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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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July 2, 2005

Chico:  Hey there, I'm Chico Alexander, and... "It's our time to get it right, it's showtime in the house tonight!"
Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper and....I didn't know we were serving pizza.
Jason:  You got my veggie pizza?
Gordon: How can I get veggie pizza for the biggest ham on the show?
James:  Ouch
Chico:  That would be you, Gordon... But you're kosher ham :)
Jason:  (starts doing "Hello My Baby" with cane and top hat).
Gordon: Nothing like Kosher ham to go with fresh WB frog.
Jason:  I am in a good mood, what can I say.
Chico:  Alright, someone one show'm my motto!
James:  LOL
Chico:  I know what you can say... From Somewhere in America... The North America Games as One edition of WLTI... is on!
Gordon: We continue our induction of rookies, but first, the veterans. From Beat the Ham...I mean Block, it's Jason Block!
Jason:  Thank you. I ended my season 22-1. Thank you to everyone.
Chico:  *applause*
Jason:  I will be back if my calendar is right on 09/27/05, to start season 3.
Chico:  And speaking of trivial giants... The grand poobah of TRASH, James Dinan with us also.
James:  Howdy folks.
Jason:  (applause)
Gordon: From Buzzer, Mr. TV Ratings head and Distraction recapper, Alex Davis.
Jason:  Welcome Alex.
Alex:   Hi. I'm the ratings whore, I know.
Chico:  Our very own Canadian Idol, Ryan Vickers....
Jason:  Whoo-Ryan.
Chico:  Happy belated Canada Day, by the way :)
Ryan:   Oh, you're too much.  Fresh back from the land of reality I am!
Gordon: And a brand new Canadian - and the rookie, Don Harpwood!
Ryan:   YAY for more Canucks!
Don:    Hey!  What's up?
Jason:  Did we tell him abut the rookie hazing?
Ryan:   What? Forced to watch Tic Tac Dough 90? Or Forever Eden?
Don:    Eep...
Chico:  *faints*
Ryan:   Or Are You Hot?
Gordon: Actually, we have the William Hung and Ashlee Simpson collection right here, I think...
Chico:  *screams*
Jason:  Did you buy that new 7.1 digital THX surround sound for that one?
Gordon: I bought it - also getting ready for NBC's I'm a Celebrity, but I Can Sing Too. Speaking of which...
James:  Ack!
Jason:  Uh oh...
Gordon: We have a brand new slate of shows coming our way, most of which are in the singing or celebrity variety. Is this going to be a good thing - or a bad thing?
Ryan:   If they're both - probably bad.
James:  Very bad.
Alex:   Bad.  Too much of the same thing.
Don:    Just plain bad.
Jason:  This is the same thing that happened 5 years ago. When Millionaire hit, everyone tried to copy it. Most of it was bad.
Alex:   I personally don't know how Dancing With the Stars is making it. The only reason I can think of is celebrities.
Chico:  It's summer and there's nothing better on... Oh yeah, and wardrobe malfunctions.
Jason:  That was fun, Chico.
Chico:  What, the wardrobe malfunction?
Jason:  yup :)
Chico:  Okay, this warrants explanation to the home audience. If you didn't see the episode, Kelly Monaco's already strappy wardrobe got a bit less strappy.
Alex:   Well I'll be searching for pictures right after the show here.
Chico:  Unfortunately, it didn't get THAT less strappy.
James:  LOL
Jason:  nope :)
Chico:  She had to go and hold it up.
Alex:   Aww.
Jason:  But it goes back to the same theory of no originality. the only show with guts got pulled before it even aired.
Gordon: That would be 'Welcome to the Neighborhood', where a collection of 3 families had to decide their new neighbors - none of which were remotely close to themselves.
Chico:  A bunch of b(^_^)ing from both sides of the coin helped that along.
Jason:  I hear you. But would you have watched?
Chico:  Hell yeah, I would've watched.
Ryan:   I would have watched for interests sake... it's just one of the curious things...
James:  Probably would have passed on it.
Don:    I'd have watched at least once.
Jason:  It's another case of political correctness if you ask me.
Chico:  I mean, how are we as a society going to face our differences and overcome them if we're not forced into it?
Ryan:   Apparently TV is not the forum in which to do it. Or so the execs think.
Gordon: Well, from articles that I have read from it, the families were not exactly politically correct, nor were the families coming in seen in a positive light.
Chico:  And among the people most offended, GLAAD and the PRC. GLAAD because it demeans gays and PRC because it demeans evangelicals.
