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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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February 14, 2005

Chico Alexander: Winners, losers, quitters, all that and more! I'm Chico Alexander alongside the Pepper... Gordon Pepper...
Gordon Pepper: That be me - and once again, we have a full house for tonight’s WLTI.
Mike Klauss: Darn, I had a flush.
Joe Van Ginkel: I folded on the flop. ROFL
Chico: And from somewhere in America, we have Jason Block... straight from "Beat the Block" on 95.5 PLJ.
Jason Block: Thank you thank you. Just got back from England and the BAFTAS. Ok...I saw it on BBC America.
Chico: We have Mike Klauss straight out of
Mike: Thank you, thank you. It's an honor to be part of the loony bin once again.
Chico: We've got Ryan Vickers, still on the road with the Canadian Idol tour.
Ryan Vickers: Alas they say I'm too old... but I'll get them... SOMEHOW!
Chico: We have the one and only Game Show Man Joe Van Ginkel!
Joe: !SALUTE!@
Gordon: Joining us from the already been on TV department, it's James Dinan.
James Dinan: Thank you very're a beautiful audience.
Chico: And finally, GSNN's favorite distraction, Alex Davis of TVZgames.
Alex Davis: Thank you, and I won't spank you to buzz in.... just yet.
Chico: Got that right. Well, we've got a LOT to cover, so let's get started. It's Valentine's Day again... And no one is making that more glaringly obvious than the fine folks at Wheel and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.
Joe: No kidding.
Gordon: We have love, prizes, and cash - lots and lots of cash, as Millionaire has given out almost one million bucks to a few couples.
Ryan: It was a bit obvious...
Gordon: Just in the past week.
Chico: And other assorted surprises.
Mike: And Wheel had the cash and prizes flying out the door, over $150,000 in the past 2 days.
Chico: Again, two people.
Ryan: But it's still a good haul though.
Chico: Makes me question why there isn't two-man Jeopardy! yet.
James: They thought about that...original concept of Kids Week
Mike: You could get an army of people and I don't think they could beat KenJen. :-) Unless that army consisted of everybody in here. We could beat Ken with one hand tied behind our backs!
James: But, reportedly, the parents weren't very smart, so they went all kids.
Chico: Yeah, I remember that. Alex explained it on the first episode of the first Kids Week ever.
Joe: I still maintain Jeff Suchard could beat him.
James: Bring it to GSC....heck, bring it to TRASHionals :-)
Joe: lol
Chico: Hear that, Gordon? Heh...
Gordon: We'll be bringing something to Trashionals =)
James: I'm afraid to know :P
Chico: Unless the phrase "Gordon Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club" is involved, I don't want to hear it. :-)
Gordon: heh heh heh...speaking of love, Rob and Amber, the love couple, got onto the Amazing Race 7, thanks to CBS 'persuading' Jerry Bruckheimer to let them on. Your thoughts?
James: Rules on reality TV? We don't need no stinking rules!
Alex: Sad CBS attempt to milk ratings off of people they know will get it, but it'll sadly work
Chico: Pretty much a combination of CBS saying "Hey, you guys... I've got a crazy idea" and "What the f(^_^), mate?"
Ryan: Although they are slightly more entertaining than Donny/Allison on AR5, I still don't think it's a fair game for the others...
Gordon: I don't think the Amazing Race needed a ploy - but I think it will get more people to watch.
Chico: Hasn't been a year, has it?
James: Could be Trista and Ryan :P
Ryan: You're right, we could have had "Celebrity Amazing Race" *shudders*
Chico: *Scream*
Joe: Dear Lord.
Alex: Wouldn't shock me if we did eventually have Celebrity AR.
James: Well, we ARE getting Celebrity Dream Job.
Joe: Oy.
Mike: Celebrity Dream Job? Isn't that a contradiction? Somewhat? :-P
Gordon: It's bad enough we need to hear these awful people as commentators. I don't need to get stuck in a weekly series with them.
