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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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April 4, 2005

Chico:  For the 50th time...
Gordon: From somewhere in America...
Chico:  We Love to Interrupt.. is on! Welcome to this, our 50th sojourn into the inner sanctum of game show fan boy heaven. I'm Chico Alexander. With me as  always guarding the gate is Gordon Pepper.
Gordon: I am the gatekeeper - are you the keymaster?
Chico:  Durn right.
Joe:    When someone asks you if you're a say...YES!
Chico:  Hello.. Said yes.
Gordon: That was uttered by the utterly lovable Joe Van Ginkel.
Joe:    !SALUTE!
Gordon: We also have joining us the not as lovable but very brainy James Dinan.
James:  Howdy
Gordon: We have the not as brainy but very Canadian Ryan Vickers.
Ryan:   Wait... I want to be the court jester! And hey... why am I the dumb one? :)
Gordon: In time...and the not as Canadian but very sleepy Jason Hernandez.
Jason H:    I'll be back joining in the third segment next week again. :-p
Chico:  Ladies and gentlemen, the contestants! Sorry, had a Clive Anderson moment.
Jason H:    Oh, and congrats on #50!
Gordon: (applause)
James:  Hearhear.
Joe:    ROFL.
Ryan:   w00t!
Jason H:    The golden show, huh?
Gordon: Now the reason why Chico called them the contestants is because we will be playing a game with them...RIGHT NOW.
Ryan:   I can't wait for the lovely parting gifts on this one...
Chico:  There's one more chair here, and that's reserved for our special guest. We've been taunting, teasing.... and damn it I can't take them anymore...  Let's play a game called "What's My Line..."
Joe:    ROFL
Jason H:    Heh! My kind of game.
Ryan:   Funny... never heard of this show... lol.
Chico:  Blindfolds on, folks.
James:  *Bonk*
Jason H:    Aw're lucky I can type blindfolded.
James:  Sorry, hit my head on the screen.
Ryan:   *takes out blindfold he pinched from British Airways*
Jason H:    :-p
Chico:  Everyone ready?
Ryan:   I'm happy I took typing in school...
James:  Sure.
Jason H:    Yep.
Ryan:   Yes Mr. Daly.
Chico:  Gordon, you ready?
Joe:    Actually, gents, I have to recuse myself from this particular game.
Gordon: Almost - since I needed Joe's help to get me the mystery guest, Joe has to recuse himself.
Jason H: only three of us are asking questions?
Gordon: So it's between Ryan, Jason and James.
Joe:    lol
Jason H:    Thanks a lot, Joey Numbers. :-p
Chico:  Okay.. Can't wait here... Will our mystery guest enter and sign on please.
Mystery Guest:  Hi.
Gordon: Welcome, mystery guest.
Mystery Guest:  Thank you.
Chico:  Okay, we'll start with James...
Gordon: Mr. Dinan - please begin.
James:  OK...are you a man?
Mystery Guest:  At least for most of this week, yes.
Chico:  Heh... Alright, Ryan?
Ryan:   Do you have any association to game shows?
Mystery Guest:  In a way, yes.
Chico:  And finally, Mr. Hernandez of the busted bracket.
Jason H:    I smell a rat. :-p
Mystery Guest:  That's seven fewer than Bennett Cerf smelled on the last show.
Gordon: lol.
Jason H:    I have an instinct, and I'm about 2% right on those.
Chico:  If you have an instinct, go with it!
Jason H:    Are you with a particular game show?
Mystery Guest:  No.
Gordon: Wrong rat.
Joe:    ROFL
Jason H:    *kicks that rat outta here*
Gordon: That's only 1 down, 9 to go! Mr. Dinan.
James:  Were you a contestant on a game show?
Mystery Guest:  I have been.
Chico:  Okay, Ryan Vickers?
Ryan:   Was this a GSN game show network game show that you were on?
Mystery Guest:  At the time, it was on Game Show Network.
Gordon: Mr. Hernandez.
Jason H:    *nods* Hmmm....Have you....been associated with more than one show?
Mystery Guest:  No.
Jason H:    *throws pencil in shame*
Gordon: 2 down, 8 to go - Mr. Dinan?
Joe:    heeheeheehee.
Ryan:   lol Jason H.
James:  Did you win more than $10,000 on this show?
Gordon: James is deep in thought.
Mystery Guest:  I
Joe:    3 down, 7 to go.
Gordon: Mr. Vickers.