James:  For some reason, I have a feeling that, despite what ABC claims, the show may not have been kosher when it came to following national fair housing laws. And despite ABC's claims they were following the letter of the law, a little "government breathing down your neck" meant the Alphabet network turned tail and ran. This is a show everyone can hate!
Ryan:   Can't you just feel the love?
James:  At least the two sides agree on SOMETHING :)
Jason:  Not the next Supreme Court Justice :)
Chico:  Nope. We're going to see a long battle on that, but that's another show.
Ryan:   They haven't yanked "My kind of town", have they?
James:  As far as I know, no.
Ryan:   Good.
Gordon: No - that's a completely different sort of show.
James:  It's Sabado Gigante -- in English!
Gordon: Close - it's a variety show where people from a small town are invited to play games and win prizes. It's a feel good variety show.
Chico:  Shouldn't that be on Pa... err, i?
Gordon: And in the last game, one person plays for a car - for all 200 people. Or should I say - 200 cars.
Jason:  No kidding!
Alex:   Wow.
Don:    Wow.
Jason:  I bet isn't a Bentley or Mercedes :)
Ryan:   As long as it's not another Oprah fiasco...
Chico:  It would be cool if it was. You get the car... and teh tax bill! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I am Oprah.
Gordon: The show is being cast by Embassy Row Casting, who is also the same company that is doing another Michael Davies show...
Jason:  (lips sealed)
Chico:  Is Ken Jennings involved somehow?
Gordon: Oh, he could be... =)
James:  He ain't bringing back 2-Minute Drill, that's for sure :)
Gordon: As you may, or may not know, I was selected as a contestant for one of the run thrus of the Ken Jennings show.
Ryan:   WHAT?
James:  Stunning!
Gordon: I was at the run-thru this past Thursday, so I have played the game in the current format that it's in.
Chico:  And what are you at liberty to tell us about it?
Ryan:   Ooh! You probably didn't get a tape, did you?
Chico:  Nope. No budget to get a tape.
Gordon: As you all can guess, I signed the proverbial 'If you talk about the format, you get shot' waiver, so I can't divulge anything about the format yet. I can say that at the run-thru, Ken Jennings was there.
Jason:  All right!
Gordon: I can also say that the host was not there (or hasn't been determined), so hosting the show was none other than Executive Producer, Michael Davies.
Ryan:   Wow!
Don:    Cool.
James:  Cool
Jason:  Alright
Chico:  And how was Davies in person?
Gordon: Davies was very cool. Both him and Jennings were very nice for the limited time that I was able to spend with them. I exchanged information with Ken Jennings and he said that he would be interested in having an interview with us when both of our schedules were available.
James:  Great!
Jason:  Fantastic...
Ryan:   Any idea if he's coming to GSC?
Gordon: It all depends on the taping schedule of the show.
Ryan:   Do you think the format will work?
Gordon: I did like the format. I think it could be tweaked out a little, but I think it's doable and I also think that people who are looking for a fix after Ben Stein will be pleased.
James:  Without divulging info on the show itself, what did ComCen execs who were there think about it?  Were they pleased?
Gordon: We weren't able to stick around after the runthru. They escorted us out before they started to discuss what Comedy Central thought.
Ryan:   Will you be eligible as a contestant at some point in the future?
Gordon: I am eligible once the show starts its second quarter.
James:  OK
Chico:  So you're definitely going to be watching the finished product.
Gordon: I withhold judgment on the format until I see it on television. As of all runthrus, things could be changed. The runthru that I played in could be very different than what makes the TV show. Hence, the waiver. I don't want to say what the show I did was and then have a completely different show come up and I look like a moron. Based on what I played, however, I liked the format and if they tighten up a few elements and made things clearer, the show would work.  It definitely showcases Jennings and I think you'll have a following based on that. That being said, I was in the first run-thru where Jennings lost.
Jason:  All right
Ryan:   Will you become Maggie Brown or Jack Campion?
Gordon: Jack Campion.
Alex:   This Ken Jennings thing sounds extremely interesting.  I really can't wait to see the finished product.
