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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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April 30, 2005

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I am in shock....that I just got my IRS refund on Thursday =)
Chico: How much?
Gordon: Enough to go to AC and gamble with =)
Gordon: And then go and buy tickets to THE PRICE IS RIGHT TOUR in Atlantic City, starting this weekend!
Jason: Double ALL RIGHT!
Chico: $250 then! :) I'm Chico Alexander and from somewhere in America... WLTI is on!
James: Impressive.
Chico: Hey Jason. You're going with him, aren't you?
Jason: Our schedules cross, but we will be making a trip or two to a casino. It may be in AC or it will be in CA!
Chico: How palindromic. And rounding out our motley crew is the king of TRASH, James Dinan...
James: Howdy all!
Jason: said you were in shock...this was a shocking week in a lot of ways!
Chico: Which leads us into something I actually saw in your blog, James... Something about Lan being listed under "Enemies of TRASH"?
James: He eliminated two members of what I'd call "Team TRASH" on the Ultimate TOC -- Andrew Hutchings and, this week, Mark Dawson.
Chico: Lan Djang of Toronto, quarterfinalist. Jeopardy! UTOC.' He's no Brad Rutter, though.
James: I have nothing against Lan myself -- but when you eliminate two TRASH-ites, well... :)
Chico: Sort of a trivia terrorist or something?
James: Lan Djang, who may have the fastest buzzer finger on the Ultimate TOC on J! He played a picture-perfect game, and lost courtesy to three betting risks that worked.
Gordon: Speaking of which - we have now seen 6 people who have had 1st round byes. Only one of them advanced. What's going on?
Jason: A combination of two things. have two other people who are used to the buzzer system. And are not going against schmucks here.
Chico: True and true.
Jason: You are going against good players.
James: Agreed
Gordon: Could you say that the first round bye is more of a hindrance than a help?
Jason: Yes I could.
James: I would say so.
Jason: And I will.
Chico: 51% positive it is.
James: As we said weeks ago, it would have been easier if all of the invited players, Ken included, all played an equal amount of games
Jason: Who else is left?
James: Frank Spangenberg, Bob Verini and Chuck Forrest.
Jason: If I were a betting man...depending on the buzzer system...all of them could go down...I don't see that though.
Chico: Thus the 51% positive.
Jason: And they are also writing tougher Final J!'s
James: The one on Friday, for instance, was beyond difficult.
Gordon: I would think though that the Final Jeopardys would favor the person with the higher seed, as you would think that they would know more than the lower seeds.
Chico: To recap, please, James?
Jason: I got it...the category 19th Century American Art. The Answer: "Some versions of this painting based on a Bible verse show William Penn making a treaty with the Indians in the background." The question: what is "The Lion and the Lamb?"
Chico: I never would've got that.
James: I'm watching the show, going..."Thou Shalt Not, er, Something" :)
Jason: I am giving the Benny Hill confused look, or buzzing in and saying Thousand Island Dressing.
Gordon: Or, in the words of Jeff Suchard, 'what is a painting that has never been in my kitchen'?
James: When I saw the category and the DJ! scores, the first thing I thought was "Michael, all of $2,000 in the bank, will win". And if Grace didn't deliver with that bizarre bet, he would have.
Gordon: Actually, its a smart bet from Grace - a perfect bet.
Chico: What's up with that?
Gordon: That bet was actually a good one. Bet little enough to force Brian to come up with the correct answer, yet not enough to give the third-placed player a chance to win the game.
James: But if Brian got the question right...the message boards would be blasting her.
Gordon: no - If Brian was right, he wins the game and Grace loses anyway, regardless of the amount bet. You have to remember that Brian was leading, so all he has to do is get the question right and he wins. Grace bet enough that if she got it right, she would have been ahead of Brian by $100.
James: Grace took a lot of risks in that game (FJ! bet, two true DDs in DJ)...the cards won't fall her way every round.
Gordon: True - but she'll be happy with the $30,000+ that she won so far - with more guaranteed money to come her way in the quarterfinals.
Jason: $25,000 I believe.
James: Very true...she won, and that's the name of the game.
Gordon: By the way, My Jep spies tell me that after the tournament ends, we'll be seeing someone who will make their own stakes to be in the next tournament of champions.
James: (Rubs chin) Hmmm...
Chico: But that's all they told you, right?
Gordon: Last time I spoke to the spy, he said that this person had won 11 in a row.
Chico: This is the same spy that told you about Ken Jennings, right?
Gordon: Yes.
Chico: Vetty interestink..
James: I don't work for the fed govt anymore, so I can't give your spy a letter of recommendation.
Gordon: I don't think he'd want it.
James: LOL.
Jason: (plays the James Bond music)
Chico: Grace is the first female to make the quarterfinals...
James: Yes.