Chico: It's that time of the year again... Brooms out, gentlemen. Sweeps is upon us. So far, we've seen couples, couples, celebrities, more celebrities, and ice skaters with dumb answers. Mike, I've got one if you're interested. David Pelletier. The question: a phrase with monkey in it. His answer: "what's up, monkey butt?
Mike: Oh good heavens. Are you trying to get people to hate me, Chico? :-P
James: That's what he says to wife Jamie Sale every night.
Chico: I'd believe that.
Ryan: Ah... to be a proud Canadian...
James: O Canada!
Chico: But perhaps the greatest ploy of all ... and possibly the most entertaining... the Ultimate Jeopardy! Tournament. Opening round thoughts?
Mike: I feel bad for Babu. What a way to lose.
Chico: Agreed. That was painful.
Gordon: Babu, who loses thanks to Final Jeopardy - and I was immediately thinking for poor Jason Block.
James: It's started off with...remember him, don't remember him, remember her.
Mike: Not only did he put down a wrong word, but he also bet $100 too much. That was surreal.
Mike: Jeopardy is going nowhere. Not till I get on, at least. :-P
James: It's been renewed until 2010
Chico: So I have five more years to fail the audition test again. Heh.
Ryan: Yeah but you've got to think that it's a bit of a shark jump, no?
James: Nah...the Clue Crew took care of that
Mike: It's more like tripping over the shark.
Chico: I'm thinking "novelty".
Mike: Jeopardy's just milking its cash cow for all it's worth.
Gordon: Moo. Milk me, baby.
Chico: Uhhh.... ok. And once the novelty's worn out, you still have the second-most popular quiz show on TV today, but it's just that. See, Tic Tac Dough would never've done that, I don't think. Well, they did it once. But only once.
Joe: Yep.
Alex: They just rushed the tournament too quickly and just totally screwed up the season, but it is still entertaining so far.
Ryan: I think it would have been nice to do something to "Super Jeopardy"... and stuck it on in the summer.
Alex: It would have been.
Chico: That would've made more sense, I believe. Aren’t there 15 weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day?
Ryan: Ken's ratings were decent before in the summer... could he have done it again?
Alex: It would have been nice if they didn't assume Ken was the best there ever was to begin with .
James: Perhaps Sony/King World is looking for high ratings to possibly lead to create a new quizzer for 2006-07
Jason: I DO think Ken is the best of all time.
Alex: Yeah, because after Pyramid, what possibly can go wrong! -_-
Ryan: Umm... everything?
Chico: Sony could. But enough about that.
Alex: Bingo
Joe: lol
Ryan: *Celebrity* bingo.
Gordon: So we have 150 people who would never quit to go after Ken. We do, however have quitters - 2 of them in fact.
Chico: That transition needed work :-) We have two quitters in our midst. The first is courtesy of last week's "The Apprentice" Verna, after 5 minutes of TV time, walks away from the game. As Travis Eberle enters the game! =p
Joe: lol
Ryan: You mean the crazy lady who just randomly walked the New Jersey streets with her suitcase rolling behind her?
Chico: Yeah, but even the crazies that preceded her were put out of their misery on their own accord. She just quit. Any ideas as to why?
Jason: She couldnt handle it. And it upsets me to no end.
Mike: As Robert said, maybe she wasn't mentally prepared for the show. Nobody really knows what goes on 24/7. We just get a nice one hour show per week with the highlights, the lowlights, and the boardroom.
James: Don't they test mental fitness of these contestants before they start filming the shows?
Travis Eberle: I liked the idea of the Saturday episode being an Extended Boardroom scenes thing.
Gordon: I’m waiting for Mark Burnett to give us an African-American woman with a strong backbone and a positive character.
Jason: Here we go again...
Chico: What's that, Jason?
Mike: Didn't Survivor have an African-American female winner?
James: Yes
Travis: Vecepia.
Chico: Vecepia Towery.
Travis: Thank you, Chico. :-) She was from IV (Marquesas).
Chico: Ain't no thang.
Mike: I wouldn't call her a negative role model. She wasn't Richard Hatch.