Chico:  Same here. Well, Gordon wasn't the only one on tape this week... Wasn't he, Ryan?
Ryan:   As Chico was alluding to, I was filming a reality TV series during the past ten days.
Jason:  Holy crud :) What were you doing?
Ryan:   It is called "Schooled".  It takes eight teachers and makes them students, and five students get to be teachers.
Jason:  How cool.
Ryan:   We had classes, midterms, finals, principal visits, lunch period, field trips... you name it, we did it.
Chico:  You get anything for it?
Ryan:   Now, there wasn't a prize in the end (although I will tell you the last day was graduation) but it was more the satisfaction that myself and the other teachers really stepped out of our comfort zones.
Jason:  Ok...when does it air?
Ryan:   You guys will be happy to know that there are many nods to reality shows - our producer is one big reality TV fan.  And starting in episode five (of eight) - there were EXEMPTIONS!
Jason:  What are those?
Ryan:   As for air date, we've been hearing October, but for the amount of time that I was in the diary room (yes, we had one!) it'll probably be summer 2006 lol. Exemptions were given in episodes five, six and seven to deserving students - they were then exempt from final exams.
Jason:  Oh wow. Do you think you are going to be portrayed well?
Ryan:   It will air on TVOntario up here in Canada, although let's all cross our fingers that it'll get picked up in the US.
Jason:  Of course you will be taping and copying :)
Don:    Sounds interesting.  I'll watch it.
Ryan:   I think that yes I will be portrayed well - the thing with TVOntario is that everything is "nice and happy" - they wanted off the start that this would be a positive show.  Originally there were other format twists, but those got scrapped along the way.
Jason:  ok
James:  That's Canada...everything's so happy and hunky-dory, except when it comes to politics :)
Ryan:   But after about the first day, I didn't pay attention to the cameras - it was an interesting social experiment all around. Especially for me - I was the only teacher that had one of his students cast as well! And I teach her again in the fall.
James:  Wow! What made you decide to do the show?
Ryan:   I saw an ad at school - it was partly because I wanted to remember what student life was like, but also partly because I wanted to be on a reality show.  And to boot my roomie was a huge survivor fan.
Jason:  Did you have any conflicts that way?
Ryan:   Not really, although it will be weird to switch roles again when we go back in the fall, but she's a very mature student, so she and I both can handle it. Yes Jason, I'm sure copies will get around!
Jason:  ok
Ryan:   And I talked to the producer, he said that he would be game to do an interview/WLTI/something or other.
Jason:  Awesome.
Gordon: Nice.
Ryan:   He's a really nice guy although I think I drove him crazy a bit :)
James:  Ha.
Ryan:   An all around good experience, one I was glad to have.  And I've developed some new skills... I won't say too much, but you should see me rap...!
Chico:  Sorry. D/ced.
Gordon: lol - Jason and I will be experiencing it in August, I have a feeling.
Ryan:   Ha ha!
Jason:  Yo Yo Yo
Ryan:   We had daily competitions too for fun prizes.
Chico:  So this was pretty much a learning experience for you, Mr. V?
Ryan:   Both professionally and personally.  There was a time during day two when I got my homework (!) back and I was like WHAT IS THIS? but then I thought... oh, wait, this might be what my students feel like.  And on a personal level, I did things I never thought I might have been capable of doing.
Don:    I can't wait to see it.
Ryan:   But they're the same people that do Kenny vs. Spenny, so maybe GSN...
Chico:  If they do, that'll be the end of the network.
Ryan:   Speaking of which, I'm told K vs. S is getting more interesting this year.
Jason:  They are actually releasing it on DVD.
Ryan:   Sorry... I babble too much, just like in real life!
Alex:   I don't think more interesting is the problem.  Getting less idiotic would be goal 1 for me.   The show had its moments, but wow.
Alex:   We can't get Whose Line is it Anyway? on DVD, but we can get that.
Gordon: Nothing beats Tony Slattery on Whose Line is It Anyway.
Don:    I miss Whose Line...
Alex:   Well, Green Screen is going to Comedy Central, so some part of the show will live on.
Chico:  Okay, running out of time in act one... Bring out the brain!
Gordon: Ok - Jason - The Jackets!
Jason:  (passes out the Brainvision News Jackets)
Gordon: Roll that beautiful Brain Footage!