Ryan:   Are you known for something else besides the win on this show?
Mystery Guest:  Considering that I am probably in oblivion for the win on that game, the answer to your question is a resounding yes.
Ryan:   ok thanks!
Gordon: interesting - Mr. Hernandez.
Jason H:    Mystery guest, is it possible we may have met before? :-p
Mystery Guest:  It is indeed entirely possible.....yes.
Gordon: Mr. Hernandez may be finding his rat - or maybe not. Mr. Dinan.
James:  Are you affiliated with Game Show Congress?
Mystery Guest:  There are rumors to that effect....yes.
Gordon: Hmmm...Mr. Vickers.
Ryan:   Have you been on national television at any other time besides this game show?
Mystery Guest:  Yes I have.
Gordon: Mr. Jason 'I want my rat' Hernandez
Jason H:    Let's get back to this game show.....shall we....Was this show... a studio game show from the last 5 years?
Mystery Guest:  No.
Gordon: 4 down, 6 to go. Mr. Dinan.
James:  Do you reside in Tennessee?
Mystery Guest:  Well, considering that I'm bordered by seven other states.....yes.
Joe:    <Arte Johnson>Vetty interesting...</AJ>
Gordon: Mr. Vickers.
Ryan:   Is your last name the same as the street that TPIR is currently taped at?
Joe:    LOL.
Mystery Guest:  You might find a relationship there.....yes.
Ryan:   hmmm....
Gordon: And to finish this off, Mr. Hernandez.
Joe:    I think Jason may find his rat yet.
Jason H:    .....*grins like the Cheshire cat*
Gordon: lol
Joe:    Yep.  He's got him.
Gordon: Do you have a guess, Jason?
Mystery Guest:  It's not Jack Benny.
Jason H:    LOL
Chico:  Get'm J!
Joe:    I'll take odds on it, Mystery Guest.
Gordon: Would Mr. Hernandez care to take a guess?
Jason H:    Do you have a popular website that we've shamelessly promoted here on WLTI? :-p Are you the famous, Steve Beverly?
Mystery Guest:  Considering how shameless we all are.....YES!
Chico:  Blindfolds off!
Joe:    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyo!
James:  LOL
Jason H:    *blindfold off!*
Ryan:   Light!
Gordon: Congratulations panel.
Chico:  Heh, Jason got it!
Jason H:    Hehe, I knew we've met before! :-p
Steve:  Not a doubt in my mind.
Chico:  You know what you get, Jason?
Jason H:    What do I get?
Chico:  Sweet nothing!
Steve:  LOL.
Joe:    ROFLMAO.
Chico:  Credibility!
Joe:    Props.
Ryan:   <TPIR losing horns play>
Gordon: So we welcome our guest Steve Beverly with us.
Chico:  Woohoo.
Steve:  Good to be here, guys.
Joe:    !SALUTE!
Jason H:    Hehe, I'll take the credibility any day of the week.
Ryan:   Hi Steve, great to meet you... if only online!
James:  Howdy.
Joe:    Welcome, sir.
Steve:  Greetings all.
Chico:  Hey, Steve. Welcome to the nut house.
Steve:  From one nut to another, I feel at home.
Chico:  Good to hear.
Steve:  Glad this is a chat show.  After the last week, I still sound like Redd Foxx.
Joe:    I'll bet.
Ryan:   That's right - you were calling basketball, correct?
Chico:  Beats Gordon sounding like Barry White for a week. Well, it's our 50th show, but it's still a show, and we've still got a job to do, so let's get it started.
Steve:  Yes.
Gordon: lol - Steve just got back form announcing over 20 games for his college's Women's Basketball tournament - and congratulations again for Union winning it all.
Joe:    WHOO!
Steve:  Thank you.....a great and memorable week it was.
Ryan:   Good job!
James:  Tremendous.
Chico:  Cool cool.
Jason H:    Heaps awesome, as they say in Aussie. =)
Gordon: Of course, to the people who don't know, Steve Beverly runs his own game show website called
Jason H:    What's that website again? =D
Gordon: This was the very first game show website that I ever visited.
Steve:  LOL.
Ryan:   You're one of the original ones, aren't you?
Steve:  I suppose so.  Of course, that usually also means one is getting old.  :-)
James:  Oh my.
Chico:  Naah.
Steve:  Chris Lambert had his The Game $how Page at the time I started.
