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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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July 9, 2005

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper - and I know who won the World Series of Poker
Chico: Hello out there in Game Show Land, I'm Chico Alexander, and before Gordon says so, I'm putting up an alert.

Chico: Okay, Gordon, go ahead.
Jason B.: It's over?
Gordon: It's oooooveeeeeeeeerrrrr
Travis: But ESPN hasn't run it 83274097250.2 times yet.
Chico: Remember, don't highlight below if you don't wanna know.


Gordon: And the winner is someone who you've probably never heard of before, unless you play poker in Australia.
Jason B.: Oh wow...Gordon and I spoke about him yesterday.
Chico: Not that Boston Rob guy again.
Gordon: No. Joseph Hachem. First WSOP event ever. We get another rookie.
Jason B.: And he pockets a cool...$7,500,000.
Don: Wow.
Gordon: The person with the most recognizable name who lasted the longest - Mike 'The Mouth' Metteswo, who gets eliminated in 9th due to a massive runner-runner sukout.
Chico: Isn't that they preferred method of death for poker players?
Gordon: No - that's the death that's equilvalent to having your entrails sucked out with a straw.
Jason B.: Yummy.
Travis: Oh, that old chestnut.
Jason H.: ......oooh, there's an image!


Chico: Okay! Alert off. That said... From somewhere in America.... WLTI is on!
Jason H.: Whoo!
Travis: YOWZAH!!
Chico: Ah. We'll get into more poker later today, but first, the introduction of guests!
Chico: We have one Jason Block...
Travis: **Trumpeting Fanfare**
Jason B.: Good morning on this hot and sticky NY morning.
Chico: It's hot and sticky everywhere. We have one Jason Hernandez...
Travis: **Trumpeting Fanfare**
Jason H.: Good early morning on this cool and be mentioned
Gordon: Or Uno Mexicano Dijeron
Jason H.: Si, senor!
Jason B.: I thought it was Un Mexicano
Gordon: Un = A, Uno = One
Chico: Un mexicano en un dia normal... I heart the Juanes.
Jason B.: Ah, a lot of cunning linguists :)
Jason H.: hehe
Chico: We have one Travis Schario.
Travis: **Trumpeting Fanfare**
Travis: That would be me. Good morning on this overcast morning.
Chico: And finally, we have one rookie here, at the position of "resident Canadian", Don Harpwood!
Travis: **Trumpeting Fanfare**
Gordon: Do we have all of these trumpeters in our budget?
Don: Good morning on this warm and, um... rainy day. Well, it was raining up here moments ago...
Chico: It'll rain here soon. After all, we's in the Soooouth =p
Jason B.: Hey, Don.
Chico: So we have a Canadian and a Mexican. Your NAFTA tax dollars at work, folks.
Travis: I feel so cultured.
Jason H.: Only here where we'd find this!
Gordon: New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, California, Canada, Mexico. Could these be the places visited in the Amazing Race 8?
Jason B.: Or the Amazing MIni-Race. From what I read, that could be.
Chico: Quite possibly. This comes from the rumor has it department.... We got these from reliable sources. We don't know if they're true. We think they are, take them with a grain of salt.
Jason B.: The Amazing North American Race :)
Chico: The next Amazing Race could be an amazing road-trip.
Don: With kids involved, I guess they don't want to take too many chances.
Chico: I can understand that.
Jason B.: I dont fault them for it.
Jason H.: Ditto
Gordon: I may be in the minority here, but I for one think it's a great idea. It's about time that we learn about our OWN country and see what makes it great.
Chico: I agree.
Jason B.: Here here.
Travis: Bing.
Jason B.: This is supposed to be an educational trip too
Chico: It could be fun. Having an actual road trip without having... an actual road trip.
Jason B.: No "Are we there yet" s?
Chico: I hope not.
Gordon: We're so busy about learning about everyone else. I'll guarantee that there will be a lot to learn about the U.S. that many people (myself included) don't know.
Chico: Yeah, like where exactly "South of the Border" is located. For those playing along, along I-95, SC Exit 1, Dillon, SC.
Jason B.: I love that place...cheese galore
Chico: You have billboards in NY?
Gordon: We do
Chico: I think it'll work.
Jason H.: Oh yes, it'll be nice to get around the country on a smaller-scale version of TAR :)
Chico: It's Amazing Race, they can't go wrong, and speaking of which... Who here's been following the first race on GSN?
