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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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March 12, 2005

Gordon Pepper: This is Gordon Pepper and we are setting up our March Madness Brackets.
Chico Alexander: And then we're implanting some pretty strange characters to line up against Ken Jennings. I'm Chico Alexander... and from somewhere in America.... We Love to Interrupt... is on!
Gordon: We will be rolling up the March Madness circuit, but first, let's see
the regions.
Chico: Some intros in order... First off, everyday and twice on Tuesdays, 95.5 PLJ, Beat the Block, out of the northeast bracket... Jason Block!
Jason Block: Thank you. I am here supporting my George Washington
University Colonials...go A-10! Buff and Blue Baby!
Gordon: From the West - Washington, to be exact - Travis Eberle and Robert W. Seidelman!
Travis Eberle: I'm Travis Eberle, and I still want to Win Ben Stein's Money.
Rob Seidelman: I think I lost my sanity this week coming here
Gordon: Did you have any sanity before you came here?
Travis E: Heh. And a sing out to University of Washington.
Rob: Blech.
Chico: And finally from the Midwest region... Two! First up,, you know him. You love him... You secretly want to be him... Cleveland's own, Mike Klauss!
Travis E: All Hail Klauss!
Mike Klauss: Glad to see my bribe money is finally paying off I'm Mike Klauss and I've got a secret! (Don't tell Joe but I'm secretly seeing Amanda Avila!)
Chico: And finally, we have a newbie! Also from the OH, if you don't know
him, you probably know this... New Price is Right home game... Here's Travis Schario!
Travis Schario: Travis Schario, COME ON DOWN!! (Oh, wait...did that once already).
Chico: Yeah, we went through that already :)
Gordon: Joe Van Ginkel may be joining us later, but right now he may be in mourning. That leads us up to the first topic - the 12 American Idols. Did America select wisely?
Jason B: I think so.
Rob: Yup.
Travis S: I believe so.
Chico: Yes. Well, actually, I think they picked a hell of a year to balance
out the sexes.
Travis E: I don't know. I think there were three rounds too many there.
Jason B: This is the first time where I think the top 12 is the top 12.
Mike: I have no complaints.
Jason B: But the men are MUCH stronger than the women.
Chico: I mean, a strong case could've been made for both Scott and Nikko.
Travis E: Hells yes to that.
Jason B: Although Gordon doesn't think so. Scott Savol is a dark horse.
Chico: But all in all, America got it right. Now let's see if they continue to get it right.
Gordon: I would put Nikko in and get rid of Lindsay, personally.
Chico: Lindsay's a shell, I think. Product of TRL conditioning maybe?
Rob: I agree with Mr. Alexander.
Travis E: I say end the thing now, give Carrie the $1m check, and call it a season.
Jason B: Sorry Travis...give it to either Mario or Anwar.
Chico: Anwar.
Gordon: I think she has a Melissa Etheridge sort of voice - and I think she
and Vonzell are there because none of the other women stepped up.
Gordon: I think it's going to be between Anwar and Mario - though it wouldn't surprise me if it's between Anwar and Jessica. I think Carrie has a LOT of work to do, or she is going to match the place set by Carmen Rasmussen.
Jason B: Gordon and I agree,.
Chico: Anywho, we'll see who the real favorite is later in the show. One
round that just makes you question your whole grasp on reality. Somewhere in the middle, there's a round of competition when something happens and the favorite is all of a sudden in danger of elimination (see: Gray, Tamyra). When will that happen?
Gordon: I think the upset round is going to happen rather quickly - a lot of people think that it's going to be an all-male group, but more people have actually seen the WOMEN perform (according to the TV Ratings) and the first upset...will come when I good guy leaves instead of a woman that people think may deserve to go. Before we leave this subject - who is the first person in the top 12 to go bye-bye?
Chico: Constantine.
Jason B: Constantine.
Gordon: I'll say Lindsay.
Travis E: Constant... whatever his name is. :)
Chico: Right. Moving on. Last couple of weeks had a lot of premieres in primetime.
Gordon: Let's Start with Amazing Race 7. Was this the best ever?
Mike: Best ever? It's turning out to be unpredictable and fun.
Travis E: Meh. They still have a way to go to match the original.