( From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, THIS... is Brainvision News, with Chico Alexander, Jason Block, Gordon Pepper, and the award-winning Brainvision News team...

Chico:  *digs out the 'fro-back*
Gordon: What's the first article?
Chico:  First article:

The game show world mourned two of its own this week, as Paul Winchell, host of "Runaround" and Richard Whiteley, ongoing host of the UK's "Countdown" both went quietly into that cold dark night.

Gordon: (Moment of silence)
Chico:  Thank you.
Gordon: Two great talents. They will surely be missed.
Jason:  Big time talents
Chico:  Truly. Next?

Here's your American Idol Report. Carrie Underwood does indeed lose to Bo Bice, as his single is better than hers...but they both lose to Mariah Carey, as her song gets BACK to Number One. What does this mean?

James:  15 Minutes of Fame are at 12 Minutes...and counting.
Chico:  That new album better come out soon...Or else you can just kiss their careers goodbye.
Gordon: Will either of them be as successful as Clay or Kelly? Or will they be like Fantasia - or worse?
Chico:  Clay, maybe.
Jason:  I think it's the summer...and they need newer music and fast.
James:  Maybe Clay for Bo Bice.  Carrie will probably be worse off than Fantasia or Ruben.  Neither will reach the levels of Kelly Clarkson.
Chico:  Nope. She's just blowing up right now.
Jason:  Hey Bo got married...he is really having a good week.
Gordon: I think Bo has his cult fans - I can see him getting a niche group - and Carrie as well. I don't see them having that same national appeal as Kelly, though.
Jason:  "Behind These Hazel Eyes"--great pop tune.
Chico:  Oh yeah.
James:  I heard Carrie's single on XM...there is nothing that separates her from her counterparts.  If it weren't the artist ID on my XM, I'd swear it was LeAnn Rimes singing!
Chico:  Heh.
Don:    lol
Gordon: Next article?

Still on Idol here, a New York Daily News article confirms that Paula Abdul will be back for American Idol 5, and she's in talks with Idol producer and Enemy Within host Nigel Lythgoe to play a part in the spinoff series "So You Think You Can Dance".

Gordon: Well, that helps my Place! Bet! Now! score =)
Jason:  So Corey's allegations, as predicted, went nowhere.,
Chico:  As did his career.
Gordon: Well, he had to do SOMEthing, since he was known as the person who got booted from the Finals. At least now hes's famous...sort of.
Chico:  (in)famous.  Next?

Is Deal or No Deal coming to the States? It certainly looks like it, as people think that this Craig's List ad is for people that want to be on the show -

Alex:   I can only hope.  Deal or No Deal is a terrific show.  Even better, it involves little brain power so America will love it even more.
Gordon: Do you think it is? And if so, do you want to be on it? Even more so, do you think that you'd want to see it?
James:  Well, I did send info to that e-mail address twice.  Second time, it went through :)
Jason:  Snarky, are we? :)
Ryan:   Why though are we getting excited? Didn't DoND film eps that never aired?
James:  So there definitely are game show fans out there who want to give it a shot.
Alex:   This will be the silver bullet of primetime game shows I think.  If this doesn't work, I wouldn't plan on seeing any primetime games for a long long time.
James:  I believe they filmed a pilot, which ABC passed on
Chico:  And how do we know this is DoND?
Alex:   We don't, but I can't see anything else.
Jason:  We don't know exactly...
Gordon: This is the ASSUMING part of the show, where if we're wrong, it's an ASS of...well, you know.
Ryan:   Don't get me wrong - I'd like to be on but it's a bit nerve-wracking knowing it might not see the light of day.
Alex:   And I believe (someone may correct me if I'm wrong) that ABC taped 6 episodes.
Chico:  That's right. They did tape six eps. They never aired.
James:  Who knows how it will do, if it is indeed Deal or No Deal?  We've hit reality overkill, and it seems the audience is looking for something fresh and different.  It just may work.
Alex:   Trust me, this is different.
Ryan:   I will go on the record to say that DoND is a fun format to watch, rather.
Chico:  And I will agree with that.
Alex:   If this goes on the air and bombs, I wouldn't plan on seeing any game show for a while.  If this works well ratings wise and NBC puts more of it on (which I'm not sure of), we might see Super Millionaire return.
Jason:  And I just sent off my stuff.
Gordon: You just sent your stuff? Jason, did you just send off an application while we are having this conversation?
Jason:  I did it before hand.
Gordon: You are such a game show ho, Jason.
James:  Oh my
Chico:  Next up...

