - the # of the new season that we ARE STARTING on TPIR.
Chico:  Correct.
Gordon: =)
Jason B.: Grrr...
Chico:  TPIR is entering year 34 (our show is October 25).
Gordon: You mean the show where someone in our group gets picked to be onstage?
Chico:  Yup.
Jason H.:   Yep.
Gordon: 34 is the number of contestants between both Apprentice Shows?
Chico:  And that's the other one!
Jason H.:   Nicely done!
Jason B.:   I was almost right.
Chico:  18 for the Donald, and 16 for Cell Block Martha.
Gordon: Whoo-hoo.
Jason B.:   Nice job Gordon...
Gordon: Thank you kindly, next one?
Chico:  Last one...


Brian:  The top cash prize in the latest season of Lingo.
Chico:  Right... but not it.
Jason B.:   The amount of people auditioning for Idol
Chico:  Not even close, Jason.
Jason H.:   The top cash prize in Grand Game.
Chico:  Also true, but not right.
Gordon: The number of angry letters ESPN has gotten for renewing Stump the Schwab?
Chico:  No, Gordon.
Brian:  If that's true, that how can they be angry?
Gordon: Heck, I'll send out 10,000 e-mails =)
Chico:  You see, Brian, Gordon has a thing about robotic sports researchers.
Brian:  Hmmm.
Jason H.:   Hey!!!! >:p I'm not robotic!
Chico:  I said ROBOTIC sports researchers! You're very much animated.
Gordon: I've worked with some in my life - I am an expert on them =)
Jason H.:   Although . . . I can do the robot *puts on some Techno and does the robot*
Gordon: Can you do the Bird?...Can you do the Bird?
Jason H.:   I can bird.
Chico:  Maybe this'll help. $10,000.
Jason H.:   Ooooh, money.
Chico:  Right track, JD.
Jason B.:   Is it a prize?
Chico:  Now think of a show that doles out money hand over fist.
Brian:  Let's Make a Deal?
Jason B.:   Millionaire?
Chico:  Wheel.
Jason H.:   Wheel! Oooooh.
Gordon: Ah - $10,000 on the Mystery space .
Jason H.:   it's cash now
Gordon: Instead of a car.
Jason H.:   Si, senor
Chico:  That's the new Mystery Prize... It's all cash.
Jason B.:   Smart move.
Brian:  Great!
Gordon: Nothing new there - it used to be $10,000 in a shopping spree certificate before a car.
Jason B.:   Which makes the car in the end even more of importance.
Chico:  And it's just cash now, and they're giving cars in the end game.
Jason H.:   Like it should be.
Chico:  Okay, that's Number, Please. Next up, Resolutions for the fall as our preview continues. Stay there.

(Brought to you by The Apprentice: GSNN... Back for a second season of... "You suck.. GET OUT!")

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