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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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January 31, 2005

Gordon Pepper: This is Gordon Pepper, and are house is chock full of nuts!
Jeff Suchard: Chock full of nuts!? You mean there IS coffee?
Joe Van Ginkel: Nuts? Who you calling nuts? Oh yeah, us. "Game Show Man" Joe Van Ginkel, chief cook, bottle washer and Russian Roulette survivor (and Amy Jo Johnson fan).
Chico Alexander: Anyone want any coffee? Our cup runneth over today.
Jeff Suchard: Better coffee a millionaires money cant buy.
Gordon: From somewhere in America...!
Jason Block: East Coast v. West here.
Gordon Pepper: Setting up the scene, it is 8am on the East Coast, meaning that it is 5am on the West Coast, where almost all of our guests are.
Dan Avila: Is that why I'm sleepy?
Chico: We've got a lot to get through, so we'll start with the
intro of semi-regs and special guest... Yep, that's why you're sleepy.
Jeff: Mom said to be nice to guests, right?
Joe: lol
Chico: Hell, that's why I'm sleepy!
Dan: I need a night job like Jeff's
Joe: I just need a job, period.
Chico: We've got the one and only Game Show Man, Joe Van Ginkel!
Joe: !SALUT!
Chico: The only and only Riverside Dimples, Mr. Jason Hernandez!
Jason Hernandez: There is no one better, no one greater
Chico: The one and only Answer... Mr. Jeff Suchard!
Jeff: Hiya.
Chico: And the man to beat, Jason "Beat the" Block.
Jason: !Cuckoo!
Jason B: Thanks...I don't get up on a Saturday morning for just anybody.
Jeff: Is he still winning that show?
Joe: I believe he is.
Jeff: I should call in from California.
Jason B: I am 11-0 and will be back on WPLJ-FM in NYC in about 6 weeks.
Jeff: Awesome record.
Dan: Congrats.
Chico: *applause*
Jason H: That almost beats USC. :-p
Jason B: thank you.
Gordon: I got the CD that chronicles his wins. I listened to it on the way home. I believe you fried the Sonic Whammy during that run
Jason B:
Yes. The Sonic Whammy almost beat me.
Jason H: Yep, Mr. Sapinski had you on the ropes
Gordon: You Whammied the Whammy - next guest, Chico?
Chico: And that one hand clapping belongs to our special guest... You know him as a man who lost $2 million on a piece of chocolate, from
Greed... Dan Avila's in the house, y'all.
Jason H: *applause*
Jeff: Had to open that wound again, didn't ya?
Gordon: Welcome to the nuthouse, Dan.
Dan: I didn't lose 2mil. I lost 200k.
Chico: Ah, my mistake.
Jason H: Well, when you put it THAT way....
Dan: or 2.2 mil to be more accurate. Tower of Greed and all that.
Jason H: It's like that current run of California Lottery commercials running here.
Gordon: If Chico seems fuzzy, it's because Dan set up the time for us
to meet - and Dan's been up since 3am.
Chico: I've been up since 3:30.
Dan: I think I'll have a tuna sandwich for breakfast.
Gordon: 3 am is probably the same time that all of us east coasters go to bed.
Jason H: I think I've gotten one hour of sleep. *shrugs*
Joe: Not me. I went to bed early to make sure I could get up.
Dan: Damn Yale studies.
Chico: Yeah. I heard those are killer. Well, we'll get to grill Dan later on, but now, we've got a lot to cover.
Jeff: Listen up, Yale: I damn thee.
Chico: We start with this act dedicated to all the young folk out there. First up, the teens are ready for the Jeopardy!, as we can see...
Gordon: We have plenty - and we'll start with a game that Dan Avila, Jeff Suchard and Jason Block are very familiar with - Jeopardy.
Jeff: What's the deal with starting tournaments on Wednesday?
Chico: I don't know, really. Maybe to time it to sweeps?
Dan: Had to let Bob Shore show off his brain.
Jeff: I like the Teen tournament a bit better than Kids, cuz they actually have a playoff of sorts, instead of only one game per kid.
Jason B: Yes, and I have to start with the female Eddie Timanus. Great stuff to see.