Gordon: and it was also the site that I saw and said that it would be fun to recap and do commentary for. The second site that I went to was this one, and they were looking to hire, so that's how I got into this.
Jason H:    I've had my website for 6 years....I feel kinda old sometimes, too. :-p
Ryan:   I remember back when the biggest game show news on your page was Summer Sanders hosting "Figure it out" - game shows have come along way haven't they?
Steve:  Certainly they have.  And, believe me, at the rate we're going, I'd be glad to have Summer back doing "Figure It Out" because everything is in a recession as far as anything new, perhaps even more than at that time.
James:  Morning Jason.
Joe:    Yer late, Block.
Chico:  You missed happy playtime.
Gordon: We are graced by the last of our crew - the ever charismatic Jason Block.
Jason B:    Yawn and thank you.
Steve:  Hi Jason.
Jason B:    Hello.
Gordon: And we found someone more tired than Jason Hernandez.
Jason H:    I resent that. :-p
Joe:    Yeah: me.
Jason B:    I had a BAD day at the Casino.
James:  How bad was it?
Gordon: That's because I wasn't there =(
Ryan:   So we're turning into a MG question now?
Joe:    I thought Jason was the luckiest guy in the world.
Gordon: We played What's My Line - why not Match Game?
James:  Jason left me the opening...sorry?
Jason B:    True but I was up +400 due to a $1 slot machine win
Gordon: Nice.
Jason B:    But the cards weren't with me.
Gordon: Not nice.
Chico:  Should've headed over to the BJ tables. I thought you were the counting type.
Jason B:    And I blew the profit plus most of the stack I brought down.
James:  Ugh.
Jason B:    Bad Pai Gow. Very Bad Pai Gow
Jason H:    Suckage.
Gordon: No profit in Jason's pants.
Joe:    Horrors.
Gordon: You big bad suck job. (in old lady's voice)
Jason B:    I very big suck job
Jason H:    Anyway, back to our Steve.....!!!
Joe:    Yes, back to the guest.
Jason H:    I mean, Mr. Beverly.
Gordon: Anyways, we do have a show to do, so lets get on with it.
Jason B:    Sorry.
Jason H:    Heh, speaking of WML, I'm sure you've heard about the fabulous stage show going on here in SoCal, haven't you? (The one going on at ACME Comedy Theatre)
Steve:  Yes I have, on the WML? question
Chico:  Last week was probably the weirdest week in pop music history...
Gordon: How weird was it, Chico?
Joe:    ROFL
James:  <shakes head>
Chico:  Let's see... Tuesday, we had Idol, right?
Gordon: Yes we did.
Chico:  Just plain old show, right?
Chico:  Then the phone numbers guy screws it.
Gordon: That would be the chyron graphics guy, but yes, he screws it up.
Chico:  So Wednesday we had ANOTHER Idol with the same performances and new live critiques. Phone numbers... correct. The vote went forward... And Mikalah goes home. Sure it was all a wash, but three shows to get there... It's just weird. And you notice that the rumors just started flying as soon as the news broke.
James:  It did save viewers from the horrors of *Life on a Stick* for another day though. :)
Joe:    lol
Ryan:   But wait... don't they just save the file and recycle it for the next show?  Why would you screw with the template files? I realize that you have to move names, but you shouldn't have to touch the numbers, right?
Chico:  Wouldn't know. I was watching "The Office".
Jason B:    So YOU were the one.
Jason H:    I was at WML, so I wouldn't know, either.
Gordon: Life on a Stick made Mikalah Gordon sound like Deborah Cox.
Joe:    ROFL
Chico:  That's being a little harsh, don't you think?
Steve:  As long as it didn't make her sound like Ashlee Simpson.
Chico:  No, THAT's being a little harsh!
Joe:    Oof.  Indeed.
Ryan:   Next on American Idol... Miss "Acid Reflux".
Jason H:    Ooh!
Joe:    lol
Jason B:    Ouch again.
James:  Please...move on :)
Chico:  I betcha Simon's going to make that comment sometime this season.
Gordon: Was there anything that could have saved Mikalah Gordon?
Jason B:    Nope.
Chico:  NO.
Joe:    Definitely not.
Steve:  Only a return of Nikki McKibbin.
Chico:  Well, there could've been two people who messed up more than she did, but it didn't happen.  Probably because of her, we can't use "fabulous" anymore.
Gordon: For the record (and so we can laugh at this next week), who will be the last 2 fabulous people left - and who will be leaving next week?
