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Episode 34.9: The Double Up
November 11

Gordon: This is Gordon, and we usually joke around in the first segment, but we're going to be serious. We'd like to dedicate this episode to a long time friend of the show, and someone we recently lost, Mr. Alan Mitsugi.
Chico: Those of you who know him like we do know two big things. One, he loved hosting netgames on the Yahoo! listserve, and he was great at it, hosting at one time... SIX at one time. Second thing is that he was fighting what was ultimately a losting battle against cancer.
Gordon: Myself, Jason Block and Chico were all part of his Game Show Talk and Fun program at one time or another, and he will be missed.
Chico: He had a great jovial spirit about him and he had the love and support of family and friends. All of whom will miss him. Hopefully the Bill Cullen of Netgames is up there in the great hereafter chilling with the REAL Bill Cullen and just being free. I'm Chico Alexander, and from somewhere in America... WLTI... is on. A moment, please?



Gordon: Thank you. What are we starting with?
Chico: We are starting with a double elimination

Chico: But first... A MERGER!
Gordon: We knew this was coming, and there's 2 ways to handle this.
Chico: We had all-stars vs. family, then we mixed it up, now we're joining it up. What were the two ways?
Gordon: Way #1. If you're with your significant other, and you're in an alliance, start Pagonging. Immediately.
Chico: Yeah, we've run out of significant others. We have brothers, mothers & daughters, and... yeah, that's it.
Gordon: Way #2. If you don't have your significant other with you, and you see a pair that are still around, start breaking them up immediately.
Chico: Enter Way #2... TWO TIMES. This was a first. We've had episodes with two tribal councils before, but never an episode that had one midway, then another at the end.
Gordon: And the singles alliance does just that.
Gordon: We lose an Aras, and then we lose a Tina.
Chico: And if you ask me, Tina was all like, "Here's the sword I brought with me. Stab me with it." Because if you remember, she "niced" her way to the win in the Outback. Course it helps that Colby was as gullible as he was strong.
Gordon: And she'll nice her way out, because she knows the drill. If she doesn't leave, Katie has a huge target on her back.
Chico: That was a running theme throughout the hour. They know that as a pair, they are being targeted.
Gordon: Same with Aras and his brother, though they weren't as nice walking out the door.
Chico: So what does Katie do? Throw momma from the train. And the camp is all too happy to oblige. Does this buy her a couple of rounds more in the game?
Gordon: A couple, but not too many. She's not part of the inner core. so she needs to realize that and get the outer core to ally before it's too late.
Chico: That's how you play the game. Katie's not big on game play, but that's only because we've not seen much out of her. We'll see how it ends up in time.
Gordon: She better do something quickly, or we wont see much more of her.
Chico: Let's see much more of The Voice...

