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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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September 3, 2005

Jason B.:   That's a better catchphrase than I have heard all summer.
Gordon: In all seriousness, we have 20+ new shows. And since we don't have 20+ recappers, we have opening slots. Where can they apply?
Chico:  Just drop us an e-mail... We'll treat you good. Just ask Eric, Pierre, Ryan, Don and Julie, amongst others. The address is
Brian:  Is that where we'll be sending recaps to Chico.
Chico:  Why yes... Yes it is. What's next, Gordon?
Gordon: Next up is Resolutions. You all decide what the best plan of action will be for the following people, shows, and other things. Ready to go?
Jason B.:   Ready.
Jason H.:   Bring it
Chico:  Let's go!

We start with The Apprentice. This is a great show, but it needs to make some changes without being accused of jumping the shark. What do you resolve to make it better?

Chico:  Get back to what made it work... less product placements, more real life business lessons.
Jason H.:   Yea, no more Martha
Jason B.:   Cancel one of the two shows and make the one show and more business oriented.
Gordon: I think the fact that the Donald selected the contestants means that it will be less gimmicky. I don't mind the product placements, as long as it's more on the lessons and less on the drama.
Brian:  I don't think this is realistic, but, how about never having another Omarosa?
Chico:  You're right, Brian... That isn't realistic :)
Gordon: So resolved for The Apprentice - less media hoes, and more business lessons and more of what made the show work in the first place. Next one...

The TPIR Game Staff. They always make a new pricing game. What sort of new game would you like to see on the show?

Chico:  How about another cash game?
Jason B.:   Cash game sounds good.
Gordon: Cash game that doesn't rely on luck would be better. I can't stand games on the show where you do everything right and still lose. Joker, 1/2 Off, Secret X, etc.
Jason H.:   How about a game where you can really draw out the drama? (a la Grand Game, It's In the Bag, etc.)
Gordon: Drama Drawing in that sense is alwatys good =)
Jason H.:   That's why I love those two games
Chico:  So resolved... Any new game that relies on skill and is drama packed.
Gordon: Ok - Next...

Bravo - They have reality shows, some of which are VERY successful (Project Runway) and others less so (Manhunt, Situation: Comedy). What should they do for a Classic Game Show?

Jason B.:   Nothing. I do not see them as a game show channel.
Chico:  Neither do I.
Chico:  In fact, I don't see it at all... Thank you, Time Warner Cable..
Jason H.:   Bravo, stick to poker. :p
Gordon: But if they were to do one, what would you want them to do? Movies? TV?
Chico:  TV.
Jason B.:   TV.
Chico:  It's long overdue.
Gordon: I'd love to see a new Remote Control on the air.
Chico:  You just want to be Laughing Boy again.
Gordon: Why not? =)
Jason B.:   He was a great laughing boy at the GSC.
Gordon: So resolved for BRAVO - You've revived Battle of the Network Stars - now revive Remote Control (and not Couch Potatoes).
Jason H.:   LOL, thanks.
Chico:  Thank you.
Gordon: Next up -

Game Show Congress. Yes, the event was great. We want to make it greater. How do we do this?

Jason H.:   How DO you make that better?
Chico:  Make it longer?
Jason B.:   Well, I think the panels should reflect a younger audience. The game show math one was well attended.
Gordon: I agree with Jason - there should be more panels that attract the younger audience.
Brian:  Hmmm.
Gordon: I think a stronger advertising presence earlier on would help - like the start of 2006. I also like the weekend idea and maybe tie the extra-curricular events (TPIR) more into the congress and highlight it for people who want to make a vacation out of it.
Jason B.:   That I agree.
Gordon: I'd also love to see a game show go out and audition people - like a Wheel or Millionaire. Maybe have GSN come on by as well for future contestants.
Chico:  The only show that doesn't do that is... Feud.
Jason B.:   And we dont have 2006 tape dates for TPIR Yet.
Gordon: So resolved - that GSC advertises earlier and stronger, and that more outside game shows come out to audition and show it's wares. Next up...

American Idol - Ok, so Season 4 was not as bad as season 3, but the talent level was not as good as season 2, which was by far the best. How are you going to get talent that matches up to that benchmark?