Gordon: Who won it because she was completely under the radar and made a conniving deal with Neleh to get to the finals.
Jason: Gordon is bringing in the race argument again.
Chico: Good point. Gordon, is that totally relevant? Because if it isn't relevant, then we're going to sweep it under the rug.
Gordon: Is what relevant - Burnett and minority casting? Sure it is.
Travis: If there is an argument here, I'll take a side.
Chico: Okay, explain how it's relevant.
Travis: Oh wait, that's later...
Chico: That was last week, T =p
Gordon: Give me ONE African American character in EITHER Survivor or Apprentice not named Kwame who wasn't perceived as lazy, thieving or negative...and even Kwame, though getting to the finals, was underhanded when he made himself a celebrity at the All-Star Cafe.
Travis: But isn't that more the fault of the players than casting?
Chico: That wasn't a product of race, though. It was a product of story editing.
Travis: Hey, those B-balls might actually be WORTH something now...
Jason: Bottom line... are you calling Burnett a racist?
Chico: The idea with Burnett is "tell a story first, and then play a game second."
Joe: Let's hope not.
Jason: Because most reality shows for the most part are stereotypical to begin with.
Gordon: I'm not calling him a racist - I am saying that he needs to do something to get rid of the track record that he has had with these players. Again - I am waiting for an African - American on a Burnett show that isn't someone we make fun of.
Mike: Gordon's right. There is an obvious trend, but I don't see any reason to accuse Burnett of being racist.
Jason: Why?
Gordon: Gervase - Lazy. Vecepia - first under-the-radar character. Sean - Lazy and Argumentative. Nick - Lazy, Clarence - food stealer. Omarosa - B!tch. Stacie J - Looney. Linda - Psycho. Verna - Mentally Unstable. Kevin - Can't hold a job, so he must be bad. Kwame - will falsely portray himself as someone he's not.
Chico: That would be Tina Wesson, actually. The first under-the-radar player.
Gordon: Tina wasn't under the radar - she was in the dominant alliance with her, Colby and Keith and rode it to the end. Vecepia had no such alliance and just rode with whatever the majority was.
Mike: Wait, what about Kwame? He was the runner-up to Apprentice 1. Was he not a good role model?
Gordon: Kwame - underhanded by portraying someone who he was not at the All-Star Cafe
Travis: There's no way to know what the players will be like in the game from before, when you cast them. You can't put the whole load on Uncle Mark.
Mike: There was also a young gentleman on Apprentice 2 who was eliminated in one of the last shows. Kevin, I do believe. I'd say he was an excellent role model.
Jason: True.
Chico: Agreed
Mike: I really thought Kevin should've made the final two, along with the eventual winner, Kelly.
Gordon: You can't even say that - Kevin's resume with him going all over the place made him seem like someone who couldn't hold a job for too long. But let's even say I give you Kevin. So Burnett is one for 11. Whoopie.
Chico: We're getting off-book here, so let's move on...
Jason: Now Mike falling on his own sword? Stupid or not?
Mike: TV shows us one side of a person, a skewed side. We really don't know these people at all.
Chico: Okay, way off book again.
Mike: I'm just giving my thoughts about what I see on TV. Sorry, move on...
Gordon: I agree - which is why I wonder why when we see an African-American on one of these shows, they don't win. How many African Americans get out of The Bachelor or Bachelorette?
James: Wilbon goes through this every season with Bachelor/ette
Mike: One out of how many? 100? 150?
James: Thankfully, the show will be no more after March, so I won't hear anymore about it
Gordon: ONE African-American makes it to the third round - Whoopie. Wake me when one of them actually gets a legitimate shot.
Mike: That isn't a good track record.
Ryan: Didn't Joe Schmo 2 illustrate this point brilliantly? The producers purposely eliminated the African Americans on the first show...
Chico: *AIRHORN*
James: Duck!
Jason: (ducks) Sorry Teacher
Chico: Ahem.
Gordon: Stepping off of the soapbox now. Next?
