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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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May 21, 2005

Lan: LOL! If there's money in it, I'm in!
Jason: I'll do publicity.
Lan: What can I say, I'm a greedy bastard :-)
Chico: Heh. It's all about the money, ain't it?
Gordon: Id be a General Manager. BTW, everyone turn it to VH1 - NOW. Everyone watching? If you are watching, this is 'Game Show Moments Gone Bananas', a new series where we see the best in funny game shows and the audience gets to play classic games.
Chico: Family Feud/Fortune within the first 2 minutes and the original UK versions of Distraction and Your Face or Mine.
Gordon: This starts off Push or Flush, where you decide if a show would be Pushed... or... Flushed.
Jason: Got it.
Lan: OK
Gordon: So - This, in my mind, gets a PUSH.
Chico: Big PUSH.
Jason: PUSH.
Chico: Game show throwback plus Ben Stein = good television.
Lan: I have no clue, so I go with the flow Push! Ben Stein always gets a push from me!
Chico: Good call.
Jason: Next one...
Gordon: Before we go on, the last time we did this, here's what we got right... Who's your Daddy (FLUSH), Sports Illustrated Model Search (FLUSH), Jep's UTOC (PUSH), Wickedly Perfect (FLUSH), The Will (FLUSH), Dream Derby (FLUSH), Bachelorette 3 (FLUSH), World Series of Black Jack 2 (PUSH), Iron Chef America (PUSH), AI4 (PUSH) and Distraction (FLUSH).
Jason: Wow. We are pretty smart.
Chico: We're good.
Gordon: We only got 1 wrong. We pushed 'The Road to Stardom'.
Jason: Oh well.
Chico: Ehh, we wouldn't be who we were if we didn't own up to it. So we're owning up to it.
Gordon: So Game Show Moments Gone Bananas should be happy with the push...

What will the people over at ...STRIP SEARCH...think?

Chico: No way. No more pretty boys.
Jason: FLUSH.
Gordon: We're looking for the next male stripper on VH1. Bravo's Manhunt show went down in flames. I'm expecting this one to do so as well. FLUSH.
Lan: That title is disturbing. Flush.
Chico: Flushers.
Gordon: Lan, anytime everyone agrees in unison, we call it a... DRANO FLUSH! Next...

That same night, Jerry Hall turns American men into British tars in "KEPT"

Gordon: I don't want this one Kept. FLUSH.
Chico: FLUSH again.
Lan: I don't even know what that means, so flush.
Jason: Drano Flush!
Chico: Well, here's something you know, Lan.

Canadian Idol 3. You pleased with the first two?

Lan: I heard this weird story that winner number 1, Ryan Malcolm, was spotted working a coat check in a bar in Kingston. So #1 was a flush, but #2 seemed to do well. The girls like Kalan Porter.
Gordon: SO what do you think about #3?
Lan: Canadians are wishy washy, though, so if the pattern holds, flush.
Gordon: I'm going to push it. The Canadian version can't be worse than the American version of Idol 3.
Chico: Nothing can be worse than season 3.
Jason: Should be fun...the Idol franchise doesn't lose right now. PUSH.
Chico: Umm.. I'm going to push it, but I won't know until the end of the summer when I hop into Napster. I always hop onto the Napster to get the winner's single.
Gordon: So the Canadian doesn't want to see the Canadian version, but the Americans do. Hmmm...
Chico: I like different.
Lan: That's pretty typical :-) The ol' Canadian inferiority complex.
Chico: I'm a different person. Jason can tell you that I like Britpop from the 80s.
Jason: I love Britpop period :-)
Gordon: Speaking of British...

Gordon Ramsay invades the kitchen as we see the first of the culinary competitions with Hell's Kitchen. Is it food for thought?

Jason: Nope. FLUSH. This will the crappier of the two cooking shows.
Chico: Sounds like indigestion. But I could watch. I'm pushing. Because I like cooking and British people.
Lan: Don't know enough about it, but cooking shows have a certain pull, so I'll swing over to push.
Gordon: I'll push because it's culinary, but barely. Call is a pastry push.
Chico: Pastry push! Okay, the next day, Beauty and the Geek...