Jason B.:   Focus on the talents and not the William Hungs.
Chico:  I don't know. It's going to be on the contestants to perform.
Gordon: The one thing that AI2 contestants did that no one has repeated yet was that throughout the season, the contestants improved and got better. That was expected last season and didn't happened. Maybe AI has to stop thinking about getting raw talent and start looking at more polished singers. Maybe they need to raise their own bar.
Chico:  Example, please.
Gordon: Carrie was still the word mangler. Anwar was still Mr. 1 note. Nadia was called on singing obscure songs and yet still sang them. It's like all of the advice went in one ear and out the other. I was waiting for someone to listen to the judge's advice and win the competition, yet no one did, hence no one made a move on Carrie, who won it.
Chico:  So there you go.
Gordon: Resolved - AI needs to raise the bar and the contestants need to listen to the judges. Last one...

Stump the Schwab. Gordon hates the show. Fix it so that Gordon will like the show.

Jason H.:   Gordon is one viewer. :-p
Gordon: AHEM!
Jason H.:   but if you insist....
Jason B.:   Hire someone more likeable than the Schwab.
Gordon: I don't want to cause the Schwab to lose his job. How would we fix Schwabbie?
Chico:  I've said it before, and I'll say it again... Inject personality into Schwabbie.. and make Gordon less of a hater :)
Jason B.:   Find more people than actually beat him.
Jason H.:   Better throwback uniforms? Maybe a little more personality....and put me on the damn show. :-p I can take him on
Gordon: Ok - so Resolved - Give the Schwabbie more personality and make Gordon a...nice guy? Sorry, ain't gonna happen.
Chico:  Oh come on! Ain't THAT hard, is it?
Gordon: Schawbbie....I...llllllll......liiiiiiii.....liiiiiiikkkkkkk....nope, can't do it. I got my Haterade patch. Gotta keep it.
Chico:  Sigh. Big Finish coming up! Any by the way, you know when I said we were going to mention a specific word for episode #69?
Gordon:     Yes.
Chico:  ...Boobies. There. I said it.
Jason H.:   Whooo!
Gordon: That seems to be a challenge. I bet I can do it better.
Jason H.:   Sixty-nine! (episode, sixty-nine, that is)

(Sponsored by Man Boobies. You'll see plenty of them on The Biggest Loser 2. There, I said Boobies. Happy?)

Chico:  That's a little TOO gratuitous =p
Gordon: Heh. =)
Chico:  Anywho, it's time... for... THE BIG FINISH!
Jason B.:   Let's do it.
Jason H.:   Whoo whoo
Brian:  YES! YES! YES!
Chico:  Big Brother, who's next out?
Jason B.:   Beau.
Gordon: I thought Beau was already out.
Jason H.:   I have a life, I don't watch BB. :-p
Gordon: Beau - from Final 2 possibility to broken up couple because everyone would love to be up against Ivette in the FInals.
Jason B.:   We are down to three in the Cut...Princess, Chris and Elizabeth...who wins the job with Tommy?
Gordon: Wes...oops, Tommy Cut him. Deanna....oops, Tommy cut her. That's all I care about, as Tommy turns his own show into a farce.
Jason B.:   Of the three left...Chris will win this.
Gordon: Whoever wins The Cut is not the person who should have won it. Survivor #11 - Will Bobby Jon and Stephanie be competitors?
Chico:  I wouldn't be surprised if they were. After all, they've only posted 16. and usual Burnett protocol calls for 18 since 5.
Gordon: I agree and think that Burnett will continue the trend -  Do we have any mail?
Chico:  Viewer Mail!
Jason H.:   We have mail!!!
Chico:  First up, from Chad Clark. Thanks, Chad!

Wondering if there was any chance that my buddy Clayton Wasylik could make an appearance on your show "Ballbreakers". He is an excellent amateur player and he would have a lot of fun. Please let me know what it would take.
Gordon: Do we have the standard disclaimer ready, Chico?
Chico:  Yes we do. We at Game Show Newsnet are an independent parity, not affiliated with any network or production company.
Gordon: We can't help you get on a show or pitch any sort of shows.
Brian:  Sorry.
Chico:  BUT wait a minute...
Jason H.:   *waiting a minute*
Chico:  If you can catch up with the Battle of the Bars tour for season 2, you can try your luck there. Good luck!
Gordon: I got mail, too.
Chico:  Let's see it.
Jason H.:   Yay for more mail!
Gordon: This is from Glenn Conticello. Thanks, Glenn!

On Poker Superstars 2, If two players finished with the same amount of points, and I know some did, what were the tie-breaking rules that broke the tie?
Gordon: Hi Glenn! Thanks for the e-mail. The tiebreaker was number of first placed finishes. If there was a tie there, then it was number of second placed finishes, and so on. Thanks for reading the recaps!
Chico:  Yay Glenn!
Gordon: Do we have any more mail?
Chico:  Yep.
Jason H.:   WHOO
Chico:  We have an actual contestant mail now from Brett Ellingsburg.