Jeff: That was a lot of pressure for Kerri.
Okay, to refresh: Thursday's quarterfinal featured Kerri Regan, a student from AZ who is completely blind.
Jason H: Did she win?
Chico: No. The other two players were simply too much.
Jeff: Teen tourney has been OK so far. But the Mt. Everest Final Jeopardy was way too easy.
Chico: Well, you kinda expect some of the questions to be a wash for the teens.
Jason B: Jeff, did your kids watch and try to answer the questions?
Jeff: My 11 year old watches every game, whether Teen / Kid / Regular.
Jason B: Nice.
Jeff: She gets about 25-35% of the adult clues correct and about 50-60% for the Teen.
Dan: That's about how I do!
Chico: I'm a 60%er...
Jeff: She is wondering whether to try for Kids' J, or wait for Teen. More money opportunity on Teen Jep.
Jason B: Wait for Teen.
Dan: when I enter my second childhood...I will reapply for teen J!
Gordon: It was great to see Kerri perform, and we salute her. We also salute a man named Leroy, but for a different reason...
Jason B: Oh boy...jail boy.
Joe: Uh-oh...American Idol bunt.
Chico: Consider for your approval, a guy who likes the ODB, sings "Baby I Got Your Money" with crunk in is mouth.. and maybe in his system. And where is he when it airs? Prison.
Jason H: ......okay.....I REALLY missed a lot.
Gordon: The man named Leroy, who was watching his 15 minutes worth of American Idol fame...from Jail, where he was awaiting charges of marijuana possession and firing a gun into a crowd of people.
Jeff: He was very amusing. We had to watch him twice with TiVo.
Chico: I made it a moment of the week. It's on the Video Wall to watch at your leisure.
Jeff: I especially like the part where they added subtitles. Kinda like the scene from "Airplane" where the old lady says, "Excuse me, but I speak Jive."
Gordon: According to a spokeswoman from FOX, he got almost twice the number of calls than William Hung did. Will we be seeing him unleash a record of his own? And will it sell?
Joe: Only if he does a duet with "Scary" Mary Roach.
Chico: Probably not... Unless the Irv Gotti trial falls through.
Jeff: He's a one-note wonder. Won't sell.
Jason B: Lay it down and smack-em, yak em.
Joe: Now, Chico knows what I really dug about American Idol this week.
Chico: Amanda Avila the showgirl.. excuse me, the Siren?
Jeff: Gene Simmons?
Joe: Chico's got it.
Dan: My ex-wife was on????????
Gordon: Dan - is Amanda AVILA in any way related to you?
Dan: Not unless she wins.
Chico: Methinks Gordon is smitten.
Joe: He'll have to get by ME first.
Gordon: You already have Amy Jo Johnson as your Game Show hussy, Joe, you can't have more than one.
Chico: Heh...
Gordon: I liked the brutal honesty that all of the judges had in the opening rounds.
Jeff: I thought Gene Simmons did a great job as guest judge
Joe: Agreed. Simmons made for an excellent judge.
Jeff: If you sat through 9000 people, you'd get honest real fast.
Chico: I have to agree. It seems like everyone is commenting on how brutal all four of the judges are this first round. And I have to say that Gene is the most brutal of them all.
Jason B: Gene is a New Yorker by birth...he don't take crap from no one.
Chico: Mostly because there is a method to his madness.
Gordon: As long as he is as accurate as he is, brutal, then I have no problem with it. Gene was pretty much on the money, which made him a great judge.
Jeff: Kenny Loggins was "alright". Don't nobody need to worry bout him.
Joe: Agreed. Nice Caddyshack reference, Jeff.
Jason B: Do you see anyone who could win the thing right now?
Jeff: Methinks is too early to predict.
Chico: I think a couple of serious threats emerged. I can remember David Brown, Anwar Robinson, Amanda Avila...
Gordon: I think Regina Brooks could be a player as well and I agree with Brown.
Chico: If you can remember them, then they stand a chance. That's basically what it amounts to.
Jeff: What about Simon asking the twins to be graded separately, and then voting against both of them? That was nasty.