Chico: It's the beginning of the Top 12 phase of Live Shows.
Gordon: Well, Mr. Chico Buffer, who's left?
Chico: On Team Adam, we have Will Champlin, Tessanne Chin, and James Wolpert. Of these, the strongest by far was Tessanne.
Gordon: Right
Chico: She's taking songs that are suited well for her and just singing the hell out of them. You know what this means, right?
Gordon: She'll be labeled a favorite and then leave right before the finale.
Chico: Bingo. All the Emeli Sande songs in the world won't save her. She'll leave on the back of a James Wolpert type who is a good singer but not a good performer.
Gordon: Making something your own only works if the songs are popular enough to have a resonance. Emeli Sande is not that person.
Chico: No, she just had the one hit. She needs another one. BADLY. Can we get Emeil Sande another hit?
Gordon: Lille McLoud had a few hints. And here she is on my tv screen.
Chico: Enjoy it up, because she won't last and neither will the X Factor. Moving on to Team Cee Lo...Jonny Gray, Caroline Pennell, and Kat Robichaud.
Gordon: ...forget them.
Chico: If anyone's a favorite here... it's Caroline. She's young. She's bright. She's spunky. And she won't last to the finale because she's on a weak team. Because Jonny's not elevating his act, Kat is being indulgent, and Cee Lo looks like he just stopped caring.
Gordon: I stopped caring about this group. Next one?
Chico: Next one is Team Christina's Boobs... err, Team Christina. Jacquie Lee, who looks like a contender, Josh Logan, who delivered a copout performance of James Morrison's cover of Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror. I'm not dumb and neither is the audience. They called out on that. And then there's Matthew Schuler, who's not like anything we've seen before.
Gordon: I like both Matthew and Jacquie. Too bad they are in the same group
Chico: My guess.... one of these is your winner.
Gordon: As long as they don't burn themselves out, i agree.
Chico: They'll have to go up against Team Blake, though, who is NOT fielding a country singer. They have a Dixie soul singer in Ray Boudreaux, and two pop rockers with beards in Cole Vosbury and Austin Jenckes.
Gordon: Austin could very well be a dark horse here.
Chico: Don't discount Ray, though. He's got a distinct sound here. Something you don't hear on mainstream radio nowadays.
Gordon: Exactly, which is why he's going to run into trouble on the midgame
Chico: Unless he plays to the crowd.
Gordon: He hasn't so far
Chico: That's the problem
Gordon: So any vibes on the singers?
Chico: I think we're going to have a female winner again. Caroline is a dark horse, but she's got an uphill battle against Tessanne and Jacquie.
Gordon: Good possibility.
Chico: Also a good possibility, improvement over season on the Chase.
Gordon: Season 2 started this week. The action was just as hot and heavy as season 1.
Chico: Yessir. So far, the Beast is 2 for 2.
Gordon: Did he beat up anyone we know?
Chico: No, but he will. Featured prominently in the Season 2 open... the guy who took my seat in Millionaire. Don't know him, heard he's nice. :-)
Gordon: He's a luge fan ;)
Chico: So here's what we have in terms of improvement. Big Board me.

Beast Mode 2: Electric Boogaloo

- Faster host
- New buzzers
- Everything made faster


Chico: This is called... Beast Mode 2: Electric Boogaloo. Let's see what's changed over the break. First of all, Brooke is a lot faster and cleaner with the question delivery, especially in the Final Chase. We've seen a score of 20, which was sort of unheard of in season 1.
Gordon: Still not Walsh level, but better.
Chico: By leaps and bounds. Second, instead of the dulet tones of Shawn Parr in the Final Chase round, we have an indicator light as to who rang in. And speaking of, we also ditch the buzzers for what Bob Harris calls "Jeopardy! weapons". You know, the thumb triggers. Makes for a quicker lock in, I've found. And the players in the Final Chase Round have a choice between question stacks; one for them, one for the Beast. Seems like everything was rejiggered to make the show move quicker and heighten the intensity. Because if you're a fan of the Chase, you know it's all about intensity.
Gordon: Sure is.
Chico: So... Ten shows in season 2. Two questions. One, what is the Beast's record? And two, do we see season 3?
Gordon: I'll say he goes 7-3, and yes.
Chico: I'm going to go 8-2, and yes as well. When you have fire, you don't quell it. You catch it.
Gordon: True. just like you catch a plane.

