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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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May 14, 2005

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and it's sweeps time, all the time! (Jason hands him a GSNN logoed broom) You going to stick me in the fireplace next?
Chico: We're thinking about it :-)
Jason: Yes my pretty, and your little dog too.
James: Oh my.
Chico: Broomball gear at the ready! I'm Chico Alexander, and from somewhere in America, WLTI is on!
Gordon: Before we get too fractured this early, we are joined by our esteemed guests. From 17-0 Beat the Block, it's Jason Block!
Jason: Thank you very much...I am 1/2 way through my 2nd undefeated season.
James: The 1972 Dolphins of radio quiz shows!
Gordon: Whats the magic number?
Jason: 22 for the end. I should be on another 5- 6 weeks.
Jason: And I should be going after KenJen on May 23 at the "Can We Beat Ken" opening.
James: Not if my sister and brother-in-law beat you to it :-)
Chico: And from the TRASH files, we have James Dinan!
James: Greetings!
Jason: They are coming to NY?
James: They live in NY.
Jason: They are going to that opening?
James: If I encourage them :-)
Gordon: That makes a perfect opening to ...Who is planning on beating Ken Jennings at the Jeopardy Ultimate Tournament of Champions?
Chico: I wish I was :-)
James: A recap on the Elite 6 so far - Pam Mueller, Frank Spangenberg, Chris Miller, John Cuthbertson and Brad Rutter.
Chico: And who's playing in the final match?
James: Dan Meila, Michael Daunt and Jerome Vered. That could be the match of the Elite 18.
Jason: Daunt could be a bystander.
Gordon: Or he could upset both of them.
Chico: Oh yeah. We'll get into favorites later. How about any surprises this week?
James: Monday's game was weird. Brad Rutter looked knocked out, but he got up again.
Jason: I thought April McManus would be in the Elite 6. She was on a roll.
Chico: My baby be gone and I be sad.
Jason: The FJs have been hard. And rightfully so.
Chico: I don't know. I got Candide.
Jason: I got Roald Dahl.
James: Brad must have watched Grace Veach's betting strategy from Round 2. Good job with paying attention. I actually got India and Bangladesh :-) - Thank you former co-worker K.C.
Jason: I said India and Pakistan.
James: And "TRASH Killer" Lan Djang has been eliminated. Thank you Chris Miller, and thank you Chris's Sgt. Slaughter good luck action figure.
Chico: Chris Miller should have a special invite to the TRASH tournament, I reckon.
James: Darn straight :-)
Gordon: For those of you who are wondering what the conversation is about, Djang knocked off two people from TRASH, so he has earned the name 'TRASH' killer. Who are those people that he beat, James?
James: Andrew Hutchings in Round 1 and Mark Dawson in Round 2, and don't worry, TRASH plans on inviting Lan to Regionals as well.
Gordon: We will be talking more about predictions later on in the show. Right now, we will be figuring out what went wrong with Mr. Block's predictions in American Idol this past week.
Jason: You had to mention that, didn't you?
Gordon: =)
Chico: Apparently more fans of Carrie than previously thought.
Gordon: I didn't think anyone besides Anthony was leaving, but I am mildly surprised that Carrie wasn't in the bottom with him.
Chico: If they're anything like the country folk I know, they're fiercely loyal. If it weren't for the ego trip that Simon'd get from having her win, I would see her in the near future with a "Jasmine Trias Speech". Basically a little rant that ends with the phrase, "it has to end tonight."
James: Let's be honest. Fedorov has been on the hot seat almost since the finals began. With Scott Savol gone, it was Target: Fedorov.
Jason: But this show is a week-to-week performance. Carrie was abysmally bad. And I thought the fans would notice.
Gordon: Maybe the fans did notice - but not enough of them. I still think Bo is now the favorite to win.
Chico: Next week is historically "The Wheel of Death" round. Rest assured, Jason... Next week will put her on notice.
Gordon: No it won't. Next week, they only announce the person who is eliminated.
James: But as depends on the songs.
Jason: Bo is starting to annoy the hell out of me.
Chico: Not me.
Jason: He is a one style singer who will make me puke if he wins.
Gordon: He has the image and the fans to back his styles (and I think it's more than one) up - and that's what Idol is all about.
Jason: Boo-urns.
Chico: I don't think he's that much of a one-styler.
Jason: I thought it was about TALENT.
Chico: Now Carrie. She's a one-trick pony if I ever saw one.
Gordon: Bo is very talented - Bo has shown that he can do songs outside his genre. Carrie...hasn't.
Chico: After he sang the love theme from "The Apprentice?" Yeah, I'd say he has range.
Jason: You are smoking something, Gordon. He is the same, mumbling, Allman Brothers look a like.
Gordon: I'm smoking the same stuff that Bo was on when he got busted. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!