Jason B:    You mean the bottom 2.
Gordon: Correct.
Jason B:    Anthony and Constantine with Anthony going.
Chico:  Bottom two... I think Anthony and Constantine need to step up. Anthony really needs to step up, or he's stepping out.
Gordon: I am going to go a different rout. I think that Nadia will be getting their votes, which leaves...Vonzell and Anthony at the bottom, with Anthony leaving
Gordon: Your thoughts, Steve?
Steve:  I think any of the combination you mentioned could be there in the bottom.
Gordon: This season is interesting, as you don't know yet where the votes are swinging to yet.
Steve:  I think the finale, barring upsets, would likely have Anwar and Bo duking it out.  I sense an all-male finish.
Chico:  I don't know... Carrie's pretty good.
Jason B:    But the men are much stronger over all.
Gordon: You have Carrie, Jessica, Bo and Constantine fighting for the Country/Rock vote, Nadia, Anwar, Vonzell and Nikko fighting for the R&B vote and Anthony and Scott fighting for the pop vote.
Chico:  This one could go any way but out. Or it could just go out based on what we've seen so far. Time for the Big Board. The subject, after this week of weird on Idol: What the Heck Could Possibly Happen Next? I sat alone in a cold, dark blood bank and came up with seven items that could... or could not happen.
Gordon: Let's hear it.
Chico:  First up... we finally get the Paul McCartney show that producers have clamored for.
Gordon: Which is?
Chico:  Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller originally wanted Paul McCartney to be a guest judge or take part in some capacity.
Jason B:  And when does he?
Chico:  I don't know. I'm just saying that it could happen in this wacky season. Not saying that it will. I'm just saying that it could.
Jason B:    It won't. Paul is above Idol.
Gordon: Based on the ratings on last week's show, they don't need Paul. As long as I don't see any wardrobe malfunctions on Idol, they'll be set.
Chico:  Heh... FCC, anyone? Second possibility: Two eliminations in one week. It's happened before.
Ryan:   And they've had that Paula Adbul press...
Jason B:    That I could see happening.
Gordon: What about the almost real possibility that they may have needed Paul because Paula would have been in jail for 6 months? Could there be a situation where one of them gets jailed and they need a new judge?
Chico:  Nil. She gets probation and a fine.
Gordon: In this situation, I know - but what happens if she breaks her probation?
Ryan:   We get Martha Stewart? lol.
Gordon: Could we see a return of Star Search and have one less judge?
Chico:  Renege on their no-guest-judge policy, I suppose. I'm sure Gene Simmons would love to sit in again.
Gordon: I wouldn't mind seeing him and Quentin Tarantino back - Quentin was THE highlight of AI3
Jason H:    Heh, hey, that was fun!
Joe:    Agreed.  I'd watch that.
Jason B:    We don't need celeb judges
Chico:  Word... Okay, third possibility: Throw in a ringer. Happened on another series. Probably won't happen here. If Idol comes to that, I'll probably stop watching, as such an idea would defeat the very purpose.
Gordon: See Fame get ok ratings. See the Spoiler come in. See the ratings plummet.
Chico:  And now, it's Harlemm Lee who?
Gordon: I saw someone who looked like him take my order at McDonalds. He asked if I wanted fries with that.
Chico:  And then you said, "No, I wanted rings, player!"
Jason H:    Did he at least get the order right?
Gordon: no - no one at McDonalds ever gets my order right.
Chico:  Welcome to the club.
Gordon: Next one?
Chico:  Next possibility: Special Sunday show at 7, followed by an hour of voting, then results that same night.
Ryan:   That's the way they do it in the UK.... but they only have one time zone.  That's your problem.
Chico:  I was just getting there.
Gordon: I have the solution - and Jason Hernandez would love it
Joe:    Uh-oh...
Chico:  I want to hear this. Go ahead.
Jason B:    So do I.
Jason H:    ...........go ahead :-p
Gordon: You have FOX do an American SABADO GIGANTE!
Jason H:    :-D
Jason B:    huh
Chico:  And cancel America's Most Wanted again? Forget about it!
Joe:    O_o
Gordon: Start at 6 and have them all perform until 7, then you have games and stunts throughout the night and then you announce the people who are voted off at the end - around 11 pm.
Joe:    But FOX won't do it, because they own Saturdays.
Gordon: Move it to Sundays. DOMINGO GIGANTE!!!!!
Jason B:    oh please.