"The Price is Right" is going dark in Australia on Nine, because it can't compete with "Deal or No Deal" on Seven. Meanwhile Nine's OTHER big game "Temptation: The New Sale of the Century" is riding high.

Alex:   I'm happy that they changed the name to Temptation now. It wasn't $ale of the Century with winners boards or money games or, like the current bonus round, each day you get a new prize. It was just "Win Until You Lose".
Chico:  And apparently they're loving it.
Alex:   I'm glad.  I'm hoping that we get it here, but it sort of frightens me with Fremantle. I am extremely happy with them for keeping the genre of game shows alive, but their track record for revivals isn't the best.
Gordon: Fremantle? Screwing up revivals?
James:  For more info on Temptation --
Alex:   The only revival of theirs that was any good in my opinion was To Tell The Truth.
Chico:  I guess Whammy didn't do it for ya.
Gordon: Not for me.
Jason:  It was ok, not great.
Alex:   Whammy didn't do anything really wrong, but nothing really that great.
James:  Whammy and Family Feud (Karn version) was good...TTTT was mediocre....Match Game and Card Sharks should be incinerated.
Alex:   I have to disagree...well, sort of.  Family Feud has a decent format now.  It's just the host. If they could get a person that had Louie Anderson's comedy talent and Karn's hosting ability.
Chico:  Hello? *raises hand*
Gordon: Last one...

Going back from last week, Miss America has been saved! It's now going to be televised by CMT and it will be in January. The format will not be changed, however. Isn't it nice to know that Miss America will be crowned?

Jason:  Yes. You need tradition.
James:  So I'm taking Jeff Foxworthy will host?
Jason:  I am glad they saved it.
James:  Or one of the other Blue Collar TV hosts?
Chico:  I should let you guys know... Miss North Carolina this year... is from Fayetteville.
Jason:  Hometown girl, huh?
Don:    I don't watch it, but it is nice to at least hear that it will still go on.
Chico:  Hometown girl.
Gordon: Maybe we can smuggle Miss Ontario into the competition this year - or globalize it and make it Miss North America.
Ryan:   Miss Canada won Miss Universe this year, BTW.
Chico:  Then you'd have to include Puerto Rico.. and they pwns :)
Don:    I heard about that.  That was awesome.
Chico:  Okay, while we desperately seek the next Miss WLTI, it's time for a break.
Jason:  Jackets, please.
Chico:  Right now, it's between Jason's girlfriend and mine =p
Jason:  My gf wins :)
Gordon: Say it all with me. AwwwwwBarf.
James:  LOL
Jason:  And honey, if you are reading this, I love you :)
Chico:  My gf wins :)
Gordon: I'm getting quite ill.
Jason:  LOL  Gordon is just jealous.
Ryan:   eep.
Chico:  LOL
Gordon: Not jealous, Just a little too much AwwwwBarf in the AM.
Jason:  Fine
Chico:  Okay, coming up, we find some people to leave with Gilligan Shawn and Erika Eleniak on the Deserted Island, and I play doctor.
Jason:  With Erika?
Chico:  This is your WLTI show. We'll be back.

(Brainvision News is presented by Coconut Cream Pies. If you're on a deserted island.. It's what's for breakfast... lunch... AND dinner.)

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