Jason H.: I've seen a couple of the shows....I like it quite a lot
Don: I would be, if I had GSN.
Travis: I've tried, but I just can't get into it.
Chico: I understand that, Travis...
Gordon: How come, Travis?
Travis: I don't know. Seems like a lot of whining.
Chico: From looking at it, the first season was pretty much a "work in progress".
Jason H.: Oh yeah, I totally see that
Travis: I'll try to get into the second race when it starts.
Chico: They would still need a whole season on TV before they could work the kinks out of it.
Jason H.: Almost every show was like that
Chico: In terms of editing, music, Phil, the clues, etc...
Jason H.: but this is the kind of show where you really like what you see
Chico: Sure is.
Gordon: As we have noticed the first season of the Amazing Race, the BIG news may be the other first seasons of new shows coming to GSN
Jason B.: No kidding. A LOT of new stuff.
Chico: Yeah, Rich Cronin is in one of his moods again.
Gordon: Yesterday, GSN came out with no less then NINE new shows and renewals.
Travis: w00t.
Chico: Hold up, nine?
Don: Whoa.
Jason B.: 9?
Gordon: 7 New Shows. 2 Renewals. Poker Royale will be the first show ever no GSN to see a Season 6, as they get the green light for two new series. The themes will be the James Woods Gang Vs. the Unabmobers (Phil Laak), while the other theme will be 60 and overs Vs. 30 and unders.
Travis: Holy Bajoley.
Jason B.: NIce
Chico: I think this'll be interesting. Age and wisdom versus youth and brash.
Jason H.: I'll take youth :-D
Gordon: Now - for the new shows. Since we are in that Poker State of Mind, we'll star with GSN's Poker shows. The first one features 4 amateurs going up against each other. The winner of that will play Annie Duke for $10,000.
Jason H.: Whoooooo
Travis: Schweet
Chico: Nice.
Jason B.: Nice.
Don: Cool.
Chico: Think Win Ben Stein's Money for the poker set.
Gordon: The second show features Phil Helmuth as a...teacher? Yes, Phil will be teaching mental and physical activities to the aspiring poker pros, while having people compete in similar themed challenges for cash and prizes.
Jason B.: Ok...
Jason H.: well.....
Jason B.: Not so hot...
Gordon: Sort of ironic that someone who would be teaching mental activities is the person with a reputation as the most emotionally volatile of theplayers.
Chico: Kinda like Gordon Ramsay teaching people how to cook.. but then again, we have that now, don't we?
Gordon: It sounds more like Gordon Ramsay teaching anger management classes.
Chico: We have that, too?
Jason H.: Ooooh, I hope not!
Don: LOL
Gordon: Fortunately, no. The final poker show is actually a poker hybrid of sorts. Taken from the Travel Channel's 'Ultimate Vegas Challenge', it sees competitors working menial vegas jobs like waitress and chauffeur, and then taking the money earned and putting it towards gambling. Whoever makes the most amount of money in 24 hours wins.
Chico: Kinda looks like what Fire Me, Please would be if it were actually... You know, interesting.
Gordon: The person would be spending 24 hours awake, because apparently, us audience members love to see people stay up all night.
Chico: See "Cram"
Gordon: And how long did that show last?
Travis: 2 seasons, I believe.
Gordon: Not exactly a ringing endorsement
Jason B.: So what are the other non-gambling shows?
Gordon: Moving to the non-game shows for 1 second, GSN will bring us 'Chokers', a documentary series of all of the great moments of choking. According to the promo, no person or business is immune from being seen on the show.
Travis: Hmm...
Jason B.: Yipe.
Chico: Uhh.. Not exactly gamey...
Travis: Not exactly enjoyable.
Chico: Exactly.
Jason H.: But certainly watchable
Chico: But opinions on those later.
Jason H.: I'm sorry, I want to see the biggest chokers
Gordon: You don't think that GSN would profile themselves for letting Bob Boden go and see their new slate of shows after he left go into the tank, would you?
Jason H.: Especially if they include certain execs :-p
Jason B.: Well, I guess there goes the invite to the Christmas Party.
Travis: Darn.
Gordon: I wasn't expecting an invite to the Christmas party
Jason H.: This IS GSN we're talking about here! You never know with GSN
Chico: True.
Gordon: Ok. Next up...'Your Worst Nightmare'. 3 people compete in stunts based in a haunted place. Think MTVs FEAR but with the people competing against each other instead of helping each other.