Rob: The first race was the best, this one would take Second Place.
Chico: Well, it's still early in my book. I couldn't tell you if this was the best or the worst, but based on what I've seen so far, probably top 3 seasons...
Mike: This one has been great, just to see Lynn go postal at the market.
Travis E: Aw, to miss a single episode...
Chico: One word says it all... B(^_^)hes.
Mike: Bingo.
Gordon: This has been great so far - and as much as we have been b(^_^)ing on Rob and Amber, it's very apparent that they have seen this show before.
Mike: We have an interesting scenario in my family. My sister refuses to
watch AR7 due to Rob and Amber being on yet another reality show. How did AR7's premiere rating rank with AR6's premiere, if you have those numbers available? I'm wondering if this is a trend or just isolated to the black sheep of my family.
Chico: I believe AR7 outplaced AR6 - and every other AR for that matter.
Gordon: Best debut numbers - ever.
Jason B: It was an 8.9/13 with 11 million viewers.
Mike: Wow. No pun intended, but amazing.
Travis E: Your sister is just close-minded, is all.
Mike: She's opinionated. I told her she's missing a great series.
Chico: You know, speaking of sisters...My sister is cheering on Rob & Amber, simply because they're the team everyone is gunning to beat.
Gordon: Unlike Donny and Allison, Rob and Amber know how to play this game and they have been doing a masterful job so far. I am cheering for them, too - I want them to win.
Mike: Very true, Gordon, but everybody should know that Rob (more so than Amber) is a backstabber.
Gordon: They should know..but based on Rob taking their bribe money, they haven't figured it out yet.
Mike: What did Rob do this week? Bribe everybody to foil the other nine teams' plans. He bribed a taxi driver to go faster, a bus driver to open only the front doors...
Gordon: He collected a pool of other team's money to bribe a bus driver to
only open the front doors - and then pocketed some of the bribe money for himself.
Mike: Ah yes, he did pocket $5 for himself.
Chico: Uchenna & Joyce, I believe - that's their money.
Travis E: Not anymore it ain't.
Chico: True.
Travis E: Brilliant. :) Hey, nothing's off limits.
Chico: The Robfather lives up to his name.
Mike: One more AR question... Does any leftover money carry over to the
next leg of the race?
Travis E: Yes.
Chico: I believe so, yes.
Travis E: Unless you are the last to arrive in a Penalty Leg.
Mike: Wow. Interesting.
Gordon: So The Amazing Race is living up to everyone's expectation. Is the Contender?
Rob: Yes.
Travis E: No.
Chico: No. I mean, it got me there, but something was missing.
Mike: No. Didn't somebody learn after FOX bombed with "The Next Great
Travis E: Ooh, and the camps divide.
Gordon: Interesting. Explain, Rob.
Chico: Burnett and NBC are selling, but we ain't buying.
Gordon: We'll start on the Yes side.
Rob: They actually went in-depth with this show. Instead of just showing
the bickering in the house, the challenge and match, this shows everything-
The family life, training, and other assorted material. It actually feels like
you are with them in this competition.
Gordon: Good argument, Rob. Now for the naysayers.
Mike: I just didn't like it. Then again, I'm not a boxing fan.
Travis E: It's Yet Another Adventure Game.
Gordon: Naysayers - what DON'T you like about the show?
Chico: I just didn't feel anyone. Then again, I'm not that into boxing either.
Travis E: There are teams of eight; it's basically a boxing tournament with a 'reality' theme slathered on.
Travis E: And the ubiquitous 'reward' challenges.
Chico: Trying to sell boxing to me is like trying to sell the US on
mainstreaming soccer... Hey... There's an idea'
Gordon: So all I am hearing is that you don't like the show, but you're not
boxing fans either.
Travis E: Don't put words in our mouths, please.
Gordon: With the exception of Travis.
Chico: That's all I'm saying that NBC tried selling me a product and I passed.
Mike: If you don't enjoy a certain topic, how is someone supposed to like it?
Jason B: Well, as I said matter what ever the family, the producers or anyone else says...the suicide has put a damper on the show.
Mike: And Jason just beat me to the punch. That suicide does put a severe
damper on the show.
Travis E: Even with or without that, it's still unoriginal.