Chico: There was another quitter over the past two weeks, that would be Marlea Stroman, rather. Makes it to the next round, but voluntarily walks off to continue with her motherly duties.
Ryan: We've had a few drop out of Canadian Idol as well.
Travis: Or, maybe she just couldn't hack it.
Joe: lol...Looks like Amanda Avila's still around.
Travis: If we're going from 100,000 to 200 to.. what's the cut? 24...then chances are you're not going to make it.
Chico: 200 to 100, then 48, 24, then the final 12.
Gordon: 12 men, 12 women, and I think she was good, but not good enough for the final 12.
Travis: Right, out of the initial pool, you're looking to be the best one. Second place just won't do. Frankly, I think once you flub a verse in the tryout, it's the door for ya.
Chico: But she wouldn't get in. I'm opening the Big Board for prognostications as to who WILL make the final 12. Gordon, you first and try to be brief =p
Gordon: David Brown and Mario Vasquez.
Chico: Duly noted.
Joe: I'm sure Amanda Avila will. At least I hope so.
Alex: Yeah, I'd rather fornicate myself with a shovel than watch American Idol
James: I'll just say...the one with the hooters and the one with the bigger hooters.
Travis: That's the SI model search, James. Idol is about singing.
Chico: Congratulations, James, you just made the end-of-season reel
Joe: ROFL.
James: The soprano with the hooters and, oh, never mind.
Chico: I say David, Anwar, maybe Scott Savol, Amanda Avila, Mikalah Gordon... That's all I see right now.
Travis: I hope no one is ever cut from American Idol, ever... and they have a 200-way tie for winner.
Gordon: The crooner has hooters...wait a sec...
Chico: And Gordon likes crooners with or without hooters.
Ryan: 200-way-tie... and then they could play off three at a time... best singer advances... nah, it'd never work.
Gordon: Speaking of auditions, Chico just got back from one. Care to explain, Chico?
Travis: What kind of weeds do they have up in the great white north, Ryan, and can I have some? ;-)
Jason: Wheel or Jeopardy Chico?
Chico: Yes. And I believe James will be pleased to know.. I was at the Jeopardy! audition in Atlanta.
James: Very did you do?
Chico: Yesterday, in fact.
Jason: WHOO-HOO! Did you make the pool?
Chico: It's everything that they said it was.
Joe: Hard, harder and hardest.
Chico: I was sure of more than half, which I believe was an accomplishment in and of itself. I met Jimmy McGuire. I didn't get his autograph, Sorry, Mike.
Ryan: How many were there?
Travis: Too bad you couldn't trip him for me...
Jason: Well...did you pass?
Chico: About 60. And no. No I didn't.
Gordon: Awwwwwww.
James: Sorry to hear that.
Jason: Damn. I am sorry.
Travis: Practice, practice.
Chico: But it just means I have to come at it harder next time.
Jason: Sorry you guys didn’t do so well.
Mike: As I told you last night, Chico, it took me 4 tries before I passed the test. It's the gold standard of quiz shows.
Gordon: Chico needs to get more trivia in him. He will be giving more of that to us when we come back from break.
Chico: And then, one of you will be doctor! Who?
Joe: NOT IT!
Chico: Can't say yet. We'll see you after the break.
Ryan: Ooh...
Gordon: Doctor Who? Good name for a show...
Jason: Ok
Chico: I like it. We'll be back.
Joe: Did you know they're reviving Doctor Who?
Gordon: Yep =)
Mike: As a game show? The Doctor Who, What and Where Game?
Joe: ROFL. No.
James: Oh jeesh
Mike: OH COME ON! That was gold! :-P
Jason: ouch.
Travis: Doctor Who Wants to be a Millionaire...
Gordon: Doctor Who Do You Trust (Still love, you, Johnny Carson)
Chico: Doctor Who's Your Daddy?
Alex: Wow, I didn't realize we became Smush so quickly.

(Brought to you by Super Ultimate Celebrity Showdown! It's the Ultimate sweeps stunt! Now... we just need a game behind it.)

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