Maybe you can help. I was a contestant on the PAX show "Balderdash" last year (aired October 21, 2004) and I actually won the episode. However, I was traveling when it aired and never got to see it, or get a tape of it (and PAX would not help me get a copy which is understandable)  So my fifteen minutes of fame has eluded me. Do you know where I can buy or obtain a copy of past TV shows, specifically the show I was on, but others too if there is someone who tapes and sells them? I figured if anyone knows, you do....can you help me?
Chico:  Well, Brett, thanks for writing...
Jason H.:   First off, much congrats to you!
Chico:  Bad news...You can't buy or sell tapes of old shows. It's illegal, and you won't get many friends that way.
Brian:  Sorry.
Gordon: BUT...
Chico:  Good news:
Brian:  Tell us more.
Chico:  We have a friend in the tape trading business.
Jason H.:   Yes....a friend who should get some residuals for every time we mention it. :-p
Chico:  Just go to and click on Trading Post to post your request. I'm sure SOMEONE out there will help you out.
Gordon: Special thanks to Mike Klauss for that website
Brian:  Indeed!
Jason B.:   Klauss is the man.
Jason H.:   Thanks, Klauss!
Gordon: Any more mail?
Chico:  One more...
Jason H.:   this is fun!
Chico:  From Silverpan...

I just called the programming department for Nick GAS and they said that the programming will not change until the new year. Where did you guys get the schedule change info from?

Chico:  Hoo boy. I'm guessing they're referring to our last show.
Brian:  Talk about bummer!
Chico:  Josh specifically said that there were no schedule changes planned
for the foreseeable future, but the channel itself is on its last legs.
Chico:  If we can roll that?
Gordon: Rolling....

VTR - 8/29/05

Josh Yawn: Nick GAS was pronounced dead by the execs at Nick recently. One of two things are going to happen.  One, the channel itself will go away. Or two, they're going to change it into another channel (a sports channel or Nick Rewind) are the two things being discussed.


Brian:  I hope some game show traders are planning on recording some game show off GAS before its too late.
Gordon: The schedule isn't going to change. The channel itself, according to Josh, will.
Chico:  Well, thanks for the mail, and if you want to overload our bags (and our heads) just drop off some love at
Jason H.:   Yay for mail! *happy Jason*
Chico:  We have breaking news into the WLTI Media Ho Department. Katie Gallagher, who was runner up on Survivor Palau, was arrested for a DUI. Full details available here: Let this be a lesson this Labor Day Weekend...You drink, you drive, you lose.
Brian:  Damn straight!
Chico:  Hell yeah!
Jason B.:   Seriously, don't drink and drive.
Gordon: Before we close the show. I would like to give prayers to Carl Chenier, Jason Elliott and anyone else that was in the area during Katrina. Anyone else want to send a shout out to someone in that area?
Chico:  Big ups to Doug & Cindy Morris. Hope you're both safe.
Jason B.:   I have a friend who is missing. I don't think he reads this site, but Brad Jones...hope you are safe.
Jason H.:   Well, I had a couple friends who actually made it out safely. I'll give a shout out to my college buddies, you know who you are, but also, to my cousins in the south who are suffering through the insanely high gas prices now, but thank God they're doing fine. =)
Brian:  I know of nobody who lives in that area ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, but my thoughts and prayers are with them.
Jason B.:   And if you can...please donate to the American Red Cross.
Chico:  Okay, big thanks to Jason Block, Jason Hernandez, Jason Davis and Jason Moore. He's Jason Pepper, I'm Jason Alexander, the show is We Love Jason, and until next time...
Jason H.:   Next week, is a special show....
Chico:  #70!
Jason H.:   For next a very special day. ;-)
Chico:  He's holding out suspense.. You're just gonna have to wait until next week.
Jason H.:   I like gift cards. :) I like money and jazz music. =D
Gordon: Is it Jason appreciation day?
Jason H.:   .....that, too. ;-D
Gordon: Until that point, Game Over, and spread the Jasons
Jason H.:   Whoo whoo!
Gordon: I mean love
Jason H.:   Whoo whoo!
Chico:  It's all about the Jasons, baby, *dances*
Jason H.:   *dances to the Jason song*
Gordon: And now...we dance.
(Dance to a fade out)

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