Gordon: I side with...Rob. As a boxing fan, I am enjoying the show, and I
think Burnett is smart by looking at the big picture instead of just the fighting aspect.
Jason B: Even though I personally believe that the show caused him to go off the deep end...contrary to what the family said.
Gordon: You can't base the show off of a suicide.
Chico: No, but you can't discount it either.
Gordon: I can.
Chico: For the entire run?
Gordon: Yep.
Chico: Not one iota?
Gordon: It doesn't affect the show - but there is something I don't like. I don't like about the show is, ironically, the fight itself.
Travis E: Explain that....
Gordon: If they approached it like a real fight, then I would be ok with it.
It doesn't. With annoying rotoscope slow motion footage, a non-stop repetition of the same music in the back and with cut-off scenes that are obviously not being shown at the exact moment of while the fight is going on, the fight is shown to be as dramatic as possible - even showing it movie-style - which I find incredibly annoying and insulting to boxing fans.
Chico: Now if I was to watch only for the fight, then yeah, I'd enjoy it.
But then again, I'm a tech head, so. :)
Rob: But then again, unlike most reality shows, this actually feels like a
Chico: Reminded me of why I watch the Rocky movies.
Gordon: I think that's what Burnett wanted. He wanted the 'Rocky' feel - and I think he succeeded.
Travis E: It's not just the boxing, it's also the accoutrements that make it a show. If it were sixteen guys in a single elimination tournament, I could dig it.
Gordon: We get a split decision as we move on to the next show... Celebrity Pool. Is this the next new craze?
Rob: No.
Jason B: Nope.
Mike: No. Too confusing.
Chico: It's like the Weather Channel... Padding a five minute local news segment into an hour.
Rob: I watched Celebrity Pool, 3 minutes in, I was asleep.
Mike: The layout of the game was like that of Now You See It, where you had teams play against each other and ultimately, the members of a team went against each other for the title.
Gordon: I liked it for what it was - cute fluff. I didn't like the execution of the show, and based on the reaction of the panel, we may not be seeing Celebrity Pool 2 in a while.
Travis E: The 'hose your partners' final round?
Travis S: I thought the Celebrity Pool format is actually pretty good.
Gordon: Format - good. Switching back and forth between matches - bad.
Mike: Also, there were some horrible pool players on that show.
Travis E: That really wrecks the momentum.
Mike: Joe Rogan was great. Sadly, almost everybody else wasn't.
Chico: So it's another case of "Do they screen these guys first?"
Travis S: Exactly. But, I'm a billiards fan. So I immediately got into it. And I'm not so good myself, so I related to some of the contenders.
Mike: Do they screen Celebrity Poker Showdown players?
Gordon: If you've seen the shows - apparently, not.
Rob: They should.
Mike: I'd say no, given we've seen people who just learned the game a day or two ago on the show.
Travis S: I don't think they do.
Chico: Don't think so, but at least they have fun. And that's what it's all
Travis S: That's why they always talk about all the help they get from Phil Gordon.
Mike: The set was decent and the professional...she wasn't bad to look at either.
Rob: I don't know, she was nice eye-candy, but that doesn't cover up from the botched execution.
Travis S: Oh yeah...forgot about Jeanette Lee. I think I like her about as much as Joe like Amanda Avila.
Chico: But based on what we saw... and what we thought... and there being no more airings... Prognosis?
Mike: But I think the game does have some flaws. Like I said, the Now You  See It-style of tournament doesn't sit well with me, especially when you had Joe Rogan, a great player, going against Debra Wilson, who is slightly better than me.
Travis E: So, they could stand to tweak the format.
Gordon: Ok concept - but they need to screen the show for players or it's
going to get ugly.
Mike: I doubt we'll see more eps.
Travis S: I believe that Bravo should retool it, screen the players, and bring it back.
Gordon: Lets move to the Jeopardy Tournament. Good game play - and much better wagering this week.
Travis E: I was unaware that poor wagering was going on.
Chico: Last week.
Mike: This was indeed a fun week.
Chico: Brain farts, poor wagering, owned.
Jason B: Nothing bad this week.
Chico: I had Mark Dawson as an early favorite. =) And not only because he
used us as source material for his page (Mark, if you're reading this, e-mail us).