Jason B.: I didnt like FEAR.
Chico: That has the potential to go nowhere fast.
Travis: I've seen enough horror movies. But with a prize at the end? My mind is blown.
Don: Meh, doesn't seem too interesting to me.
Jason H.: .........
Don: Then again, I'm not exactly a fan of horror.
Gordon: I think it could work, but they have to snag that same audience that liked Fear.
Gordon: and Fear Factor.
Jason H.: Eww.
Chico: Yeah, if they can still find them.
Gordon: They are out there.
Travis: Like the truth.
Jason B.: Thank you, Mulder and Scully.
Gordon: Next up - a show that will make critics who are demanding for a remake both cheer and puke.
Chico: I've Got a Secret?
Jason B.: Bingo.
Gordon: Yep
Travis: Yeesh.
Jason B.: Thats the one on Oxygen.
Chico: Talk about your niche programming...
Gordon: The good news - It's a remake of a great show. The bad news - GSN isn't trying to advertise it as a remake from the classic show. They are trying to plug the show as The SHOW WITH THE ALL-GAY PANEL!
Jason B.: Ant will watch.
Gordon: Ant will probably be on the panel.
Travis: Ant, Carson Kressley, k.d. lang, and Ellen Degeneres.
Gordon: There are more than enough gay people out there to put on the panel. The question is - are there more than enough people out there who want to watch?
Jason B.: I dont know what to think. On one hand...I don't care if you are black, white, purple, straight or gay...funny is funny. But why is GSN doing it THAT way?
Travis: Niche marketing.
Jason B.: Could be. Gives a new menaing to the title now, doesn't it,
Gordon: I honestly don't know what they are thinking. All I'm thinking is that the show better be more than gay innuendo and that there better be actual game playing, or the show will be off quicker than the record of 6 set by Fake-A-Date.
Travis: OK, three gambling shows, a horror movie with a prize, a sad attempt at a remake, and "Chokers." What's left?
Gordon: No - 1 more. A show called 'Wet'. Before you get too excited, it's not about naked women.
Don: Darn.
Chico: Rats.
Travis: Well, darn. I'm out.
Jason B.: See Ya...(walks away for a moment)
Travis: No, I mean, out of interest due to lack of nudity.
Gordon: Well there's plenty of nudity. You get to see NAKED DOLPHINS!
Jason H.: .....
Gordon: It's about people who are competing in aquatic events against both other humans and dolphins.
Chico: I say this every year sometime, but... GSN is really reaching right now.
Gordon: It's Aquatic Sea Porn!
Travis: Ooh. That's hot. (Sorry, Paris)
Jason B.: If the dolphin competed against Paris...The Dolphin would kill her.
Jason H.: No wet scantilly clad women?
Chico: Nope.
Jason H.: *tears of sadness*
Gordon: Oooh. Look at the size of that flipper! (pant, pant, pant)
Jason B.: But Paris has a bigger blowhole.
Gordon: Which one?
Jason B.: You make the call :)
Chico: Ouch.
Gordon: Paris Hilton. Our new Game Show Hussy and Target.
Travis: GSN isn't just reaching. They've lost their grip on reality.
Gordon: At least GSN tried Dodgeball - and it worked. They could know something that we dont.
Travis: Well, they did incept Dodgeball around the same time the movie was so popular.
Chico: yep. And look how that turned out.
Travis: I can't see "Wet" being popular anytime soon, unless "Flipper" is being made into a movie.
Don: Any dolphin movies on the horizon?
Chico: Nope. Not that I know. And Flipper was already made into a movie.
Gordon: Only in the snuff shops, Don. Debiie Does Dolphins, anyone?
Don: Ew...
Jason H.: lol.....
Chico: On that note...Someone get Jason in here... It's Brain Time!
Jason B.: Ok, Ok. I am back (Tosses the Jackets Running...) Catch!
Gordon: (catches). Jason....My Jacket is...wet. You weren't wearing my Jacket while watching Debbie Does Dolphins, were you?
Travis: Don't ask.
Jason B.: Not saying a word.
Gordon: Jason! Ewwwwww.
Jason B.: I got flustered.
Gordon: You got more than flustered. Ick.
Jason B.: All that talk about Paris Hilton and Dolphins...well...I am sorry.
Gordon: Where's that dowel from a few weeks ago?
Chico: I got it right here.
Gordon: Can I beat Jason with the Dowel?
Travis: You gets to beat Jason first, then switch off.
Gordon: Jason apparently was too busy beating on something else.
Jason B.: LOL
Gordon: (Sigh) Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage, Chico.
Travis: **Turns on the Doppler** boooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOO

(Move Closer plays: From the four corners of your globe to your frontal lobe, this is Brainvision News, with Chico Alexander, a quickly-running Jason Block, Gordon Pepper, and the award-winning Brainvision News team)

Chico: Thanks, Travis. First up in the brain before we're warped... too late...

Alright, ABC is hoping that Simon Cowell has a Million Dollar Idea. ABC has signed for the series from the Idol blowhard, Nigel Hall, and Cecile Frot-Coutaz.

Jason B.: This is something pretty cool. if you ask me.
Chico: In it, entrepreneurs are given some seed money in hopes that their idea is... well, worth a million bucks.
Chico: Sounds pretty interesting.
Don: I'd certainly like to see what kind of ideas these entrepreneurs come up with.
Gordon: I like the idea. However, The fact that I've seen Cowell's execution on Cupid concerns me. If we get the audience voting in for the bottom three, I'll really be concerned.
Jason H.: Sounds like something ripped off from other British shows
Chico: Let's hope we don't get that.
Gordon: Next one...
Travis: **Doppler sensors** Boop.

In the global news segment, Sale of the Century will now be a staple in India. It's already huge in Australia. Why don't we see any SOTC in the US?

Travis: Because "Wet" is gonna be hot.
Chico: No one wants to take a chance on something that could be good?
Jason H.: Cmon NBC, get on it!
Jason B.: Absolutely.
Jason H.: This could be the next hit
Don: A plea to the networks: We want SotC!
Travis: Please, $otC or Bust.
Chico: You know something, there was a time and place where FremantleMedia (whose founder, Paul Talbot, died over the past week in New York at the age of 86) promised a game show every year.
Gordon: Just not necessarily a GOOD show every year.
Jason H.: Hey now.....Fremantle DOES make a new game show every year.......of course, most of those are foreign shows
Chico: Okay, let's see...

1998: Match Game.
1999: Family Feud.
2000: To Tell the Truth
2001: Card Sharks.
2002: Whammy
2002: Beat the Clock.

Jason H.: That's a good show for 2002. ;-)
Chico: And 2005: Distraction... So they left out 2003 and 2004 for... some reason.
Gordon: Fremantle did shows in 2003 and 2004, just not traditional ones
Jason B.: right
Jason H.: Now hold on....isn't Trato Hecho Fremantle?
Gordon: No, Senor
Chico: Univison just bought the rights fr it.
Chico: Enough Fremantle for one episode... Next up...
Travis: Boop.