James: LOL
(Jason plays Bad Boys Theme from Cops)
Gordon: Cause I'm high, Cause I'm high, cause I'm hii-aaaaiiiiiiiiii....Afffrroooommaaaaaaaannnnnnn!!
Chico: AHEM! Okay, now that Gordon's high... I'm taking control and moving on to... The end of the Amazing Race, which saw Uchenna and Joyce race past evil for victory! I sound like a propaganda, don't I?
Jason: Poor Rob and Amber.
James: Poor Rob and Amber?
Jason: If they knew their Spanish, they would be $1M dollars richer :-)
James: They were as popular as the Ebola virus...people wanted to see them lose.
Chico: Yeah, poor them. All they have is $1 million and a CBS special to look forward too.
James: And maybe a spot in the Big Brother house this summer :-)
Gordon: Did the Agus race past the evil alliance - or were they given a jet booster from Jerry Bruckheimer?
Jason: No way.
Chico: Don't buy it.
Jason: If you are saying that the game was rigged...
Gordon: We have a VERY disturbing story on this coming from Friday's edition of the New York Post...
James: New York Post? Disturbing? NOOOOOOO
Gordon: Rob intimated this on his television tour, during the filming of the final lap of the Amazing Race, the plane that Rob and Amber were going to leave on was out of the landing and about to take off, when it  stopped, went BACK to the landing bay, and picked up the Agus, THEN went back and took off again.
Jason: Big deal.
Chico: So you think this is inconsequential...
Jason: Big time.
Gordon: I could see the plane 'magically' stopping on the runway and then turning back around to make sure that there was a 'competitive' finish - competitive, because the next flight would have been 4 hours later.
James: What are you, Jeff Van Gundy?
Jason: I am sorry.
James: $100,000 fine!
Jason: This is sour grapes from Rob and Amber.
James: :-)
Jason: I don't believe it.
Gordon: Don't believe it, or don't WANT to believe it?
Jason: Don't believe it.
Gordon: And what if this is true? Is this a legitimate case of rigging?
Jason: No it is not.
Gordon: Why not?
Jason: Because let's play the scenario out.
Jason: If they have an equal shot, albeit assisted. Rob and Amber were in the lead. They blew there shot to lose. Uchenna and Joyce almost blew their shot to win. There was nothing in the final edit that proved to me that either team had a distinct advantage going into the end.
Gordon: But if Uchenna and Joyce don't get the assist, then Rob and Amber get an extra 4 hours and the game is essentially over, with a very boring climax - which is something the TV people don't want.
Jason: So what--it's happened before on AR.
Gordon: Not in the final episode. Not when it's determined who gets a million dollars.
Jason: Call on Bruckheimer to investigate.
Gordon: My attitude is the same with the Paula investigation. They have questions in my mind to be answered. If they answer it, then no problem. If they can't come up with it, then people need to leave the show.
Chico: Heh.
Jason: Bull. This is the same thing. Unsubstantiated accusations.
Chico: So far, they haven't made it out there, so I doubt the paper's reputability as well.
Jason: These people have the same legitimacy as the Corey Clark investigation.
Gordon: Sure it would - I think if you give Rob and Amber an extra 4 hours, the Spanish issue is irrelevant. They didn't lose the race by 4 hours.
Jason: But you have no idea what would happen.
Gordon: I know they wouldn't have blown a 4 hour lead.
Jason: You don't.
Gordon: Did they or did they not lose to the Agus by more than 4 hours?
Jason: Not by 4 hours no.
Gordon: Then this is an issue.
Jason: No it isn't. You WANT it to be an issue.
Gordon: And you don't. You like your happy ending stories with the happy people winning. You don't want to even think that evil should have won this competition.
Jason: No, that's not true. I wanted Rob and Amber to win, honestly.
Gordon: Sure you did.
Jason: I swear to you I did.
Gordon: Uh-huh.
Chico: The Amazing Race is one of those shows where you don't know what would happen until it happens, and Gordon brings up a point that me and my sister have been talking about for a while now. I think TAR needs to show arrival times, just to keep things square.
Gordon: I agree with that.
Chico: Bottom line is: TAR is whatever happens happens. We don't know what went on because we weren't there, and we can't trust anyone outside of the participants who haven't come forward. QED.
Gordon: Ok, Let me get some quotes.
Chico: You're waiting for the smoking gun...
Gordon: Lets think about this though - what plane, on a runway, stops and goes back to pick up two people and delays a flight?
Jason: Doesn't matter.
Gordon: It doesn't matter to you that a plane would go back to pick up people when you are ON THE RUNWAY and ready for take off?
Jason: Things happen.
Gordon: Would you like some of the stuff I was on earlier?
Chico: This was in Jamaica, right?
Jason: Puerto Rico I believe.
Gordon: Here are the quotes from the people involved, according to the article...