Joe: That was FUNNY.
Chico: Especially when you consider that one of them got back in.
Joe: I liked that.
Chico: To quote Eric Duncan... WHASUPWITDAT?
Gordon: I can understand Simon's plight. Idol has not had a good track record with Twins. DO you remember the brother duo from New York last year who both tanked in the round of 32?
Jason B: I do have on e question the people who are really bad they really think they could be the next one...or is it a case of TVitis.
Jeff: I think most are there for kicks. Only a few really think they are good, but suck anyway.
Dan: I think they are delusional.
Gordon: I think Susan the singer said it the best when she said that she was only there to be on TV.
Jeff: They get TV time, cuz it's good drama.
Gordon: Or maybe they are crunked up like Leroy. There can only be one Idol winner. There could also only be one Dream Derby winner - but that show is turning into a nightmare for GSN.
Chico: Just one question... What went wrong?
Joe: One word: everything.
Jeff: Re: Dream Derby - It's a cookie-cutter reality show. Nothing special about it.
Dan: Dang.. I don't get GSN.
Gordon: You're in California and you don't get GSN??!!?
Dan: I am boycotting until they change results of Greed.
Gordon: Ah - ok.
Dan: For the record, my cable system does not carry it here. I watch it at my NTN bar in Long Beach.
Jason H: Dream Derby - they must have paid the writers TWO dollars to write some of the script....
Jeff: The only hardships involve horse-doody.
Jason H: it's a piece of crap!!!
Joe: lol
Jeff: Unlike Survivor, where you feel for the contestants as they starve for a month
Chico: It got lame real fast. Just goes to show you that some programmers underestimate their target audience.
Gordon: I think the show would be much better if they focused in the intricacies of horse-racing. I've always wanted to know more about the handicapping. That would interest me. Watching people who run with weights on their back doesn't.
Jeff: The handicapped footrace sucked. The handicapper doesn't know people, only horses.
Gordon: I think the producers of Dream Derby may have been on crunk when they were creating this show.
Joe: I don't watch it, because I'm too busy watching The Ultimate Fighter.
Chico: Now that's a show worth catching.
Joe: Indeed.
Gordon: We had 2 new shows debut over the past 2 weeks - Ultimate Fighter was one. Distraction was another. Any thoughts on either show?
Jason B: Ultimate Fighter---same old same old.
Chico: Distraction's a hoot to look at.
Jason H: Distraction = Teh hilarity.
Jeff: I was napping a few nights ago, and Distraction was on TV.
I am enjoying TUF a lot myself. Distraction is a laff riot.
Jason B: How good are the prizes?
Joe: TPIR-level fare.
Chico: But then again, the final round determines how you get them home. Episode 1: Player won Ford Mustang, but got two questions wrong, so the windshield and roof were trashed. Episode 2: Player won a bevy of prizes, but got one wrong, so he had to blow up one. He ended up blowing up the iBook.
Gordon: I didn't like the first episode, because it bordered on the sado-masochism side. The second episode was great.
Chico: The distractions vary from show to show... It's more of a buzzer game... It's actually funny.
Jeff: Funny is good.
Joe: Jimmy Carr is a surprisingly good host.
Chico: It helps that he's been doing this before. He hosted the original UK version.
Gordon: There was something else that was funny, but not to the contestant who blew the $200 question on Millionaire
Jason B: Llama alert.
Gordon I turn the floor to Chico, who explains.
Jeff: So now we come to a discussion of what actually constitutes a
Dan: A furry Andean creature?
Joe: Llama = WWTBAM who bombs out before reaching the $1,000
Jeff: I believe a true "llama" is bombing out on the $100 question, although in common WWTBAM parlance, it has come to mean leaving with zero money.
Dan: The first true llama was Robby Roseman as he misses on the $100 question
Gordon: Roseman, the first person to do this, answered 'llama' to the question on What animal did Hannibal use to cross the alps? (Correct Answer - Elephant)
Chico: Yeah, but over time, it's simply come to pass as a blanket term for anyone who leaves with nothing.
Jason B: This was a mini llama then.