Chico: We are going to the United Arab Emirates. As close to Europe as the Middle East will get.
Gordon: Nice
Chico: Where you can arrange dates into a place setting... rappel off of a building... and go racing in a Formula 1 car all in the same day. Leo & Jamal do just that and end up in first to win a trip to a city that's as European as Europe gets... PARIS. And of course, since racing is involved, so is Phil with a bottle of Pellegrino. Of course, if it was "racin'", it would be a bottle of milk. But in the bottom of the pack.. Nicky & Kim, the baseballer's wives.
Gordon: Aw
Chico: BUT WAIT! This pit stop is a NON ELIMINATION LEG!
Gordon: Yay!
Chico: So they'll return next week. Now usually... we like to highlight some of the dumb moves made on the show, but there was a REALLY smart move made... and Leo & Jamal made it.
Gordon: Do tell
Chico: NOW check this out. They are leaving fto go to Abu Dhabi and they book a flight that will land 10 minutes before the others. So they arrive first, and they don't let up for a second. Yes, it's risky, we've seen moments where these things don't end up panning out. The one moment it does, though, it REALLY ends up panning out. PLUS along the way, they start "playing the game" as it were. You think, Amazing Race, point A to point B. Simple pimple, but there's a human interaction at work and Leo & Jamal let their allies in on JUST ENOUGH to satiate their thirst for info, but not enough to give them an advantage.
Gordon: It makes them dangerous as we head towards the stretch run
Chico: Indeed. Six teams remaining, at least one more NEL. They've got to watch their back.
Gordon: They do. What about the stars backs?
Chico: They have families for that. Let's spread some love.

Chico: ... to a show that needs love to be spread upon. We're talking about the much bally-hooed TLC Takeover episode of Family Feud. On one end, the Thompsons of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"... on the other... the Valastros of "Cake Boss".
Gordon: They took over my nap time also. You have the list of dumb answers for the week?
Chico: Why yes! Yes I do!

Things I Learned from Cake Boss & Honey Boo Boo

- Jumping funny
- Messing with the cake
- Most popular dessert?


Gordon: The SUbject; Things I leearned from Cak Boss and Honey Boo Boo
Chico: BE A BUDDY, NOT A BULLY! Name something your body does that people think is funny.... jumps (Honey Boo Boo)... and snores (also Honey Boo Boo) If you wanted to ruin a wedding, name something you might do to the cake. We get from the Thompsons "throw in the bride's face"... "mess with the icing"... and "don't deliver it on time." You'd think that Cake Boss would be all over this one... they say "Put finger in it"
Gordon: Put a finger on this. [X]
Chico: Cake Boss wins, though. They go to Fast Money... and Gordon... if I were to ask you what the world's most popular dessert is, what would you think?
Gordon: Um...let's see Cake Boss is here....umm...cake?
Chico: Good... but what would you eat WITH cake?
Gordon: If I'm a kid, Ice Cream
Chico: ICE CREAM. Sister Lisa and Buddy go with cannoli and tiramisu...Sister Lisa... YOU'RE A CANNOLI!
Gordon: Womp womp
Chico: Miraculously, though, they get the four other #1 answers for $20,000 to the Momma Mary Foundation. Not to be overlooked, $10,000 will be donated to Honey Boo Boo's charity, GLAAD. Remember, be a buddy, not a bully. Or else Gordon will sic the ninjas on you.
Gordon: I will. I will also sic a replay on you
Chico: 5:30 on the clock, here's your first recap... GO! Starting with the finale of MasterChef Junior. Alexander Weiss and Dara Yu competing for $100,000. The winning menu: Basil lemon shrimp with heirloom tomatoes, pan-seared veal chop with potato gnocchi, and a cannoli napoleon. Winner... ALEXANDER!
Gordon: Well done for Alexander.
Chico: Very well done. Jeopardy! has its Teacher's Tournament in play. We'll go over the semifinalists. They are, in no particular order by matchup for next week.

MONDAY: Katie Moriarity, Timothy Shuker-Haines, John Pearson

Gordon: I'll go with Pearson
Chico: Me too.

TUESDAY: Becky Giardina, Anne Baxter, Patrick Dillon...

Chico: Give me Anne.
Gordon: 2 for 2

WEDNESDAY: Eli Barrieu, Maryanne Lewell, Mary Beth Hammerstrom.