Chico:  All we're missing is a jolly old portly guy... and I nominate myself :).
Ryan:   yeah... we'll scrap Simpsons, Malcolm, King of the Hill and move them off to Tuesday or something like that...
Chico:  Sure I'm not old, but I'm jolly.
Gordon: Make the Simpsons part of the block and scrap everything else, since no one watches that anyway.
Joe:    lol
Jason H:    Dude......DOMINGO GIGANTE!
Jason H:    With game shows, and hot women!!! HOT...LATIN...WOMEN!
Chico:  LOL!
Ryan:   ROFLMAO!!!
Joe:    Jason likes that, I'd say.
Jason H:    Need I say more?
Chico:  Es muy bueno.
Ryan:   Excllent.  My Saturday is made.
Chico:  Next up: Round of 5: EP steps out, says "Welcome to 'The Enemy Within'."
Gordon: And then Anne Robinson comes out and Bitchslaps everyone for stealing her show.
Chico:  Except Mark Burnett, but that's later in the show.
Joe:    I like that one.
Gordon: Next?
Chico:  I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets it. For those who don't. Nigel Lythgoe, EP of Idol, hosts "The Enemy Within."
Gordon: Which is a rip-off cross of Dirty Rotten Cheater and The Weakest Link.
Ryan:   "Enemy Within" came before DRC though...
Jason B:    Hell no.
Chico:  And finally, the one you're waiting for Ryan: Seacrest say "Screw it, I quit" following week sees return of Dunkleman.
Gordon: And then Ryan gets a contract with P Diddy and releases 'White Boys Can Rap', with the first single being 'Seacrest Out'
Joe:    OMG
Chico:  But back to matters at hand.
Gordon: OMG?
Chico:  Seacrest rapping...*shudder*
Jason H:    Eh, no worse than the rapping dragon.
Gordon: Lets see if you remember this Seacrest: Dunkelman as George Michael: Who?
Joe:    Dear Lord.
Chico:  Andrew Ridgeley?
Gordon: Very good, Chico.
Jason B:   Very good.
Chico:  It helps that that ep of BTM was on a few nights back.
Gordon: Who is more talented, - Ridgeley (who quit to go into auto racing) or Dunkelman?
Chico:  Hmm... I don't know, really.
Joe:    Neither, I'd say.
Gordon: OK - moving on...We can't Idol without Jeopardy, as we get another week of good matches. Which one was your favorite?
Ryan:   The one where I got the FJ! right :)
Jason B:    Marlins/Mariners...Steve Berman.
Gordon: Berman has a great comeback in his win.
Jason H:    Ditto on that one.
Chico:  Talk about comebacks... How about Michael Daunt's comeback?
Gordon: That was nice, too.
Jason H:    Oooh, I nearly forgot about that one.
Chico:  From a heartbreaking final loss... to $24,801.
Ryan:   GO CANADA!
Jason H:    Michael Daunt was my dark horse player of the week. A bit of a tossup for me, though.
Chico:  Hardly the dark horse after that match.
Gordon: Are any of these people going to be factors as we continue the tournament?
Jason H:    From this week?
Gordon: Yes.
Jason H:    As Chico just said, hardly the dark horse anymore, I could see Daunt giving some trouble to other players.
Chico:  Oh yeah.
Jason B:    Anybody with a buzzer is dangerous. Get the right stack and the right rhythm and Ken could be beat.
Jason H:    *BUZZ!*
Gordon: Jason Hernandez seems to disagree with you.
Jason H:    That D isn't just for my middle name. :-p
Joe:    lol
Chico:  He is very beatable...You just have to find the right opponent. That's what the tourney is all about at its heart.
Jason H:    I respectfully disagree with, probably, most of you. Ken has the best rhythm out of the field of players, and a VERY broad range of knowledge. Plus, he's had loads of experience with the buzzer. Don't some of you forget that he was in College Bowl for a period of time? Those competitions really sharpen your reflexes, ya know.
Chico:  Yeah, but that can be said for at least one other in the tourney.
Jason H:    ....and I have a buzzer, that's why they call me.
Chico:  Off top of my head, I couldn't tell you.
Jason H:    (*okay, Danger isn't my middle name, but I am dangerous....heh)
Jason B:    lol
Jason H:    Over 3 days, I can't see it happening. That's key, this is over three days.
Gordon: I can't argue with that/. Who else is dangerous? Amber and Rob, as they have created an all new layer of strategy in The Amazing Race. Is this the most strategic team ever?