Mike: I think a real contender after 23 eps. is Michael Rooney. I thought
he played a spectacular game.
Travis E: The man has won $350,000. He has to be high up there. Michael Rooney by all rights should have been in the TOC finals that year.
Chico: Oh yeah.
Rob: Albeit they are great players, the final 3 will be Jennings, Rutter, and my dark horse Robin Carroll.
Travis E: I hope Robin Carroll got LOST on the way to the lot.
Mike: A good friend to several will be on the show next week--Eddie Timanus.
Chico: Yay Eddie!
Mike: I would love to see him advance. I believe his show is on Wednesday
the 16th.
Travis E: HELL YEAH!
Travis S: Eddie is the man.
Travis E: 16-March. Be there or be ELIMINATED!
Chico: Would be a treat to see the guy in action.
Jason B: Absolutely.
Gordon: Timanus, as he has been in our end of the year WLTI special, is a
personal favorite of ours.
Travis E: Eddie all the WAY.
Mike: Dunno about Eddie all the way, but I'd like to see him make it past
Travis E: Cripes yes.
Chico: Indeed. Well, taking a break from the action for a bit, let's talk to our special guest Travis, who won a Cadillac playing Lucky 7 on the actual Price is Right. Tell us about the Price is Right home game that you helped with.
Travis S: Well, it's from Endless Games...retails at $13.88 at Wal-mart
(cheaper at Kmart)...
Travis E: That's my kind of ARP.
Travis S: Took me 5 years of tinkering with the format to have it where it is now.
Jason B: It debuted right around the time of Game Show Congress 3.
Travis S: That's right.
Mike: I have my copy on my computer desk.
Gordon: How many pricing games are in the TPIR box, Travis?
Travis S: 45.
Chico: Any personal favorites?
Travis S: Lucky $even, of course.
Mike: Shoulda guessed. :-)
Jason B: I guess that is the Cadillac of games :)
Chico: Of course.
Travis S: Whoever has the game, check the Fun Fact on page 30 of the instruction booklet
Rob: What is the Rolls Royce of pricing games.
Chico: Plinko!
Jason B: Golden Road.
Travis E: Double Prices.
Mike: Telephone
Chico: Joker...
Rob: That's not the Rolls Royce.
Travis E: Says you.
Travis S: Plinko is the Rolls most fans.
Chico: Shower Game.... SHOWER GAME! :)
Travis S: I'm working on it.
Gordon: Which game would be the biggest Zonkmobile ever?
Travis E: Double Digits.
Rob: Bullseye 1.
Jason B: Did you ever consult with Roger or the TPIR crew for the game?
Travis S: Actually, no. I presented my plan to Endless Games, and they went to Fremantle with it.
Chico: So it was pretty much a format deal with no production staff involved?
Travis S: Pretty much.
Jason B: How well is it doing?
Travis S: It's in the second printing now. From what I can tell, it's selling well.
Travis S: Since Wal-Mart has it now, it will sell better.
Mike: Excellent. Does this mean a follow-up might be in store for 2006?
Travis S: The next "PiR" game EG has coming out is the DVD edition, slated for July release.
Jason B: WOW!
Rob: That's huge.
Chico: Quality nice.
Jason B: Bring some to GSC4 will you!
Travis S: They've kept me close as a consultant for it, and if it's out by GSC4, I'll bring some.
Mike: Oh yes, bring some to GSC4. We love freebies! :-D
Travis S: I'll see what I can do about getting home game copies.
Jason B: So how does the DVD edition work?
Travis S: The DVD will contain 12 pricing games (I believe that's what I was told) out of the 45 in the box.
Jason B: Is Bob doing some filming for it?
Travis S: I don't believe so. But, I believe it's Fremantle's wish that the games be filmed instead of animated.
Travis E: It would be a plus, but it comes back to the money.
Mike: It sounds like an interesting endeavor, similar to the VCR games from 15-20 years ago.
Travis S: Exactly.
Jason B: Put me down for a copy!
Chico: Although it's more interactive, with DVD technology being what it is.
Jason B: I can't wait.
Chico: Me neither.
Mike: A 21st century version of those games. Right on, Chico.