Chico: Unlike the Street Smarts Tournament which is nothing BUT ladies =p
James: LOL.
Chico: So this May will prove two things: men are better at answering questions... women are better at predicting if we're right or now. More fun with the number six, as that's how many original Koror is in the Survivor game this week.
Gordon: Number of people left in Koror - 6. Number of people left in U(suck)long - 0.
Chico: I'm guessing that Steph will not be kind on the jury...
James: Ouch.
Chico: But it doesn't surprise me a bit. Get rid of the outcast and then fight amongst yourself. It's the easiest move in the book, and save for Steph, the least painful.
Gordon: With Steph gone, what faction will win?
Chico: Which is the divide again? Girls vs. Guys or Greggifer versus everyone else?
Gordon: Well, if it's Greggifer Vs. Everyone else, then goodbye, Greggifer.
Chico: Okay. That I can understand. After all, Jenn is playing the Amber card...In ATTACK MODE! For those of you who don't know, the Amber card is when a player, namely female and cute, rides the coattails of another, namely male and gullible.
Gordon: The problem is that these people have seen previous episodes of Survivor - and they know that Jenn and Greg will only be helping themselves to the finals. That isn't going to help them.
Chico: But however strong Greggifer may be, you can't count out Tom and Ian... yet.
Gordon: I don't count them out at all - I do count Greggifer out though.
Chico: As you should. Gregg's a 10:1 to win according to TV Guide. And that's against Tom's 4:1 and Ian's 3:1. All I can say is... Lots of luck, Gregg.
Gordon: And we also wish Constantine lots of luck in his future singing career, because he no longer has one in Idol.
Chico: Yeah, it's a good thing he has that band to fall back on, right?
Jason: That was the biggest one-week self destruction I have ever seen.
Gordon: That was...impressive.
Jason: Impressively bad! Holy cow, that was awful.
Chico: Kung fu does not save space.
Gordon: Constantine did not take pebble like grasshopper.
Jason: He was big suck job.
Chico: Actually... and if you saw this week's RTI, then you know what I'm thinking, but... just as there was no bad performance last week, there was no GOOD performance this week.
Gordon: Agreed - which left the field WIDE open for someone good to get eliminated.
Chico: And Constantine was just bad enough to warrant it. And Paula cried like a little baby.
Jason: Paula was a bit EMOTIONAL.
Gordon: I think Paula is the empathy of American Idol - and you really do need someone like that for a show like this.
Chico: But that's not real.
Gordon: You sure? There were some people at work the next day who admitted that they were also in tears.
Chico: That's not the way the real world works. There's no one person set aside to hold your hand outside your family. And granted, I didn't approve of the result either, but crying?
Forget about it. Give me a bloody break.
Gordon: But American Idol is not the real world - it's much more pressure packed, where everyone is watching your every move.
Jason: And Paula Abdul just looked so weak and 13 yrs old. BOO HOO Constantine lost. Screw it.
Gordon: People become VERY emotionally involved in this show and they get upset too.
Jason: You have to be IMPARTIAL.
Chico: I agree with the Block.
Jason: There is a difference between emotional and irrational.
Chico: You know, you can pull for your favorites, but the bottom line is, you are there as a voice of impartiality. You cross that line.. There's no going back.
Jason: Paula was acting like (repeat ACTING LIKE) she was emotionally unstable. Bad move on her part.
Gordon: I think you can have a favorite, yet judge someone impartially. Paula did criticize Constantine's performance on Tuesday. See - THAT'S acceptable
Jason: But her criticisms don't mean jack. It's Randy's and Simon's judging that I listen to.
Chico: Yep. Paula already crossed that line.
Gordon: They don't have to. The show works because there is one positive judge there who will always be helpful. I don't think that Paula's critiques are there to be listened too as much as they are there to remind people why a singer is still in the competition.
Jason: Prediction right here.
Chico: Go ahead.
Jason: This is Paula's Last season of AI. She will be gone after this season.
Gordon: I don't think so, but we'll see. There's still a lot of season left to be written.
Chico: Four shows worth.
Gordon: And an ABC special on the way
Chico: With Corey Clark alleging and he and Paula... ahem... knocked boots.
Gordon: Do you buy that?
Jason: No way.
Chico: Hell no.
Gordon: Agreed.
Jason: This is pure muckracking claptrap from a guy who got booted off for being violent and a crappy singer.
Chico: And not to mention trying to make a quick buck off of it.
Gordon: With that, I think it's break time.
Chico: When we return, it's a quick look at the news of the week in Brainvision News...
Gordon: And then we bring back another old game out of the cobwebs.
Jason: (putting on Ron Burgundy's news jacket).
Chico: Stay sexy.. after the break. *gives cheesy thumbs up*

(Brought to you by Booze. You drink enough of it, and even Corey Clark looks good enough to go to bed with.)

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