Jason H:    Nice segue, Pepper. :-p
Chico:  Yes.
Joe:    Yeah, really.
Jason H:    Si
Gordon: Is this the best strategic team ever?
Ryan:   You know I hate that they're in the race because they're from Survivor... but they are strategizing very very well.
Jason B:    OH Yes....and they are in 1st.
Ryan:   I'll have to say yes.
Jason B:    They are playing the game beautifully.
Chico:  They know how to play the game, and as Travis pointed out earlier this week, the meta-game.
Gordon: I have to give Rob and Amber lots of credit here. I knew they would be better than the Allison and Danny , but you can tell that they have really done their homework and have watched previous series. If they win this, would they be considered the best team ever?
Jason B:    yes
Ryan:   No.  There has to be a asterisk next to their name - they've both been on Survivor twice so they must have alot of comfort in front of the camera.
Jason H:    ....sure, why not
Chico:  Probably. Which is a slap in the face for me... I mean, if it was anyone else, I'd be cool with it, but they kinda backdoored their way into the Race.
Gordon: You think the TV experience gives them an edge, Ryan?
Ryan:   Yes, indeed. See episode one - Rob: "The guy knew us from Survivor". The local latched on for his 15 minutes.
Chico:  Point for Ryan.
Gordon: Allison had that going for her too - but she didn't exploit it like Rob and Amber have been doing.
Ryan:   Wait... you're saying that people would recognize her outside of the States?
Ryan:   Survivor's seen internationally, but not BB USA.
Chico:  Unless they had satellite.
Gordon: You have to remember that their adventures in the house have been chronicled for months on the internet - which of course is open globally.
Ryan:   I suppose... I still think it wouldn't have helped her as much as Ramber.
Chico:  Speaking of Survivor....
Gordon: One of the aspects of Big Brother is that everything they do is on the internet - I'm not saying that she is more well-known, but I'm sure that some people would know who she was if she tried to exploit it.
Chico:  but she was too busy arguing to do that.
Gordon: From possibly the best team ever to possibly the worst team ever.
Chico:  And she was eliminated early on.
Gordon: I never said she was bright.
Chico:  No, you just said she didn't exploit. You know if she was bright, she would've.
Gordon: Exactly.
Chico:  But she was being dogged in one way or another.
Ryan:   Dogged! ha! great!
Gordon: Moving on.
Chico:  Speaking of Survivor and big losers..
Joe:    Survivor = teh suck.
Jason B:    0-5
Chico:  It's time for Much Ado about the Ulong tribe.
Jason B:    0-5
Gordon: They should change their team name to u-not for-Long - because they are not for long in the game.
Chico:  The worst tribe in Survivor history? Quite possibly.
Ryan:   They need to be u-hauled out of there.
Chico:  They need to be renamed U-suck.
Gordon: Does it surprise you that the team was comprised of almost all models?
Joe:    Then they're on the wrong show, aren't they?
Gordon: Note to Burnett - getting models - good for eye candy, really bad for gameplay. According to Jolanda - first one voted off - attorney. Wanda - English teacher and James does sales.
Chico:  Very smart.
Gordon: Now for the Ulongs...Ashlee - Actress/Model. Jeff - Model. Kimberly - Model. Angie - Bartender. Ibrahem - Model. Bobby Jon - Model. Seeing a pattern here?
Joe:    ROFL.
Gordon: The only 2 people who aren't models is James (Steel Worker) and Stephenie (sales). Probably from the website.
Jason B:    Wow...the very pretty and unsuccessful team.
Gordon: So is it surprising that the team with the worst Survivor Record - EVER - are models?
Joe:    No.  Not for a second.
Jason B:    None.
Chico:  Nope.
Jason H:    Oh! agree'd.
Gordon: And by the way - Koror - 1 actor, 1, showgirl, and no models.
Chico:  Correlation =/= causation.
Gordon: Hopefully, Burnett will learn his lesson on this one. And we will be learning about our history as we take a look back at 50 episodes of WLTI.
Jason B:    History lesson!
Jason H:    yey
Gordon: And then we have some more games cooked up - but I think we need to break.
Chico:  More of the Over-the-Hill edition of WLTI when we return.

(This break has been sponsored by Jailbreak Idol. Watch Corey Clark and Leroy Wells compete from prison for a million dollar contract once they get out of jail. Judges include Paula Abdul and Snoop Dogg)

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