Beauties.. Geeks.. team up for competition in which the future of one rests on the other. It's from the same minds that gave us "For Love or Money" and "Punk'd."

Gordon: What's good - Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd is a big hit. What's bad - the WB has never had a big hit.
Chico: Outside of its pretty-people drammas.
Jason: This is going to shock people...even though I may hate it...this will be a surprise hit. PUSH.
Lan: Reminds me a bit of Average Joe. I'm gonna have to flush.
Chico: This is one of those things that could work on paper... I'm going to pastry push.
Gordon: I think it's going to get the Kutcher crowd, so I will push, I think the ratings will be good enough (for a WB show) for this to be a hit.
Chico: And if it is, it's easily reproducible. Bonus points.
Jason: I won't watch it, but the WB viewers will. Next!

That same night, ABC offers Dancing with the Stars... and Trista Sutter. Based on the BBC's “Strictly Come Dancing”, it's dancers, right? And they dance with stars... and Trista Sutter, right? And you vote for them, right?

Jason: Another surprise hit...and I like Ballroom dancing. PUSH.
Lan: Yeah, I think they might tap into that older demographic, so push as well.
Chico: I think this has enough push behind it to make it a success. Push.
Gordon: Yikes. This would be worse than a pastry push. Make this a paltry push,  though I have a feeling that at the end of the Summer and we're going to be looking at this and saying, we pushed THAT!!??!

From dancing, we go to singing, as we say to some famous pop-acts, "Hit Me Baby 1 More Time" Pop acts from the past get one more shot at stardom.

Chico: Although it won't be the same without all four members of Boyz II Men.
Jason: FLUSH. Sorry. Not for me.
Gordon: I like the concept - and it would be cool to see what else they can do. Push.
Lan: I think there's enough nostalgia there to give it a borderline push.
Chico: Nostalgia push. And speaking of nostalgia, Jason, you remember Marc Summers?
Jason: Yes I do.
Chico: He has a new show.
Jason: Which is?

The Next Food Network Star. They will look for the next Bobby Flay... or Giada deLaurentiis... or something.

Jason: Big PUSH. Food Network just won 2 Emmy's last night and will continue to go the high class route.
Gordon: More cooking shows, more pastry pushes.
Chico: That and Iron Chef kicks ass... but that's not until later this year. For now, PUSH!
Lan: Ditto.
Gordon: Next up -

We see who the brightest kids are in the U.S., Canada and everywhere else as we see The Scholar compete for a free college education. Does this entertain a Jeopardy champion?

Jason: PUSH--big time. I am liking a lot of what we have here.
Chico: Steve Martin's involved. You know what I'm going to say.
Lan: I can see the scary stage parents from that Fox show about smartest kid in America, but with Steve Martin and high school age contestants, push.
Chico: Three pushes. Gordon?
Gordon: VERY cautious push. I'm really hoping that this show is based on education and not on voting off the brainiacs. If it is, then I will turn off this show in a second. Next show?

The Real Gilligan's Island.. season 2... One word, TBS... WHY?!

Jason: FLUSH.
Chico: You said it was over...You lied...
Jason: Coconut Radio Flush
Chico: You're a liar...
Lan: I can't believe that survived. Likewise a flush.
Chico: Coconut milk flush.
Gordon: Don't blame TBS. Blame the record audience who watched it. And they will watch it again. Push.
Chico: Sure it was received, but it was critically reviled! FLUSH THAT S(^_^)!
Gordon: Finally -

The Cut. It's the Apprentice, fashion style. The Apprentice worked. Project Runway worked. Wickedly Perfect...didn't. Where will this one fit?

Jason: Mild Push. It has the Tommy Hilfiger name.
Chico: It's on Thursday... I withhold judgment until Big Brother airs. It'll get an audience push from there. For now, though, flush it.
Gordon: I think it's going to be one of the better shows on in the Summer. Push.
Lan: I say flush, simply cause I think we may have hit saturation.
Gordon: We'll save the rest for when we start season #9?
Chico: We're going to have to. It's a big list!
Gordon: We'll get to the BIG FINISH as we wrap up the season - but first, this!

