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Episode 34.10: An Adventure in Game and Time
November 25

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I'm going to give Chico...A NEW TARDIS WITH WHEELS!
Jason: WHOO HOO!
Gordon: WITH $50,000 IN THE CONSOLE PANEL!!!!!
Chico: YEAH!
Gordon: Is that your Dream Car, Chico?
Chico: Yep. Failing my attempted acquisitions of the Serenity, the Bebop, the Enterprise-D, the Megazord, and Thunderbird-2.
Jason: Or the Millennium Falcon
Chico: Or the Millennium Falcon. But those are MY dream cars. If you're Jason, a Gearhead of the highest order, you would've loved this week on TPIR. We'll talk about it, plus... we can finally see a Million Dollar Question. I'm Chico Alexander, and from somewhere in Time and Space... happy 50th, Doctor Who. WLTI.... IS... ON!
Gordon: YAY! Gordon here, and with a Dr. Who flair this week, we're talking dream rides. We start with a dream week on The Price is Right

Jason: I have to say Best Theme Week in the Mike Richards Era.
Chico: Indeed. It was done JUST right. Too bad the contestants weren't actually on the sharp side. Let's go over the five Dream Car games, shall we?

A Small Star in a Big Car

- Porsche 911 Carrera
- BMW 640i
- Mercedes-Benz SL550
- Jaguar XK Touring
- Audi R8


Chico: This one's called "A Small Star in a Big Car". There were five dream cars being offered this week. Of them... only ONE was given away.
Jason: With the possibility of THREE should have been. Especially in GAME ONE.
Chico: Game one is Temptation. The car, a Porsche 911 Carrera. The prizes of importance; a $2211 box of money, a $717 karaoke, a $499 laptop, and a $556 satellite radio pair. The first number in the car... a 9. So it's a $90,000+ car.
Jason: She sets the price at $92,745. Now...if you have a shot at a 90,000+ Porsche, what do you do?
Chico: I take it. I take the shot. You don't get this kind of opportunity every day.
Jason: She takes the prizes
Chico: The price of the car... $92,745.
Gordon: OUCH.
Chico: People make mistakes on TPIR all the time, but DAAAAAAAAAAAMN!
Gordon: This game, and the games all week, had the producers scream TAKE THE CAR OFF THE LOT.
Chico: Each game was meant to be hard, but not impossible. Exhibit B...Hole in One for a BMW 640i convertible. All you had to do was put the wee ball in the wee hole with a weapon designed for said purpose.
Jason: $87,000+BMW convertible. But again, the products were set up to say...DRIVE THAT CAR AWAY!
Chico: And Jason Billings, who happens to work at a golf course.. DOES JUST THAT.

Gordon: Well that's not what made it easy. Can I have a list of the products please?

Mott's Applesauce
Gold Bond Ultimate Diabetic Skin Relief
PayDay Bar
Gilette Mach 3 Razor Kit
Cook-Top Cleaner
Krusteaz Blueberry Pancake Mix

Chico: It's not that hard.
Gordon: If you've been watching TPIR, unless you're brain-dead, you've got this.
Chico: Payday is first.
Gordon: DING
Jason: Then the applesauce
Gordon: DING
Chico: Then the pancake mix
Gordon: DING
Jason: Then the cleaner
Gordon: DING
Chico: Then the lotion
Gordon: DING
Jason: And finally, the razors
Chico: He read that game PERFECTLY
Jason: Drew makes the putt BTW
Chico: Just a good day for the greens all around. Wednesday... not so much. We don't even get to see the $114,000+ Mercedes Benz SL550 convertible. How often does a player NOT EVEN GET THE FIRST PRIZE IN GOLDEN ROAD?
Jason: Evil set up with a 3/5 for a 32" HDTV. Too close for comfort for the first number.
Gordon: not at all. They aren't going to give away anything on the Golden Road worth $300.
Chico: Especiallt not if you've seen such things at your local store. 32 inches for $579.
Jason: Anyway onto Day 4. Lucky Seven For....
Chico: A JAGUAR XK TOURING CONVERTIBLE. Now this is a game that our player had perfect UNTIL THE LAST DIGIT. The board had $86,45_ with $4 left. You could miss the final digit three up or down. If you've studied up on Lucky Seven, how common is it to have a 1 as the last digit?
Gordon: Not really but that's not what made this painful.
Jason: Our contestant says 7...and it's 3.
Jason: And whats even worse. The 5-5-5-5 pattern would have worked.
Chico: Yep. This was a gimme in every form and fashion.
Gordon: Here's what made it worse. Big Bored please?