Chico: I'm going to go with Mary Beth here... and I'll tell you something, a friend of ours went to the school where she teaches. Completely inconsequential to pick'ems, but we have to note these things.
Gordon: Insider info. Sneaky.
Chico: Not my fault my fandom is oozing into reality. Oh, and hi, Melissa. :-)
Gordon: Hi, Melissa.
Chico: Price salutes the military with a Veteran's Day special... one of the oldest vets in the nation got to play
Gordon: How old is he?
Chico: His service dates back to World War II.
Gordon: Nice
Chico: Could not negotiate Shopping Spree, though. We get the usual record for a very special episode, a 2-4. And to all the vets out there reading this... Thank you for your service.
Gordon: Indeed
Chico: Elizabeth Berkley was a dancer once (insert Showgirls joke here)... and no more, as she and VAl are voted off of Dancing (again, insert Showgirls joke here).
Gordon: Aw.
Chico: Ruth Cimaroli of New york City wins Chopped Thanksgiving. Brian Yarbrough loses on Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host when he thinks that Taylor Swift's first real name is Allison. (that was her middle name). He still has $5000, though.
Gordon: Nice
Chico: Jourdan wins America's Next Top Model: Guys & Girls. And in a somewhat controversial Play of the Week... It's The Biggest Loser. I think I'm going to let Gordon take this one.
Gordon: I will take it. Let's spread the Love.

Gordon: So Ruben Studdard gets knocked out of the competition, then gets put back in when it was found out that Jillian's team was taking a caffeine supplement that was not approved by the doctors.
Chico: Woops. Now you and I know the science behind physical fitness. It's complicated.
Gordon: This raises a LOT of questions - not just about the authenticity of the show this season, but the authenticity of the show period.
Chico: One big question that it raises. With not just what was approved but how NBC had to work around Ruben getting eliminated, and it's the first question that is usually asked at a time like this... WHAT DID NBC KNOW, AND WHEN DID THEY KNOW IT? Cutting off your nose to spite your face.
Gordon: I think they tried to save the nose to spite your face and accidentally decapitated itself. For a company that tried to promote healthy living through food and exercise, the fact that they have 'caffeine pills' is like them revealing the little man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.
Chico: And if they had it once before, you can almost guarantee yourself that they had these on more than one occasion in the past. These things, even the innocuous ones that you take before your workout, but they're banned in competitive sport. you know the kind, right?
Gordon: I do. Of course, we don't know what exactly it is, but we can guess it's not Tic Tacs.
Chico: They are mostly caffeine and the stuff you find in little bottles of 5-Hour Energy. And these things are like cockroaches. You find one, you're almost guaranteed to find more. Which begs the question, the corollary to the first question... Why did the show choose to exercise its right to reverse the elimination? Particularly at THAT moment?
Gordon: If I want to be the conspiracy theorist: Because they needed the star of the show.
Chico: It's not much of a show when your star player is the third player out. So now the entire premise of the show is called into question. Not in an official stance, but by people like you and me who are scrutinizing and saying... people are watching this show and they think it's OKAY!
Gordon: It's not ok to take caffeine supplements.
Chico: Not to get into the science of why a Subway sandwich is the LAST thing you want to eat if you want to lose weight. that's another topic for another show, but on a show that has been more about entertainment than it has been about health and fitness... it's just another problem added onto the pile. Think about all the things with the Biggest Loser brand on them. Think about all the players who ended up back on what they were doing before they were selected as contestants. This show could theoretically end up killing you.
Gordon: And now you sort of see how the fat people wound up fat again
Chico: Sure do. And much like they return to their destructive lifestyles, so too will The Biggest Loser.
Gordon: This is sort of sad. Make me happy.
Chico: How about I throw it to break, and you get happy over the break. That cool?
Gordon: That's cool. We break now.
Chico: Still to come, we Play the Percentages.... because playing the per-millages is complicated. But first... There's a car and a giant envelope in the Datebook. That kicks off Brainvision News after the break. You're reading WLTI. You give us 22 minutes...
Gordon: ... and we'll give you 22 other things you didn't know (or want to know) until you watched a Celebrity Family Feud.

(Brought to you by Dream Sweep Week. We give you the best things you want because it's November. Then we go back to giving you crappy vacations to places you never heard of and second rate furniture by companies that you never heard of that need the publicity.)