In the category of hussies and sex, our favorite game show hussy is a mommy. Kennedy gave birth last week of a daughter.

Gordon: Congratulations!
Travis: Aww.
Jason H.: Awww. Well, I'd like to send my congratulations. I love you, Kennedy!
Jason B.: Congrats!
Don: Congrats.
Travis: Yay for Kennedy!
Travis: Congrats.
Chico: The baby's name: Pele Valentina... that's interesting.
Jason H.: that IS interesting
Chico: And I'm not saying that because I don't use any word other than interesting.
Gordon: I find it fascinating, myself
Chico: Okay, next Gordon?
Travis: Boop.

From the try to ressurect the dead horse by sending it on a 3 week vacation department. The Bachelor 8 is going to be set in ...Paris! Are we excited yet?

Jason B.: Non
Chico: Non.
Don: Nope.
Travis: Mais non.
Jason H.: Nae
Chico: Mon dieu.
Gordon: And can Ms. Hilton support all that heavy equipment in her bum?
Chico: As if the French didn't have ENOUGH to worry about.
Gordon: Next article?
Travis: Boop.

TPIR's out on DVD... as a DVD game.

Jason B.: Travis...any money in that?
Travis: No real investment in it from my end at all. All I supplied them with was the list of games to use.
Jason B.: You dont get any money for it?
Jason H.: nada?
Travis: Nope. Not my project.
Jason B.: Boo-urns.
Chico: According to our good friends at, the game will be released August 15.
Jason H.: Just in time for GSC IV
Chico: Set your calendars accordingly.
Jason B.: I see October 1 on Amazon
Travis: My board game was the impetus for the DVD game, but they didn't really have me do anything for it except the list of games.
Travis: I'll try to get my hands on some to offer as prizes at GSCIV
Chico: Jason beats Gordon to the plug =p
Jason B.: Awesome!
Gordon: I could have done it earlier, but I think somone else needs to plug it besides just me.
Chico: Hardy har har.
Jason H.: I think so, too. :-p
Chico: But still, should be a good buy.
Travis: Exactly.
Chico: Hosting the game: Todd Newton. Whee... Announcing... the late great Rod Roddy.
Jason B.: Thats great.
Gordon: Seems like a must buy.
Travis: From the GR post, it seems like it's going to be fantastic.
Jason H.: I can't wait. :)
Gordon: So Jason Hernandez, if people want to try out the game at GSC 4, where should they go to register for the event?
Jason H.: If you folks want to register, they should register on GSC's website at
Chico: Might've just used up your quota of leading questions. Which would be... oh, one sounds about right.
Gordon: I got plenty more leading questions
Chico: Well you can't use'em this week, pally
Gordon: Is that a challenge?
Chico: No, that's an order.
Gordon: Fine. But I have one more article.
Travis: Boop.

Last one - If the Bachelorette is looking for new people, they have a new candidate - Omarosa! This Apprentice 1 contestant ended her marriage after 5 years so she can move out to California. At least she was honest and said that she was the cause of the divorce. Is this the worst carse of being a media ho ever?

Jason B.: No...two words...Trista Renn
Chico: Well, at least you're not helping the cause along...
Gordon: At least Trista hasn't gone through a divorce - or is that only a matter of time?
Travis: Especially with being on "The Surreal Life 37" or whatever they're up to now.
Jason B.: Travis shut down the doppler
Travis: **Shutting down the Doppler** BOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo.
Jason B.: Jackets please.
Chico: Once again, big up to our good friends at Buzzer! The Game Show Blog. Catch'em at
Jason B.: Yay Buzzer!
Chico: And while PYL begins (with Geralyn shouting something about getting the Big Bucks), we're going to take a break.
Gordon: When we come back - We discuss answers in 3's and pair up into 2's.
Jason H.: Eeep!

(Brainvision News is powered by The Bachelor: The DVD Game. It's either this or get up off your butt and go dating once in a while)

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