How NOT to Play Lucky 7 for an Expensive Car

- Go to extremes
- Use a repeat number
- Watch yo' wallet!


Gordon: The Subject: How NOT to play Lucky 7 for an expensive car.
Chico: Help'em out, G.
Gordon: #1. Go extreme in terms of numbers in the beginning. There's always a pattern, and you want to stay in the middle first.
Chico: Right
Gordon: #2. Use a repeat number. Lucky 7 doesn't repeat numbers.
Jason: Nope
Chico: Nope. So you know it wasn't a 6, a 4, or a 5.
Gordon: Finally, #3. Check how much money you have and don't waste it. In this case, you could have gone 3 up and down with the money the contestant had. So in this case, 7 is a TERRIBLE guess because you had $1 wasted on the high side. If you go 6, you cover 7, 8, 9, AND 1, 2, 3. And in this case, that would have been the win.
Jason: You're right.
Chico: Yep.
Gordon: So way to blow a car

Chico: And yesterday, We had what I'm calling ULTIMATE 3 STRIKES! =p
Jason: for the most expensive car of the week. A $146,923 Audi R8
Chico: The numbers were easy, but it was a matter of luck. Our player did not have it. The first two are easy... 1 and 2, 3, or 4. The other two numbers, by the way, are 6, and 9. Smirk.
Gordon: Whoo hoo. So they DID give out a car, but that's about it.
Chico: So.... yay?
Jason: Actually yes YAY. They did offer the cars in games that were winnable.
Chico: Okay. And if they follow this formula, they should definitely do it again.
Jason: Agreed.
Chico: TPIR was not the only thing special this week on CBS... Isn't that right, Jay?
Jason: Yes. We had another super deal week on let s make a deal. Unfortunately no one got a chance to play for the extra $50,000. We went 0 for 5 in big deals
Gordon: Womp, womp
Chico: Ouchies. That was a company special week then
Jason: Yes
Chico: That was all about making money for the company.
Jason: It was just bad choices. But we will probably see it again. First time we had a blank
Chico: Indeed
Jason: Just a bad week
Chico: But hey, we said it before. We'll say it again. It's a good idea that we have not heard the last of.
Gordon: No cost on the budget = you will surely see it again.
Jason: Yep.
Chico: Let's go to a special episode of all special episodes. Who knows who Charles "Chip" Esten is?
Jason: I do. He is deacon on Nashville. But to us, he's also a damn funny comic
Chico: Right. So he was on WWTBAM this week and he did something no other celebrity in the Cedric era has done yet.
Gordon: Hence, we are at the...

Chico: Who wants the question?
Jason: Me!
Gordon: Sure
Chico: Here it is for $1 million...

Compiled by Benjamin Franklin in 1737, "The Drinker's Dictionary" included all but which of these synonyms for "drunkenness"?
A: Nimptopsical
B: Buzzey
C: Pifflicated
D: Staggerish

Gordon: E. Lohanated
Jason: Its C.
Chico:I was going to go with E just for the lols but YOU'RE RIGHT!
Jason: Yay!
Gordon: Chip decided to Bail Out, but he would have said B and he would have been wrong.
Jason: Which means 500k for his charity
Chico: Yep. So the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society gets $500,000. And he gets this...

Chico: So a Wednesday night star gets top billing... While another Wednesday star gets jobbed by her own daughter.

Gordon: You knew it was coming, and it was foreshadowed.
Chico: This was a case of doing what you need to do to survive.
Jason: You have to do the bad deed when you have to
Chico: And that is why we now have to watch out for Ciera, who will cut her own mother to get further in the game. Looks like the students are becoming the masters.
Jason: There you go
Chico: So let's see who we've got left. Seven singles. That's it. Three newbies, three veterans, and Tyson, who is in the middle of our little Venn diagram here.
Jason: He is playing both sides
Gordon: Tyson is indeed the power player here, pending on what he does. He just needs to hope that both sides don't start comparing notes.
Chico: Right. And yes for our purposes, Hayden counts as a veteran, what with his Big Brothering and such.
Gordon: Also keep in mind this: You still have someone coming back into the game in the form of Redemption island, so they need to counter against that. Which means, if they are smart, the daughter needs to go join the mother.
Jason: Agreed
Chico: Yep
Gordon: Now who gets to join the eliminated Amazing Race contestants?
Chico: That would be Nicky & Kim.