(Brought to you by "Beauty and the Freak". Watch pageant winners and goths team up for cash, prizes, and a share of our sanity.)

Lan: I'd prefer if the chicks were goth... :-)
Gordon: Didn't they try this already in Greek Games?
Chico: Yea, they did... But then again, is anything REALLY that original?
Gordon: The Chicks were Goth...but we now go to THE BIG FINISH!!!!! American Idol - Is anyone thinking that Carrie wins?
Chico: How can I put this slightly.. BO WINS!
Jason: Bo wins in a romp...but both get huge record deals...and sell a ton.
Chico: Carrie becomes the next Faith Hill and gets cast in a horrid remake of an actually-good movie. Hmm.. Haven't remade "Mannequin" yet, have they?
Gordon: Unanimous for Bo. Who wins Jeopardy's tournament?
Chico: I'm going with Brad.
Jason: Ken, but the fight is a game show viewer's wet dream.
Gordon: I have to go with Brad - wouldn't want to upset the guest star.
Lan: Thanks :-)
Gordon: Will there be any show that is the blockbuster summer hit of the season?
Chico: I'm hoping Rock Star makes it.
Jason: I am calling "The Cut".
Gordon: I'll say Hell's Kitchen, since I think that Gordon Ramsay will live up to his billing.
Chico: CBS knows how to do summer, apparently.
Lan: Not much of a summer reality show watcher, but that 'Hit Me Baby 1 More Time' sounds like it might hit it off.
Gordon: I like that one too.
Chico: No shortage of good stuff to watch over the summer, it seems. Okay, not much time left, so we go right to the mail box.
Gordon: Any mail?
Chico: Yes we do! And it's what you think it is. This from Cary Buchanan, thanks Cary!

I was wondering how I can buy a copy of one of the shows that you wrote about. The article is about Liz Bjorlow on the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" show.... The date of the article is Tuesday, March 1, 2005...


Gordon: Money! SCHWING!
Chico: Well, Cary, I can't tell you how to do it, because, well... it's illegal. You can trade for the episode, and I know just the place.
Gordon: Where is that place, Chico?
Chico: Talk to Mike Klauss, he'll hook ya up.
Jason: Absolutely :-) Just as a quick aside, Randy West, Aaron Solomon and Mandel Ilagan were all part of Game Show Moments Gone Bananas.
Gordon: Next one?
Chico: Okay, one more mail... This is from Jaida Williams. Thanks for writing, Jaida, it says..

What are the qualifications to be on your game show? Is this show only for professional athletes? Do NCAA people qualify?

Gordon: Well, now we know why Chico's Teammates recaps were so watched now, don't we?
Chico: Okay.. I'm assuming she wants to be on Teammates... and for the last time, mail sent to WLTI is not forwarded to the respective production companies or networks... The best I can do is point you to and look for EOE or Teammates or something to that effect.
Chico: Well, if you have any more mail for us here, you know what to do. Open a mail proggy and type in ... or just click that address right there. It works the same way :-)
Jason: We love your mail.
Chico: We love reading this stuff. We love answering your questions. We love... love.
Gordon: We love having our special guest Lan Djang on. Thanks, Lan!
Chico: Love is cool. OKAY, We Love to Interrupt is back June 10 with another new episode to kick off season #9. Once again, big thanks to Lan Djang for hanging out with us..
Jason: Lan thanks a ton!
Chico: You've been amazing to have here :-)
Lan: Thanks! It was so cool being a mystery guest!
Gordon: When we come back in 3 weeks, we talk about the contest aftermaths, the new shows coming on, and maybe another special guest or 2.
Jason: And when you are thinking of Memorial Day...remember the real reason why. It isn't just the beginning of summer.
Chico: Until June, for Jason Block, James Dinan, Gordon Pepper and everyone at Game Show Newsnet, I'm Chico Alexander... What do we always say?!
Gordon: Match Game and Out.
Chico: Peace out, yos :-)

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