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Episode 34.11: Thanksgiving Leftovers
December 2

Chico: Stiletto heels hurt
Jason: It's. Just. A. TV.
Chico: If you think you have to fight to save $20 on a blender.... you don't need to go shopping. You need to go home and rethink your life. Back to WLTI. Thanks for making us a part of your holiday weekend and allowing
us to be a part of yours. Gordon's brought the cranberry sauce. I've got the sweet potato mash.
Gordon: And I hear that turkeys can cause drowsiness. That's accurate.
Chico: It's the tryptophan. True story.
Jason: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Chico: Sleeping in the middle of a broadcast... Idiocy.
Gordon: (Bonks Jason on the head)
Jason: OW! What? Did I miss something?
Chico: Don't sleep on this, it's Accuracy or Idiocy time. And we begin with this...

Blake Shelton will four-peat as winning coach on "The Voice" this season.

Jason: IDIOCY. The popularity Switch of Adam as sexiest man combined with better talent makes the switch probable
Chico: IDIOCY... though I will say, Jason... right track, wrong train.
Jason: Oh?
Chico: It would not be because Adam is the sexy. It will be because of one of the two sexy picks, though. Tessanne is the best in the performance, but Will is driving iTunes downloads. Both are Team Adam, which means he's got not one, but TWO inside tracks.
Gordon: Idiocy. Christina, come pick up your award with Jacqui Lee
Jason: You are dead serious
Chico: Gordon's usually money on this. Next?
Gordon: Next one...

Your final 3 in Survivor will all be newcomers to the game. No repeaters.

Chico: Idiocy. Gervase is still in play.
Jason: What Chico said
Chico: Monica.. ALSO still in play.
Gordon: Accuracy. I think Tyson and Gervase are the next 2 to go, with Monica right behind them. They don't have an idol cover anymore. Ciera went from pawn to powerbroker.
Jason: They arent that smart.
Chico: We will see. That may have been a short-term move. But we'll see.
Jason: Tyson I get.
Chico: At this point, you have to think big picture. You have to think long term. Gervase is just under the radar for anyone to notice.
Gordon: And long term is that Tyson and Gervase went from Majority to
Minority. Next one?
Chico: Next one...

ABC, which failed with "The One" and failed with "Duets", will fail again with "Rising Star".

Jason: ACCURACY. The gimmick is tired and people are afraid of something new in talent shows
Chico: ACCURACY. Between AI and The Voice and with AGT waiting in the wings, people are going to be all sung out. They're going to want something different (AGT and SYTYCD)...
Gordon: ACCURACY, but for a different reason. People aren't tired out. They want a better gimmick. Live voting isn't that gimmick.
Jason: Yes...I see internet trolls gumming up the works
Chico: Internet trolls ruin everything. You know this. Besides that, when was the last time we had live voting in a talent show? How did Star Search do again?
Jason: HA
Gordon: It did ok. The problem was the judges. It did last 3 cycles. That's not a flop by any stretch
Jason: Right
Chico: That last season was a trial, man. It was a straight-up TRIAL.
Gordon: Next one...

Fresh off of the purchasing of Shop TIll You Drop, GSN will do their own version of the show.

Chico: You know... I'm going to go ACCURACY. It happened to 1 vs. 100... it happened to Minute to Win It.
Jason: I agree totally. ACCURACY. Book it.
Chico: GSN doesn't make an acquisition unless it is testing the market (tee hee) for its own version. And if you ask me, with the advent of the open-air malls in the suburbs, it could work. Make it look all Citywalkish.
Gordon: I agree. ACCURACY. If it's not a disaster, they will run it.
Chico: Next...

Ken Jennings will win the Battle of the Decades this season on Jeopardy!.

Jason: Nope. Its going to be Brad Rutter. IDIOCY
Chico: IDIOCY. KenJen is the Peyton Manning of Jeopardy!. Mad skills, no rings.
Gordon: I'm going to go ACCURACY. Brad Rutter showed in Grand Slam that he can be beaten. Jennings will take him out.
Chico: Strong case can be made by either, and it's an endurance match. Ken can thrive on endurance matches, but for how long?
Gordon: He won 75 straight games. I don't think his endurance should be questioned. Last one...

Someone's going to take a chance on Whodunnit Season 2 next summer.

Accuracy. This is a TNT show.
Jason: ACCURACY. This game should not die. And Anthony Zuiker isn't going to let this one go.
Gordon: Accuracy, and it won't shock me if the network is ABC
Chico: This was NEVER going to succeed on broadcast.
Jason: Not telling tales out of school...we love this show
Chico: We do. But if you ask me, this was a cable show on a broadcast network.
Gordon: I think it's a network show that wasn't executed 100%. If they learn from their mistakes, this could be fun next year.
Chico: It could be. Okay, great game as always. Great insight as always. Next up after the break, though... Gordon's going to show off his vacation slides in Picture Something.
Gordon: We will - after the break!

(Brought to you by the Hollywood Hexagons. 20 stars... only one way across... or down. Giving new meaning to the term "summer blockbusters")

Jason: (rimshot)
Chico: Thank you, I'll be here all week. Tip the veal, try your waitress.
Gordon: Thank you Chico. And now it's time to picture something. Here's the idea. We give you a topic and you
scour the internet and find a picture that describes it. Starting with...