Chico: Two words. One letter. Double u-turn
Jason: Yikes
Chico: We stay in the UAE this time, and..."Guess what day it is!!!!"
Jason: Hump day!
Chico: Woo WOOO! HUMP DAAAAAAY! The teams could either dress a camel for a beauty pageant or make a dish for a wedding.
Gordon: I would absolutely dress the camel.
Jason: I don't know the culture or the dish.
Chico: Same here. We know our camels at WLTI. So on top of a Speed Bump from last week, we also get a double U-turn courtesy of Tim & Marie. Thanks, guys.
Gordon: It's good strategy because it helps flush out the other Express Pass.
Chico: Which does indeed get flushed out. However, the team with the Express Pass used the other U-turn on Leo & Jamal. That team is now in first. The Doctors Nicole & Travis get a BRAND NEW CAR!
Jason: Two new cars.
Gordon: Whoo hoo!
Chico: But they still can't outrun the Beast... Or can they?

Chico: The team of Mark and Jay had a score of 20 going into the Final Chase Going for $90,000. That's $45,000 a piece. And I will tell ya... It was all about the pushbacks. Every time Mark Labbett answers a question incorrectly, it trips him up, slows the flow. And holy cow was this a close one. The Beast had 19 when time expired. He basically needed to not miss one.... With 19 seconds left, he gets this...

In 2012, Facebook bought which photo-sharing site for $1 million?

Chico: And it's not
Jason: Instagram
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: I was thinking more like
Chico: Nah, we haven't even gotten that out of beta yet.
Jason: Hey!
Chico: Beastie passed, and the team said Instagram. That pushes the Chaser back to 14, and with six to make up in 19 seconds, he couldn't do it.
Jason: The Beast is defeated!
Chico: Down goes Labbett! And also down goes Kat.

Chico: The latest round of results on The Voice is in, And the woman saved by Twitter last week was not saved by Twitter this week.
Gordon: Seems to be a trend.
Jason: Shocking...not.
Chico: And neither was Austin Jenckes, who delivered a somewhat uninspired performance of "Your Love". It's one of those new wave songs that you know, but you never know who sang it?
Jason: The Outfield. Saw them live once.
Chico: All of the singers on the show are top shelf. But here is the thing. You can't just be good anymore. You have to be superior, likeable, and also different... Perhaps why Caroline Pennell is keeping Team CeeLo alive.
Jason: So which one of Team Blake is going to win it all?
Chico: I'm going to make a BP and say NONE OF THEM. Right now, there is a clear top 4 and a clear bottom 4
Jason: No kidding.
Chico: The top 4... Tessanne, Matthew, Caroline, and Jacquie. Those are the four that have been just putting everyone on notice. I'm going to go with Christina's team. Tessanne Chin is the hands down favorite. And you know what that means, right?
Jason: She won't win.
Chico: It means that she better hope for the Twitter save, because she will be in the bottom three sooner or later. Any thoughts from the musical prodigy?
Gordon: I think that you have to go with Jacquie Lee
Chico: Yep. This isn't because she's a Jersey girl, is it?
Gordon: Mmmmmaybe (Hammies sing Jersey Girl)
Chico: We will get to why the hams are singing Jersey Girl after the break, and also... Because it's never too early for presents. And why is Jeremy Paxman getting laughed at? Answer is coming up as we go global in Brainvision. You're reading WLTI. You give us 22 minutes...
Gordon: And we'll give you 22 celebrities who are better at playing trivia than singing. Like Alex Trebek
Chico: No!!!! Stop!!! No more!!!
Gordon: 7 Come a Niner didn't do it for you?
Chico: I'm thinking no. Now Regis... There's a pair of pipes. Jim Perry's another one.
Gordon: Leonard Nimoy do it for you?
Chico: Ehh he's okay

(Brought to you by Battle of the Fruitcakes. Just in case you didn't think that holiday decorations were inane enough, teams battle for Fruit Cake and Egg Nog supremacy. Watch out for Crazy Granny's secret elixir.)