The Amazing Return: Rob's View...

"I'm not saying anything," Rob Mariano grinned on yesterday's edition of "Live with Regis & Kelly" when Regis Philbin asked him if he thought there had been a "plot" to help the eventual $1 million winners, Uchenna and Joyce Agu, take the top prize. Rob helped fuel the rumors by telling Regis and Kelly, "I'm not saying anything. America can judge." He stoked the flames, though, by adding, "When was the last time you ever have seen them close the door of a plane and then turn around and open it after they pulled the Jetway away?
-From the New York Post


Jason: According to the article, the FAA says its the "Pilot's Call" and that why he did it. AA being a sponsor and that's why they did it.
Gordon: So AA is a sponsor of Amazing Race, and you don't see ANYTHING suspicious about this?
Jason: Nope.
Chico: Sounds good to me. End of story.
Gordon: Not yet. More quotes...
The Amazing Return: Uchenna's View...

"There was a moment where I looked at the ticket agent and I just glared at her. They didn't show it, but I kind of yelled at her, too. And that's when she called the pilot. "We don't know why he did it. But karma comes back around. If you remember, there was a point on the race in Argentina where we were on a plane, the plane closed and then they let Rob and Amber on! Joyce said, "You know, turnabout is fair play, and it's just good karma coming back. We waited for this and it waited for us."
-From the New York Post


Chico: See? Karma!
Gordon: You've gotta be kidding me.
Chico: The universe self-righting! Something bigger than any producer!
Gordon: One last set of quotes...
The Amazing Return: CBS's View...

"Only an understanding gate agent and the goodwill of the pilot returned the Jetway back to the plane. Uchenna and Joyce treated everyone with kindness and respect throughout race, and that karma was returned at a crucial moment."
-From the New York Post