Give me someone who you would see auditioning for America's Got Talent this upcoming season.

Chico:  :-) 
Chico: It's the gift that keeps on giving. =p
Jason: You suck :)
Gordon: Isn't that your cousin, Jason?
Jason: (Gives Gordon the bird)
Chico: No more calls, we have a winner. =p
Gordon: Thanks! Next one?
Chico: Next one...

A dream car, real or fictional, that was left out of the running at TPIR

Chico: So Kitt... the TAS Batmobile... and the Whomobile. :-) I'm Chico, and I approve the content of this question.
Gordon: Thank you. Next one...

If you were on 'Trust Me, I'm a Game SHow Host', someone you wouldn't want to trust. WIth anything.

Chico: .... no, too easy. :-)
Jason: Way too easy. But I dont want to do it LOL
Chico: Neither do I.
Gordon: Fine. Wimps.
Jason: No, I'll do it.
Chico: One of us has to be the bad guy. :-)
Chico: And now, for equal time...
Jason: I don't trust him either
Chico: It was either this or that picture of Gordon from the Boardwalk... but America can trust Gordon Pepper.
Jason: But i have one more...  :)
Chico: Merry Christmas from the BBC. Next one.

Overlooked ideas for Japanizi "Unlucky Exits".

Chico: You know, you have the Terrible Tugboat, the Ruthless Rocket, and the Mystery Door. What did they forget?

Jason: A little more painful but...
Chico: *makes an incredibly painful wincing face* Gordon, get us out of this!
Gordon: Sorry. I got something worse...
Chico: Or you know... you could just watch the whole Saw series from start to finish.
Gordon: Id rather see a woman-eating piano.
Chico: Okay. Next one.

A person who would make a good Chaser THAT CURRENTLY IS NOT ONE. Sorry, Anne.


Gordon: And no, you cannot name yourself. Jason. Chico. Sillies.
Chico: ... DAMN IT!
Jason: Pick another :)
Chico: Okay, let me pick another one.
Gordon: I have some napkins, You guys seem to have some brown stains on your noses.
Jason: Shut. Up. G.
Gordon: ...yes.
Chico: Shut it. There. Happy?
Gordon: Yes. Either Him...or...him.
Jason: Another good call.
Chico: Apparently no one wants to see Kenny Game Show on The Chase. But three good picks there. Last one?
Gordon: Last one...

In the Spirit of the Holidays, give an image that encapulates your feelings of this year's Thanksgiving weekend.

Jason: Idiots.
Chico:  Also idiots.
Jason: PS4 Baby.
Chico: "Xbox ooooone... XBOX OOOOOOONE"
Gordon: Finally...  I would like to congratulate the DUKIES for winning their first ACC Football division title by beating UNC 27-25...
Chico: ... *Gives evil look while brandishing an impossibly large turkey leg*
Gordon: Why are you wielding that drumstick as a weapon, Chico?
Chico: And how many football championships has the College of New Jersey won again?... oh, and GO FLORIDA STATE!
Gordon: Hater.
Jason: I got one more...


Chico: Thank you. Speed Round is next.

(Brought to you by The Mole, Coach's edition. Coaches try to interfere in the game. Can they do so without getting caught? Lawrence Frank and Mike Tomlin co-host. Jason Kidd guest stars.)

Jason: How's that $50K taste?
Gordon: Yummy
Chico: Damn son. That's a lot of lettuce. Okay, programming note! It's December. Which means that we have two specials coming. The week of Christmas is the 2013 Year in Review special.... and the week after that... is a podcast, assuming our Skype works, "2013: The Best and Worst of Everything". So two things to be on the lookout for.
Jason: Should be fun.
Chico: But not as fun as this. It's Speed Round time! Starting... NOW!
Gordon: Survivor: Does Tyson survive his fight for Survival on the next vote?
Jason: Maybe if the promos are correct
Gordon: He does. The Voice - the voices are beautiful, but will we gets the expected Face of Evil?
Chico: I think so. A frontrunner's going to get the scare of his or her, life.
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: Amazing Race, which team does not get to race for Enlightenment and the million?
Chico: Tim and Marie
Gordon: Tim and Marie.
Chico: Agreed.
Gordon: They find the Stones of blood.
Chico: I'm sensing a theme here...
Gordon: Jeopardy: Will anyone reach The Mark of the Rani?
Chico: Yep, definite theme here.
Jason: Nope.
Chico: That would be a no, not this week.
Gordon: X-Factor: Who's Silence Will Fall?
Chico: My silence fell a long time ago. :-) But if you have to ask me, I say Carlito Olivero and Rion Page.
Gordon: I agree. Any email from the UNITs?
Chico: Nothing from UNIT. Nothing from Torchwood. Nothing from the Brigadier, may he rest in peace.
Gordon: If they want to send some email, where does it go?
Chico: Goes to, or you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter @wltiongsnn.
Gordon: Sounds good. ANd with that, we end this show. Special thanks to Jason Block for joining us
Jason: Always fun
Chico: Next week... would you pawn your engagement ring if it meant being on a game show? We'll find out as we stay up late for Win Lose or Pawn.
Gordon: We'll see if this is a gem in the rough or a warehouse full of junk. That's next week. For this week, for Chico and Jason, this is Gordon Pepper saying Game Over and Spread the Love.