Travis S: Well, since DVD players don't have a CPU like, let's say, a GameCube, it won't be THAT interactive.
Chico: Yeah, but way more advanced than VCRs at least.
Travis S: When I met with them about my home game a year ago, I mentioned that I had a Press Your Luck game in the works...they seemed interested in that as well.
Chico: Oh?
Travis S: Those of you who were at GSC3 remember the game, and those of you going to GSC4 will see it again.
Mike: A Press Your Luck home game? Interesting.
Jason B: That was fun.
Chico: How does that work actually?
Travis S: A spinner to determine square on the board, and a die to determine slide in the square.
Chico: So it would be more like Spin and Roll Your Luck... But then again, that doesn't fit on a game board.. :)
Travis S: Right right. And I've got several other home games in the
Chico: Anything you care to divulge?
Travis S: Tic Tac Dough, The Joker's Wild, Bullseye, and a retooling of Scrabble...and one of my own creation (that's TOP SECRET).
Jason B: WOW BABY!
Chico: They already have a Top Secret game. Wasn't sold past pilot stage :).
Travis S: No no. The game idea itself is top secret.
Chico: I know. Just funning around.
Gordon: Good luck on that. I also hear that you will be one of the emcees for this year's Game Show Tournament at Game Show Congress 4?
Travis S: Yes, I will be an emcee for "Price is Right", an assistant emcee for "Remote Control", and emcee for "Press Your Luck" (who woulda guessed?).
Chico: So you'll be Bob Barker, Colin Quinn, and Peter Tomarken. Talk about a winning combination.
Gordon: And I get to be Adam Sandler.
Chico: Gordon as The Stud boy... there's a thought..
Travis S: I'm actually going to be Barker at my University twice next quarter.
Jason B: So who is your hot woman assistant?
Gordon: The Game Show Convention will be the weekend of August 19-21, in the Las Angeles area.
Jason B: Location almost finalized.
Travis S: Sweet.
Chico: More as developments warrant?
Gordon: We'll have more on this next week/
Chico: Okay, Idol Brackets and Jeopardy! infiltration on the other side of the break. Right now, though, Travis... are you ready for... the questions we ask everybody?
Travis S: Eh?
Chico: We ask our guests five questions. Very simple.
Travis E: I'm guessing No. :)
Travis S: Oh, like Kilborn.
Chico: Yeah, but these are literally "the questions we ask everybody"...
Travis S: Go for it. I'm a fountain of useless knowledge.
Chico: 1) Past or present, your favorite emcee.
Travis S: Barker
Jason B: Dull surprise :)
Chico: 2) You're the EP. Which show do you bring back and why?
Travis S: I would bring back Blockbusters. It had a solid game format, and was too quickly dismissed.
Travis E: <swoon>
Mike: I applaud him.
Chico: Gordon knows I'm a Blockbusters fiend.
Travis S: *Bow*
Mike: Same here.
Chico: 3) Right now, what are you watching gamewise?
Travis S: The Price is Right
Chico: No surprise there :)
Travis S: Taped it during the week, catching up...
Chico: 4) What game would you see yourself hosting (yeah, we know, just say it).
Travis S: Press Your Luck.
Mike: Ooh, a surprise!
Travis E: ?
Chico: ... That REALLY was a surprise.
Gordon: PYL over Price?
Travis S: I play the computer version from BigJon and I can't HELP myself to announce like Tomarken.
Chico: And finally, 5) The Create-a-Question. If you have something you want to get off your chest, now is a good time to do so.
Travis S: Actually, I have nothing to get off my chest. I'm good. The span of time talking about the home game did it.
Gordon: I have one question.
Travis S: Ask.
Gordon: At GSC, will you be going to the casinos for our Super Pan 9 run Travis S: I'm gonna pass on that one. No casinos for me and my limited
Gordon: Jay - let's boo him. Booooooooooooooooo.
Chico: Good call. Okay, WLTI is back after the break.
Travis S: RA's don't get paid a lion's share.
Mike: Casino runs at the GSC? There goes my bank account.
Jason B: Booooooooooooooooooo.

(Today's unintentional Big Board is brought to you by American Dream Draft... Fantasy Baseball never had it so good!)

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