Dan: Agreed
Chico: Anyway, back to the matter at hand... Molly Sanford at $200. In 1939, what filmmaker received one full-sized Oscar and seven dwarf-sized ones as well? Answer now!
Jeff: Frank Capra?
Dan Michael Jackson
Jason H: Disney.
Jeff: This is Match Game, right?
Jason H: Walter Disney.
Joe: Amy Jo Johnson!
Gordon: If it's Millionaire, the answer is Disney. If it's Match Game, the answer is Michael Jackson.
Chico: Jason's right.
Jason H: A $200 I got right this time!!!
Dan: yayayay
Jason H: ....and there was much rejoicing!
Gordon: yay
Chico: They reject you for Millionaire, too, J? =p
Joe: Yay.
Chico: Not much rejoicing for Molly who said Frank Capra. And then, as they say in basketball, she wishes she could've taken that shot back.
Jason B: BRICK!
Jason B Or in NY's case--KNICK
Jason H: LOL
Joe: Oooooh.
Jason B: We stink.
Jeff and she said, "Final Answer" so quickly, the audience couldn't even groan first.
Chico: That was HORRIBLE! *applause*
Dan: I thought that was a Clip
Gordon: She could apply as a player for the New Orleans Hornets, though - she'd feel right at home.
Chico: Even the Hornets will get wins, though. And speaking of wins, we finally get one at the Wheel bonus round.
Gordon: Explain the Wheel situation, Chico.
Joe: Wheel of Stupid People as Jeff and his family calls it.
Jeff: Except when my cousin's wife was on it. She kicked ass.
Joe: lol
Chico: Okay, for the last week and a half, we have literally dried up at the bonus round, including two $100,000 losses.
Jason B: We actually had 3 wins in a row this week... Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday.
Jeff: Explain how a $100k loss is any worse than a $25k loss. They don't know how much money they are playing for, right?
Jason B: It's worse because it's four times the amount and because there is only one chance out of 24 to get it.
Joe: Speaking of which, who watched the WOF E! True Hollywood Story on Sunday night?
Jason B: I did. It wasn't bad. I respected Susan Stafford's honesty.
Joe: I didn't know Susan Stafford was a party girl. Incidentally, she looked great.
Jason B: This was the 70's after all.
Chico: I thought it was interesting to see the pilot is all.
Joe: Agreed.
Chico: Granted the Wheel wasn't all that impressive... $25. Those were hard times =p
Gordon: Finally, we get to The Apprentice. What do you think?
Jason B: I am not eating at Burger King that's for sure.
Joe: The Apprentice = teh suck.
Jeff: The entire theme (high school vs. college) is more contrived than usual. Is it supposed to make viewers who didn't go to college feel good about themselves?
Gordon: Contrived, yes - but I think it works.
Jeff: The last boardroom scene was classic.
Chico: I'm wondering what Brian was thinking.
Jeff: The NetWorth team leader was an idiot.
Jason B: A guy falling on the sword.
Chico: "I want you to fire me!" "Done! That's lunch!"
Gordon: Was he on Crunk?
Jason H: LOL, okay....that's it.....where can I find this crunk clip? =D
Chico: It's on the Wall.
Jeff: So he dares Trump to fire him, then starts lying about what happened thinking he can get someone else voted out.
Chico: This is what you call "being hoist by your own petard."
Jason B: Or in Jeff's case...hoisted by your own Suchard :)
Joe: lol
Chico: Block's got jokes today...
Jeff: I like how the previous week's winner was asked if he wanted to give up immunity.
Jason B: High Five Dan.
Dan: Crunk five!
Jason H: 9_9
Dan: I'm having it for breakfast...with chocolate milk.
Jeff: So....what about that Apprentice show?
Chico: The score stands at book-smarts: 1, Street smarts: 1.
Gordon: We have some high times here. We'll get even higher when we come back and have a 20 Question Session with Mr. Avila.
Jeff: Oh good. commercial break.
Jason H: *phew*
Chico: And then we really anoint him into the wildest of WLTI with Take a Side. We'll see you after the break.

(Brought to you by Corporate Space Ghost, now on DVD. Featuring Leroy Wells)

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