Jason: Exactly.
Gordon: Sure - Karma comes back to you when it means ratings and lots of green paper flying in your direction.
Chico: OKAY! Geez, we got the point the first seven times you said it.
Gordon: The power of ratings and good deed karma. All wrapped up in a nice happy ending with a bow.
Jason: You are cynical.
Gordon: Damn right.
Chico: No. He just likes teh scandal :-)
Gordon: I think CBS has explaining to do - and 'Good Karma' isn't a good enough answer. Let's move on before someone's head explodes.
Chico: Okay then. We had not one, but two OTHER supertourneys going on this week. Street Smarts still has their $100K wang dang doodle, but now Family Feud's getting in on the big money tourneys. Like the Family Circle tournament of old, but now...that Fremantle's making their own money, they don't need a big sponsor.
Jason: And the pot is $120,000 I believe?
Chico: Okay, at least $80,000 in the pot, I think $80,675 if they're still doing it $5 a point. Which is weird because Richard never mentioned it on the end of yesterday's show. I guess we're going to have to wait until Monday. They'll announce the pool at the top of the show.
Jason: Are you liking both supertourneys?
Chico: I like supertourneys. They're enjoyable regardless, this is just icing. As for Street Smarts, well.. it's pretty much straight forward...
Gordon: Girrrrl power.
Jason: Yeah baby.
Chico: And the two of the three round 1 survivors that have played... also in the Great Eight. The third plays Monday. Okay, Brain time!
Gordon: Roll that beautiful brain footage.
Jason: Yeah brain...

(MCTYW plays, Brain footage rolls - VO: From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is Brainvision News...)

Chico: *ahem* That's better. I knew I wasn't a bass all of a sudden. First up, simple Fox formula: find a concept that works, copy it...

On the heels of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" comes news of a Fox/Simon Fuller/Nigel Lythgoe joint, "So You Think You Can Dance". They say they had it on the grill for a while and it's more freestyle, so it's not THAT much of a rip. It just happens to come on the heels of another announcement... Auditions start this summer for a release later.

Chico: Rip or not?
Gordon: Of course it's a rip.
Jason: Rip.
Gordon: So the Idol people are in charge this time. It's still al rip.
Jason: Burn.
Chico: Rip! Fox isn't fooling anyone.
Jason: And Copy.
Chico: Next?
Gordon: Next one...

Sylvester Stallone, in a quote, says that he doesn't think the Contender 2 will happen.

Gordon: Noooooooo, really?
Chico: I'll be damned...
Jason: I hope not.
Gordon: on a side note, the 'Finale' will be trimmed, and the undercard fights which were supposed to be aired will now be seen on 'the internet only'.
Chico: Really...I'm shocked...On the subject of Burnett...

NBC's "The Apprentice" takes the gold for reality at the Rose d'Or, joining such esteemed winners as "The Mole", "Pop Idol", and "Oblivious"...

Gordon: Oblivious? Wha?
Chico: Can we really put "Oblivious" there? I mean, sure it won, but...
Jason: No. We can't. Sorry, but that show sucked.
Chico: But the other two were fine.
Jason: Sure.
Gordon: (Ding)
Jason: Absolutely.
Chico: Alrighty!

We're down to the final four on Survivor: Tom the leader, Jenn the follower, Katie the talker and Ian the player.

Chico: Who stands the best chance at winning?
Gordon: Tom.
Jason: Tom The Leader.
Chico: I agree. You have Tom and Ian in the final, you know they're going to vote as a block.
Jason: I haven't seen much of the show but he looks like the lock to win.
Chico: I don't know. Past seasons have surprised...
Jason: Of course.
Gordon: Ok - Next one...

Speaking of Apprentice, Bill Rancic has a book called 'Beyond the Lemonade Stand, which is called a book for young 8-12 year old entrepreneurs. Your thoughts?

Chico: I'd buy it if I had an 8-12 year old.
Jason: Sure I would. Rancic was the prototype for everything else.
Gordon: Last one...

Appropriately enough for a Friday the 13th weekend, CBS has turned down...Nightmare on Elm Street. They are thinking about putting the Fear Factor wanna-be on UPN.

Gordon: Would you watch?
Jason: No.
Chico: No.
Gordon: That's it for the BrainVision News. When we come back, we play daddy and house. We'll be better than Paris Hilton - we promise.

(BrainVision News has been presented by Karma Juice--it will get you on a flight and win you a Million Dollars--Karma, what goes around comes around)

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